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  1. Gday Raiders, Ive been off the site for a while but now Im back. Just thought Id ask if raiders have been finding any squid in the Hawkesbury near Brooklyn or Apple Tree Bay. These are the most accessible waterways for me. Ive never had any luck hunting for squid up there so keen to find some spots. Thanks Raiders. Tan
  2. Went for a quick squid yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to get a bit of sun and try to finally break free of a lingering hangover. We were squidding off some rocks near Coogee on a headland (not sure it's name as new to Sydney) but our jigs were a bit light for the water depth so were about to move when my mate i was with hooked onto a nice salmon. At first I was spewing as my previous experience hooking fish in jigs is that the jig gets ruined but after a good fight on light tackle he landed it and we found it had swallowed the jig and got it hooked deep down so we unable to spit the prongs. It spat up about 20 whitebait we landed which matched the white jig perfectly so if you're chasing a few salmon whitebait could be the key. Got a couple of follows from other salmon on a metal slice afterwards but no more hits.
  3. I think I have a squid obsession!!! In saying that everytime I go to the shops and there is a tackle shop around, I will walk in and buy a squid jig and then that same night I will be itching to go to my squidding spots and try my new jig out haha. I think about it at work and Fishraider doesn't help it either. Anyways I need your help now in trying to find myself a new rod, I heard the Sephia range in rods is pretty good but I was taking a look at the Abu Garcia Veritas Rod Combo they have at my local tackle shop. Has anyone bought this combo and if so what do you think of it? I basically want to use it for squidding as well as catching small fish such as bream, flatties, etc. Look forward to your replies and thank you. Zac
  4. Hello Raiders! Just thought I would post this to all those Squid freaks out there... Went out on Sunday last week during the day got to my squidding spot around 3PM and setup my rod and jigs ready to cast and blast them out of the water. The wind had picked up even though I had checked Willy's weather AND Weatherzone which both claimed there was going to be little WIND that day but I wasn't going to let a little wind spoil the fun. So I continued casting my jigs, I would cast straight and they would end up to the left, my first hookup on a 15cm calamari which was tiny was weird because I had crossed lines with the guy next to me and at the same time pulled this little one up haha. I continued working my jigs until finally the sun decided it's going down, as soon as the light started fading I hooked up 3 nice sized squid and one of them being an Arrow Head within the 8 casts I made. I decided that was enough and I packed my things up and left! Just goes to show that they are still out there but you will come across the small ones which can go back to be the next monsters. I don't have any photos of them as my phone was dead at the time! Cheers Squidders, Z.S
  5. Has anyone been down to Lilli Pilli lately? I wanted to know because I was thinking about giving it a shot this weekend as I have never been there before. I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on what type of species can be caught down there, also would there be a good spot to possibly through around my squid jigs? I might just take my light gear with me but if there is a chance to score a winter jewfish down there then I might consider taking my beach rod and reel. All the help will be useful guys so throw whatever you have at me. Thanks, Zaki Shahin
  6. ryan169


    Hey guys, I am planning on going fishing Friday evening and I really want to catch a squid. I've never caught a squid, and recently picked up some squid jigs and have some of my late Pop's old ones. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me some spots and techniques for catching the squid? Note: I live in the Manly-Warringah area and I cant travel too far. I am also a land based fisherman. Thanks guys.
  7. I have targeted squid in botany bay a few times now without much luck. Any tips you guys could give me would be great, i have heard current, tide and time can affect the squid on the bite but not to sure how. Any spots inside or outside of the bay would be greatly appreciated?
  8. Hi Raiders, the mrs has been complaining that I ain't bringing no squid home anymore. DON'T USE THEM ALL FOR BAIT!!! she always says LOL! My meeting this morning got canned, so what else am I a suppose to do? load the yak and a quick squid session before heading into the office is what!! First squid went a good size, and decided to get excited and squirt about a litre of ink all over me and the yak! not happy Jan! Then on every drift, they came on board, dropped a couple too, my fault for not bringing the net. As the water is cooling, the bigger ones are coming into the bay to spawn, and from the feel of their strikes, they are HUNGRY! so get out there and get them!!
