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Found 8 results

  1. Just wanna learn about fishing for larger fish on SPs such as kingfish, jewfish, mack tuna and salmon. I want to gather as much info as I can about this regarding the techniques, retrieves, types of spots, lures, setups, line class and anything else I should know. Thx guys in advance.
  2. Went for a late afternoon fish with NO BAIT! Flicked the plastics around and kept walking up the beach. And YES, I GOT ME A BREAM!!!!! Followed by a grinner. Both went back in. But happy days for me, as I've not managed to catch one so far - only a few bumps! Maybe I'll stick to these sps.....
  3. Went down to a little sand bank spot on the east end of Balmain for an afternoon flick around 5:30pm, with great water clarity at the moment and the wind easing up it was hard to resist, I'm making an effort to catch more fish on lures and I regret not doing it sooner. Saved these two flatties from drowning using Squidgies 'Silver Fox' , landed both withing 15 minutes of each other, really enjoying the warmer weather and becoming a member of the SP club. My trusty measuring thong is 30cm for record.
  4. Hi Raiders, Im looking for some advice. So a few months ago ive started to get into the artificial section of fishing, so SP's and HB's, and my main reason is for it is so i can pick up my rod and go whenever i had free time (i do love using bait, but the bait shot is annoying out of the way trip). I usually hit somewhere alot botany from endeavour bridge all the way down towards captain cooks ( i never go beyond that), with my main spots being captain cooks, endeavour bridge and dolls point. When i first started with SP's i went for flathead alot, and more or less most of the time i would come home with 2 or 3 decent sized one. Great fun to catch and when i still get them now, it excites me! However I'm now looking at trying to get some bream, and I invested in some HB's and some creature SP's however for about 2 months now, to no avail, I have pretty much gotten ZILCH! I do aim for structure like your rockwalls, pontoons and channel markers, and mostly i use a 8ft diving HB minnow (different colors) to try and hit this elusive bream. Ive tried different jigging techniques with SP's from slow retrieve, fast retrieve, the combination, hop-hops etc and nothing. I do know what the pull and feeling of a bream is like and its great fun (usually if I go up to Narrabeen, with pretty much prawns or yabbies, you would be pulling them back in, usually avg. 20cm, undersized but good pulls and very fun). My question really is, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Ive watched enough youtube videos and read enough reports, and im still not getting it. Could any raiders please give me tips, especially if you live in the area! Just note, i dont have a boat or a yak, it would make fishing structures easier but im limited to landbased approaches. Gotta walk before you run right! Happy Fishing Raiders, KTAN3235
  5. G'day raiders, This morning I dropped the wife and kids at church and head down to the George's river for a quick SP session. Having picked up a new shimano sonic 7'2 and Sedona 2500 on Friday, I was keen to give it a crack. Having had no prior success using SP's before, I was quite skeptical, but being limited for time thought the SP's were a better option than bait. It was low tide and there was rubbish everywhere. I found a pier and set about my business. After 1/2 an hour or so, and feeling a bit dejected at facing another SP doughnut I'm retrieving my SP past some weeds when BANG! After a little bit of a fight and thoroughly enjoying the way the new gear handled the situation, up comes the second flatty that I have ever caught. Given that this was my first ever fish on an SP, I was pretty chuffed. Better yet though, it was a great way to christen my new rod and I am hoping it is the first of many to come. What an awesome way to spend fathers day (happy fathers day to all the dads out there!). Cheers Hodgo
  6. So I've recently gotten into SP fishing and need to buy some more jigheads. I have a few packets of zman 2.5 grubz and am looking to purchase some 1/12 and 1/16 TT headlockz jigheads. However I have no idea what size hook to match with the 2.5 grubz. 1/12 comes in sizes 1, 2 and 1/0 while 1/16 comes in sizes 1 & 2. Any help would be appreciated Fishy
  7. Well. Don't quite know where to start Raiders. This was going to be a report about my fishless adventures of the last few weeks, only bringing in a couple of flatties while spending many an hour throwing plastics around till you're double ripping in your sleep hoping for the illusive Ghost. BUT I GOT ONE!!!! It was GOING to be a post about teleportation and trying to help me understand how one minute i'm at home frantically studying for my last uni exams and then BAM. Somehow I'm standing on the river bank rod in hand....(one of those mysteries that will go down in history unsolved) but now I can contribute to the Jewie knowledge base! Somewhat... After another brain snap from too much study i headed down to my old faithful local haunt at Rozelle bay. It was dark and the tide had just started the runout so I began throwing SPs and blades around on my light outfit, but got fed up with the dark braid not showing up and not being able to feel the light weights hit the bottom. So i trudged back to the car and pulled out my trusty 2500 sienna/3-5kg stick combo. 