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Found 73 results

  1. jnrfinatic

    Botany Bay Yesterday

    Left the ramp at 6:20 for a quick little flick just to get used to the boat... and we did that! We headed straight for dads secret spot that's hes caught 20+kg jew out of and as soon as we got there we dropped the anchor. First cast and my brother was on to a little tailor and then I hooked up to the biggest tailor of the day! Jeez those tailor fight hard.... Anyways, we had frozen pillies and we put them in a bucket full of water so that they could soak up! The bite shut down after that but it wasnt the end. The very next cast, my brother hooks up to a little undersized red and then dad hooks up to a bream! I then hook up to another good tailor and we keep that one aswell (we kept all the tailor). 2 more undersized snapper and 2 more Tailor and that was it for the night!
  2. Defishensea

    Botany tailor

    Went for a troll on kayak, starting 6.30am today at La Perouse. Had two lures – Slashbait 10 in olive green, and slashbait 12 in glass ghost. Tide was in second half of rise with very light NW breeze. Had a quick first hook up going around Yarra Point, but it got off. There were about 10 people standing on Yarra Point and one of them asked if I could please move around the corner to wind the fish in, which I thought a little odd, given they weren’t actually fishing. Turns out they were taking photos of a model to make an advertisement or something. Second hookup was closer to the seawall at Prince of Wales Drive. Landed a low 50s tailor. Then trolled back to La Pa, before deciding to go and do one more pass of Yarra Point (photography crew had moved on). Sounder lit up, with a school of something decent sitting about 10-15 metres off Yarra Point on the bottom (depth 5m). Trolled through the first time and hooked up on one line initially. Kept paddling and managed a double hook up. Landed two c.50cm tailor. Made a second pass and caught a smaller model (mid 30s). Then two more passes for two more mid 30s models. The fish were still there, but I’d run out of time. All up 6 tailor, 3 decent 50s versions which pulled well, plus 3 mid 30s. Good fun for 1.5hr session. Got back to the shore just before the rain and the yak got a rain wash on the way home on the car roof.
  3. ParaPaul

    Landbased Yarra Bay ripper

    Hi all, first post and just thought I'd share my bonus evening with you all. It was the first clear evening after the storms and decided to try and break my recent drought of decent fish having only caught the odd flattie and squid when targeting them. I went to the Yarra Bay groyne out in front of the sailing club at about 4.30pm. It was the slack tide, and about to start coming in. There was barely a wave in sight - as flat as a millpond, which was a welcome sight after the recent crappy weather. Rigged up and had my first cast at about 4.45 just as the sun was setting behind the clouds. The setup I used was a Shakespeare Outcast combo I got for a good price at Ananconda. 10' rod and 8500 reel. I took off the generic line they had on it and spooled the reel with 300M of 40Lb JW braid and whacked on a rod's length of 30Lb mono. The rig was a metre of so of the same mono, size 4 swivel down to a gang of 3 x 4/0 hooks with a drop loop and size 1 snapper sinker about a third of the way down from the swivel. Bait was a whole servo pillie and cast out towards the container wharf approx 30-40 metres. Nothing but the odd picker for the first hour or more until BAM! Line started screaming off the reel. I set the hook and let him have a bit of a play. Back and forth, back and forth until I netted a beautiful shiny 45cm tailor at my feet, Iki spiked him, bled him out and straight onto ice. Cast straight back out again and rolled myself a smoke, waited about another hour and was about to go home. I actually packed up my bag and reeled in what I thought was an empty hook but saw the pillie was still ok, just the head flopped off the top hook. I readjusted and thought 'Righto, this is the last cast' when I got another hit! Same again, line screaming off the reel, more play, more drag, I thought it was another Tailor as it fought much the same as the first one, when out of the light of my headlamp I saw it was a Snapper. Beauty! Netted him up, unpacked my tools, cleaned him up and straight onto the ice with the Tailor. 44cm, fat and heavy, I don't know how heavy. Stumps on day one, I decided to drive home via the bottlo and attempt to placate a fuming missus with two lovely fish. (It worked). The Snapper will be baked whole with eschallots and Asian flavours, the Tailor will be filleted and floured for me young bloke cos he doesn't like to eat fish off the bone (time for some education on that methinks.) Anyway, after a month of bugger all, seems the hungry winter fish are on. Hope this helps.
  4. James  Clain

