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Found 8 results

  1. Hit the water by 530 at terrigal haven, the water was 24.2 degrees and extremely dirty, there was a brown algae or what ever it was on the surface and water was very frothy. Anchored up near the red marker and and had a tank full of livies in no time. Speared out to terrigal fad and the trip was very comfy seas less than a metre. First boat on scene 24.4 degrees clear water at least 20m vis and small current. Dropped a livey down, Bang bang, two dollies in the boat on the first drift pass. Though you beauty we are on here. Next pass got harrassed by hodlums / rats. Kings were around the 55cm mark and eating everything that was thrown at them. Couple boats showed up and they got lock jaw, they went totally off the livies. Burley up with chunks of pillies but still no hits. switched to bait and the rats made another show. From here could see schools of dollies under the boat and no takers. After a hour of frustration managed another keeper spinning a metal behind the fad. We could see tones of dollies, jumping around and everything but they were just not interested in what we threw at them. Gave up and headed close in. The brown algae showed up again was 24.2 degrees. Anchored up and could see a pro boat pulling in bonito after bonito. They must of took at least a couple hundred kilos in a few hours. Whatever they were doing they kept the school under their boat and couldn’t even manage to pull one in even just 30m away. Not sure how they kept them there so long and so thick and why we could even entice 1 over our way. Had a livey out the back and got taken a few times and my 100 pound leader bit right off. Switched to circle hooks and had a 30 min fight with a 2meter dusky whaler with the hook holding on in the corner of the mouth. Couple happy snaps and off he swam. With a feed of dolphin fish in the boat we called it a day! Better than a day in the office! Tight lines
  2. Gday Raiders! So its that time of year and the Spanish and Tuna are haunting the bay in Byron once again , harassing all the bait fish and putting on some awesome aerial displays , Ive been watching bust ups for the past week and seem some giant Longtails sailing through the air just on sunrise ! Also good reports from the Byron Fad with Dollies touching 10kg and the odd solid King! Are there any Raiders up this way keen for a session either at the Fad or backside of Julian? Have all the gear and stoked to get the reels screaming! Tight Lines guys
  3. Hi all, I went out Friday morning with the aim of catching my first dolphinfish as I’ve heard there are a few around the Fad at the moment. I’ve never been to the fad before and as I have a 460 Coastrunner I wanted to follow some mates out in a bigger boat. Unfortunately they pulled the pin at the 11th hour, but the conditions looked perfect and the morning of we decided to head out. We picked up some live squid of the way out of the hacking, only managed 2 lollipops. We found a heap of yakkas but they weren’t taking the sabiki jigs. So we decided to head out with 2 squid and flick plastics if all else fails. Well to say I was impressed with how the boat travelled out and back was an understatement! We got out to the port hacking fad in about 35mins, I thought it would have been longer. Had the two squid out and they both got hit in the first 10mins! A double hook up, not to massive bulls, but they put on a good display. Our very first dollies!! One went 68cm and the other 64cm, so in the esky they went for a feed. With no more livies I turned to throwing a stickbait, I had one follow in about 20mins. Then my mate was jigging hooked a rope (must have been an old anchor line or something as it was 60m down. While he fought that back for his jig (and won) I hooked a Dollie on stickbait on my 4000 reel. Great fun on light gear and was just on 60cm so I returned it to the deep blue. After about another 30mins we called it quits and headed home. Trolled a few skirts on the way back just in case but nothing. All up it was a ripping day on the water and it’s always good when a plan comes together!! Most pics are on my camera but I’ll put up what’s on my phone. Cheers, Stu
  4. No markings at the Botany Wide FAD, didn't get any kingies or even hits for that matter at the peak on yakas and no luck trolling today. Plenty of good size tailor in Botany Bay hitting anything and everything.
