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  1. Hi Raiders, I'm after a little bit of advice on squid fishing Wollongong harbour. Ive heard it's very productive and I want some squid so I can fish a spot I'm almost certain holds big Jews. Any help would be appreciated, like time of day/night, what jigs to use, where about a in the harbour would also be great. I will be happy to share the Jew spot if it's successful also
  2. Hi all, got my first squid jig about a month ago and went done to apple tree bay at bobbin head, caught one squid that night, been going about 2 to 3 times a week for the past month and have gotten absolutely nothing, anyone had any luck there lately?
  3. Hey Raiders, I'm trying to get into catching Kingfish in the hacking and looking to first master catching live bait. Any tips or recommendations on where to find consistent yakkas and squid in the Hacking by boat? Any help is appreciated! Nick
  4. Hi Fellow Raiders This Season I have set myself the goal of catching some bigger kings in Sydney Harbour. I am wanting to get a few over the magical 1metre mark if possible and know that from all I have read - using live squid as the bait is key. I have caught stacks of rat kings with the occasional legal one being hooked. Biggest has been 74cm. So Friday I went out for my first real targeted trip in Sydney Harbour to try and catch some squid then see if I could hook a King. I know that the season is early but have heard reports that there are kings around. After 2 1/2 hours of squidding we came up donuts! Not one touch. I have caught them on and off in small numbers in past years but want to master the dark art of catching squid this year so that I can get amongst the kings. Any tips would be appreciated :-) I fish out of a fairly new Renegade 420 Quintrex with 40hp Suzuki on the back that is all set up with live bait tank and have an electric motor on the front to help with moving around and spot locking when lure casting. Cheers The Rev
  5. Hi raiders, long report but a top day out! I went out sat morning with the aim of getting some squid and targeting some bigger kings! Picked my mate up from sylvania just before 6am and we launched at Dolans bay and were flicking for squid by 6:15am. I managed one medium size, my mate had no touches so I gave him my rod and said use this while I enter some co-ordinates in the gps. Bang he gets one straight away, then ten minutes later the drag is screaming, we both thought it was weed/reefed but then is starts pulsating! Up came an absolute horse! It's outstretched tentacles went 80cms, the hood was just over 30cms. With 3 on board we headed out to get some kings. Decided to have a troll on the way out, rounded jibbon bombie and headed south and bang we are on, a little bonito. 5 mins later another bonito, turned around and we are on again! Found a good bit of ground about 500m -1km south of the bombie and decided to give it a drift when we pulled up we noticed the squid had turned white and died( I don't have a live bait tank, just a few buckets but we changed the water a few times so not sure...) rigged up some SP's and second cast with the soft plastic and I'm on to a little rat, went just under 60cm. Back in the drink it went. My mate had never caught a king on an SP, 5 mins later he is on!! Went 55cm and he is absolutely stoked! Quick photo and went back. The next 3 hrs was one of those days when the stars align. We had a hot session going, multiple double hookups and we boated 15-20 kings. But all rats and no legals!! Tried trolling a squid but we couldn't keep it near the bottom, don't own a downrigger yet. Still had it sitting out the back hoping for a bigger specimen cruising past and the rod buckles yes we are onto one, then nothing. Pull it up and just the head was missing. Decided to cut the hood into strips, sent it back out and 10mins later we boat another rat king and it spat the squid head out on the floor! Found the culprit. My mate took his plastic off the jig head and put a strip of squid on it and what napped next was a first I've seen. He hooked up to a nice little 42cm snapper, kept it for dinner. He fished this way and it seemed to be working, I was surprised. Hey if he's catching fish why not! I also had a first and caught an amber jack on a SP, went 40cms and back in the drink. We picked up a live yakka and sent that out, had a couple of moments when we thought we were on, but the yakka was just panicking a lot!! It didn't get hit for the 30-40mins it was down. We decided to head wide to try some other spots for no luck. On the way back in we saw flying fish and dolphins. We decided to head over to kurnell to try our luck and only got another 4 bonito on the troll. Nothing on the SP's but we did see a 5 ft hammerhead just cruising along the surface, my mate got a little video. We pulled stumps about 2pm, it was an absolute cracking day on the water and one I'll remember for a while. No monster kings, but hopefully soon. That's the beauty of fishing, the unknown!! Sorry for the long post! Cheers Stu
  6. Hey raiders! Once again planned on going for a fish with my mate! We headed out from port hacking and plan was to gather live bait and go from there So yakas and squid in the tank With conditions looking great decided to punch out got to my spot and started fishing. Within minutes after pumping some burley out I had a hit a nice 35cm snapper then my mate a 37cm snapper Then my mate had a run thought it was a snapper probably the biggest his ever had after running hard with big head shakes it was a kingfish 70cm then snapper had seem to disappear but the Kings were thick taking baits off the bottom! Eventually action died out and and only was catching banjo Rays And eels Top day all Kings went low 70cm smallest was 65 Overall top day!
