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Found 24 results

  1. Sup boys I'm an experienced fisherman, hoping to catch a trip with others. I have my own gear and tackle and would be more than happy to be a deckie/assist others on the trip. Done most of my fishing in NZ, north island but I've moved here now hoping to continue what I enjoy doing. Happy to split costs. PM
  2. Headed up with a mate from Sydney to my brothers place at Port Stephens to see if we could find some Yellowfin Tuna We tried to work out what days would be best and decided on Sunday Interesting start to the day with torrential showers first thing in the morning while we loaded boat We could have almost cancelled - and as we headed up the bay from soldiers point the rain kept coming Conditions outside the heads were a bit all over the place but we thought we’d push through and see if it improved We got about 10kms out and things did improve- rain was behind us now and we felt the slop was decreasing so we pushed on - water around 17 degrees About 20kms and lots of birds showing up Some were concentrated and diving in so we thought we would put a spread out and work the area With no luck we decided to keep going We saw a marlin free jump for a bit so the lures go in again No luck 30kms more birds concentrated and diving in one area Again, lures out and we picked up a striped tuna about 7kg We push on - water now 18.9 and we are about 50kms offshore Then we see what we didn’t think we would ever see- small schools of YF jumping and chasing bait - we couldn’t believe our eyes! The shotgun rod goes off And screaming run- after only a twenty minute battle the fish is boat side and we see colour We trade the big net for a gaff when it gets closer Approximately 45kg YF into the boat!! A first for all of us!! Big celebrations to say the least We put the lures out again 15 min later another hit on the shot gun lure! Drops the lure after a screaming run 15 mins later same rod goes off And a longer run and what seems a bigger fish After 25 mins we get the fish boat side only to have it look at our ugly heads and take off again before we could get the gaff near it My friend on the rod is now sweating on whether we will boat this one (The first fish we got the hooks were only just in) Now the fish is deeper again and another 15 mins using the current and the wind we work him back up After some nervous pep talks on being patient and making our gaff hits count we manage to boat this fish!! Approximately 60kg fish!! We are so happy!! One more of the crew- the captain- my brother hasn’t fought one yet so we make it our aim to get another Fish are still jumping but not so much bird activity We troll for another 30 mins No takers- it’s now about 2pm and we have about a two hour trip back so the captain calls it time- I say come on give it ten more minutes 5 mins later two rods are hit and lines are screaming- this time it’s the rods closest to the boat! We get the captain on one rod and I grab the other one Line is peeling and the spools are emptying - my bro manages to slow his fish up but mine doesn’t stop He has his fish close to boat sickles showing in about 10 mins!! We check the drag and it’s like it’s been set for pulling big kings off the bottom! Anyway we get the fish boat side and I have now put my rod with fish on in holder as I got to help with leader and gaffing Just as I’m leading the fish up to gaff it takes off thrashing the hook pulls! But my other mate has just sunk the gaff in!! Rescued! But he’s loses his grip as it’s thrashing and his hand slips down the gaff He’s losing the gaff and the fish as it’s thrashing- and yells out help I’m right there so take a grab at the gaff too and now we both heave the fish in More sheer delight for the crew of 3!! Then it dawns on me- the other rod, the other fish is still on!! This fish has all but spooled me- (I think I have 400m of line out)I cant move it - 50lb braid won’t budge it We decide to gain some line and work the boat back toward the fish This feels much bigger than the previous one We gain half the line- then a couple of big runs and the line breaks - this one will haunt me forever unfortunately. But time will heal We caught most fish in the profidgie lures- but two fish at the end hit a heavy 9inch bullethead pink skirt and a large purple Halco maxi hard body Water blue green 18.9 First fish 45kg Second 60kg Third 50kg We are so stoked to have all caught our first Yellowfin together - not sure we will ever see another day like it We’ve so many trips with nothing and now they have been removed with better memories! Golden memories!! Thanks for reading - get amongst it!!!