  9. Hey all, I've been doing some early mornings trying to get some squid but I've caught none. I've tried 3 times for nothing. Usually I snag at least a couple. Am I losing my mojo? I'm land based and I've tried various wharves in the east and around balmain. I've even headed down to the hacking..all for naught. How's everyone else fairing? I spoke to a charter skipper and he said he's been struggling too? What gives?
  10. Launched off Palm beach boat ramp at Iluka Rd for the 1st time with out drama! Headed off towards the ferry wharf for yakkas and squids and was out past the heads by 730am. Sea was almost glassy with 3 or 4 other boats around us. went out to 30m and began dropping liveys and strip baits towards the bottom. no interest in our yakkas and the squid came back demolished by leatherjackets.... Tried this without success for 3 hrs then decided to try off south palm (one of my fav land-based spots!) sitting about 40m offshore and drifting in 12m+ of water came across a school of slimies and tons of yakkas. got our burley trail going and managed to rustle up 2 rat kings around the 55 cm mark...good fun on light spin rods. Pretty quiet after that. Headed home around 12 and decided to get some squid for dinner as a consolation prize.... managed 4 big ones for dinner and a few for bait next trip! Back at the boat ramp my mate made the mistake of backing all 4 wheels off the ramp and once we got the boat hooked up to the trailer all 4 tires began to spin uselessly in the sand .... unhooked boat....unbogged car (thankfully was easy without the boat) the tried again...this time with front wheels on the concrete and everything went fine ! 2 other guys who were launching their boat next to us removed the safety chain and their boat flew off the trailer as they backed down the ramp.....we wont be doing that anytime soon!! Any pointers for what we could do to get some kings/snapper off the boat? Overall a nice day out on the boat and learnt lots of new things! Cheers,
  11. Left Roseville ramp at 5am. Had at least 15 (arrow) squid in the tank by 7am. Water was still a bit murky and green so fluro jigs (mainly pink) were the go. Other boats weren’t having any problems catching them either. Hit the Harbour markers. First stop wedding cake. Lost two baits to the bottom somehow. Just couldn’t get the drift right. So moved onto the yellow marker. My mates girlfriend’s turn on the rod. Drop the bait and rod buckles over within seconds…. 5-10 minutes later we boated a lovely fat King. It was her 2nd time out on the boat and never caught a fish let alone a Kingfish. Went just under 90 cm but was very thick and fat weighing in at 7kg (according to my scales at least). Not bad for a first fish. Last time I heard she still had a silly grin on her face. Gear used 50lb braid, rod length of 50lb mono leader (bimini to slim beauty knot) with 80 FC trace and 7/0 circle hook. Sorry no pics for privacy reasons. First, last and only time I edited a photo I was banned for a month. Not sure if that applies to identity blurring ACA/TT style. Got a couple of rats and dropped a couple before it went quiet an hour before high. Used the rest of squid at few more spots but with no tidal movement all we could find were pickers. So we headed back and I was home by 10. Other boats we spoke to didn’t have any luck using yakka’s or frozen baits or lures. Nor it would seem could many boats snare any calamari squid at the usual harbour haunts. With the 9am high tide and southerly change due at midday I had a feeling it would be a good day if we could get out there by 7-7:30. I was right about the time and tide but not sure about the effect of the southerly change, at least not if you believe that a falling barometer (ahead of a change) triggers the fish. According to BOM, the Observatory Hill barometer readings started from a low of 1010 early in the morning and from then on just kept climbing steadily to as high as 1020 later that evening when the southerly was at full strength and we had storms all over the shop. I’m not suggesting the impending change doesn’t get them going but it’s obviously not detected by the barometer movements. Dave
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