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Found 81 results

  1. Hi there guys, I am looking to join someone with a boat on fishing trips in Sydney, I have been fishing for many years and have all the gear, just looking for someone who is keen to have someone join them out on the water and get into some good fish. I am in between jobs at the moment so have alot of time on my hands during the week and weekends :-), The fishing seems to be kicking off nicely in the harbour, so hoping there are a few guys that may need an extra hand or someone to join. Cheers, Nick
  2. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has bought any rods and/or reels from Japan, they seem to be a fair bit cheaper over there even with shipping fees to what you would pay in Australia but I’m not sure what websites to trust and what not to and was wondering if anyone could recommend some websites
  3. Hi guys, Going down to the bay tomorrow, staying at batemans Bay beach resort. We are taking our tiny out for a fish, pretty sure it’s 14ft. Was wondering what the fishing is like around the islands, snapper island etc. what fish are around there what areas are good for snapper where are some good locations to fish what gear to use. I have seen some similar posts already but they are quite older so just wanting some new info, any info providing would be great! Cheers
  4. G'day Fellow Raiders, Just a quick report on this mornings voyage to the rip bridge (St Huberts side) My friend Fiona (Fi) was keen for a putt in the boat before she had to go to work, which gave us about 2 hours on the water. We took the Humdinghy (my boat) to orange grove boat ramp and away we went trying to waste no time. On our travels we saw a police boat getting information from another boat as we putted along with my little 6 horse power, and then ZOOM! off the police boat went straight out under the bridge and towards box head, passed us like we were standing still..Hopefully everyone is okay.? After another 10 minutes of cruising we hit our spot, dropped anchor, cracked a cheeky beer, baited up and away we went. Fi thought she'd try her luck with a squid jig, sadly nothing was taking it. My first few casts brought in a few tiddlers (bream, snapper, trumpeter) you know the usual annoying fish, and then I hooked into a pretty decent snapper which was great fun on 10lb mono zzzzzzz went the drag haha. After a few minutes I brought him in and he was just on legal, I thought maybe in another year you'll be ready, so I let him swim free. Fi finally got her rig ready (paternoster Rig) through a bit of tailor on and out it went. At this point I was boasting about the snapper and a few other fish I had caught, then Fi cut me short......ZZ, ZZZZZZ, ZZZZ, She was into something big. The fight was weird, almost like a big flathead with a shoe attached to it. Fi fought the mystery fish for about 10 mins trying to exhaust the fish before bringing it up to the boat. Finally the head came up, it was a huge flatty. As she brought it up to the boat I put the net around it and brought it in. On closer inspection she had hooked the flathead in the bum!!! I almost fell over backwards!!! hahaha!! absolute wrongtown! haha This was a big big flathead, not in length, but just overall FAT! The flathead only went about 65cm, but it was 11cm wide! This thing had been chowin' down the last few months! Usually we let the bigger ones go however, being the only flathead we have caught in a few weeks, we decided to keep it for dinner. We got 4 big beautiful steak fillets off it and the flesh is a beautiful white colour! Very keen for tonights dinner! Anyway, Thanks for reading Raiders I hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of my report. Tight Lines! Regards, itscaca.
  5. Heading out on my kayak hopefully b4 the school holidays start, looking to target kingfish. Planning to have my kayak on the beach and ready around 4:45am while I'm on the wharf catching some lives. As for bait, will LIVE SQUID AND YAKKAS outfish CUBE PILLIES? I was looking into slowtrolling the baits around mooring edges and casting a few deeper into the moorings aswell, as for trace will the usual mulloway rig from the tackle shop work or will you need fluerocarbon? How will the sinker be placed or is there any sinker at all? I was going with this, 20lb braid to 30lb fluero double smelled setup with a small bean sinker sliding above the 2 hooks. ( sinkers would probably vary from a pea size sinker to a 2 ounce pebble)
  6. Hi all, heading up to Forster / Tuncurry region for a few nights this weekend and wondering if anyone has some tips for the area; good spots, techniques, things to look out for, places to eat etc. Arriving Friday arvo and leaving Sunday night to be exact. I usually fish lakes/rivers for flathead using soft plastics and have that down pat. Wouldnt mind chasing some bream with soft/hard. Otherwise, go for something bigger like Kingies or even Jew Fish. I've got plenty of gear that would cover anything from light 2-3kg range to chasing heavier stuff up to 20 pound. Any advice would be appreciated. I'd like to get organised so im ready to go! Thank, Nick
  7. hey, i was wanting to target squid for a feed/live bait and i was wondering the type of conditions or habitat they live in? (e.g Dropoffs, structure) and what lures // rigs are good to use, thanks any info helps.