  7. Hi All, There was an article in today's Sunday Telegraph on page 38 about how fishing in Sydney harbour has improved since kingfish traps and commercial fishing has been stopped. They go on to mention 10 species and great places to catch them. Included in this list is the squid which I chase a lot of as I use it to catch kingfish, mulloway and other species. One of the locations indicated for squid is the Manly area. To my knowledge the North Harbour part of Manly is an Aquatic reserve and can only be fished with line and you can only chase finned fish. This puts the squid out of contention. While the X marks the spot seems to be a little closer to Manly wharf and thus might just be clear of Aquatic zone they have also indicated a hot spot which is well within what I understand the zone to be. If the rules have changed and we can chase squid there it would be fantastic as it gives us another location in Sydney to chase them. Does anyone know anything more about the situation? Regards, Derek
  8. G'day. I was wondering if anyone have been recently fishing at Wally Wharf at night 8:30pm onwards to the early morning 1am, any productive squids at Wally Wharf recenty?. Planning to go soon. Is yamashita size 2.5 good for squidding?. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys while catching squid is a different story if I do catch them how do I then rig them up live for kings. I normally use dead squid and snell up a couple of 5/0 hooks either under a float of drift in the wash.
  10. Spent a few days on the Hawkesbury over the weekend with mild success. The tide and weather conditions were perfect for an early morning fish on Saturday morning, but my 8 yr old son had his last game of soccer for the year. I made the decision to go watch his soccer instead, and was rewarded by seeing him score a goal for the first time J Ended up out on the water about midday, well after the morning low tide. Headed out to Flint and Steel. Plenty of boats were on the reef, but we were just drifting in the bay. Picked up a few undersized flatties and one keeper on whole pilchards on ganged hooks. Kept bringing squid to the surface on the bait. Tried to sneak the net underneath them a few times while my wife kept them interested in the bait, but couldn’t bag one. I ended up getting a squid jig in the water, and after a few failed hook ups, finally managed to land a squid. By the time we’d landed him and bagged him, we must’ve drifted off their area as we didn’t see any more after that. Also manage to lean on one of my rods and snapped the top half of it off @#@$#@%@!!!!! We headed over to Patonga and drifted along the rock wall on the outgoing tide. Again picked up a few undersized flathead, and landed another keeper, this time on the nuclear chicken gulp nemesis. After the first drift though things quietened right down. Then I managed to snap the tip of my wife’s graphite rod – more @#@!$#@%@#%!!! Two rods down in a matter of hours. We’d spotted a couple fishing on the little beach to the west of the rock wall, and on our last drift witnessed the noble lad get down on one knee and pop the question. Well played mate. On Sunday, again was hoping to fish the morning low tide, but it never eventuated and we ended up getting out on the water mid morning, well into the incoming tide. Headed to Juno Point with low expectations but on the first cast pulled in a nice flounder on prawn, drifting in from the point. Persisted there for another hour and half for nothing. Was going to call it a day, but decided to do a few drifts in our bankable spot near Dangar Island before finishing. By now it should’ve been a run in tide, but the water in that area does weird things. Managed to pull in a few flathead though, with a couple of legal ones to provide dinner. Also got another squid, again on the bait but this time managed to get the net under it without spooking it. So over the weekend, we took home 4 flathead, a flounder and 2 squid, saw my son’s first goal, a proposal and snapped 2 rods. Mixed results, but managed a decent feed and was so good to be out on the water again. It had been almost 2 months since we’d been out, and with my wife about to give birth any day now, it could be a while before I get back out again. Never got a pic of Saturdays catch, but this was Sundays results. Am now in the market for a new rod to replace the 1-3kg graphite one that was snapped (after convincing the wife last friday not to get me anything for father's day!). Will repair this one and keep it as a spare boat rod. The wife's one will just need the tip replaced.
