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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have been lurking these forums and decided to post for the first time. I want to try to catch a good sized (>1kg) black drummer. I have been trying at a couple of rock fishing spots in Kurnell (Doughboy Head, Potter Point, and Kamay National Park. Also tried Bare Island today) with no luck. I thought I'd check that there are Black drummer at these spots before I commit more time. Are there any good spots near Botany Bay (I live in Rockdale) that I might have more luck with? Since I am here I should also check my gear, rig and strategy is right. I pretty much follow the advice from this video from The Hook and the Cook ( I try to find a gutter with lots of whitewash, and use a bread burley every 5 mins. Then I cast towards the edge of the whitewash. I use peeled green prawns (from woolies) as bait on a size 1/0 baitholder hook. I use a running float on the main line, with stopper set to 2m. I use a size 1 ball sinker down to the hook. I use some budget fishing gear that I list below: - Shimano Aerocast 122 Surf Rod (12" 6-10KG) - Daiwa C4000 Reel with 20lb mono (the video suggests 30lb, but this is what was already on the reel. Willing to change) I have trouble getting big bites. A lot of times my bait will get picked off very quickly by smaller fish. I have seen a poster on this forum suggest Dobroyd Head as a good Drummer spot ( However, it is about a 50 min drive for me. It will be my next destination if there are no close spots. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, First post on this forum, Went out to fish Botany Bay yesterday, Beautiful morning with wind very minimal and the sun shining. Started off fishing the first run way to see if it will produce any decent table fish but unfortunately it did not, Further then fished the barrels, Kurnell but only produced some small travelly. Finally fished run way 1 again which then produced 2 30cm snapper and a 28cm bream, As the weather changed approaching the afternoon we decided to pack-up and head home. Although the nice day but the wind coming strong later on the bay has been very quiet as the kingies seem to have disappeared for the season ( Sorry did not take any pics guys ) Cheers Ace
  3. G'day Raiders, Went for a fish last Saturday at my favorite spot in Kurnell. Arrived around 4pm just as the storm hit. I must have been on the edge of it, because It was actually quite pleasant. Wind was mild, rain was falling steady but softly, double rainbows... etc, etc. From my groyne, I had a kick ass view of the storm rolling over Sydney to the North. Thunder and lightening, very exciting. I was flicking a few lures rounds, when I started to get electric shocks from my rod. At first I figured that the graphite had somehow picked up some static from rubbing on the car seat, or my jersey, but the shocks kept coming steady. Some were quite painful. I figured It must have had something to do with the weather because there was electricity in the air. You could smell it! Anyway. Has anyone else experienced this.... and is it dangerous to be holding a fishing rod when there is crazy lightening? Besides the awesome nature on display, managed to land 6 flatties on the Z-man Crusteaz before it got dark. Pretty awesome little sesh. Chur
  4. Even though all the odds were against me today (see pic below) I wanted to wet a line. I packed the car and took some old frozen pillies and prawns with me planning to use them as burley. After a 30min drive I arrived at the bait shop on the princes highway and realised I had left my wallet at home! no fresh bait for me. Next hurdle, I got to captain cooks landing place national park and had to pay $7 parking. Had to call home and get someone to read out my credit card details so I could park! Finally got down onto the rocks at kurnell and not much was happening. Flicked some plastics around that are shaped like a little red/green crab (Gulp! Crabbys) kept getting the legs and claws biten off them but couldnt hook up to what was doing it. At about 4:15 the sun was gone behind the rocks and I wanted to be on the beach for the 5:58 high tide, so I packed up and headed for Wanda beach near the surf club. Fished from 4:50 - 10:00pm and managed a small tailor right around high tide and a few small sand crabs that kept demolishing my pilchards! Nothing amazing to report but was nice to be near the water on such a nice day. One thing I want to recommend to everyone is to get some of that bait wrap / string stuff. It comes as a little spindle and it is magic at keeping mushy pillies whole and on the hook!
  5. Hi Raiders Went out for a blackfish session this afternoon, and my mate pulls this fish out of the water. Does anyone know what it is?
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, Went for a quick fish this morning off the rocks at Botany Bay National Park but I could only get there a couple of hours into the run out tide. The gates generally open sometime between 6am and 7am I think, and I was a bit slow waking up so I didn't arrive until just after 7am. It was raining on the drive in, but by the time I arrived the sun was out and it looked great. Grabbed the Alvey and backpack and walked across the rocks to my favorite spot. I knew it was a very low low-tide and not too much swell about so I decided to catch some crabs and try them out as well as prawns I'd picked up on the way in, and a bit of Cunje. I soaked some stale bread with some tuna oil and weed, and bits of crushed up crab legs for burly and threw some out while I was rigging the Alvey. First cast with prawn and I landed a nice bream, about 32cm. Lunch! Now to try and catch dinner! For the next half hour it was quiet - small nibbles but no real hits. I was alternating between crabs, cunje and prawn, and then I got a really big hit on a small crab. It was pulling very hard but didn't feel like a drummer - thought it could have been another bream but bigger. When I saw color I immediately thought bream - and it was huge! But when I got it up on the rocks it was actually a Tarwhine. The biggest Tarwhine I'd ever caught by far - I measured it at a touch under 36cm. He was really fat and wide too. I stayed for another hour - and in that time all I managed to bring up was an eel - which I thought was a snag at first until he decided to let go of his grip and I reeled it up. The poor guy was all tangled in the line and choking himself - It took me about five minutes to cut all the line away from him while I had him in a rock pool so I could let him go! Glad to say he swam away ok! Getting more and more used to the Alvey now - think the transition from little threadlines is almost done!
  7. Hi Guys, After some great tips from reading posts here in FR, I decided to purchase an Alvey 650A5 and matching 13' Beachmaster Alvey Rod. I was sick of getting smoked on my Stradic 2500 and Catana Combo! So off to Kurnell I went... The plan was to spend the day getting used to the Alvey and the Pole Vault attached to it - just a bit different to what I was used to before! It was spooled up with 25 pound Schneider Klear, and Cunje and prawns as bait. Got to Kurnell at low tide so I decided that I might have a look around fro some crabs as the swell was low and I remembered reading on here that grouper and bream love em. I couldn't find any of the red ones - but I got a few small black ones. Anyhow - on my very first cast with the Alvey I was suprised that I managed to get it to go where I wanted it to go with no twists or tangles! As I was mentally patting myself on the back, the crab hadn't even made it down half a meter before it got smashed! I grabbed the handle and started winching.. I thought it would have been a drummer or a grouper but it was a fat 36cm bream... Not a bad start I thought.. The rest of the day was spent getting used to the new combo, trying to cast a little more accurately and trying some different rigs to avoid snags. One thing I found though is that using the larger, sharper, stronger hooks on this outfit meant that I snagged MUCH more than I used to - but I guess that's the price you pay if you want to upgrade your catch. Caught a couple of small drummer which went back, and a big fat kelp which definately went back. Even though I didn't get much - it was a productive day learning how to use the new stuff...better days ahead.... Next time out I'm going to try spoon sinkers on a paternoster rig - same spot same bait and outfit.
  8. Hi Everyone, Caught this today fishing at Kamay National Park in Kurnell. Thought it was a small drummer when I was reeling it in, but it had a white stripe and a different upper fin. I released it anyway, not being sure what it was, but I'm still curious to know. Any ideas? Thank you!