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  1. Hello All, After few months of successful fishing in Durras North, I have now decided to spend some time fishing in Tathra. If you have not seen my fishing reports from Durras North then you can see them here. Tathra seems very interesting because it seems fairly easy to catch Salmon above 50cm from the beach and there are some rocky areas on both ends of Tathra Beach that I have not explored yet. Drone fishing has been extremely difficult on Tathra Beach due very strong undercurrents that cause too much drift when you drone-drop the bait a few hundred meters out. I have caught 3 Salmon on Tathra Beach so far (2 above 50cm) and they were all caught by good old fashion manual casting. I plan to spend at least a few weeks if not months exploring fishing spots in Tathra. Stay tuned for video reports in this thread! Here is my first fishing report from Tathra:
  2. Hi all! Further to Niall’s informative and timely post, I popped down to the end of my local canal this morning. The water was fairly boiling with salmon until a bit after sunrise, but they had no interest in anything I threw at them. TBH foul-hooking one was a very real possibility, they were that thick, but sadly my only chance. Back down this evening, and they showed up a little after sunset willing to attack absolutely anything. I lost one on a grub, cut off on oysters, then hurriedly tied on a way-too-big-for-my-rod metal slice and immediately lost another in an aerial hook-throw that would have been epic on video. Against the sunset, with onlookers and all, you could clearly see the glittering lure fly out of its mouth on its 3rd or 4th jump. Immediately hooked up again, and played it a little cooler this time. After 5mins or so (now a different bunch of onlookers) I got it to my feet and remembered my net was in my car at home. So I tried for the gentlest sweeping motion I could, and flopped it up on land just as my rod snapped. These thai fish cakes better be pretty good. Moral of the story - don’t forget your net when you are consciously and deliberately targeting big fish on light gear. That would be a really stupid thing to do. Moral #2: get around it while it lasts - big healthy hungry fish
  3. Went out Friday night in hope for salmon first cast out with a squid head under a float, was collecting yakka and had a look at my rod and watched it buckle over in the holder pulled a 46cm salmon out casted metals nothing wanted some the salmon still had live white bait in its mouth. after the sun set I threw a live yakka out and dropped something big inconsistent runs and big head shakes guessing a Jew or shark. Lost after 10min fight, threw another yakka out and 2min later hooked a nice pj quick photo and good release
  4. I read on another thread some are longing for the NT. Just letting you know it’s all good up here. 😎😂
  5. Hi all. Weekend holiday to Copacabana presented an opportunity among the rainy patches to fish the rising tide at sunset with my nephew Callum. Bit of history - he’s living in Sydney now, but grew up in the US, and on one visit to Oz I took him to a little jetty on Rottnest island WA. I caught a nice squid and a few herring, and he (at 3 years of age) caught a jumbo (for WA) flathead - 45cm or so. I was quickly cemented as the uncle of his fishing dreams. Fast forward a decade, and we’ve been a few times for donuts since they moved to Sydney. Today was dreary and wet, but then my crappy footy team won. Then I cooked everyone dry-aged rump steaks with truffled mash. Then the skies cleared. Short walk to the beach, and after a quiet half hour of nibbles only, I got a solid hookup on a whole ganged pilchard - only to have the last hook snap off just as I saw silver flashes un the shore break. Crappy old tackle - time for a cleanout of the box. Still, knowing there was probably a school still there in the gutter, I put the tail end of a pilchard on the remaining two hooks and flung it hurriedly out. Couple of minutes wait, them bang and we’re off again. Got it in this time, and walked the 300m back to the beach shack in the dying light, with a beaming teenager’s faith restored and the makings of thai fishcakes for tomorrow. Went 64cm, and check out the payload from its stomach! How was it still hungry?
  6. The recipe below will work with any firm white fleshed fish, but it’s spectacular with Salmon. So many people trash Australian Salmon, but it’s actually a fantastic, sustainable and very healthy table fish. I’ve had this recipe with rice or warm Turkish style flatbread to mop up the sauce. Great either way and a winner on a cold winter night. Ingredients 2 Filets of firm white fish Crushed tomatoes (or one can) 3 Tomato puree 2 small cans Garlic 8 cloves Coriander 1 bunch Green Bell pepper 2 Red Bell pepper 2 Spicy red Peppers 6 Salt Pepper Allspice or Montreal steak seasoning Directions 1.Soak fish in freshly squeezed lemon juice for several hours prior to cooking 2.Cut bell peppers, Coriander and Garlic into thin strips and sweat in the bottom of your pot in olive oil for 10 min 3.Cut tomatoes into strips and add, along with the Tomato puree into the pot, cook for 10 more minutes 4.Cut fish into cubes, dress with salt, pepper and either allspice or Montreal steak seasoning to taste and add to pot 5.Cook for 15 minutes serve over rice or on its own. Enjoy!