  3. Hi Guys! Not a fishing report from myself but I thought it would be nice to post. Was down at Kiama on Sunday and was blown away by how many boats and fishers were out. Not long after at around 2:00pm the boats docked in, and my god were they loaded with Tuna. Unsure of the species but I believe they were a mix of bluefin and albacore from a distant. It was so exciting to see so many tuna and wished I was out on the water with them. the boats themselves were massive and loaded with trolling setups. It was nice to see them stroll up towards the shops heading home which made it a mesmerising sight to see as they were carried away into the sunlight with big old style utes. I could see the grins on the fishos faces, they were buzzing. All in all a great day as an observer and thought I would let you guys know there are some nice tuna off Kiama. Cheers guys, I hope your all well and happy, Oz.
  4. Story Time Hi Raiders… here’s my report. Applied for leave and it was approved. Decided to take my boat out of Sydney for the first time and tow it up to Port Stephens for a small break, took the partner and my mum up as we all needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Shopped around for accommodation for 4 nights and found a place that would accommodate a small trailerboat for a comfortable price….it was about a 12-minute drive to the boat ramp I was planning on launching from, Soldiers Point which was acceptable enough for me to endure for the money saved compared to places closer to the boat ramps. Arrived at the accommodation place that boasted being in the ‘trees as an escape’ only to find that when the 2IC and I came to the reception desk, turns out they had been trying to contact us all morning to inform us that they wanted to move us somewhere else, as on the Sunday night of the weekend before there was a short but massive storm which took out their tv antennas and pool filter system and blew up a tree with splinters hitting the reception building a good 80 meters away apparently. So, they informed us they want to move us to their other location in soldiers point… I politely accepted the offer and off we went. Turns out this new accommodation is about a 30 second drive from the boat ramp… was cheering! NEW ACCOMMODATION Day 1 Arrived at around 1pm, got settled in and squared away. Wanted to make the most of the first day so launched the boat at 3pm to try for crabs with newly bought crab traps…. Left them to soak from 3pm-530pm. Only caught 1 undersized blue swimmer, so back it went and headed home. ITS GO TIME Day 2 This ended up being the pick of the days as it turned out, as the next few days after was wind warnings a plenty by the BOM and unpleasant 40 knot gale winds forecast with heavy rain. Launched the boat and was on the water by 8AM… a later start than I had planned for but whatever. Motored up to cabbage tree island and did a few drifts to catch some live bait. Spoke to a local who was doing the same to get any info on how Broughton was fishing, they did not know the current conditions as he had been targeting jewies inside the heads and was just there picking up some livies. Stayed for about an hour to load up on livies, then motored on to Broughton island to do drive-bys on a few marks previously put into fish finder unit back at Sydney before heading to the final destination of the island. To my surprise there were no more kingfish pens for me to sus out (well none that I saw anyways). Anchored up in 20 + meters of water and once I was confident we were holding bottom, gave the first slimy a nose piercing with a 7/0 octopus circle hook and let out some line, judging by the colour changes I think I let it out about 30 meters before closing the bail. Checked the drag to make sure it wasn't too loose that it may case an overrun. Was trying to put the safety lanyard on the neck of the reel seat of my new fishing outfit (shimano saragosa SW10000/ shimano terez) when suddenly something was trying to rip the rod out of my hand. Mind you this was the first time I have ever taken this new outfit out for a fish having had it since Christmas last year and was definitely not expecting to see action on it so quickly… it was out according to the footage for only about 2 minutes before it got bent in half. Fish went for a couple of screaming runs initially where in my panic I was tightening the drag as I did not know the country I was fishing in and didn’t want to get bricked on a reef. Luckily the fishing gods were smiling on me and eventually managed to get the fish boat-side, and after a few tense attempts of handing over the rod to the 2IC while I try to jockey for position to Gaff the fish (something ive never needed to do before...the most action my gaff has ever seen is to pull up mooring buoys), I eventually get a beautiful shot on the side gill plate which seemed to hit something pretty important as it started bleeding out pretty quickly. Was definitely taking this baby home for a feed so it was going to meet its maker one way or another. Gave it its last rites and introduced the priest to it to put it out of its misery, cut the gills to introduce some more bleeding, hung it out upside down boat side to aid in the bleed out and then onto ice for the ride home. THE MONEY SHOT GAFF SHOT IN YELLOW CIRCLE FOR GIRTHS SAKE... NO GUESSTIMATES, JUST TRUTH ON THE LIE DETECTOR... 