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  1. Hi radiers, Went for a quick squid flick last Thursday night with a mate just to get out of the house for a bit. I was hoping to get a couple for bit when i go out on the kayak next time, but i wasn't expecting to get anything like i did. after about 15mins of flicking i thought i got a snag, but then it started running and kept running!! ended up getting this specimen, which measured 40cm hood and 95cm to the top of the candle. more than enough for a couple of S&P squid dinners, while still having enough for some bait. tight lines
  2. Hey Guys, Over the last couple of weekends I’ve been heading early in the morning in Middle Harbour in hopes of some squid for bait, every trip has produced zilch. I’ve tried around the spit and around Quaker’s hat, consistently throwing at least 30 casts. Is anyone else having no luck in Middle Harbour or is it just me? Kind Regards, KR
  3. After a long time absent from fishing with Uni and everything, a friend messages me Sunday night, "reckon you will be up by 4:30, Monday morning?, Gonna fish for some squid". Didn't even bother sleeping, was already was out till pretty late. We still ended up arriving at Wally's wharf by 6:30am (behind schedule). We first drifted around the seaweed patches near Jibbon beach and jeez, it was damn cold. Drifted 3 times before we headed off to another location with nothing in the bag. the water here, dropped of to about 7-9m of water and took 20seconds for the squid jig to sink (not sure if i was doing it right). On my third cast, after letting it sink for around 20seconds, the line quickly takes off followed by the nice sound of the reel's drag system. Squid came in after a steady fight and was netted, measured at around 27cm hood length (first large squid for me!). We drifted near the area a few more times and ended up catching some more with 3 around 25cm hoodlength and 2 at 20cm hoodlength. With some squid in the bag, and no more other catches after a while, we fished around moored boats with soft plastics. Lots of bites and small runs for me before the fish lets go of the lure, but friend did catch a few small snapper and a 28cm bream. there were also some large tyres in pretty shallow water on the sand flats with a few 40cm + blackfish around them which got spooked off as our boat approached closer. Called it a day shortly after. Was happy i finally caught some larger squid but definetly need to wear more clothing, could barely feel my fingers out in the water.
  4. Took my boat to the local dealer yesterday for a routine service on my 60 ETEC. He rang yesterday to say it’s running well but needs a new solenoid, under warranty. Left it overnight as the part needed to be ordered. Well, it didn’t come in today, so I am boatless for a few days. I could have picked it up and used it on the weekend then take it back next week but I’ve lost my voice and am pretty crook with a cold, so I thought I’d rest up... but... I’m going stir crazy! I stopped in for a look at a breakwall near home this afternoon. Good to see the luderick are looking active. Then I spotted a few squid moving around. Headed home and grabbed a rod and some jigs. Got one nice fat one, then lost another and that was it. Also lost a decent bream on a Squidgie. It’s a good size but I’m torn. Do I cook it, or try and convert it into a snapper or a jewie?! ?
  5. Hey raiders Started fishing on the Saturday morning at 6am within minutes have squid flying in the boat so looks like they have bounced back from all the holiday traffic had 9 within a hour and half Then decided to head over to chase some kings had a quick slow drift past but the swell and wind was to big so called it so headed back for more bait for Sunday 20 squid total on Saturday Sunday same start time geared up with the squid from Saturday thought I’d flicked a squid jig while mate parked the car scored 2 lives then headed straight out to point first two baits down and within minutes two massive hits nethier hooked up 8 rats followed that 2 at 64cm being the biggest all returned decidded to call it a day until we saw something huge chasing a flying fish then we saw the bill of a marlin or swordfish.. have never thrown out lure faster in my life trolled for 20 mins then actually called it a day cheers Tdogz tight lines
  6. got bored last nite and went to the locsl jetty again stocking up on bait bit slow but ended up with a few
  7. hey Raiders 8 weeks till I have to give up the house to start renting out so will only have about 4-5 trips left As usual me and 2 other mates on my boat but this time 2 other mates came down in there boat Launched at 6:30am told them to catch the squid and we would try catch yakka for the first time , found that most other boats would head straight west from Murray beach boat ramp to a bouy so did the same and bait was everywhere! Sorted! We had roughly 20 live yakkas in 10 mins so we boosted back over to meet the boys they had only caught 2 squid so we joined them and within 20 mins we had 12 in our boat and 6 in theres we then boost over to the king grounds we we meet 15 other boats but no markings what so over! Tryed everything soft plastics, jigs , live yakka , squid.. nothing this continued for about 2-3 hours then I decided to do a lap see if I can mark anything then BOOM! found the bait fount the kings then all hell broke loss everything getting smashed Ended up with 6 legal fish only taking home 2 between the 2 boats as that’s all we needed biggest going 78cm cheers Tdogz tight lines!