  11. Guest

    Botany Bay with my Boys

    After spending Sunday with the whole family in botany nailing a few Trevs & squids my son Anthony asked if we could go chase some more squids on Tuesday , so since the wife arranged to take the girls to watch Paddington Bear I didn't hesitate for a second & since the boat was still hooked to the car from Sundays trip it was hard to say no . I opened the door to the car & before i was able to get in our Dog SONNY jumped in tail wagging & all , So i thought what the heck it was going to be a BOYS trip . We got to the ramp right on midday & the water was Flat as a Tack . We met a couple of guys in a canoe who fished the cooks with no luck but informed us of a couple of guys cacthin Jews on plastic , i thought of STEWY straight away ( it turned out to be Stewy & Swano) . But we had other plans , so our first stop was the Drums to get some baits for the freezer . Bait jigs in the water & within minutes we were surrounded by Slimeys & Yakas . After 1/2 an hour we had plenty so we set out a few fleshy strips of Yellow tail into the berley trail & instantly Anthony's rod had line Screaming off it & after a quite a good fight on 3lb line i netted his first Shovel nose & after a few pics it was released . Secound cast his rod goes off again this time it was a little Port Jackson which when released decided to swim the surface around the boat for a good 10 minutes before it finally went down . I set out a squid jig which got taken straight away by a baby Octopus & this thing kept Sonny amused for the next half an hour as it made its way around the deck of the boat . Anthony by then was onto a nice 30cm Trev . With things going quite we pulled up anchor & set for the western side of the Oil wharf . First drift resulted in 2 squid with 4 dropped . Second drift we had 4 on board & dropped 5 & by the thrid drift we only landed 1 & they seemed to go off the bite . Pretty much all the squid were caught on 3lb line & bright orange jig & 2 on the small 1.5" white jig . The pinks & greens untouched . With a few squid in the live tank we headed to Molineaux Piont in hope of a big winter King but after an hour of no touches on the live squid it was time to pack it in & head home. All in all a great afternoon on the water EXCEPT for the cleaning of the boat !! To top it off we got to finally meet Stewy & Swano back at the ramp & hear about their Jewie & Flathead catches . First pic was 1 of the Squids that was caught on Sunday (my girls get upset when they only see photos of me or Anthony on Fishraider) so i included a photo from Sundays session .
  12. Hey guys, With all the rain about where are all the fish hiding? I cant figure the hawkesbury out at all .. and everytime i take the boat i seem to catch nothing.. I saw some massive scales obviously from a large jewfish at the ramp cleaning table but alas i do not know where to find any jews let alone anything else.. any help would be greatly appreciated p.s. with all the fresh water about is anyone catching hairtail? Tight Lines Reubs
  13. Hey, First post to the forum but I thought I'd show the couple of squid caught last night. Launched at little manly with the aim of finding where to catch squid in the harbour as i have not yet fished it for squid. I read a post on this site saying the nudist beach around middle head was good spot but had no luck. I then moved over to hat head out of the wind and pulled up these two around sunset Using a yamie in natural brown colour and the larger size
  14. benm


    Launched off Bellambi today to hunt down some kings on the yak. Water was green and full of rubbish. Squid proved hard to get but managed a few yakkas for livies instead. Trolled around the bommies. Plenty of rat kings about. They didn't touch the yakkas, but caught plenty on soft plastics on light gear. Ranged anywhere up to 60cm. There were hundreds of them in schools. Westerly started to pick up big time, so I began to head back. A squid latched onto the live yakka and I almost got it to the yak, but it let go when it got close. Took a nice bite out of my yakka, so I put a squid spike through him and sent him overboard. I was on almost instantly and landed this fella. Felt like I was pulling in a drift chute.
