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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am going fishing soon and was wondering if anyone has any last minute tips. I was hoping to catch something good. I an Fishing Berowra Creek, Bar Point, Laughtondale, Berowra, Mooney Mooney, Brooklyn Bridges & Mullet Creek. Any tips would be great Happy Fishing, Jew_Master06
  2. Went out for a fish with my brother-in-law on Saturday morning. The plan was to anchor up around The Vines and Bar Point and sit out the change of low tide targeting bream. We anchored up around 7:30 am, and had a quiet hour waiting for the tide to change. As it slowed, we increased the burley rate and the bream started to hit. We got 5 good sized bream, all on chicken gut. Once the incoming tide picked up pace, we hauled anchor and headed over to Sunshine Bay for a flatty drift but no luck. Head over to the main channel between the two bridges for one last drift home trying to add some flathead to the catch. The southerly had picked up strong by then so we were drifting hard up against the northern side of Long Island. Drifting through one of the known jewie holes, my brother in law thought he got snagged well and truly. He flipped the bail arm open while we reeled the other rods in while still drifting. Drove the boat back to the snag and he realises he’s actually on a fish, and pulls in another big bream which had taken a whole squid. All up 6 nice sized bream between 30 cm – 40 cms. A nice way to break a very long run of donuts!
  3. As a keen student on the frustrating Hawkesbury winter shutdowns, I've recently found the solution to tempting those hibernating bottom dwellers. Always fishing with plastic I thought I'd try the "Carolina rig" rather than just the standard plastic on a jighead. The Carolina rig is basically just a bait rig re-purposed for soft plastics and has always been popular with the Yanks for bass fishing when the fish are asleep. Run your mainline braid down to a swivel with a running bullet sinker and a glass bead. Below the swivel, a FC leader to an unweighted worm hook. The theory is that as you drift or retrieve, the sinker bounces along the bottom, stirring up the mud and sand while making a yabbie-like clicking sound as it hits the glass bead. Trailing about 30-60cm behind this is a tempting unweighted plastic fluttering along screaming "come and get me". Depending on the speed of the drift or retrieve you can vary the leader length to get the plastic closer or further away from the bottom. Its important that you use a soft plastic that floats and it doesn't matter how heavy the sinker is, as long as it makes the bottom, the plastic will still have great action. Great when the current is strong. The worm hook also allows you to rig "weedless" and the bullet sinker is friendlier when the bottom is snaggy. I've used this method since the June rains and have had the embarrassing problem of catching too many fish, mostly big flattys and mid sized Jew. The Lower Hawkesbury is a complicated system to fish in winter (unless you are hairtailing) and I've found that fishing the run in tide and chasing where the warmer sea water meets the colder river will reward you with winter fish. On the larger tides the big lizards have been heading into some of the creeks on the lower Hawkesbury, with Mullet and Mooney MooneyCreeks firing on the making tide. My only advice is to keep the leader heavier than you would in summer because the jew and lizards are bigger and really wake up when they near the boat. If you want to catch a few horse winter bream on the same rig, set another (2nd) much lighter leader to the top eye of the swivel about 60cm long with a smaller grub plastic and Mr Bream will join the party as your bottom rig bangs along the bottom. Tight Lines!
  4. Hi raiders I am new to night fishing for Jews in the Hawkesbury, Fished the Hawkesbury all my life and have only now endeavoured to target the mighty Jewfish…. I have been out numerous times at night around Bar point and near dangar island and have only seen 1 70cm Jewie, I have had heaps of runs but I assume these are sharks.. plus plenty of eels Is there any help out there for where to go in the Hawkesbury at night … I keep hearing about Cowan creek but the lack of tide worries me when I want to anchor and sit the night out with a few beers and not drift all night Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Gday raiders, First off, awesome site! It's provided a wealth of handy tips for a struggling aspiring angler like myself. I've been bitten by the fishing bug recently and have been keen to throw in a line the last few weekends. I had the idea of checking out the Hawkesbury River around the Brooklyn area as I used to go there semi regularly when I was a kid with great success (some 15 - 20 odd years ago). We used to hire a boat for half a day and always bring back a nice mixed haul of tailor, yellowtail, flatty and even a few hairtail just on handline. I was interested in trying out the old river again, but this time around I'm looking for a decent land based spot I can throw in a line early morning preferably for a relaxing 2 - 3 session. I tried under the bridge there near Kangaroo Point a couple weekends ago and found lots of snags, but brought in a decent legal bream and a slimy catfish looking eel. I was happy to get any action after not fishing for so long. I decided to have another crack last weekend with a mate, but try moving away from the bridge to see if I could find a less snaggy spot. No luck unfortunately, had one decent tug all morning with my mate having a similar experience. It was relaxing nonetheless. I've been reading about the trawling they still do there which has me worried. Even more worrying are some of the reports from this forum of the state of decline the river has been in over the years. Obviously the old river isn't what it once was, but I was still hoping it would still be a decent spot to hit up for a casual fish away from the city when the urge presented itself as I also enjoy the drive from Western Sydney where I am. I'm looking to catch any good eating fish (bream, flatty, etc). I've been using fresh and frozen Hawkesbury prawns as bait on a 3m rod. Was thinking of trying under the bridge again next time I get a chance, targeting the pylons as that's where I had luck a fortnight ago. So I guess I wanted to ask the guys that still fish or have fished these waters recently what I can expect there today? I am wasting my time here? Should I find a better spot to kill some time? I was also thinking of trying Wisemans if Mooney Mooney Bridge I think it's called has just had its day. If anyone else has any spot recommendations or tips for the area, It'd be much appreciated. Cheers, Loco
  6. Speaking to some raiders at the soft plastics workshop, I came to realise that many are experts in this river system and was hoping for some tips / advice. Going out in 2 weeks... Last time I went out in the Hawkesbury on a houseboat I tried some of the recommended spots such as the rail bridge with no luck. I basically ended up spending most of time at the public mooring near Little Jerusalem Bay (photo attached). In the mornings I was into some Tailor (mainly undersized) but at night I was generally live baiting with yellow tails and must have had 5-6 runs a night that would eventually cut me off shortly after setting the hook. I only managed to convert one of these to a 70cm Flathead; till this day I am not sure what kept cutting me off. Any ideas? Public moorings just seemed so much less hassle than anchoring, although I don't mind either for a good fishing spot. This time, it's just me and my wife (her first time). I was just looking forward to some tips from any raiders, good spots, etc. Still chasing that first Jewie and I know this river system still holds a few decent fish. Any tips would basically be great....thanks.
  7. Hi Raider Yesterday my friend hooked up 5 Hairtail , the bigger one around 183cm 3kg @ Hawkesbury around 11.45pm . Daiwa SOL 2508 , Abu Veritas 1.5-3kg rod , 6lb nanofil , leader 10lb fluoro + wire trace . Have a lovely Sunday