  8. Hi Raiders, Long time browser, first time poster. Was hoping to get some advice on catching squid around Spit bridge. Are they around during the day or just around lights during the night? Is it best to drift through the boats until you find them on Mosman side or Clontarf side? Would appreciate any advice as i cant seem to find any but see reports of them being caught at "spit bridge" Cheers
  9. G'day fellow Raiders, long time reader first time poster (I hope i've posted in the right section, please correct me if I haven't) I've been down Avoca rocks recently (almost every day for 2 weeks) morning and night, spinning metals for Bonito, such as, Halco twisty (15 up to 55 Grams) and a few others which names escape me. I usually throw my bigger rod out with 1.7 metre trace with gang hooks and float with a salted pilchard and leave to sit while I spin off spinners ledge. I have had zero luck! I was lucky enough to bump into Ray R (Top Bloke!), to whom i've met a few times here and there and he was kind enough give me a few pointers although, still no luck. Does anyone have any pointers? Am I doing anything wrong? People seem to be landing Bonito left, right and centre around me, it seems I just don't have "the magic touch" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Raiders, Itscaca.
  10. Heading out on my kayak hopefully b4 the school holidays start, looking to target kingfish. Planning to have my kayak on the beach and ready around 4:45am while I'm on the wharf catching some lives. As for bait, will LIVE SQUID AND YAKKAS outfish CUBE PILLIES? I was looking into slowtrolling the baits around mooring edges and casting a few deeper into the moorings aswell, as for trace will the usual mulloway rig from the tackle shop work or will you need fluerocarbon? How will the sinker be placed or is there any sinker at all? I was going with this, 20lb braid to 30lb fluero double smelled setup with a small bean sinker sliding above the 2 hooks. ( sinkers would probably vary from a pea size sinker to a 2 ounce pebble)
  11. hey, i was wanting to target squid for a feed/live bait and i was wondering the type of conditions or habitat they live in? (e.g Dropoffs, structure) and what lures // rigs are good to use, thanks any info helps.
  12. Hey guys, I was just wondering what rods everyone could recommend for squid underneath $150. Preferably around a 3-6kg weight rating and a cast weight of around 25g as it will be used for other species as well (but mostly squid). all recommendations appreciated.
  13. Hi All I am heading to Jervis Bay for a few days and the wind is forecasted to be nasty from NW. Has anyone fished Summercloud Bay? Any reports? Thanks in advance Mewaldo
  14. Hello everyone i'm just wondering what are the best conditions, places, environments, techniques and methods to catch squid probably silly q's but i would love to get a few tips. Thanks Jordy
  15. Hi guys, very new to squid fishing. All the gear and no idea...so I'm hoping this site can help provide some guidance to some safe land based spots to target squid. I live in pagewood so I'm close to port botany, malabar, lapa,....please someone put me onto some spots. cheers jonny
  16. Hi everyone, After a cracking day yesterday I decide to head back out. Water is super clear and still plenty of surface action with schools of tailor, mullet and other species smashing garfish. Larger king caught on live garfish under a ballon at Lapa bombie and the other on a fresh squid head near the oil rig. Both on the run up tide. Tight lines.
  17. Hi everyone, Headed out in the bay again with my best mate who hasn't done much fishing this summer. Tides were small but we knew there was going to be little wind all day. So at the very least, a nice day on the water. When it comes to fishing with my mate enzo we have landed some unbelievable fish over the years in Botany Bay but he still hadn't landed a king as he fish mostly nights. Without sounding like a hero I think I boated 50 or 60 kings(loads were throw back rats) last summer in the bay and got plenty of people onto their first kingfish. For those who fished the bay would remember it as one of the better seasons. But the only two times I didn't lose a bait all summer was with enzo We launched from Kurnell around 9am after dropping the little man off to day care and head to a nice little spot we have la perouse. It's only 3.5m of water and on a big 1.8m+ tide,fish super light, at the right time of year have landed Jews (lost monsters), flathead, plenty of legal snapper, bream, rats etc.. Enzo wanted to fish bait there cause we always done well. But the sun was high and it was a small tide. But happy we did. I rigged up a blackfish rig for something different and casted back to the reef, he fished fresh mullet strips and got the berley going. Not long after he landed a nice bream of 30cm, followed by 29cm snapper which went back in the drink. By this stage I couldn't re-rigging Fast enough. In the end the berley had attracted hundreds of garfish and I think because of that we managed a nice squid, 3 flathead,all around 55-60cm, one bream and million travally which we didn't keep. All caught on mullet strips. I managed to catch a couple of garfish and we decided to anchor at molli point for only pickers. it was nice 4pm and the sun was disappearing I suggest we anchor near the oil rig as it's on the way home. Loaded up the head of a big squid on 50lb braid, and a strip of squid on 15lb line .. and as expected the the light rod bucked and reel was screaming. After 10 minutes of fighting enzo boated his first king which was 70cm - 75cm sorry didn't measure it fully. I have a mark on my boat for 65cm and it was clearly over that. Literally next cast he was on again and brought up what I believe is a Samsonfish? Anyone confirm? I've fished my whole life in the bay and never seen one. It looked about 30cmish. In the end we threw back and happy with a pic. While we fished there for an hour garfish were jumping left right and centre of the boat getting smashed by some big really big fish and a seal. Im guessing we were at the right spot when the school got chased through our baits. All in all an awesome day on the water Worh the bay still firing. Going to try my luck again today without a decky. Sorry no pics on the bread and butter fish. I don't normally take pics but for enzo's first king there was a 1000 lol. Thanks for reading