  7. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  8. Hi Raiders, I must apologise as I haven't been very active this year because of uni. I havent Been out fishing that often, but i went for a 2 hours with a mate after uni to wanda beach. Armed with some pillies and some gang hooks. Didnt take long to get a hook up and landed a small 42cm salmon. After about half an hour, I get another hook up but it was a ray. It wasnt The most successful trip but it was nice to get out for a fish as it had been a while since my last outing. I'll post a few reports of the last couple months even if its a bit delayed haha.
  9. Planned with a mate to go for an early morning snapper session. So after work, I packed my gear, and had a couple of hours of sleep before he picked my up at 4am. We launched from Parsley bay ramp at Brooklyn and we were ready to go by 5.30. Anchored at west reef with the first light after a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Started our burley trail and had some snapper snatchers sitting at the bottom as well as some floating bait and were ready for the bites. All what we managed to get was some wrasse and reef fish off the bottom and some livies on the sabiki, so we moved to try a different spot however it wasn’t any better. After an hour or so, we decided to move closer to the headland in a try to find a calmer spot as our first 2 stops were uncomfortable in the small boat due to the 2m swell and the chop. We moved to another spot and anchored for 30 minutes with no signs for the reds. However, the bait rig was being smashed by big slimies and yellow tail so we stocked some livies enough for the morning and moved to our next spot. Losing hope on catching reds and having some live bait, we decided to troll for some time before anchoring at our last stop for the morning. Anchored again around Berrenjoey, in calmer water, and we had our bait in the water. Slow start with no bites until one of the floating pilchard rigs went off. A nice size salmon was our first keeper with more followers. We managed to net 5 more salmon before the school disappeared from the sounder. Landed and released a couple of undersize snapper and a couple of port Jackson sharks. Lost a couple salmon and a monster lizard at the side of the boat while grabbing the net. Then we called it a day and we were back to the ramp by 12.30pm. Although we had no luck with our target species and the weather was not ideal offshore, it was a good session overall that we enjoyed. At dinner time, I enjoyed a tasty fresh salmon along with some fresh shark steak that was caught on Friday’s night. Apologies for not including a lot of photos in my post and for my limited story telling skills. Tight lines all, Ahmed
  10. I went out yesterday morning with a friend of mine. We started by gathering some live bait from the bait station by Little Box Head, then came inside by Lobster Beach to drift. We had live baits and a cut bait out the back I was casting ahead of the drift with soft plastics. We were only on our second drift when my rod - which had a live slimy on it - folded over. I grabbed it and lifted the tip to set and I thought I was on. I started bringing it up and there was a lot of weight on it. I got it up to the surface and my mate got sight of it - a huge flattie. Then it opened its mouth and was gone. It was not actually hooked - it had just been holding the bait. I brought in my now dead livie to re-rig, but told Jas to keep his livie down because that same fish might take it. And then it did. We were drifting towards the channel and a ferry was coming so I was a little concerned, but then in a stroke of luck the sea anchor caught the yellow 4 knot buoy and stopped us drifting into the channel. Jason brought the fish in and it was a cracker of a croc. We measured it at 80cm, snapped a quick photo and let the old girl go with big grins on our faces. We carried on like this for a while and had a few hits, but were struggling to connect. I decided to anchor up in front of Half Tide Rocks so I could make some coffees. I had a very frustrating stretch with 4 hits on my plastic in 5 casts without connecting. After each hit I would drop the tip, then give it a few jigs to try and draw a second strike, but it was not happening and every time when I wound in the plastic was pulled down the hook and needed to be straightened. It was going quiet and I had suggested we move up stream a bit a s the boat traffic in the channel was becoming a pain. We had pulled in the lines and I was about to go lift the anchor when I saw a huge bait ball on the sounder. I told Jason to drop a line down again an I put down the plastic for some @flatheadluke style vertical jigging. It was a good call Jas came up tight and it took off on a run. I said straight away - that's not a flattie. I was right. After a couple of runs and a few jumps we boated a nice salmon. It even came with someone elses hook and leader hanging out of its mouth. We removed both hooks, took a photo and let it go. After that we headed up past The Rip Bridge to one of my spots. We tried a drift and towards end of we were getting bites. The wind had come up quite a bit so I preposition and then anchored at the end of the drift. Jason pulled out a nice flattie and a lovely bream. I pulled out two lumps of weed, half a cockle shell and a pair of pliers. At this point I was feeling a bit crap if I am honest. Putting a mate onto fish is the next best thing to catching fish - but it is a distant second. I had even changed tactics as I could see bait was winning the day. And then I came good with a couple more position changes I brought in the next three fish - all good table size flatties - and a new personal best for starfish! LOL. We closed out the day with a drop over by the rip bridge but were just getting baited by little fish. We called it and headed back in. Took a while to get it but we did end up with a great feed. The three on the left were mine.