  8. Hi Raiders, I've been looking around and came across a Zebco Dock Demon. Further investigation shows that there are a few of these tiny/micro rods floating around. In a similar vein, there are "pen" rods that are telescopic and exceedingly small. One of the obvious aspects of something like this is the portability, which got me thinking about being able to take one bushwalking, or even in my backpack "just in case" you know? Another interesting and seemingly counter-intuitive aspect is that some of them seem nigh-indestructible. I have broken a telescoping rod fighting a shark before, so the idea of an unbreakable rod that is still tiny and super portable is very intriguing to me. The downside is that on a tiny rod, even a very big fish doesn't feel that big, so I wonder if it would be worth the trade-off? Anyone have experience with these?
  9. Hay first post guys, got a lot of useful tips on here, was wondering if anybody had experience with fishing in Bali I.e charter or going out with locals what can I expect for prices for a full day or even 2/3 days including accom and that?? was thinking of either going July or Christmas time if anyone has been on a charter or just fishing in general there I'd love to here a fishing report for it with as much info as possible most prices I see are Australian prices wouldn't mind finding something cheaper preferably wanna do live bait fishing or fishing of he bottom for big edible fish, but am open to other kinds of fishing to.. Also I'll probably go with myself do I need to find other ppl to go with and that?
  10. Has anyone had any experience using the daiwa Caldia B 2000. Been looking at getting one for a while now and just wondering if anyone has one and has anything to say about them and wether they're worth getting or not
  11. Hi Raiders. First time posting so forgive if it's amateur. Been fishing the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Roseville Bridge to Mosman but still no luck. Plenty of bites but all little critters! Does anyone know of a spot I can go where I can catch a size big enough for the barbie? I have a boat but no fancy equipment such at GPS or sounder, just my trusty old boat and rods! I would really appreciate any advice on decent fishing spots Northern Beaches, NSW side but happy to travel a little further for the day. Leaving tomorrow morning with two mates, would be awesome to head to a decent spot. Thanks Raiders
  12. I am starting to fish again around the Shellharbour region. I was wondering if anyone knew any good spots for larger fish and what sort of tackle I would need ( lures/bait ). I am willing to anywhere in the Shellharbour region. So if anyone has any ideas on where to go and what to bring that would be highly appreciated.
  13. Hi, i need some help. Bait is quite expensive these days and sometimes it is too hard to pump for yabbies. So I was wondering if anyone knew a selection of lures that are good for catching flatheads to bonito ( really anything big enough for eating or that is fun to catch ). if someone that could just give me like their top ten lure selections that would help immensely.
  14. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  15. Hi Raiders I have a 20 foot half cabin full setup all gear- just looking for someone to come out weekends- I go out to the banks, JB, Kiama fad - 70s - to the canyons plus have several in close snapper spots Had good season so far this year released 8 marlin and caught 3 dollies that went 20 kg on light 3kg spin (hour plus fights). Maybe get out once a week or so sometimes I go solo sometimes two on board share fuel costs (max $50) and help me clean up the boat afterwards If you have seamanship skills that's good, angling skills that's good, but most important - good sense of humour and have fun ! I generally don't go too early and don't stay out all day either (not a troll plastics all day type boat) look for versatility and what's biting. If anyone is interested in some sport fishing mayhem send a message and I'll get back to you
  16. hi all, i just moved to rose bay and i'm a keen fisherman. last Saturday i walked from my house to the ferry wharf and started to flick zman grubs, chasing bream and flathead. i spent a few hours there as the sun went down, i had a few bites but nothing landed. later an older man and his wife walked up beside me and started to fish. they had live yabbies and were pulling in fish after fish. i just wanted to ask you guys where i can either buy or pump yabbies around rose bay. im only on my L plates so i cant drive around the city very often. also where are some good spots around rose bay that have worked for you? im relatively new to fishing and i am excited to see what i can catch. any information will go along way. thanks guys.
