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Found 7 results

  1. Hello fellow raiders, First post quick intro, My name is Lawrence I'm 26 and keen novice fisher and I've just settled near Newcastle, so I have all the fishing options of the lakes, port Stephens, the jettys and break walls. I've had the pleasure of being able to research all the topics and posts and build up some solid knowledge on just about everything. I have just purchased an Alvey 500c5 I'm going to spool it with 8kg momoi hi catch and I have bought a 12ft Ugly Stick Gold 5-10kg. Is this a ridiculous setup ? Is the rod to long for a 5 inch alvey is the retrieval going to be a hassle? I read the 500c5 can handle up to 10kg line so I didn't want to get the shorter 10"6 - 3-5kg rod, and put 8kg line on it, I didn't really think about the drag at the time to be honest. I thought if the reel can handle the line and its lighter in the hand then it would be slightly more comfortable to use for extended sessions. Should I buy a smaller rod for the 500c5 and a larger alvey reel for the 12ft ? If so please tell me what larger alvey reel you recommend. I will mainly be fishing the break walls with pilchards and I may even throw from the beach occasionally. Would love to get big bream, snapper, flathead, kingfish and maybe even a jew with it.
  2. Wanting to start some light surf fishing. Looking for advice on the below outfit: Alvey 600B Surf Champion reel Gary Howard Breambo 5W low-mount rod 10lb mono line
  3. Got the opportunity for a quick fish this arvo after a 3 week break due to work commitments. Got down the beach about 4.10pm cast the big rod out with salt pilchard straight away and set in the rod holder. The surf was pretty big, but no wind and not much side current. Set about getting the smaller rod set up with a nice worm bait. Just as I was about to cast it out, I saw a few bumps on the big rod, so quickly swapped over, set the hooks and a few tingly minutes later had a nice salmon on the beach. Got him back in the suds quick smart, rigged up with another salted pillie and cast back out. Took up the little rod again and cast that out. 10mins later I notice a bit of attention on the big rod again so swap over, but missed whatever took the pillie. Tried a whole small squid this time and decided to leave the little rod in the holder. Almost as soon as the squid hit the water there was a a great take. After a solid little fight this brilliant bream was on the sand! Decided to keep the bream for dinner so into the shoulder bag. Another couple of casts with both rods produced another bream around 32cms which I kept as well, didn't take a snap as I was calling it quits and packing up. Left at 6pm to spend some quality time with the better half and the kids. Pretty pleased to score a couple of good fish after a few weeks off the beach. Best baits were pillies and squid, worm didn't get a touch! Have a great weekend all! Cheers.
  4. G'day! Driving down Melbourne over Christmas for 2 days then fishing my way back up to the Central Coast over about 2 weeks. Seeing as how space will be an issue with bags, tents and other contraptions for the wife and two kids, I decided to buy 2 telescopic rods for my Alveys. A particular online tackle shop was having a 25% sale which ended last night and I was able to pick up both rods for a very reasonable price. I am a little apprehensive about telescopic rods, but taking my 14ft one piece Butterworth is out of the question and even 2 or 3 piece rods just wont cut it space wise, especially with the kid's seats in the car, so telescopic it is. I will be using the 555te rod (10'6") with a 500c5 (2kg mono) and 600bc (4kg mono) for whiting, trevs, bream and flathead. And the 650gts rod (4.1m) with a 650a5 (6kg mono) and 650grbc (10kg mono) for salmon, tailor and other toothy critters. These rods wont be in my everyday rotation when space isn't an issue and will most likely live in the boot of my car after this holiday, with a reel for those off chances I find myself in a particularly fishy spot in future. I have absolutely no experience with telescopic rods, if anyone has used these particular rods or similar rods I would like to hear what they are like/how to care for them/pros and cons/ etc... ? Any knowledge and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time, Phil.
  5. SMn

    Alvey reels

    G'day, just finished re-spooling a couple of my reels and thought I'd post a pic if anyones interested. Caught some good fish on all of them and the 651c5 (plain dark brown) and 650a5 (plain yellow) are both older than me and still go strong. Most are hand me downs or 2nd hand except the 625b, which is the other yellow one with the black tri knob tensioner and a 45b not in the pic. Happy to hear anyones experiences, thoughts and knowledge on using these types of reels... Cheers, Phil.
  6. G'day, I would like to add a couple of lures to the tackle box when I fish the surf and rocks, to replace bait on the occasions that I haven't got any or it isn't convenient to use. I've used a surf popper on a paternoster rig to good effect in the surf, but looking for lures that require a fast retrieve. I will be sticking with my regular beach/rock setup in terms of rods and reel, hoping to just rig a lure and cast when required. Rods: 13-14ft medium to fast taper 2 glass and 1 carbon-fibre; reel: Alvey 650grbc which is geared 2:1. A new setup is out of the question, at this stage. Any advice on types and styles (targeting whiting/flatties/bream up to sambos/tailor and anything else!!!), casting anywhere from 10m-100m... Cheers!
  7. Hi Guys, After some great tips from reading posts here in FR, I decided to purchase an Alvey 650A5 and matching 13' Beachmaster Alvey Rod. I was sick of getting smoked on my Stradic 2500 and Catana Combo! So off to Kurnell I went... The plan was to spend the day getting used to the Alvey and the Pole Vault attached to it - just a bit different to what I was used to before! It was spooled up with 25 pound Schneider Klear, and Cunje and prawns as bait. Got to Kurnell at low tide so I decided that I might have a look around fro some crabs as the swell was low and I remembered reading on here that grouper and bream love em. I couldn't find any of the red ones - but I got a few small black ones. Anyhow - on my very first cast with the Alvey I was suprised that I managed to get it to go where I wanted it to go with no twists or tangles! As I was mentally patting myself on the back, the crab hadn't even made it down half a meter before it got smashed! I grabbed the handle and started winching.. I thought it would have been a drummer or a grouper but it was a fat 36cm bream... Not a bad start I thought.. The rest of the day was spent getting used to the new combo, trying to cast a little more accurately and trying some different rigs to avoid snags. One thing I found though is that using the larger, sharper, stronger hooks on this outfit meant that I snagged MUCH more than I used to - but I guess that's the price you pay if you want to upgrade your catch. Caught a couple of small drummer which went back, and a big fat kelp which definately went back. Even though I didn't get much - it was a productive day learning how to use the new stuff...better days ahead.... Next time out I'm going to try spoon sinkers on a paternoster rig - same spot same bait and outfit.