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Found 13 results

  1. For those who been fishing off Sydney know how hard the season has been with strong currents and horrid weather. A little bit of footage I put together from fishing 🎣 hope y’all enjoy 😊
  2. Hi Raiders Headed up to South West Rocks over the new year break & managed a few trips out when the weather permitted. The FAD had only just been put back in after breaking loose so it had very little growth & the water was cold & green which resulted in bugger all Dollies of any decent size to be had. We decided not to flog a dead horse & spent the few days we got out jigging for kings around Fish Rock & Green island. Well there were plenty of kings & sharks resulting in me snapping my PE5 rod on the first day. I had to then fish my lighter 30lb setup the rest
  3. bit delayed on the report. but we head out last sunday out of sydney and what a day it was. Been working really hard to find the right type of water to find bait and fish in from the satelite charts and think i've finally worked it out. we went straight into the 23-24 degree water west of the bait station along the shelf and it was crystal clear and blue as it gets. Anyway troliing along for a few hours and about 10am the short rigger goes, then stops then really goes... we're On! A quick glance at the water and we found a big school of dollies following the teaser along swimming alongside. w
  4. What a weekend. We started off on friday and fished the bottom for longer than we planned to, by the time we had a feed it was close to midday when we put the lures in. 2 pm we hooked up to Striped and had him boatside about 3:15. It was a good fish for us after losing many boatside this year so we decided to take it first capture to myself and Black Dog. Monday we fished again this time with Boxy on board and the plan was to go to the same area and get as many marlin under our belt as we could and also get Boxy his first marlin after countless hours and hard work. Well we arrived to the area
  5. Headed out yesterday in search of bluefin / yellowfin and stumbled on these guys We weren't expecting to get our best dollies of the year in winter but we aren't complaining Smallest went 89cm / 8lbs and the biggest 121cm / 16lbs Got all of them on the troll between 2 and 4pm around 5 - 10km west of Heaton's Hill
  6. Two Sundays ago we got up early, headed straight out to Sydney FAD and started trolling right on sunrise. Before we could get our second lure in the spread out a dollie was on. The fish we talking anything and within the first hour we had landed to 6 legal dollies and three 70cm+ stripey tuna. Then the fish just went quiet for a couple of hours even though bait continued to bubble on the surface in every direction. We moved on from the FAD and headed north and shortly after found a 3km area where the tuna were going nuts. Double hook-ups, triple hook-ups, quadruple hook-ups and it didn't stop
  7. Had 2 trips in the last couple of weeks, Dolphin Fish and Stripped Tuna, at least 12 fish each time out most around 70-90 cm. We keep around 4-5 dollies for dinner and release the rest, we are not out there to F*cK it up for everyone so we always let most of our fish go. One of the days was horrible, 2-3m swell, 20kt plus winds, raining, but we still managed to pull fish and it did calm down later in the afternoon. All the fish we kept had their stomachs full of Garfish and small Squid. So logically we filled our lures with Garfish and Squid and those lures got hit more than the others, go fi
  8. Hey Raiders, We got out there twice in the last couple of weeks. Landed around 8 Dolphin Fish each day, a couple of Skipjack Tuna and 2 Marlin hook-ups but unfortunately they didn't stick. Dollies are getting nicer, most around 80cm plus now. Daniel (ozzydan) come out with us on one of the trips, unfortunately we didn’t hook any Marlin that day, but we saw a big free jumper late in the afternoon, still it was good fun he was kept pretty busy with hook-ups most the day on dollies and tuna. Big Tony from the marina came out with us on the other trip. We ran our underwater cameras as per usual
  9. Headed out to the shelf early on Saturday morning in search of marlin, dollies and tuna. We were met by a pod of dolphins as we passed through the heads but the water was ~22 degrees and green so we pushed on. The water pretty much stayed that way until we hit the shelf at which point we found the warm snap we were looking for. Water quickly changed to a deep blue as the temp increased from ~23 degrees to ~26 degrees in the space of a few kilometres. We put the spread out and started to troll towards Browns. We were there in no time as the current was ripping south at about 5knts/hr. As we pas
  10. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulicsagain,itmust drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an“Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipja
  11. Hey Raiders, did another quick afternoon offshore trolling session off Sydney. We shouldn’t have gone out. Most boats were coming in as we headed out, that was our first sign, IT WAS HORRIBLE! But we went anyway with surprising results. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) had the wind forecast at 10-20 knots NE and BOM also says in its forecasts: “that winds maybe up to 40% higher”. Well, it was at least 40% higher. Driving the boat from the downstairs station there were a few occasions when waves came crashing over the bow which covered the entire windscreen with water and I was seriously thinki
  12. Hey Fishraiders, Headed out for a late afternoon trolling session yesterday of Sydney, 27-12-1013. Fuelled up and arrived at Sydney Heads around 4pm. Water was bit choppy but not much swell. We found 22 degree blue water about half a mile from Sydney Heads so we decided put the lures in straight away and started trolling directly east. Our spread consisted of 6 inch and 8 inch Scent Blazer trolling lures loaded with pilchards inside the bait chamber to give them that nice fishy taste?! Our first hook up on a small Dolphin fish in about 80 meters of waters running directly east from Sydney H
  13. Hey all, As Seabreeze predicted the weather to turn into the south and kick up, the Scent Blazer crew took to the water to head wide in search of Mr. Marlin!! As we left the berth the wind slowly increased and before reaching North Head we had a stiff 25knots on the nose from the NE. The plan was to run up to the Sydney North FAD then up to the Manly Hydraulics buoy and then northeast and out to the Bait Station then east in the search for a Blue. So as we passed through North and South Head we were greeted by short sharp swell and sea so we sat on a comfortable speed of 15 knots. As we
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