  11. Would a rogue blue point 12ft 2 peice combo be good for beach fishing for species such as bream, flathead, shovelnoses, salmon, trevallies or even kingfish? cheers - pugz
  12. Last week I posted on the lack of large salmon schools. However they are around. Also some heavy Kings. On the weekend we got reefed with two big fish our guide estimated at over 1m. Just monstered the gear, unstoppable on 80lb line See attached shot from today at Darling Pt warf. Note not my fish! A good catch for the dedicated fisher this morning!
  13. Hey Guys!!! Last night l went out for a fish around the Neutral Bay Area, I grabbed a bunch of frozen Pillies & Prawns from the servo and made my way down. l was lucky enough to have @DerekD come down and show me a few good tricks, from squidling basics to just casting techniques... WOW he knows a lot!!! On arriving we setup and got into a bit of squidling after no success for the first 15-20mins we put that aside to get the other rods setup and put some bait out there, I simply cut the tails off the pillies put a decent hook through and loop it so it doesn't come off with only a little nibble!! After 1 hour Derek noticed my large rod had some movement, I grabbed it and got anot even five seconds later BOOM WE WERE ON!!! The fish gave the line a great little screaming noise but after 15 mins we bought it in and @DerekD got the salmon in the net for me! YES FIRST EVER SALMON!! "Swallowed the how rig" After measuring it for a second time at home by laying it flat over the tape it broke the 60cm mark!!!!! Yes I couldn't wipe the smile of my face as you can see below. On the way out I noticed some bream and quickly dropped a line it and they had a look but just simply weren't taking the bait, the Mrs started to call the phone and yes that meant TIME TO GET MYSELF HOME All in all was a fantastic achievement and defiantly a PB for my land base fishing ***Big Thankyou to @DerekD For coming down and helping me through he evening*** Gear: 1.) (Running sinker method) Rod: Aerowave 9ft Carbon Reel: Shimano Baitrunner 6000D Line: 14lb 2.) (Running sinker method) Rod: Shimano Beastmaster Reel: Abu Garcia Line: 8lb 1.) Shakespeare Jungle Combo (From a shop) 2-4kg Setup (Used this for my Jigging) These where the conditions for last night fishing adventure Tide Time: 7pm Tide Hieght: 1.69m Weather: 16 Degrees 5-7pm / 13 Degrees 8-10pm Sunset: 5:11pm NEW P.B - 60CM AUSTRALIAN SALMON
  14. Headed off to central coast the other day armed with some pillies and squid. Was fishing with a mate who had never been beach fishing, so the goal was for him to catch a fish. Conditions were forecasted to be pretty ideal for fishing. Headed to my usual beach, got there at 7pm. Managed to find a gutter. Rigged up and casted out. Conditions were not the best here with a lot of side current, making it impossible to hold the bait. After about 20 mins and we decided to move to a more sheltered beach about 15 mins away. Got there and conditions were alot better here. Casted out and after 5 mins, hooked up but the fish spat the hooks. Rebaited and almost instantly hooked up, gave the rod to my mate to fight the fish. We were using relatively light line and after a 10 min battle we got it to on the beach. His first aussie salmon going 65cm Ended up landing a few more salmon and one tailor. Pillies barely got touched and most of the fish were caught on squid strips. Was going to throw out a slab bait for a jewie but I didnt bring my jewie gear with me. All the fish were released except for one salmon which was kept for a feed
  15. As we had a weekend off AFL this weekend thought i would take the opportunity to get a quick fish in. Headed to Palm Beach with No3 son. No 2 who is my normal fishing buddy gave me the cold shoulder. Anyway the weather was great and as we caught a couple salmon and a couple dart on a dropping tide (to lazy to get up early enjoyed the sleep in). Caught most on glassies. Nothing wanted to touch the pillies. That's all for now. Great afternoon. Thanks Jake for some good father-son time. Cheers R&B
  16. Hi everyone, Next weekend i'll be down in the central coast with the wife, all day Sunday and she'll be working, so I'll have the day spare to go... fishing! I don't really know the area, and I'll be around the entrance area, and land based. I'm guessing they'll maybe be blackfish, salmon, tailor, bream? Any tips? Judging from google maps there's toowoon point etc, or the rockwall west of the bridge... but i'm really just guessing. Thanks!