103CM TOTAL LENGTH Was my first ever longtail/northern bluefin tuna so it’s an automatic PB for me @ 103cm . Tried again for another 20 minutes then called it quits as my crew were starting to feel a bit seasick, pulled up stumps and motored on home, Back at the ramp by 12pm. With most of my reports, here is an accompanying video for anyone interested. >>>>>> CLICK ME FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO <<<<<< Day 3 This day was a washout where it was near gale winds and heavy rain all through the night till midday, went to the ramp ready to brave the elements at around 930am, but after seeing and speaking to another local who changed his mind on launching at the slipway, we were inclined to agree and follow suit in that it was not a good idea to go out just then, so we turned around and went home. The winds settled down near the arvo, so we tried again and got on the water around 3pm till sunset for zilch. Day 4 This was much of the same except for the rain, threw the crab traps out in the morning when it was calmer and let them soak. Explored around inside for zeros rod and reel wise, however this day proved to be pretty good in that the total tally for the crab traps at the end of the day were 9 blue swimmer crab keepers, so day wasn’t a total loss, however I wanted to go outside again to Broughton island and try and catch that elusive big red, with to date my PB snapper being only 1cm over legal @ 31cm :/… oh well, next time I guess. They were delicious Overall a good fishing trip away from Sydney to mix things up a bit. Thanks for reading. Ojay Ps thankyou to berleyguts for sussing out wash down taps at soldiers point the week before when i was doing the homework, which ultimately led me to chose soldiers as my base of operations.
  5. G'day fellow Raiders, long time reader first time poster (I hope i've posted in the right section, please correct me if I haven't) I've been down Avoca rocks recently (almost every day for 2 weeks) morning and night, spinning metals for Bonito, such as, Halco twisty (15 up to 55 Grams) and a few others which names escape me. I usually throw my bigger rod out with 1.7 metre trace with gang hooks and float with a salted pilchard and leave to sit while I spin off spinners ledge. I have had zero luck! I was lucky enough to bump into Ray R (Top Bloke!), to whom i've met a few times here and there and he was kind enough give me a few pointers although, still no luck. Does anyone have any pointers? Am I doing anything wrong? People seem to be landing Bonito left, right and centre around me, it seems I just don't have "the magic touch" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Raiders, Itscaca.
  6. Hi guys, I am not a Game Fisherman myself but I saw something and my mate tells me I am dreaming. I was fishing for Snapper in 30m of water off the Sea Cliff bridge. Was getting my bait stolen and was getting upset. Saw a big work up of Gannets so i edged over being respectful and I got pretty close. I threw out two 1 ounce jig heads with bait on them (Squid Tentacles). Let them sink for 10sec and then POP POP they were both gone, line cut. They were cut at pretty much the same time. Then i re-rigged and looked down and their was a Mako about 1.2 - 1.5. We have caught one before at the same spot on light gear so I thought I would try. jig Jig and pop I saw him come and he cut the line. Then. I sent down a flasher rig for snapper. On retrieve I wound in super fast to avoid the wee Mako. Water was crystal clear and I saw two fish following it up. One was another Mako, bit bigger and the other turned near the surface and I saw it's tail with the distinctive yellow spikes coming off it. It was a decent size about 80cm - 1m hard to say as i mainly saw it's tail. I tried to quickly retrieve the flasher rig again but the Mako followed again. I only had soft plastic rods with me and I thought I would be wasting my time. So I left to avoid the Mako's. I don't like catching them as think they are too beautiful to kill. Told my mate and he reckons there is no way YF would be just off the bridge at this time of year. What did I see? Chunky fish with clearly visible yellow dots going up the tail. This was yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm. Tell me I am dreamin or verify I am not dreamin and this is probable of possible. if I am right, then look for Gannet work ups off the Sea Cliff Bridge or North of. Is there another type of Tuna or species this could have been
  7. Gday Raiders. Short report from couple days back. Trolled the inside and outside botany fads wednesday 4/1 out of botany hoping to hit a dolly or two. Neg result. Trolled the peak to 12 mile, marked nothing. Water temp gradually raised to 23.4 and we hit a few albacore a couple k's inside of the 12 mile. Best went 85cm / 11kgs. Took her on a rapala xrap 6m diver blue/green/red. But also hooked up smaller ones on black/red surface skirts. Conditions werent great for my 5.5m it was sloppy and my deckie ended up crook so we were back at the ramp by midday. Happy with our tuna, hope the big bulls come on soon!