    PB Tailor Sydney Harbour

    Tailor caught in middle harbour, Exactly 50cm
  5. There are a few gutters at the northern end of Wanda beach that are good for fishing at low tide. The only thing is you need to arrive a bit late at somewhere after 10 am so that you won’t be harassed by the hundreds of dogs enjoying the free run. (Leash free time). This weekend, I made a mid day trip each on Saturday and Sunday. About 3 hours fishing each day finishing about 2pm, just before high tide. Generally fishing is good when water is low and gets slower when water is higher. All up for the two trips, I caught 5 good Flathead (ranging 40-50cm), 7 tailor, 1 bream of 32cm, 1 flounder of 38cm (could have been my PB), one Trevally, and one tarwhine just made into the legal size at 24cm. I was fishing with pilchard and again limiting to 10 pilchard each trip. I used a light action 12ft beach rod I bought last weekend. Yesterday I used a $25 reel spooled with 15 lb mono and refuced the line to 12lb today. The light line worked a lot better and it could be still a bit lighter. The goal was to catch bream. With one bream caught and complimented with a flounder, no complaints at all. Attached a photo of today’s catch. cheers Charles
  6. Fished Wanda beach last weekends two days in a row in the late evening to early night session. Saturday saw the beach really packed owing to the good weather. I started about 6pm and persisted till 9:30 wanting to finish off all the 12 pilchards I took for the session. All up I caught 15 fish, with the largest fish a nice flathead, the second last fish I caught. Knowing I need to go to work today, I planned only a short session yesterday, taking 6 baits with me. Got there about 7pm and left when it got dark, fished for about 1.5 hours. The bite was not consistent as on Saturday, only managed two tailor.
  7. Vanders

    Central Coast Fishing

    Hi everyone, Next weekend i'll be down in the central coast with the wife, all day Sunday and she'll be working, so I'll have the day spare to go... fishing! I don't really know the area, and I'll be around the entrance area, and land based. I'm guessing they'll maybe be blackfish, salmon, tailor, bream? Any tips? Judging from google maps there's toowoon point etc, or the rockwall west of the bridge... but i'm really just guessing. Thanks!
  8. Ando fisho

    Beach/rock fishing

    Hi raiders was hoping some could help or point me in the right direction. I am land based angler on gold coast mainly fis estuary but am starting to travel into tweed coast giving beach and rocks a go with not much success. Hoping someone would be abl to show me what and where got somegear but not much of where to cast or if any one knows someone who does shore based charter if you are wantingto come with me i can pick up and do drop off mainly fish during the week between the school hours thanks hope you are all catching a few
  9. Looking to target some tailor off the beaches with Gang hooks, just wondering if anyone here makes up their own and links them with swivels? if so what hooks e.g. (Gamakatsu Gangsters, Mustad 4202d etc) and swivel brand/size do you use? i feel like it might be a bit of trial an error getting the right hook and swivel combination.
  10. kyle

    Middle harbour

    G,day all im looking for some good fishing spots in middle harbour im targetting mainly kingfish and tailor. Im using whole pilchids
  11. tomcat8819

    Mixed bag off Swansea 20/01/18

    Went out with two mates to do some bottom bouncing. ran into some big bait Balls busting up on way out to check out the inner reefs. I only had a big overhead combo and my little trout set up (gen back 5'6 1-2kg spotted wiggled + gen black 2000 4pd mainline) so threw on a little 10gm slug and casted it out into the boil and immediately began to be smoked. I surprisingly turned its head after a massive deep run and got some line back before being smoked again haha this went on for a while before slowly managing to wear it out, about ten minutes later had a fat 49 cm Mac tuna boat side. The boys pulled in a nice bonito each which both put up a good fight on slightly heavier spinning gear and I got a legal tailor and dropped a big yakka next to the boat. We Followed the bustups around for awhile longer but they started getting spooky and more timid so we went to find a good spot to bottom bash. Not much action for half hour before my mates rod buckles over and strips line. Good fight and plenty of head shakes later he pulls up a 98cm gummy. fun morning sesh with plenty of meat for a bbq and some decent bait (Mac tuna) that will hopefully be converted into a some flathead/jew
  12. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beaches

    Just a short report from a few sessions. Newcastle beaches holding good numbers of fish - and bigger numbers of fisherman! If you can find a little gutter away from the headlamps & noise - you’ll find enough dart, whiting, flatty and tailor to keep you on your toes. Whiting are hitting really nicely, averaging about 40cm. Interestingly - I’ve not caught a bream in weeks, though have seen a few reds landed at Redhead & Stocko - not sure if there’s any reason or just coincidence. Yabbies / pipi / beachworm the go, I’ve been fishing 5-7 am or pm.
  13. flatheadluke