  17. Hi Raiders, Went out for a fish a few days ago but didn't post a report straight away because I wanted to make a video as well. Fishing with my brother as per usual and we launched the boat at Tunks just before sunrise. Tried to get a few squid but no luck, but did manage to get a few yakka. Plan was to try and target some kings with the live bait. We went near north head and managed to hook up a bonito on one of the yakkas but spat the hook near the boat, apart from that not much else was happening. This was until we saw heaps of birds working a patch of fish about a couple hundred metres away. We quickly motored over there and saw a huge football field sized school of salmon busting up all over the place. I always have a light rod with a small metal lure rigged up handy for times like this. Threw the 10g halco twisty out but was having no luck, the salmon just weren't interested at all. After a couple casts I changed the lure over to a very lightly weighted soft plastic in a sort of clear/greenish colour. We re positioned the boat so the wind was behind us, that way we could get the most distance on the cast. I casted it out and as soon as it hit the water it got smashed and I was onto a nice sized salmon. Now I'm using a very light outfit with only 6lb line and leader so I had to play it safe. The fish jumped several times and I was worried it was going to bust me off. But after a 15 minute fight, finally had it boat side and netted it. The salmon felt about 3kg and very healthy. We had a blast chasing the salmon around for the next hour and catching them on light tackle, their were a few frigate mackerel mixed in there as well. All the salmon were fat and looked very healthy. The swell and wind picked up by then and it became too uncomfortable so we went inside to try for some flathead. Tried a few spots for flathead using soft plastics but no luck. Ended up going to manly and having some food. All in all it was a wonderful day and really good to be out on the water. With uni break finishing, I don't know when ill be able to go for another fish. I've been meaning to put more effort into making videos but have struggled to find the time. So hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Cheers
  18. What a frustrating game fishing can be at times. Right now there are hundreds and hundreds of salmon roaming our beaches, they're just barely feeding at all! At times they've been schooled up so thick that their backs are showing out of the water!! It's quite a sight, though frustrating to catch. I've tried almost everything, even dropping down to ultra light gear & 3" tiny plastics. I'm still getting one or two per session on a small metal slice along with some tailor, but those fish are never caught from the "main school" of fish running the beach. It's quite a sight to see a wave form with hundreds of salmon looking at you! If anyone has any ideas let me know, in the mean time I'm just enjoying being out there!