  18. Guest

    Terrigal Saturday

    My friend and I put my boat in yesterday afternoon for a session. Wind and swell stronger than we expected, got thrashed around a bit but still ok. Our target species was tailor. We managed one each early on but that was it. I caught a red and 2 salmon which my fried kept. I also caught 4 squid and my friend caught 1 which was the largest I've ever seen. Ive asked him to measure it I think the mantle would push 50cm!!! It was a horse. We do have a degree of healthy competitiveness and Im pleased to say for once I outfished him using some of my newer methods and techniques learnt from trial and error and also from fishraider. The old guard have a lot of knowledge but I get a kick out of showing them a few new ideas that they later adopt (after telling you before they're stupid ). Here is a photo of my part of the haul, absent are my friends' two salmon, his big squid and a smaller squid. I wish I got a photo of the squid it looked like an alien invader!!
  19. I've found a decent deal on some BERKLEY POWERBAIT SQUID JIGS. I usually buy Yozuri or Yamas. The Berkleys are scented and designed in japan...so they could be ok. Has anyone used or had experience with them?
  20. Fab1


    Hit Windang early this morning armed with a variety of baits with the wife and son to be greeted by a glorious day out on the water.We tried fishing the channels along the islands to be plagued by massive schools of mullet everywhere and other than my son landing a small tailor around the mid 20,s not much else on the drift there. After a discussion earlier last night with another raider we decided to head upstream to the drop off to try drifting for flathead/whiting.Within minutes my son lands the first casualty,a flathead around 30cm or so on a whole prawn. From there on in it was hook up after hookup and quite frantic at times with 3 fish on at once in a small boat juggling rods,bait and tripping over each other that I was kept quite busy being the fish netter,bait passer etc. Overall we must have landed around 25 flathead,around 6-7 whiting and 2 good sized squid that had a appetite for prawn on a #1 hook. I tried to get a few snaps on my phone amongst all the fuss. We could not have asked for a better day both in the weather,the fishing and family time. We kept 2 legal Flatty and 4 whiting for dinner the rest went back to live another day. Plenty of other boats enjoying the weather also. Cheers.
  21. Morning, Heading out in Botany Bay Wednesday morning & hoping to find some squid. The problem is I'm heading out with the FIL who is set in his ways & we always end up heading to his regular spots. Which is normally ok as they tend to produce at least a Flatty or 2. Having never really targeted squid before I want to convince him to give it ago as I love a feed of calamari. Question is - Where to start? if anyone can point me in the right direction as to some locations to try out it would be greatly appreciated thanks Stephen
  22. Guest

    Plan C

    Put the boat in late afternoon at Terrigal. Missed out on Saturday perfect conditions so had to settle for 25 knot WSW winds, rain and dirty water ???. My go to is lure fishing in close so I did lots of trolling runs, anchored up and threw lures and jigged. A quarter of a tank later I had two small Bonito. That would not feed a family of 4 so I decided to do something I don't normally do, fish into the night. I cut off the lures, dusted off the hook and sinker tackle box and rigged up a paternoster rig and a floater rig. I deployed my frozen burley logs and while the light faded threw lures from the front while the baits soaked. i didn't have to wait long. The bite came on and came on hot!! Every bloody yakka north of Sydney swarmed my baits. At one stage I thought they might all pick up the boat and tip it over. To add insult to injury a heap of frigate mackeral busted up around me but wouldn't take a lure, they were feeding on those small baits, 'eyes' I think they're called? Thankfully, the burley logs melted, the bait fish left and some bigger marks started to show on the sounder. The paternoster rig was pissing me off so I brought it in and switched to just the floater bait. Annoyingly, despite all the activity I couldn't tempt a fish. I tried different presentation methods, retrieves, hooks, strung up some live baits, even tried some scented lures. I couldn't turn a reel!! It was getting colder, windier, the sea was building and I was starting to tire, both physically and mentally. I was peeved that i used up one Bonito and now I had only one left, which would feed only half of one kid. Before throwing the towel in I stumbled across some old green glow sticks in the tackle box and thought I'd give this one final go. Not 5 seconds after the bait hits the water I'm hooked up to an ok size tailor. Brought him in quickly, ok maybe I can salvage a meal here after all. The next 60 minutes was a fish a caste, and it was a bit of everything, a real mixed bag. Tailor, flathead, snapper, squid, even a pike hit the bait. Very cool when you see you glow stick, then the fish hits and and starts swimming towards you!!! I decided to call it a night, I threw back close to a dozen undersized or undesirable fish and kept 4 fish and a squid for the table and two fish for the lemon gardeners (aka neighbours). i left the boat out overnight to clean in the morning, bloody hell it was a mess!!! Blood and guts from rear end to breakfast!!! Thanks for reading. Luke.
