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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys,I wanted to bring to your attention how a simple thing like a fatigued R clip can result in a trailer being disconnected from the tow vehicle which my brother in-law Stuart just experienced upon returning from a trip away with the family. Here are 2 R clips a brand new one from my collection and Stuarts one from his drawbar which came out of his receiver that attaches to the pin.Notice the new one I'm pointing too is nice and closed in comparison with Stuarts one which is substantially more open. Here is Stuarts pin,notice the positioning of the hole for the R clip and the bend in the pin as these will come into play later when I demonstrate how I think he lost his trailer. Here is his tow bar assembly mounted in my vice. Watch what happens to the hole in the pin and the bend when it is installed.Notice the direction of the hole?It's vertical.Notice the direction of the bend in the pin?It is pointing down acting as a counter balance. Here I'm installing Stuarts original R clip.Notice the direction of the hole?It's now horizontal,notice the direction of the bend?its now horizontal also. Watch what happens when I let go.Both the hole and the bend in the pin are in the vertical position due to that bend in the pin acting as a counter balance.No matter how many times you spin it around the weight in the bend of the pin will act as a fulcrum and end up with both the hole and bend in the vertical position. Now let's have a look at a side view.Have a good look at that R clip.It is raft loose it isn't funny and the belly of the pin is pointing down.A few bumps will have that clip off in no time. Another look. Let's say now the R clip had fallen off after hitting bumps during your journey.You are now left with this.From here all it takes is some more bumps and rattled and that pin will work it's way out and you will have a disconnection between your vehicle and trailer,it's that simple. The fix for this if you really want to continue using the r clips is get yourself a new one and make absolutely certain that it is in stalled with the bend in the pin facing down and the belly of the at clip facing up as pictured.Better yet install a small pad lock through the hike or get yourself one of the many locking hitch pins on the market. I'm 100% certain that this failure occurred like this and Stuart being a builder and removing the drawbar from his vehicle on a daily basis had led to the R clip fatiguing not being able to return to it's original shape. This could if led to serious injury or death and he is lucky it happened at slow speed in a suburban street. Let this be a lesson to all of us how a simple over looked thing like a R clip could lead to disaster. It sure was enjoyable to me working out what may have caused this to occur. Thanks for reading guys. Cheers.