  15. Hey Raiders, The time was last Friday and I had scored an RDO. The weather was 10/10 at 5:30am and I was on the way to my mates place to pick up his boat.. He didn't want to come fishing for some reason... Crazy. We filled up the boat at the local Caltex at 6 and were on the water by 615. A beautiful glass like river presented itself on the way to the harbour. This was it, the first decent dawn fishing outing that I had organised. I had two mates on the boat, rods all rigged and ready to go. Armed with a stack of bait c/o our lfs from the night before. We were at Clifton Gardens in good time with a bit of surface action to be seen. We anchored up and 2 of us were throwing poppers at the boiling water another mate was hitting the bottum with a prawn. 5 minutes and the first Tailor was on the boat, a cool 45cm and high fives all round. This continued for about an hour. Suddenly my mate using prawns calls fish! It was a jag hooked snapper about 20cm.. I was starting to feel bad, 2 of us were 6+ fish each and he was on 1. Next cast his rod has bent and he calls for a bigger thing, played it quite well... Only using a little 2500 Sienna the drag was zzzzzzing! Up comes this thing : Thanks for the ID guys. Call it for a grinner. It was 45/50cm and fat! Monster teeth along the bottom jaw and it was ticked off! Tried to bite me and my mate.. Pretty strong.. Much wider than a pike of similar size. It was time to get my other mate onto the surface lures to catch his first fish on a lure. We started chasing the bust ups and the chaos started... We had double hooks ups, triple hook ups and a constant strain of abuse at the poor netting skills. All in jest of course. We were having a great time. Chasing the boiling water from Clifton Gardens over to the weird white light house thing in the middle of the Harbour... Unfortunately we also shared this boiling water with a number of other boats, some pros using flys and nailing the top action and a number of moronic Hire boat Heroes that thought it was a good idea to drive straight through the bust ups... They didn't seem to work out when they did this the bait school went down and dissappeared for 5 minutes or so.. ANNOYING. We had 3 rods going with poppers in all directions and 1 rod with a whole squid and double snelled rig about 2-3m down. Every 15minutes or so the baited rod buckled over and screamed like there was no tomorrow. This seemed to attract the kings quite nicely! Unfortunately none were legal but all pushing 55-60cm. Great fight and very impressed with my new penn outfit. I was loving pulling in Salmon up to 70cm, Tailor up to 49cm and even a king with the surface lures and to have the baited rod go off in the madness was just a bonus! By the end of the day we had managed 10+ of all fish, a massive grinner and a bonito my mate caught on a popper. C/O an ebay starter pack. Will be heading to my lfs to get some decent poppers any recommendations guys? It was a shame that all the kings had to go back, but we have some tailor for bait and 1 of the 65cm salmon for a future jew session. The bonito was delicious on the bbq with some lemon, chilli and salt/pepper. Couldn't believe that we had so much luck with the surface lures, we had about $35 worth of bait we hardly even touched... Straight in the freezer for a quieter session. Sorry we didn't get more photos of the sambos or other kings, it was a little chaotic but hope I managed to paint the picture! Thanks for reading! M.