10lb braid 12lb leader that i've been using targeting these illusive buggers. Was hoping for flatties as there's a neat little sand bank that holds a few. First cast, bang flatty on, on a big squidgy fish in silver fox. He mashed that lure, so i stuck on my closest imitation, a Zman 4" paddle tail in a grey/mullet/slightly sparkly colour. Second cast, bang flatty. Kept flicking for a while with no more interest Then the fun started: Saw a baitfish bust up just down the rock wall and chucked my plastic, it was either on the drop or on the drop after the first double rip that I came up tight, typical little TICK in the line that a flatty gives when they wolf it down. Thinking I had a nice flatty by the weight I started reeling in keeping the tension up. Then it started pulling back! And boy did it want to head for New Zealand. Drag was screaming and luckily I had just regreased it so it was nice and smooth. It had me running down the rockwall in the dark, there isn't any structure around really that it could brick me on so I kept cool and didn't tighten up the drag just played it out, eventually (and it felt like an eternity and a split second) I had regained most of the line it had run off with. Never actually occurred to me that I had a Jewie on! Was thinking a red or some pelagic like a salmon or something. Then I saw Silver! Frantically jumped (read pretty much fell) down the rock wall to try and get my grips in (didn't bring the net. What an idiot) and comfort lifted her up the rock wall! SUCCESS!! By this stage a had about 6 people watching me and one of them kindly took a photo for me! No measurement but don't think it would be far off legal. She was a solid fish! Scrambled back down the rock wall to start reviving her to release, one lady of my audience remained and gave me grief that 'its already dead you've killed it, it would be flapping around otherwise' and I had to explain as I swam the fish that it was tired and just needed some water. SUCCESSFULLY swam the fish thankyou very much. It was in good shape too, kicking from the first few flushes of the gills and paddled happily off to the depths. Great to see her swim off after giving me such a good run! Still got that grin on my face! And I can now say I know what people mean by the distinctive smell! Still on my hands and clothes...kinda like it, Smells like Victory. Also a HUGE thanks to all the raiders who share their knowledge, and those who have given me the 'stick at it' encouragement. Happy to answer any questions, hopefully this will be the first of many now to figure out all the conditions and timing and what I did right! CHEERS! Witha Few more pics of flatties etc
  8. hey raiders, Well this one has been coming for a while. I started my quest for a jewie around a year ago and only just purchased a setup to seriously target them, I must have read the JEWFISH TACTICS from start to finnish about a million times. I packed all the stuff into the ute this morning fresh after giving my reels a minor service yesterday and so I was feeling good, the weather report on the other hand was a bit blowy so I was trying to think of places to get out of the wind. I was ready to fish bait or SP so I guess I would just decide when I got on the water. I was on the water around 810 and the wind was only just bare able when I was able to get behind some structure to block it. I initially decided to put the anchor out and hang back from the structure and cast my SP's out towards it or beside it. after snagging three times and re rigging I decided to pull anchor and drift around a bit using the double hop method I was working the base of the structure going from one piece of structure to the next. after about one hour I casted my SP right up next to this wall and let it sink down gave it one double hop and then when i went for the next one I thought oh great Iv snagged myself again and then ZZZZZZZZZZZ and massive head shakes I was thinking holly crap have I actually hooked one????? yeh Im pretty sure I have. Ok now i just gotta get it in the net so I got the net ready and sat it on my lap. as I was fighting it i could feel like a grinding action and I thought there might be some rocks below me and by now my adrenaline was through the roof I was talking myself through what I was doing when i got my first glimpse of the fish I was first of all glad it was a Jew and glad I had hooked it on my 4-7 kg rod and not the 2-5 that I was using earlier. when it got to the surface it wasn't ready to go in the net and took another run the second time i got it up I still couldn't believe I had hooked one and then came the first real attempt to get it in the net I lifted my rod tip up and his head came out of the water and he didn't like that either so went for another run, by this time i had figured out what the grinding was it was the leader rubbing on its teeth. I calmed myself down and thought through what I was going to do….. I got him to the surface again and grabbed the trace, opened the bail arm, put the rod in its holder, lead the trace and the fish into the net (which didn't fit) and lifted it onto my lap. I can't explain how happy I was. I was so stoked. my next thought was ok I need a picture, geez I wonder if its legal its gonna be close…… close wasn't the word!!!!!! so I put him in my keeper net and attached it to the yak and paddled to the nearest piece of land that I could stand on and get some decent pics I beached the yak and got the brag mat and laid it down. I s#@t you not it was 69.9cm which Im sure if I was pulled up I would of been able to stretch it the last bit, but that wasn't the point I couldn't do it so I netted it again and by this time the wind had picked up and the chop was washing into the yak and I was soaked from head to toe I paddled over to near where I caught him because the water that was washing up on the beach was dirty as, he was now full of life so i lifted him out of the net and layed it on my lap and grabbed my long nose pliers and struggled to get the jig and SP back but did so and then layed him back in the water and he took off as faster than I could believe and I felt like I had made a mistake but I know I had done the right thing. I can't wait to catch my next one !!!!!! I was using one of the Squidgy 100mm fish in the dark colour with the speckles in it. 1/4 TT headlock jighead 30lb leader 22 lb main line ( which I think I might go to 30 lb) 4-7 kg rod 4000 diawa reel the tide was at it lowest point right at the turn of the tide. I was fishing the lower George's cheers