  5. Headed out from Terrigal on Australia Day with fellow raider 'strike zone' (Glen) in his boat along with another one of his mates. Plan was to hit the Terrigal FAD to try for some dollies and then head out a bit wider to do some trolling for marlin. Got down to the ramp at about 6.30am and like others have said, surprised to see only a few trailers. We launched the boat and set course for the FAD, it was bit choppy early on with the 10knot wind but the forecast wasn't predicting much of an increase. The ocean smoothed out about 5 mile out and we arrived at the FAD just after 7am, there was only 1 other boat out there. The water was very blue and about 23 degrees. We pulled out the light gear (6-10kg rods with 4000 reels) and started drifting past the FAD with pilchards and squid. Several drifts and half an our or so passed with no action at all, it was very quiet. We passed the other boat and asked if they had any luck, they said they manged half a dozen small dollies (70cm) on bait before we arrived but the last hour it had gone quite. We persisted for another half hour or so for nothing. The other boat had started trolling skirts past the FAD when all of a sudden they hooked up, after about a 15 min fight and several impressive jumps they landed a nice dollie that went 120cm. We decided to switch to the marlin gear and pull some skirts as well. Trolled for about half an hour around the fad with no luck, the other boat had left so we decided to troll south to the Broken Bay FAD and see if we could pick up anything along the way. We came across some traps on the way which we marked. Took us about an hour to get to the BB FAD, we trolled around for a while and still no luck with the skirts. We switched back to the light gear and started drifting past the FAD with bait. After about 45 mins of nothing 3 rods loaded up which produced 3 small dollies (60-70cm), finally some action we thought! But just as quick as they came on they went off again, another half hour of drifting for nothing! We decided to head back to the traps we marked earlier and try some baits around them. We had done a few drifts between the traps with no luck, one of our drifts was a bit off line so Glen said "leave the baits in the water and I'll slowly motor the boat over onto a better line". I had just finished saying '"wouldn't it be funny if something smashed the bait while we were moving" when we saw 3 or 4 big dollies following closely behind our baits then bang, one of the rods buckled and reel started screaming! I grabbed the rod, tightened the drag and immediately new this was a good fish! It put on a great show with 3 or 4 big jumps off the back of the boat but on the light gear with 6-10kg rod and 20lb braid this fish was certainly dictating terms. Every time I got it close to the boat it took off again, but finally after about a half hour battle the fish was in the boat! She went 126cm and 9.5kg, only my second ever dollie and certainly one I will never forget! not quite the raider record but good for second place. After several high fives and cracking a beer we headed straight back to the traps in the hope that the others we saw following the baits were still there. We swapped all the baits to whole squid and started slow trolling through the traps. Sure enough on the first pass one rod buckles and starts screaming, from the 2 or 3 big jumps we could see this one was the same size if not bigger and then snap! busted the leader. Given the size of these dollies we decided to quickly swap to the marlin gear before they disappeared! In our haste to get the lines back in the water we completely forgot about leaders and attached the hooks straight to the main line... rookie mistake. On the next pass we hooked up again, this time it went deep and after about a minute...snap, gone, bit straight through the line. At this stage we realised we had forgotten the leader, we added 100lb to all the rods and went again. About an hour went by with nothing, just like before they were gone as quick as they came! We thought about chucking the skirts back on and giving them ago but with one in the kill tank and 3pm fast approaching we decided call it a day. As we packed up the gear we noticed another boat heading in from out wide trolling skirts heading in our direction, they saw us and the traps and changed course to run through the traps. Sure enough on their second pass they hooked up a big bull. It put on a spectacular aerial display and after about 10 mins pulled it on board. We motored over for a closer look and this thing was a monster, based on the size of our one I reckon it would have gone close to 150cm. Kinda spewing we didn't give the skirts a go but at least we got our fish. These guys said they had been trolling out wide all day for nothing so they were stoked to pick this up on the way in, I wonder if it was fellow raider? All in all a great way to spend Australia Day, thanks again Glen for taking us out, it was a trip I will never forget. Now I have got the bug I cant wait to get out there again in my boat! Here are a couple more pics... Cheers, Craig
  6. On Thursday I went off shore with my fishing buddy in his 4.4 Haines Hunter and 60hp Honda Four Stroke (50hrs). The conditions were excellent with 1 meter waves, 0.5 swell, sunshine and a warm breeze of 10 -15 knots. We loaded up with 20 yakkas and headed out to the Syd FAD then set a spread and kept going past the wave rider and towards the North Sydney FAD in 100 meter water. Lots of small Mahi Mahi everywhere, so we put out the bigger skirts and deep divers. The temperature changed from 22.8 to 23.2 as we headed north and my fishing mate landed a 75cm Mahi while I lost a 80cm one at the boat. In the end we decided to keep a couple of 60cm fish to eat whole after throwing most of them back.... We had never done it before and soon realised how long it takes to travel 20 nautical miles.... With a faulty fuel gauge (loose connection) and after three hours trowelling we decided it was best to go inshore after traveling 3/4 of the distance. Even though we had a 15ltr reserve in a jerry can. We went past Longie on the way back and set up a couple of poor man down riggers and drove into the north west wind then drifted back over the wall to land a 75cm kingie before heading home. When we got back we still had a quarter tank of fuel left. All in all a great day but next time the weather allows we will go to the North Sydney FAD via Broken Water. Cheers, Andrew