  16. Hey Raiders, Been in the dry dock for a while , but managed to get out last week for a fish and put my fishing buddy on them yet again and got him across the line in 1st place in our local fishing club comp , unfortunately this big puppy didn't qualify but it sure did shock us both when he dragged it up on an 1/8" jig head towing our favourite 4" pumpkinseed worm , ah Normo youv'e done it again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OsCvbTNIto
  17. Hit botany bay on saturday, Half an hour before sunrise headed over to yarra bay to target squid plenty of weed in the water floating around on top made hell for us in the dark. Eventually hooked up to a 1kg squid 45 cm from the tip of the hood to the end . Sunrise came about moved over to captains cook landing (and what happened would go down in memory forever) caught 13 bait sized squid and 11 bait sized cuttlefish. It was great fun the kilo squid was taken on a 2.5 green back yo-zuri and the majority of the squid caught a captains cook landing were caught on a 2.5 blue yamashita. Luckily we had the go pro on and captured it all. Here is a lil video on how we caught the squid
  18. Hi Guys, Went out Saturday 26th for a quick squid session, used 2.5 - 3.0 Yamashita bright coloured and natural coloured jigs, we managed nothing for two hours straight so we packed up and went home for the night. I was wondering if anyone has any different techniques for this area that I could try next time? Tight Lines Zac
  19. Went for a quick trip to Port Stephens, managed 2 quick sessions inside the bay as the swell was pumping outside and the wind was blowing. day one, managed a few flatties on the plastics fishing structure. day 2 fished a bit harder, started with squid and cuttles in shoal bay, including a few big inkers, then soaked the cuttles on the salamander wreck for an hour in the hope of a jewie but only managed a wobbygong and a shovel nose. decided to try for a flounder to compliment the squid for dinner. so stopped at an area fellow member scratchie mentioned via PM and we were rewarded with 2 nice keeper reds and another big arrow squid for the keeper bag. My Gf, was keen to get her first keeper snapper on a plastic and it was nice to be surprised with one on the 2kg gear! managed a few other fish to keep us entertained and some fun sessions on a beautiful totally different waterway to fish than sydney. tight lines.
  20. So this trip started out yesterday afternoon with a quick harbour flick for squid, 5 in the bag in 1/2hr and feeling hopeful of my planned kings session. Fast forward to this morning - I hit the rocks at Wollongong and just had a ball. The first 3 squid landed kings in succession 66cm smallest to 78cm (new pb for me) the largest. The fish were often coming up with 3 or 4 fish following them, it really was a spectacle! I was just fishing unweighted bait, 30lb braid to 30lb flouro leader & 2 x 3/0 snelled hooks casting just behind the wash. Some guys beside me had a pool of live yakkas fishing under floats & they were making my session look boring by comparison! Every cast was a hookup or some kind of action. We had double & triple hookups at times, and helped each other with the landing net which was nice. I then released a rat, and the last bait hooked a salmon (50cm), and as I was bringing him in he was also pursued by a number of kings who tried stealing him from my line! With no more bait I switched to plastic, now that's an exciting way to catch kingfish! I was watching them come up on the lure & strike - busted off one, released 2 rats, then got this one legal to call it a day! It's the first time I've landed kings on plastics. Anyone could have bagged out many times over I think, the fish were just on today. Incidentally the other guys on the ledge only took home 3 fish a piece, I took 4 which will all be eaten tomorrow, it's nice when we all respect the limits - it would have been easy to get carried away (we've all seen that happen at times). The lure was a jerk shad "pearl white" 13cm for anyone interested. Having learnt to slow down & play the fish out a little better has greatly increased my landing rate, I was busted off only once today so getting a little better all the time. With a big family BBQ happening tomorrow I'm set to be a hero with the kingfish steaks! Sorry for the long post I'm probably just a bit excited, but I started out this summer to catch my first king, and though it took me a few months of catching none - the time put in to learning is paying off.