  8. Finally managed to get out on the boat on Sunday to chase some tuna with the old man. Was slow going, particularly compared to the reports from last weekend, with only two YFT ~10kg called in on the radio throughout the day. However, persistence paid off and we managed to land this beast ~20km SE of Browns late in the afternoon on the troll. Weighed in at over 50kg and almost beat me for height - awesome fish and definitely a new PB YFT off Sydney
  9. Hi Raides, Going up to Port Stephens for the long weekend, anyone heard of anything happening up there at the moment? Interesting water off the coast at the moment, good to know if anything is in it early season Marlin or some Yellowfin, any reports of Kings at Allmark reef? Cheers in Advance
  10. Hoping they're gonna pop up over this weekend. Of course the shit weather is coming that we've got a few days off to fish. Heading to bermagui to chase these bad boys but looking like we'll only be fishing sunday... Keep us up to date over the weekend at Sydney coz if they're still quiet down there we'll run back home to fish from sydney monday. They say you have to cover ground could be 1000k's in the car this weekend trying to locate them.
  11. Hi guys, Bit of a longshot but if anyone is heading wide from jervis bay/shoalhaven and has a spare spot onboard feel free to hit me up. Happy to chip in fuel etc, no gear but plenty of experience. have done a fair amount of gamefishing in the past but nothing for the previous 2-3 years as my old man moved to exmouth and took the boat with him. keen to get back into some real fishing and will be available most weekends. cheers kade
  12. Hi all I have a 30 foot boat and I am looking to gain more experience fishing from The Peak out towards Browns mountain jigging and trolling. Looking for someone who has the experience to fish these parts and is familiar with current lines, water temperatures, weathers conditions and catching big fish.....or whatever my gear can handle! Must have your own gear. Weekends work best for me.
  13. i didn't get much response in the "Adopt a learner" so i thought i would try here. Hi all i have a 30 foot boat and i am looking to gain more experience fishing from The Peak and out towards Browns mountain jigging and trolling. Looking for someone who has the experience to fish these parts and is familiar with current lines, water temperatures, weather conditions and catching big fish........or whatever my gear can handle! Must have your own gear. Weekends work best for me.