  7. 1st trolling session of 2014, Kingies, Dollies, Marlin Strike – Sydney Offshore Hey Raiders, Happy New Year. First game fishing session of 2014, 3-1-2014 and we're off to good start. Arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm and as you might have guessed by now we don't get up early, we sleep in and fish the afternoons. Water was a little choppy and only a small swell. Nice blue water around 22 degrees was only about half a mile out, so we put our lures straight in. Our spread consisted of four 6 inch Scent Blazer Nano Lure chains and one larger 10 inch purple lure for a marlin or something that’s interested in a bigger lure. The lures chains have been working really well, they look like small bait fish schools and get the fish biting, so why change. We headed north east towards the Whale FAD, when we got there, there were 2 boats casting lures around it so we kept a wide berth and just kept trolling NE. About 30 minutes later about half a mile from Manly Hydraulics we hooked up on nice Kingie, which went around 15-18lb. Kept trolling around the area and kept picking up kingies, all different sizes, 6lb, 4lb, 2lb and one small Dolphin Fish as well. It went quiet for a little while before a sprinkler (Stripped Marlin) showed up behind of the one lure chains, we hooked up and it peeled about 200 metres of line off before settling down. Only 2 of us on-board so I left the rod in the holder and I cleared the gear to get ready to back down on it, by the time gear was cleared unfortunately it had thrown the hook, still its bloody exciting. Just a tip, even if you trying to target big fish I would always run a small lure somewhere in your spread. In the last few weeks every fish we kept had it's stomach full of pilchards and small slimey mackerel, I am guessing the Marlin would be feeding on those baits at times as well. Quite often Marlin will take the smallest lure in the spread. Think about it, if you are hungry you going eat a big meal if you are not you will have a snack. You don’t know what the fish out have been eating, they could be full or famished. We kept trolling a little while longer and started trolling back towards Sydney Heads, we got 2 small dolphin fish on the way back. One was hooked only about 1 mile from Sydney Heads. Have a successful 2014 of fishing and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happyhook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Leaving Sydney Harbour for a afternoon trolling session. Lures we used. We’ve been running Scent Blazer trolling lure chains with great success. They look like a small school of bait fish, the pelagic having been striking them like crazy. Put pilchards inside the stinger lure of the trolling lure chain to make the stinger the most appetising of the 3 lures in the chain. Nice Yellowtail kingfish for the first fish of the day. Another nice kingie. Kingie caught on Scent Blazer trolling lure chain. Even the really small kingies couldn’t resist our Scent Blazer lures. Caught a couple of Dolphin Fish during our trolling session as well, only small but they always fun to catch.
  8. Hey Raiders, Couldn't resist one last afternoon trolling session for 2013, 30-12-2013. We arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm. Water was pretty choppy with about 1.5-2 meter swell. Not great, but f*@k it, it wasn’t going to stop us. Water was really blue and around 21.5 degrees about half a mile out from Sydney Heads so put the lures in straight away and started trolling directly east. Our spread consisted of 6 inch and 8 inch Scent Blazer trolling lures loaded with pilchards inside the bait chamber to give them our trademark fishy taste! In our spread we ran 3 lure chains pretty close together so they look like small bait fish school and not very far behind the boat, around 15-20 meters back. First hook up on a small Dolphin fish in about 40 meters of water, only about 1 mile east from Sydney Heads. We kept trolling east into 100 meters of water and kept hooking up all the way. There were couple of double headers and one triple header on Dolphin Fish. The fish weren't very big, around 2-3lb average. We kept 2 fish around 5lb which were the biggest of the day The lure chains we used which consisted of 3 Scent Blazer Nano lures with pilchards loaded inside the bait chamber of the stinger lure. The Dolphin Fish were smashing them, we couldn’t keep them off the lures chains. An engine died on us on the way back so we limped back at 9 knots, we kept 2 lure chains all the way back and hooked nice sized tailor in Sydney Heads and another smaller one under the Harbour Bridge. Hope 2013 was good fishing year for everyone and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happy hook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Pretty rough, but it wasn’t going stop us! Lure chains, only put bait inside the stinger trolling lure, that’s the one you want the fish to strike, the other lures are there to make it look like a small school of bait fish. Double hook up on El Dorado! Multiple hook ups on Dolphin Fish the order of the day. 5lb Dolphin Fish. Found small whole pilchards inside the stomach of the Dolphin Fish we caught. We cut it up and put it inside the bait chamber of the Scent Blazer lures, can’t match the hatch any better than that. Tailor caught trolling at Sydney Heads.