  17. Hey guys, I'm a long time reader and first time poster. ive been looking for. a boat now for over 10 weeks and I can't seem to find anything that fits my description. my requests are for the boat to be able to go offshore, handle nasty weather, fish, have a cabin to sleep, stable, between 19-22ft and under my budget of 40k. PLEASE help me find a boat. If you have any recommendations for me please let me know. Also I don't mind if the boat is used or new. Also has to be fibreglass. Thanks
  18. Hi guys, I caught a whole heap of these fish off the rocks at long reef on the weekend and because I wasn't sure what they were, I ended up throwing them back in. Do any of you guys know what it is? Is it a rockfish of some sort? If so, do they have venomous spines? and are they edible? Cheers
  19. Morning/Afternoon Fellow Fishers, Just wondering if i can get some Pointers, Tips, Fishing Buddy? I have just got my 2nd boat 17" with 115hp engine ready to start doing so offshore fishing. I used a 16" to trawl around North and South headland but looking now to go more offshore. ( I have all safety equipment) I have done a lot around Nelsons Bay and the islands off nelsons bay but have never been out to FADS, TEXAS, Shelf before! I am looking for another boat or exp offshore fisherman to head out with me just so i have the safety of another boat for the first time heading so far offshore. I am located in Western Sydney and use Drummond boat ramp but am willing to travel to suit. If anyone interested or have any extra pointers feel free to reply. Thanks & happy fishing. Jason
  20. Hi all, Just a quickie, I am quite new to the forums and have been willing to seek some knowledge from others. I was wondering whereabouts would be a great spot to start kayak fishing. I have currently got a couple of Yaks but yet to catch fish in any. I have been out a few times in Middle Harbour and Pittwater but I was unable to catch anything not even a single bite! I have a Garmin fishfinder but I am struggling to see anything. Could I please have any tips / recommendations on where to fish and how to fish the area. - Cheers, Kingierun
  21. Hey Raiders!!! Mate and I are planning to hire a tinnie from Como and looking at maybe boating down and around Woronora system and Georges. As I am normally a non-boater angler, I was hoping to reach some more secluded spots or boat-only access areas which hold a good day of fishing. Just wondering if anybody has had any experiences or know of any consistencies in these systems who would be willing to share/point me in the right direction, and any advice on what type of gear/bait I should use. Ill most likely be armed with 2 roads, Raider with 2500 sienna, and Shimano Sahara with a 3000 reel, both with under 10lb line. Happy Fishing ktan3235
  22. Hello fishraiders, I just got back from fishing at the entrance, caught around 20 bream however all undersize (all released back to the water). I saw these guys fishing on the wharf and they have a different set up, they had floaters and caught a lot of legal size fish. I was wondering what is this set up? so its a float tied to a swivel then to a line, finally a hook? If so how far do you cast it? I saw the floater near the wharf. My set up is mainline with a size 3 bead sinker to a swivel and then a line tied to a hook with some prawn as bait. I've always catch legal size fish and I'm really fed up . I've always see other people catching legal size fish and I've always seen tailors jumping out of the water taunting me . Please give me some guidance and set up. Thank you. Howe.
  23. Sunday morning broken bay run. Meet at Blackwall boatramp @ 0530 return around 0900. I have a Quintrex Escape 4.5. I am heading out in the bay Sunday morning, looking for a plus one to come for a run. I am keeping an eye out on the weather. I know a few spots out in the bay. If you have a handheld GPS you are welcome to bring it to mark my spots. Pick up Flattys bottom bouncing at 60 foot. Maybe have a bit of a troll around Lion island to pick up bonito/tailor. I have fishing gear but if you wish to bring your own that is fine. Seeking someone willing to share expenses. Remember to slip, slop slap. Sun safe is smart. Should be fun. Weather should not change to much in the morning. I am expecting 5 - 10 knot southerly possibly overcast. Should be a good morning just after the full moon. Do not be hungover and spew up all morning. No tire kickers. PM for details. JA
  24. Hi, Fish Raiders I'm a newbie when it comes to fishing. I've only got one legal size fish in my whole life and i need some advice. I wanted to ask if you can use any type of cheese mixed with Chicken, other than parmesan. Is Brie cheese okay to use mixed with some garlic? Thanks Howe.
  25. Hi raiders! Decided to hit my favorite reef recently and it started off slow then decided to send a big flesh bait out this way the pickers would take some time to demolish Well it paid off! Rod went ballistic at first I was thinking snapper probably my biggest by far but soon as it can to the boat I noticed it was a shark! A gummy shark Good fun!