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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulicsagain,itmust drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an“Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipjack tuna in the bait chambers of the lures’, we got a skipjackon our last outing that we kept for bait. We were sounding schools of bait the entire trip. Hooked a few a Dolphin fish, between the Whale and Manly Hydraulics on the lures chains, but they kept coming off, so we changed down to smaller trolling lures to try and get a better hook up. I even cut the skirt off one of the lures to make it look smaller and I put a few mismatching beads inside and called it “The FrankenLure”, just a weird looking thing. We finally ended up catching some Dolphin Fish, they were really, really small, 1lb or less. We got around 6 hook-ups in the entire session and landed 3 very small Dolphin Fish. 2 of them were caught on The Franken Lure. We also got another hook-up on the lure down rigged on the Troll Pro but it couldn’t break the rubber band off. That Dolphin Fish looked a little bit bigger. We got to use weaker rubber bands when we down rig on the camera ?. We got excited when we saw a free jumper about 3 miles directly North from Manly Hydraulics around Long Reef Wide, it was about 500 metres in the front of boat. We trolled towards it but no hook-up, it may have been full of small Dolphin Fish. One notable thing we found when we looked at our underwater camera footage this time. Only single Dolphin Fish were coming up on the spread, in the last month or so, there where big schools of Dolphin Fish up on the spread. We also go some underwater footage of a massive school of what looks like some sort of small trigger fish(leatherjacket) while the boat was stopped toreel in a small Dollie. Some of Dolphin fish we have been catching in the last month are sometimes full of small trigger fish, maybe we should use leather jackets fillets inside the lures to match the hatch. Does anyone know what kind of fish they are? Peter – SB Lures
  2. We went offshore Sydney for our mandatory game fish session. Finally a day that wasn’t that rough, maybe because we actually went out a bit earlier before the wind picked up. We caught 8 Dolphin Fish and 1 Yellowtail Kingfish. We high speed trolled to the Whale Fad going about 12-15 knots from Sydney Heads. We got to the Whale Fad at around 11am which had about 6 boats sitting on it throwing lures and baits, couldn't see anyone catching anything, so we trolled straight passed it and went to Manly Hydraulics. That also had about 6 boats around it as well, we trolled past it and got a nice kingie, we didn't see anyone get a hook-up around there, so we decided to just head NE even though we got a fish, we wanted toget away from the other boats. Water had a bit of a greenish tinge, not quite blue, around 22.5 degrees on our NE heading towards the shelf. We started getting dollies just inside the Bait Station. We managed to get some underwater footage of the strikes. We lost a bigger Dolphin Fish that looked like it would have gone 3-4 foot long about 15 metres behind the boat. Also interestingly we hooked a couple of dollies including the biggest one trolling at only 3 knots. We also got a hook up on a sinking lure when we were pulling in another Dolphin Fish. We used a couple 6 inch lure chains, a six inch red/black lure, a 9 inch purple lure and 12 inch pink mackerel coloured lure. We had various baits inside the lure, pilchards, slimeymackerel and tuna. After we got a few dollies we swapped all the lures out to bigger 12 inch lures looking for a marlin or a much bigger Dorado, but no such luck. We also got some Kite-Pro footage and pics, another one of our Go-Pro experiments. Basically we attach a Go Pro onto a kite. We clip the kite to one of our jigging rods and let it fly up,you have to do it heading into the wind for the kite to work properly. Got some good shots, it also helps us work out how far back we need to set our shot gun lures so they are swimming in clear water. From that aerial shot that’s about 10-12 boats lengths for us, which is about 80 metres back. It’s good to get a lure out there in the clear, wash-less water. Often fish like Yellowfin Tuna, Stripped Tuna and even Dolphin Fish are a bit gun shy of the boat and will only hit the lures that are a long way back. The Plug: If you want try Scent Blazer lures and products go to We also sell other Game Fishing and Fishing accessories, Replacement Skirts, Lure Bags, Hooks, Rigging Sleeves, Teasers, Bait Chambers, etc. Happy fishing, and if you see us out there in our Caribbean 26 give us a yell on channel 22, our call sign is Happy Hooker II. Peter Nice little Yellowtail Kingfish. Scent Blazer Trolling Lures we used. Kingfish on 6" Trolling Lure. Dolphin Fish on camera after a hook-up. Little Dolphin Fish caught on trolling lure chain. Nice Dolphin Fish around 80cm. This little Dolphin Fish took a sinking trolling lure, the boat was stopped when it took the lure. Aerial Go Pro shot, the prop wash on our boat goes back about 10 to 12 boat lengths so we know to set our shot gun lure about 80 metres back to get it into the clear water. Go Pro attached to kite photo. Scent Blazer Store items.
  3. Flatties and Trevally, too rough for trolling even for us! Hey Raiders, Went out on Tuesday 7, 2014 for a trolling session. Got to Sydney heads and decided not to go out, it was just too rough. It would have been too uncomfortable, it was a horrible short, bouncy swell and chop. So we decided to stay in the harbour and fish for a couple of hours. We fished the Dunny Rolls at Manly as I call them in around 6-8 metres of water. Got 2 Trevally that went around 3lb each, a flattie about 3lb and another bigger flattie that went around 10lb which we let go. We got a few snapper up to a pound and small flounder that we released as well. All the fish were caught on pilchards. If you are heading out game fishing soon and you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happyhook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Crew Port Jackson - Sydney Harbour Trevally Peter with Trevally. Trevally hookup off the bottom sand flats. Platycephalidae or Flathead hookup Sydney Harbour Australia. Good looking flathead or Platycephalidae. Catch and release flathead. Flathead making it's catch and release get away. It will tell the rest of the flathead down there it was abducted by aliens.
  4. Hey Raiders, Couldn't resist one last afternoon trolling session for 2013, 30-12-2013. We arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm. Water was pretty choppy with about 1.5-2 meter swell. Not great, but f*@k it, it wasn’t going to stop us. Water was really blue and around 21.5 degrees about half a mile out from Sydney Heads so put the lures in straight away and started trolling directly east. Our spread consisted of 6 inch and 8 inch Scent Blazer trolling lures loaded with pilchards inside the bait chamber to give them our trademark fishy taste! In our spread we ran 3 lure chains pretty close together so they look like small bait fish school and not very far behind the boat, around 15-20 meters back. First hook up on a small Dolphin fish in about 40 meters of water, only about 1 mile east from Sydney Heads. We kept trolling east into 100 meters of water and kept hooking up all the way. There were couple of double headers and one triple header on Dolphin Fish. The fish weren't very big, around 2-3lb average. We kept 2 fish around 5lb which were the biggest of the day The lure chains we used which consisted of 3 Scent Blazer Nano lures with pilchards loaded inside the bait chamber of the stinger lure. The Dolphin Fish were smashing them, we couldn’t keep them off the lures chains. An engine died on us on the way back so we limped back at 9 knots, we kept 2 lure chains all the way back and hooked nice sized tailor in Sydney Heads and another smaller one under the Harbour Bridge. Hope 2013 was good fishing year for everyone and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happy hook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Pretty rough, but it wasn’t going stop us! Lure chains, only put bait inside the stinger trolling lure, that’s the one you want the fish to strike, the other lures are there to make it look like a small school of bait fish. Double hook up on El Dorado! Multiple hook ups on Dolphin Fish the order of the day. 5lb Dolphin Fish. Found small whole pilchards inside the stomach of the Dolphin Fish we caught. We cut it up and put it inside the bait chamber of the Scent Blazer lures, can’t match the hatch any better than that. Tailor caught trolling at Sydney Heads.