    Brisbane water 19 December

    Having recently moved to Woy Woy it’s been a while since I’ve been able to wet a line due to renovations and illness. The other weekend that was perfect conditions - I planned to go out but we all got struck down with type A influenza (anyone else got it?). Put the boat in at Blackwall Ramp. Rough around the edges Ramp but a lot easier than the surge you to have to deal with at Terrigal. It was hot- pushing 40 and I had the rig out and wasn’t the least bit cold. Bit of wind and the tides were all wrong but love the no crowd factor compared to weekends! Delayed start as I had to help a jet ski with a flat battery but pushed off to explore a new area. Thought id try for flatties first, did some shallow water trolling and flicked a few lures around - zip. maybe a few bream? Did a few drifts past the jetties and Moored boats - tide was too low I think - no good. what about a Jewie at the rip? I pulled a few good ones this time last year. Epic fail. kept pushing down the system I noticed a few hundred metres away (port side) some surface activity. Found the bait! It was either garfish or some monster whitebaits. Moored downwind from the school and Threw a 35 gram metal upwind. Pulling the lure with the current I didn’t get a lot of time but it was enough to get the strikes. Over the next hour caught 15 Tailor, kept 6 big ones and let the littlies go. They were all well over legal (even the little ones) this was a bigger school of fish. tried for flatties/Jewies again at half tide rocks but no good. There was a lot of bait there though I reckon a night session would have produced results. If only I had more time and had put some of the Tailor in the livewell. the fish are in the esky still as I write this I’ll add a pic tonight. I’ll check the guts for the bait to see what it was.
  14. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beach

    Just a short report from a couple of efforts this weekend. Beaches have been lovely, and lots of fish still about. Salmon up to 80cm - you certainly know when you hook a bigger model! Bream up to 40cm and a few tailor in the mix also. There are some really good schools of salmon visible from most beaches, my challenge has been getting a small enough lure to "match the hatch" whilst still maintaining casting distance required to hit them. I might experiment with a few techniques this week, I reckon 3" white plastic would be the right model to match the bait in the water. I know they're not to everyones liking, but treated right upon capture & prepared simply, I find them a very nice eating fish too. tight lines
  15. babboo

    Akuna Bay 5/9

    Don't usually have a reason to post, but....took a quick trip down to Akuna Bay this morning for a quick 45min plastic session, caught a 51cm & 43cm Tailor as well as dropping another legal one at my feet. Also landed a 43cm Jew. Fished the runout tide, and was pretty windy, tailor busting up the surface was able to sight cast for the second tailor. Really wasn't expecting much, so it was great fun on light gear. Cheers
  16. flatheadluke

    Brisbane Waters Sat 26 August

    Put the tinny in east Gosford just before lunch. Would have liked to go earlier but my son has swimming lessons early sat morning. Headed over to paddy's channel near the racks. Tide was rising and some good current moving through. Slow moving with the electric in about 1 metre of water on the weedline I sighted some big bream darting about, they knew I was there despite my stealthiness. Pretty hard when the sun is overhead and water is shallow. I anchored up and pumped a burley trail. sent two floaters out, one a SP and one a bait. Got a few nibbles but no hook ups. I left my bream stick at home foolishly, I had 10lbs mono, maybe 6lbs could have yielded different results. I decided to head over to the rip bridge and try for Jew. I caught a squire (released) but other than that no luck. Last stop was Gosford rail bridge. Flicking softies around the pylons I managed a few just legal tailor. I live baited one for the elusive jew but still no luck (maybe if it was dark I might have gotten lucky). All fish released unharmed (mostly). Got back to the ramp late afternoon and called it a day. No feed for the family unfortunately but still had a great time by myself and got a chance to get some fuel through the outboard during winter. Next time I'll go at dawn and get the wife to take the boy to swimming lessons. I'll bring the bream stick too and get some of those weedless jig heads to troll for flatties. Thanks for reading. Luke
  17. arthur06