  14. With a short break in the winds my fishing buddy and I shot down to Jervis Bay (The Banks) for a trying some Tuna launching from Currarong. We headed out to the far east marks on the Banks and trawled east back and forward for a few hours out towards the 150m mark We caught 2 Bonito and one Stripe Tuna 4.35kg On the last turn back towards the banks the over head real scream off, within seconds haft of the line on the real was gone. With line quickly disappearing my buddy turned the boat to take chase and to retrieve some line before we got spooled. After 30 minutes fighting, many runs I was fooled to think that we where on top and going to land this giant. I added more and more drag to the line only ended up with the worst possible out come. LINK BREAK. Absolutely shattering experience!!!! Day 2 the wind was westerly and we trawled along the cliff face with no result We elected to bottom bash for a few hours catching a few undersize kings and snapper. Keepers 3 Morwong and 1 pig fish Enjoyable few days and look forward to the next trip to JB Video uploaded later Dogbox
  15. Headed out yesterday in search of bluefin / yellowfin and stumbled on these guys We weren't expecting to get our best dollies of the year in winter but we aren't complaining Smallest went 89cm / 8lbs and the biggest 121cm / 16lbs Got all of them on the troll between 2 and 4pm around 5 - 10km west of Heaton's Hill
  16. Two Sundays ago we got up early, headed straight out to Sydney FAD and started trolling right on sunrise. Before we could get our second lure in the spread out a dollie was on. The fish we talking anything and within the first hour we had landed to 6 legal dollies and three 70cm+ stripey tuna. Then the fish just went quiet for a couple of hours even though bait continued to bubble on the surface in every direction. We moved on from the FAD and headed north and shortly after found a 3km area where the tuna were going nuts. Double hook-ups, triple hook-ups, quadruple hook-ups and it didn't stop. For six straight hours we just reeled in tuna after tuna after tuna. Ended up landing 32 stripies (averaging 65 - 75cm), 8 dollies (ranging from 55 - 70cm) and two yellowfin tuna (68cm and 72cm) - kept a handful and threw the rest back to get bigger for next time. When we thought our dream day couldn't get any better - we were wrong. Just as we started to call it a day and head back towards the heads a big dorsal fin popped up right behind our spread. Was a nice 2m+ striped marlin - spent the best part of a minute checking out the short corner and rigger before finally smashing our shotgun lure. The fish managed to take over 300m of line as we quickly pulled in the rest of our gear. We fought the fish for a few minutes but unfortunately it managed to spit the lure on its second jump. While we didn't land him it was still an awesome way to end our best day ever off Sydney. Was looking forward to heading out on Saturday to test some new gear but it's looking like I'm probably better off going big wave surfing.
  17. Headed out to the shelf early on Saturday morning in search of marlin, dollies and tuna. We were met by a pod of dolphins as we passed through the heads but the water was ~22 degrees and green so we pushed on. The water pretty much stayed that way until we hit the shelf at which point we found the warm snap we were looking for. Water quickly changed to a deep blue as the temp increased from ~23 degrees to ~26 degrees in the space of a few kilometres. We put the spread out and started to troll towards Browns. We were there in no time as the current was ripping south at about 5knts/hr. As we passed over the top of Browns around 30 dolphins surrounded the boat and about a minute later we spotted two freejumpers less than 100m directly behind our spread. We worked the area and the current line for the best part of 6 hours but unfortunately all for zeros - frustrating after a promising start to the morning. We decided to change up the spread with some smaller lures to try to get some dollies and tuna for a feed as we headed back towards Sydney. Managed to land four 70cm+ dollies and a nice striped tuna around some floating debris and the FAD which made the day for the boys. Had one big strike a couple of kilometres north of the FAD but the fish spat the lure after a solid 20 second run - pretty sure it was a big dollie or tuna. Weather forecast is looking good for this weekend at the moment so will hopefully be able to get out there to have another crack at getting this marlin.
