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  1. After posting of my first fish on a lure a few weeks ago, I’d been in contact with @DerekD who had given me some helpful advice on how to fish lures more effectively. Ahead of a weekend’s fishing I’d been assigned some homework – grab a 70mm Sugapen and prepare to catch some topwater whiting. I was very excited, having never caught a whiting or a fish on a topwater lure before. I bought two of them at my local tackle shop and headed out at lunchtime to a nearby bay to sneak in some practice. It didn’t take long and I soon landed my first whiting with a ‘walk the dog’ retrieve across
  2. Hey guys, is anyone here into topwater whiting fishing around Sydney. I love the feeling of catching a fish on a lure. Not having much luck recently, just flicking out getting sunburn for no reason! Would love some guidance on this style of fishing on the sand flats if anyone can help me out. Cheers 😁
  3. Thanks for all the comments guys, apologies have been off grid since posting. A few clarifications i think i need are on my part: - I will be fishing lures (swimbaits and topwater) - I will be fishing landbased - I don't mind a bit of a hike, perhaps an hour or so is okay - Okay to drive up to 5 hrs from Sydney but would prefer to keep it at about 3 (home commitments)
  4. Set out on a rather windy Friday morning 16th around 7am for a flick with fellow fishraider Derek. On light gear practicing technique with the sugapens and saw lots of bream and tailor around.. Finally Caught my first topwater with a sugapen (a small tailor) but a great moment when you realise you can actually do it!! Got that movement going pretty well. With Derek's mentoring I improved my cast also and still lots of room to improve. Was mainly scanning the area for bream but not much biting. Had an intensive lesson and pretty confident I can fish sand flats for whiting, bream etc topwater
  5. I was getting itchy to get out again after this big Southerly we've just had, I got a call up from a mate Saturday morning I’ve fished with a few times with to go chase Kings at Texas Reef off the Central Coast on Sunday. I was a bit hesitant though as I thought there would be a bit of leftover swell but he assured me he was taking a Skipper of a game boat we both fish on with him as well (He can read the weather! Haha). Long story short, the foot was down from the boss and I had to decline any chance of fishing. 🥺 Come Saturday arvo, I was really enjoying a few too many cold ones off Haw
  6. @FishyMcFishFace yeah its great fun on topwater, especially for tailor. I have caught a bunch of tailor on top water and they fight like crazy. Congrats on your first topwater tailor 👏👏👏. Its especially great to see them jump out of the water and take the lure. What colour and size sugpen did you use? For me my go to would be a C393 colour on a 95mm. Heres a photo of the tailor I caught a while ago. In my experience, I find catching tailor on top water, when the water is a little choppy and wavy to be the best, as it is the big splash that attracted them to my sugapen. Might of just been the d
  7. Recently I have tried out some topwater bass fishing and it has been absolutely insanely fun. This is like nothing I have really tried before but something I will definitely be doing more of in the future. First of all I would love to give a shoutout to the fishraider user called Ragnar (Todd) who has gone out of his way to show me how to catch bass on the topwater and also for showing me some spots he has been exploring lately. I am also sworn to secrecy so sorry but I am not able to disclose locations. Also Ragnar has a great report about his topwater bassing as well which I would highly rec
  8. After my great session with @dirvin21 A landbased GT was now the target. I fished for a few days at Brunswick heads for only one flathead. On the last night at Brunswick Marina there were trevs bustin up hard. Unfortunately out in the middle and out of reach of most casts. A 3 inch popper got hit hard once when a bust-up erupted around it. Although there were no Gt caught that night however I did get to experience a beautiful GT topwater take out in the middle, a massive head wake and insane acceleration followed by a huge explosion. I estimate this fish was in the 70 to 80cm range. The
  9. https://www.fishraider.com.au/search/?q=topwater&quick=1
  10. Hi All, I've learnt a lot from this forum over the years so thought I'd share a few tips on what's been working for me when targeting Sydney Harbour bream on topwater lures. It's an extremely addictive and accessible way to fish if you live in the city. Once you've cracked the code you'll be hesitant to throw much else for bream when targeting them with lures. Most of my experience is based on my local waterway which is Blackwattle Bay / Rozelle Bay. I also have no boat or kayak so fish exclusively from the shore. The same bream rules apply for where to find them - look for
  11. What surface lures are you using? As the weather starts to warm up the bass should become a bit more keen to take topwater.. I usually start most of my sessions at 4-5am so still very lowlight hours, i like to sit and listen for a few minutes to see if i can hear any ' boofs ' on the surface which will give you a pretty good indication that there are bass keen. Ive had my most success on the river2sea cicada pop and the jackall pompadour micro. The pompadour is a VERY noisy lure so its great for really pissing off a bass when they are in the mood lol. But ive found that the more pauses, the be
  12. I know there is lots of posts about this topic, but just wondering about topwater bream lures Four from a shop, (looking at walk the dog lures),(i have a free a shop 10 dollar voucher and wanting to spend it on topwater) Bassday Sugapen Lucky Craft Sammy Megabass Dog X Savage Top Prey Should i get the top prey (kind of minded to) or just go for the good quality/more expensive ones (what colors are favourites) And when does topwater really turn on for bream and whiting Glad of any help Cheers