    Float fishing for tailor

    Hey guys, just wondering how to catch tailor in the estuary with a float as thats where I have seen they like to hang out. I do have access to live and fresh caught yakkas caught on location plus frozen salted pillies. Is it better to use gangs or circles/suicides? The tailor like to rip up the yellowtail but I'm but looking for a second opinion. Thanks fellas
  18. Some mates and I hired a houseboat for a weekend and parked up Friday and Saturday nights in Little Pinta to try for some hairtail. Spent a lot of hours fishing but it was pretty quite over all and not a single hairtail - though we did get some bites that felt like hairtail. Friday night was the better of the two. Picked up a couple of nice trevs, both taken on some garlicy chicken breast off Shark Rock Point at dusk. We then went back to the houseboat for some dinner and went out to chase that elusive hairtail. Two of my mates had pillies down and I took a fillet off one of the trevs and put a strip of that down on ganged hooks. Somehow my mates managed to get their lines tangled so I put my rod in the holder and I had just managed to free up the two lines when my rod bucked in the holder. I threw my mates rod at him and struck my rod. I was on, but I knew it was not a hairy because I could feel tail beats. I wasn't sure what it was on, but when it came up and I saw the sheen of silver I knew I had my first jew. It was only a tiddler at about 40cm but a first is a first so we snapped a quick photo and returned it to get a bit bigger. Saturday was a bit of a wash. Picked up a few yakkas for bait that we kept for bait and lots of small tailor well short of 30cms that we threw back. Then I got my anchor snagged and we could not free it. After trying for ages we had to cut the rope. This was a problem as we were wanting to fish for hairtail that night so I motored into Pittwater and grabbed an Uber into Mona Vale to get a new anchor, some chain and the associated fixtures. We then motored back to the houseboat and had to splice in the thimble eye. All up several hours of fishing time lost. Mind you some of my mates were in another boat and spent most of that time fishing with precious little to show for it. We went out again that night and fished through dusk and well into dark. The sounder was awash with activity and we had a mix of baits down between the two boats we tried trev strips, yakka fillets, a live yakka, a live squid, salted pilchards, prawns, tailor strips and mullet strips. Not a single bite - except the cold. Once that started to bite we went back to home base for dinner. Due to the lack of activity none of us were too keen to head out again so we had a few quiets instead. Sunday morning I needed to get back fairly early so I helped clean up the house boat, popped into Cottage Point for a bit of extra fuel and then motored back round to Blackwall. A disappointing showing from the fish but we all had a great time and the weather was as spectacular as the fishing wasn't
  19. arthur06

    Echo point park

    Went down to Roseville chase for mullet today but had no luck. Decided to walk down to a rocky drop to the left to find a couple fishing there. Fished next to them and on the first cast, managed to snag a little tailor on a pillie. The couple said they were fishing for an hour with no luck then I came along and got one as if it was nothing. Lol. Hooked a big leatherjacket only to find half a hook left when lifting. A few bites later, a couple of blokes turned up and after watching me get a big bite they literally casted right where my line was, hoping to catch one. Two tarwhine later, I got fed up and left quietly, not wanting to make a scene. Slightly rude but karma I guess right? A pretty quiet trip all considered but no worries.
  20. flatheadluke

    Terrigal Saturday

    My friend and I put my boat in yesterday afternoon for a session. Wind and swell stronger than we expected, got thrashed around a bit but still ok. Our target species was tailor. We managed one each early on but that was it. I caught a red and 2 salmon which my fried kept. I also caught 4 squid and my friend caught 1 which was the largest I've ever seen. Ive asked him to measure it I think the mantle would push 50cm!!! It was a horse. We do have a degree of healthy competitiveness and Im pleased to say for once I outfished him using some of my newer methods and techniques learnt from trial and error and also from fishraider. The old guard have a lot of knowledge but I get a kick out of showing them a few new ideas that they later adopt (after telling you before they're stupid ). Here is a photo of my part of the haul, absent are my friends' two salmon, his big squid and a smaller squid. I wish I got a photo of the squid it looked like an alien invader!!
  21. arthur06

    Illawong trip for hairtail

    Headed out to Illawong bay today despite the conditions for an afternoon/early night fishing trip for hair tail. Managed a small tailor about 25cm near the end and jagged a just legal bream accidentally. Didn't get a hairie but fun still. Gonna try further up coal and candle and might report on it. No pics taken as they were not worth snapping
  22. wchh

    Wanda beach 23/4,24/4

    Made a 3 hour beach session each on Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday was a group event with 4 of us trying to manage 2 rods. Later the other 3 decided to have a walk so that I can concentrate on my fishing. Kept two tailor caught ealier of the night and donated one to a shark, and the other was demolished by a bigger tailor which was landed. Come home with 4 fish with total count of 13 when we finished the session at 8 o'clock Sunday was a solo trip with an aim to catch tailor and use as bait. Arrived at about 5 pm and found the beach was packed. Caught a few small tailor all about 20cm. Without a keeper tailor for bait I had to keep going with my pilchard. Along the way trying for tailor, I caught two flathead with the larger one went 48 cm. On my last pilchard I finally caught a keeper tailor but this one was too big and it was 8 o'clock and a bit so packed up with three fish came home with me. The trip did not come to the plan. I might give it another go tonight if not tired out during the day's work. Charles
  23. DaveTheBoy