  23. Between Christmas and mid-feb Ive been working in Tasmania and not fishing the harbour, and have been reading the harbour and FAD reports from other raiders with glee (and not a tad of disappointment, as it appears a rather slow season.) It really sucked to be out of town throughout was should have been the prime season, so since coming home mid Feb I've tried to hit it as hard as possible to make up. I've managed three sessions since getting home (17, 22 and 24 feb) and have managed one king each session, in what I could only describe as seriously seriously hard work. On 17 feb I fished all morning with a mate, and after 0500-1030 of not a whif of a fish at any marker despite having over a dozen live squid, astonishingly hooked up and landed my harbour record of 90cm on the last cast with a well dead previously-live squid right before "heading home for beers." Having drifted well-presented live baits past the harbour's best known king marker for several hours for either no touch to being pillaged by jackets, I said to my mate "Right, stuff this lets go home, let me just have an actually cast at the structure on the way back" Flicked a dead live squid right onto the marker itself and let it sink in the lee of the strong incoming.....wham. Just goes to show...drift or troll a mark for ages with nothing but cast right onto the structure..fish was there but current was such that it didn't want to go more that a meter or two from the wood... I'd love to say it was a hard fight picking it up so close to the structure, but the old adage of 'go easy on the king and it will go easy on you' is just so so true. Just sort of drifted up the harbour, mate driving and just keeping us out of the way of the ferry, gave him few runs (no reef there to dust me) and after a few mins it was cruising beside the boat. Took some insane runs of drag but out there in the middle of the channel with no reef I just sat and let it go. The first twenty seconds it could have so easily done my on the marker, but i just flipped the bail arm and it cruised away from structure. Anyway next two sessions (22/24) got a king off the same mark, but again not after hours of pain and effort. I had a call one day (Fri 24) from a charter friend to say a certain harbour mark ("Old yeller" too long ago to be a secret) was firing, drive out after work and saw the most lit-up christmas tree of a sounder I've ever seen, like insane numbers of big arches, but hours of dangling live squid, strips heads, jigs brought nada. Word was obviously our by then because there were half-a-dozen crews after work doing exactly the same thing for exactly the same result. Anyway I haven't gone king-less so they're there, but not exactly leaping into the boat. Also during my FIFO shift in TAS i took my box of squid jigs, and after work one arvo jagged a 33cm hood right out the front or work. Never had squid pull drag...interesting arvo. Shot of him here just to remind us that Sydney Calamari are...on the small side
  24. Five of us started out with intention of getting bait in the harbour then going outside for kingies, dollies and snapper. We tried for squid at Dobroyd for zero. Tried across face of Middle Head and eventually got three. Decided to head for Artificial Reef for bait fish. Very tough conditions. Short steep seas and fast drift. Eventually the driver figured out how to drift through the bait balls and we had quite a few yakkas and slimies. Skipper (me) decided it was very uncomfortable bordering on dangerous fishing conditions outside so we headed back into the harbour and anchored near the Western wedding cake. We landed a couple of rat kings on squid bait then hooked into a bream that was followed to the surface by a huge kingy around 1 metre. Unfortunately he was not interested in the live slimies we offered him, he seemed intent on the bream. We then put the downriggers down and did some passes of the wedding cake and picked up another rat king. Tried same trick at the Eastern wedding cake for zero. With the weather looking nasty and a bad forecast coming on Ch 16 we decided to call it a day. Great crew, fun day but tough conditions. Tony
  25. Hi Raiders, Started fishing from my own boat last June 2016, so fairly new boat is up for 200 hr service. Kicked off with a session with no no no, and got some great pointers on where to target certain fish and bait. Since then I have noticed the charter boats moving around the harbour as the seasons change. I was wondering if there is a fishing almanac that tells me where and when to target different fish species in sydney (I launch from roseville) in particular bait like squid or slimmys and where best to use that bait. And do you raiders think keeping a fishing diary is worth while. Cheers billy
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