  19. Just a short report from a couple of efforts this weekend. Beaches have been lovely, and lots of fish still about. Salmon up to 80cm - you certainly know when you hook a bigger model! Bream up to 40cm and a few tailor in the mix also. There are some really good schools of salmon visible from most beaches, my challenge has been getting a small enough lure to "match the hatch" whilst still maintaining casting distance required to hit them. I might experiment with a few techniques this week, I reckon 3" white plastic would be the right model to match the bait in the water. I know they're not to everyones liking, but treated right upon capture & prepared simply, I find them a very nice eating fish too. tight lines
  20. I yakked out to North Head on Friday just gone Since I first heard about them last year, I've really wanted to see the salmon schools in action out there and, better still, to find out how practical it is to chase them from a kayak. It's a big stretch of water for a fat little fishing kayak and I know from stalking salmon schools in much more tranquil and confined places that, when they really want to move, there is no way I can keep up with them. Happily, I'm here to report it worked well enough. For the first forty minutes or so - I was there pre-dawn, ready to pounce - I did some excessive huffing and puffing, arms aching as I tried to sprint across hundreds of metres of empty water to gulls and froth. Too many times, I'd arrive at the edge of school, if I even got that close, and while I pulled my rod from the holder the fish would disappear or move off in another direction. I was in fact in the act of re-designating the day's target species - snipping off a lure and tying on a hook and sinker - when the salmon came to me. First cast for the day actually in to the heart of school resulted in an instant hook up. Nice. The schools got bigger and seemed to hang at the surface longer as the sky lightened. For a little while, I was able to hang in pretty much the same place and throw casts when the fish came near. I managed two fish in about an hour and a half, which is not many from thousands but, there were some long quiet spells and punting around in a kayak consumes a surprising amount of time. I picked up a few trevally in between the salmon. They took sps cast out and not retrieved - just drifted down. By 7:am the quiet spells became too long and I nicked of to try other things. Good fun for a few hours and it's an excellent change to be surrounded by way, way too many fish! Yay for weekdays off!!! 6:30am .. the rest of Sydney in the background, getting ready for work Possibly the 2 fish should have been three but, having raced from Old Mans Hat to here (the drop off where everyone camps out waiting for kings) I was so puffed (and perhaps overexcited?) that I managed to wrap the braid around a guide and snapped it first cast. I retied a leader in time and about three casts and no fish later did the same thing .. oh well, I would never have stopped to take the photo otherwise. one for dinner
  21. Some pictures of a wonderful trip with my brother up to the territory. I could write pages here, but I won't. Fishing in & around the Finniss River was spectacular, just great scenery/country to be amongst - so much wildlife and beauty in this country, we need to respect it. Caught some great barra which was our aim, along with some other species such as cod, trevally, catfish and mackerel. Despite what TV show may depict, the fish certainly did not just "jump into the boat" up there, we really had to work for our fish, landing probably an average of 4 barra per day. I must say whilst a very special fish to catch, the barra didn't give the sustained fight I had imagined. It was all blistering in the very beginning - but I felt once you turned their head & dealt with any jumping, you had the fish properly 'beaten'. From there it was more just a case of dealing with the weight of the fish & navigating around snags etc. Once I find out how to load video I will try to do so, we have some wonderful film capturing wildlife, scenery & fishing. Most fish were caught slowly trolling - and by far the most productive lures for us were Rapala Xrap and Classic Barra 97 in gold colour, we used them almost exclusively. In addition I think one of the biggest fish pictured was caught on a killalure barra bait, which somebody at the campsite had given to us as they were departing. I'm back in reality (Newcastle) now & will have some small windows of fishing time in the coming weeks. I am keen to get into the winter whiting & salmon that should be around - if anyone has the inside scoop please drop me a line!
  22. Stopped off at Swansea on the way back from Newcastle for a quick fish on the wharf out front off the RSL....The guy at Tackle World Marks Point said that would be a decent spot and suggested mullet fillet for bait and he was spot on my mate got a decent Australian Salmon on light gear.
  23. G'day fishraiders, I'm hopefully heading down to Callala bay for a night or so in a few weeks and would like to hit a couple of spots for pelagics. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me. I have a newly acquired 9ft shimano to try out sometime soon!
  24. Guest

    Terrigal Saturday

    My friend and I put my boat in yesterday afternoon for a session. Wind and swell stronger than we expected, got thrashed around a bit but still ok. Our target species was tailor. We managed one each early on but that was it. I caught a red and 2 salmon which my fried kept. I also caught 4 squid and my friend caught 1 which was the largest I've ever seen. Ive asked him to measure it I think the mantle would push 50cm!!! It was a horse. We do have a degree of healthy competitiveness and Im pleased to say for once I outfished him using some of my newer methods and techniques learnt from trial and error and also from fishraider. The old guard have a lot of knowledge but I get a kick out of showing them a few new ideas that they later adopt (after telling you before they're stupid ). Here is a photo of my part of the haul, absent are my friends' two salmon, his big squid and a smaller squid. I wish I got a photo of the squid it looked like an alien invader!!
  25. Guest

    Broken bay lure fishing

    Hi Raiders, put the boat in yesterday at pretty beach. Took my friend with me as a decky. it was a great session chucking lures. Conditions were ideal, calm waters and bait a plenty. We were really poling them for a while - a fish a cast. We also got 4 doubles (two fish on the one lure). Ended up almost double bag limit on the bonito and a few tailor and salmon thrown in for good measure.
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