  13. Hey raiders, For the uninitiated... yes you read that correctly, flathead on topwater. After seeing some decent success online and on a few of doclures' podcasts I thought I'd give this crazy trend a try. Picked up two crossfire 115 lures and tried my luck a few times in the past week. They are sort of like the bent minnow lures but a larger profile and a very slow float back to the surface. Finally had success yesterday afternoon when I landed a 57cm lady. She looked very healthy and even scored a nice aerial display as she took the lure! G
  14. I did not mention Gulp in my answer as the question was with "Squidgies" or shall we say, "real plastics". I have a love/hate relationship with Gulp and I have successfully weaned myself away from Gulp over 2 or 3yrs ago, except for one scenario which I will get to at the end of this post. IMO there's no way Gulp is as durable than "real plastics" even Squidgies. The reason I have a love/hate relationship with Gulp is that I love the way they work and catch fish. No argument. However, I hate using them because they represent everything I didn't like about bait fishing - mess, smell &a
  15. My first report so I'll try my best Raiders! 🤞 The weather was looking perfect for Saturday to finally try have a crack at a Yellowfin Tuna topwater I heard a lot were getting into. Family commitments stopped this as usual and I finally got home at 10:00pm. I could see Sundays forecast was looking even better for a shot, and we wanted to beat this big Southerly coming up so I tried to not let it worry me. 😂 Saturday night we heard it went off out of Swansea where we were planning to go (Yes, Very f@*#d off!), but we decided last minute to make the journey to Jervis Bay and chase Bl
  16. Hi all, This is a fly report but there is also a bit of history. Many years ago as a birthday present I was given a beautiful NZ made 4 piece 7 weight 9 foot freshwater fly rod with a gorgeous reel (and floating line) to match. This one in fact. It was from a very good friend who was in NZ and one of my bucket list items is trout on fly rod in New Zealand. When I got back I wanted to learn about fly fishing techniques and how to properly use the rod so I booked a one day lesson with one of the Sydney based trout guides (who has passed away in the last few years). Wasn't cheap b
  17. Had a lot of unsuccess fishing for bass all my life. Fishing wrong times with wrong lures and bad decisions. Decided to knuckle down and think through my approach this time I knew I would catch one and fish at sunrise along banks with topwater just above the Penrith Wier. My mate and I figured that topwater would be especially good because on Feburary 1st the weather prediction was going to be very hot and we figured the cicadas would be really going off. Even though we did not use cicada lures Caught 2 bass but had multiple hits as you do on topwater, probably about 6 each. I was using a
  18. Following Niall's topwater write up, I purchased a Sugapen from Dinga and it arrived on Friday. Early Saturday morning went down to Blackwater Bay. It was quite windy, but this didn't matter in the slightest has a promptly back cast into a tree. With all the jiggling to free the lure and 6lb trace, the line proceeded to break leaving my lure, a fish virgin, in the tree. I repeatedly tried to knock the lure out of the tree with my rod, getting nowhere I was beginning to despair and not think it could not get any worse, but proving myself completely wrong my two piece rod showed wh
  19. HAHA! This scenario is all too familiar for me. The other day I was sat on the edge of the water with my legs dangling while I picked apart a giant wind-knot. Ended up giving up and cutting about 10m of braid off my spool. Dropped my braid scissors in the drink by accident, the proceeded to try and use my rod (with sugapen still attached) to retrieve the scissors. Ended up getting the lure stuck and losing it amongst the oyster covered rocks. Felt like an absolute Desmond all day until I went back at low tide the next morning and (miraculously) my lure and scissors were still there.
  20. @Will Wright I have heard of Jubilee Park but couldn’t tell you what the fishing is like there. Root hogg is best accessed via hill end if coming from Bathurst direction as I’m pretty sure the bridle track never opened fully after a land slide a few years ago but I could be wrong. The track closed on the Bathurst end but the track down from hill end brings you onto the bridle track further along so you can access quite a bit of the river. As the others have said all those baits will work. Topwater is always worth throwing and is by far the most exciting way to catch cod.
  21. Never too late for topwater fish early morn or right on dark into the night
  22. Alright thanks! I am gonna try swimbaits and spinner baits? Is it too late for topwater?
  23. Topwater in shallow water, top water in deep water I think it comes down to the lure and technique, if it's predominantly on the surface of the water, then it's topwater, regardless of depth.
  24. Hi Guys and Girls, I'm a new member to Fishraider and have been very impressed by the amount of information you guys are willing to share. I'm based in Newcastle and do a lot of my fishing on Lake Mac, the Hunter river and landbased for Flatty, Whiting, and Jewwies. I have been lucky enough to be invited on a 7 day fishing trip to the Swains Reef in May aboard Easter Voyager. Given the fish up there are slightly larger (and meaner) than what I'm usually targetting I am having to upsize my gear, lures and tackle. I'm not exactly rolling in cash so I haven't been able to go too crazy
  25. Mate the zman slim swims are good. Zman minnowz are a good subsurface topwater plastic as long as you match the hatch so to speak. slug 'o' s are also really good. As you said the jerkshads are also super good. They either like a real fast jerky sharp bait movement, this charges up their chase/competitive instincts so they aren't the looser. although when they are hungry are more natural slow to medium constant wind is also really good. I have caught kingfish on all of those plastics, Zman grubs go ok but that is bi-catch mostly. The truth is if you see kings and you got a plas
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