    Port Stephens lb session

    Happy Easter raiders! Headed out off the stones at Birubi/Anna Bay this morning with my dad. There were a few tailor about hungry for the trusty raider jig. Landed maybe 10, lost a few more, with a few kept for the BBQ tonight. Landed also a nice wrasse, along with the very rare "Easter egg bream" to round out the morning! Most tailor were between 40cm-50cm with a few smaller choppers in the mix. Dad (who contributed donuts to the bucket by the way, despite jagging an eel at some point) did manage to take some cool video which I'll add once I can figure out how to make the file smaller. Fished Nobbys breakwall at Newcastle last night, plenty of flatties & tailor around there on sunset taking pillie cube and small lures. Didn't have the phone on me so no pics of that sorry, but worth a try if you're in the area about 2/3rds along casting to the ocean side.
  24. Hi Raiders - having settled and unpacked boxes in our new home town of Newcastle, this weekend was time to get fishing! I put in a couple of sessions between my closest local beaches (Nobbys and Stockton). Plenty of good looking gutters in close produced some great flathead fishing. The largest went 78cm (a PB), a with the others in the 40cm-70cm range. As a personal preference I only keep flatties 40cm-65cm all others were released. Schools of salmon and tailor would move through at various times of the morning & afternoon - often just in knee deep water. Most tailor were small 'chopper' size but landed a couple toward 40cm. Hopefully in the coming months the average size will increase (that being said a chap fishing 50m up from me landed a pair of really nice fish). Also caught a handful of bream, dart, cobbler catfish, and a few pesky rays - but that's part of fishing on the beach. Nobby's Beach also produced a tangle with an almighty (for me) jewfish - after fighting it for over an hour, it got caught in the "suck" of the closest gutter where the waves break and recede. A friendly passer by tried to help my wife beach it with the leader - sadly this just seemed to annoy the tired fish which took me for a little jog before breaking the leader. It's always difficult to estimate size of a fish in the water, but we got a very good long look at it and somewhere around 1m would be realistic. Next time, gadget! I fish very simple rig on the beach, 20lb line to a 30lb leader, running ball sinker to a single 4/0 circle hook with 1/2 pilchard bait. This accounted for all fish (with the exception of tailor which were spun on a 30g raider lure). I'm still new here & getting to know the area, so appreciate anyone's tips via PM or if you'd ever like to meet up for a session it would be great to meet you. I'll be heading up to Nelson Bay for Easter wkend to visit my dad so hopefully will get to wet a line there too.
  25. flatheadluke

    Plan C

    Put the boat in late afternoon at Terrigal. Missed out on Saturday perfect conditions so had to settle for 25 knot WSW winds, rain and dirty water ???. My go to is lure fishing in close so I did lots of trolling runs, anchored up and threw lures and jigged. A quarter of a tank later I had two small Bonito. That would not feed a family of 4 so I decided to do something I don't normally do, fish into the night. I cut off the lures, dusted off the hook and sinker tackle box and rigged up a paternoster rig and a floater rig. I deployed my frozen burley logs and while the light faded threw lures from the front while the baits soaked. i didn't have to wait long. The bite came on and came on hot!! Every bloody yakka north of Sydney swarmed my baits. At one stage I thought they might all pick up the boat and tip it over. To add insult to injury a heap of frigate mackeral busted up around me but wouldn't take a lure, they were feeding on those small baits, 'eyes' I think they're called? Thankfully, the burley logs melted, the bait fish left and some bigger marks started to show on the sounder. The paternoster rig was pissing me off so I brought it in and switched to just the floater bait. Annoyingly, despite all the activity I couldn't tempt a fish. I tried different presentation methods, retrieves, hooks, strung up some live baits, even tried some scented lures. I couldn't turn a reel!! It was getting colder, windier, the sea was building and I was starting to tire, both physically and mentally. I was peeved that i used up one Bonito and now I had only one left, which would feed only half of one kid. Before throwing the towel in I stumbled across some old green glow sticks in the tackle box and thought I'd give this one final go. Not 5 seconds after the bait hits the water I'm hooked up to an ok size tailor. Brought him in quickly, ok maybe I can salvage a meal here after all. The next 60 minutes was a fish a caste, and it was a bit of everything, a real mixed bag. Tailor, flathead, snapper, squid, even a pike hit the bait. Very cool when you see you glow stick, then the fish hits and and starts swimming towards you!!! I decided to call it a night, I threw back close to a dozen undersized or undesirable fish and kept 4 fish and a squid for the table and two fish for the lemon gardeners (aka neighbours). i left the boat out overnight to clean in the morning, bloody hell it was a mess!!! Blood and guts from rear end to breakfast!!! Thanks for reading. Luke.