  18. Hi all I am heading to Port Stephens next weekend and have heard some reports of Long Tail Tuna being caught, can anyone confirm the rumors? Cheers Flash7
  19. hey, here's a few photos of the our last couple of outings off sydney, haven't been able to get out much 2 trips in the last few weeks or more. Unfortunately I have to work sometimes Had one really nice day weatherwise and one pretty crappy one, but its all good. Sydney Fads have been crowded every time we go out now, so we can't be stuffed hanging around them, we just take wide berth and move away from the croud. Basically we troll straight out of the heads all the way to 24/24 do a few circles around it and troll back, most relaxing. We got around 12 Dollies or more, lost count, all around 70-80cm and one a little bigger maybe 90cm, I swear the Dolphin Fish just follow our boat around A few marlin hook-ups and about 5 or 6 striped tuna, a couple near 10lb. A tip, we dropped a few marlin, I checked the hook after a marlin miss and it was really blunt. I haven't been paying attention to the hooks, they needed sharpening. It's the little details that help convert strikes into landed fish. I will be sharping them all before they are put out next time. We have tonnes of underwater footage we haven't looked at yet, well post some videos of underwater footage when I get a bit more time. We are pretty sure we have some marlin hook-ups on there. Also if you want to try our lures go to our website, there are lures packs for $99.99 which is great value. Peter SB Lures
  20. Decided late in the morning on Saturday to make the most of the weather so called up the boys, setup the boat and trolled from Sydney to Palm Beach and back. Put the spread out as soon as we hit 80 fathoms. Water was blue, 22 degrees and bait balls were everywhere between 10 and 40 fathoms. Had only been on the troll for 20mins when the shotgun started screaming - was so loud it woke up one of the boys who was out cold after an entire night out prawning. After a good 5min fight and a last minute dart under the boat we landed a nice 70cm stripey tuna. Continued up the coast for the next couple of hours for zeros and then at about 4pm - bang - the dollies came on. Were so thick we couldn't get a few hundred metres down the coast without hooking up - at one stage we had a triple hook up which made things interesting with only three on the boat and 5 lines and 2 teasers out the back - thank god for autopilot. Finished up the arvo having landed 9 dollies, ranging from 50 - 65cm, 3 stripey tuna, ranging from 50 - 70cm, and a number more fought and dropped. Kept one tuna and a couple of dollies for feed and sent the rest back to fight another day. Hopefully this wind starts to die down so we can get out there this weekend and chase some beakies.
  21. Finally headed out yesterday after long run of bad weather. Went straight to 12 Mile and immediately upon arriving a big 1m fin broke the surface 20m in front of the boat. Was plenty of bait from 50-100m showing up on the sounder and a number of larger fish underneath and on the sides. After no luck trolling 12 mile for an hour we jigged and caught a few slimmy Mack's (obviously what the fins were feeding on). Changed up the lure colours we were trolling with to those that had the closest colouring with a slimmy mack and continued to the south. Shortly after bang double hook-up - two good sized tuna. Unfortunately the 2 crew by this stage were asleep so by the time they got out on deck the short corner was tangled in the teasers and the shotgun was tangled with the long rigger - ultimately dropped both - soul destroying. Untangled all the gear and continued to the south and within 10mins bang short corner went off - wasn't anywhere as big as the other two but was a nice 5kg striped tuna. Continued to work the area for a couple of hours after that for zeros and then called it quits mid afternoon. Didn't get a chance to drop the slimmys on a reef of the way back - ran out of time - but would have been dynamite for kingies
  22. I just had to write a post about what a great job Reef Magic Charters did for me last weekend. Some of you know, while in Sydney on business I was looking to book a Tuna charter. Got lucky and the yellow fin arrived around Sydney just in time. For any visitors or even locals looking for a charter,, Reef Magic is truly a first class operation! I wanted to thank Damo, and especially Dave the deckie, for a great day. Dave the deckie was very patient answering a ton of questions not just for me but everyone on the charter. It was a great day and a fun learning experience for me. Honestly I was a little skeptical because they are a sight sponsor, but I see they were selected as a sponsor because of the quality of operation. You can't go wrong with these guys if you are looking for a charter service in the future. Here's one of the yellowfin we got that day (not me in this picture)!
  23. American businessman looking for 1 or 2 to share charter in Bermi on Monday, September 2. Anyone interested?
  24. I'll be over on a business trip at the end of August and want to do some tuna fishing. I understand this year has been "unpredictable" at best. Any suggestions on where I should concentrate. Would like to keep it with 3 hrs or so of Sydney, but would go to Bermagui if that was best. Any suggestions on where to focus?