  21. Similar start to my last outing with a (very) early stop at the harbour for some squid, picked up 8 in around 40mins or so and headed down to Wollongong again to try some rock action. 3 rats in the first hour kept things moving, and then met up with fellow raider & kingfish gun MV Sunray (Daniel). The fish today seemed to come in bursts rather than bite solidly - and leather jackets were in plagues destroying our baits. Dan landed a couple fish, then I was smoked by 2 much bigger fish in a row, we got a very good look at the second fish - though it ended up doing me on the ledge. Saw a few ripples on the surface and grabbed the trusty raider jig, a few casts later accounted for this nice bonito 51cm (thanks Daniel for the landing net assist) which is my first for the summer & biggest land-based in some time, always nice to mix it up. Dan (and his very excellent extendable landing net) called it a day, and this is where I ran into a pickle. First keeper king for the day 68cm followed almost on cue, followed by another rat. Whilst not huge, landing them unassisted from the rocks is a bit of a task & I'm glad nobody had the camera out to capture my embarrassing style - anyhow fish landed. With work calling - last cast of the morning was a strip of squid on my smaller 20lb outfit, the final fish 66cm took some real finesse on the lighter gear (20lb leader also) and once again had me in a laughable position to land him - but land him I did. No furious action & no monsters landed today, but still fairly productive & nice always to fish with a fellow raider!
  22. Put in a good effort on Vday which permitted me a fishing pass. Spent probably 10 or so hours over the weekend standing in the rain soaking livies (slimy & yakka), live and fresh squid, squid strips. I always have one out on the bottom with lead, and one under a balloon (livey) or unweighted (squid). Livies were no trouble to come by at all, however the squid were surprisingly tough to catch. Have been averaging 15+ most trips lately, could only get a handful all weekend. Managed to burley up a few rats right up against the pier into my trail of bread whilst catching livies, and as I was clearing my line to throw something their way one grabbed the sabiki jig & provided me with a fun 5 seconds before popping the light line. There were also some reasonable school mulloway coming right up on the burley later, though they couldn't be tempted even by unweighted live squid floated down on (relatively) light gear. Got me stumped! Consoled from a total loss by keeping a handful of calamari and this flattie for the table which went just over 50cm. It was taken on a squid fished down on the sand, a few smaller models & a few passing tailor and trevally were released also. However I made a few new fishing buddies to pass the time, sometimes with the right crowd there is comradery on the piers. Still on my adventure to land a king from the shore, still no dice for this guy.
  23. Hi raiders, Going down to Jervis Bay this weekend and was wondering if anyone can help me where to get yakkas and squid? Don't want to ask for to much but if you can give me a couple of spots or where to fish for some snapper kingies etc. Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks all. Regards Bash
  24. Hi guys - Still putting in a lot of time/work to catch my first king but to no avail. Fished from the shore on what I call (though some have disagreed) Lavender Bay - anyow the foreshore around the Luna Park area, between about 3pm-9pm. There were schools boiling all afternoon though out of my casting range - some folks in a boat looked to be getting amongst them (or at least doing a decent job of trolling through the school enough to put them down). My rig for kingfish is not dissimilar to my jewfish rig. A running traced star sinker above a swivel, I've even dropped to a 30lb mono leader above 2 snelled 4/0 big guns. I fished with live yakkas & fresh squid for about 5.5hrs without a touch. With no luck there and light turning to night I threw my squid jig around the kelp beds and did fairly well. Some of these will make an appearance back on the end of a hook, some on the BBQ plate. My advice with the squid right now is keep your jigs small and pink. There were about 5 others squidding on the same shoreline, my catch rate was probably 4:1. So now to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I only ever fish live/fresh caught bait. I've listened to buckets of advice, but mostly I have put in the hours which is what frustrates me. The drop in leader from 50lb to 30lb hasn't hurt my jewie catch rate at all - though fish are averaging 3-5kg at the minute so no monsters. PS - If anyone wants to help a frustrated lad catch his first king, even a rat, a PM would be appreciated. I don't have a boat so shore-based harbour or surrounds. I just don't have it figured despite countless hours trying. Will trade you for excellent jewie knowledge. Heck I'll even join you on a trip - I always have a supply of fresh squid to share.
  25. Hello Fellow Raiders, Im a new member and i just love this site. It is probably going to get me divorced as i havent got off it since i started scouring the forums. I have recently bought a 5.3m Savage boat and i am really struggling to find some decent spots to catch squid on the central coast and lake mcquarie. Any help in identifying some good locations would be a tremendous help. The only place i have had any luck is Barrenjoey head and even then it has been real hit and miss at best. I have done a majority of my fishing at JB and have never had a problem finding good squid down there.
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