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Found 48 results

  1. Mike89

    Whiting - tips wanted!

    Hello raiders! I've been seeing some reports lately of some big juicy winter whiting being caught off the beaches and am determined to give it a red hot crack. Trouble is in my 3 years of fishing - from trevs to blackies to kings and jews - I have never had much luck or any kind of consistency with whiting. Any areas or general tips on targeting these guys? I'm not great with finding gutters but willing to put some time in. Also have a nice long noodley rod for the beach paired with an Alvey. Thanks in advance!
  2. JeffCarrera

    surf fishing in winter

    Hello raiders! so I've recently started surf fishing for whiting. My first couple of attempts was somewhat successful, as I managed to get on to some fish (mainly targeting whiting/bream). On both occasions the fish were biting but I had to cut both outings short as I was shivering in the cold being wet from the waist down. Even today while I was fishing from 10am-12nn I couldn't fish for much longer as being wet plus the cold wind made it unbearable (was just wearing short pants and shirt + windbreaker jacket for the top). What sort of clothing do you guys normally wear when surf fishing in winter to keep warm (I know it's not really winter yet, but I plan to fish the surf in winter too to avoid the crowd). Any thoughts/experiences on noeprene waders with gum boots or wetsuits? waders seem a bit bulky and wetsuits might be good but your feet will get wet too? thanks in advance for any input.
  3. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beaches

    Hello raiders - a combined report from a few morning trips this week. Some big tides have washed a lot of weed & garbage up on to the beaches, but it hasn’t deterred the fish at all. The whiting have been the pick, most of them 40cm+ and not very fussy! Most beaches have have been producing, and tide seems to matter more than time of day. Fishing the upcoming tide seems to be producing the goods. Live/fresh bait is key, and contrary to most beach fishing - fish AWAY from the gutters! I’ve been having most success fishing right up on the sand bars, right where the waves are breaking. There’s some nice bream & dart in the mix, and also some stud flathead - although this time of year through March those are mostly really big jenny’s that we’d do well to release. Breaks my heart seeing some of those big flatties being kept, they are our breeding stock & there’s no shortage of “plate sized” fish to keep for a feed. Tight lines all, it’s a lovely time of year to be out fishing!
  4. Tayhalls

    How to catch worms

    Hey raiders just wondering on how to catch bloodworms or sandworms I’ve watched a few clips on YouTube but was wondering if anyone had a debrief on how to do it or had some tips for me on where to get started cheers
  5. MSB

    Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

    Recently caught at the mouth of Elimbah Creek off the bank using blood worm, full of roe so let her go to do her thing. MSB
  6. Hi Raiders It's been a while between posts however thought I'd share a great morning's fishing. Headed out about 7:30am armed with a dozen king worms, not knowing what to expect as the seas have been massive the past week. Plenty of action with almost a full bag of whiting between 29cm & 40cm by 9:30am decided to call it a day. They were biting on then the smallest piece of worm which is strange in my experience - must be hungry! Same old rig as always with a large ball sinker - 3ft trace down to a No.2 baitholder hook. Another point to mention, I've been buying the rather expensive vanish fluorocarbon 10lb leader. Today for the first time I tried the vanish fluorocarbon main-line as my leader with one rod and the usual on the other. Didn't seem to be any difference and it's roughly 4x cheaper by the metre. It was great with minimal knots and twists. I guess the leader line must be more abrasion resistant or something?? Anyway they're both 100% fluorocarbon and invisible under the water so I'm happy - just upped the strength to 12lb which should counter-act the loss in abrasion resistance hopefully. Cheers, James
  7. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beaches

    Just a short report from a few sessions. Newcastle beaches holding good numbers of fish - and bigger numbers of fisherman! If you can find a little gutter away from the headlamps & noise - you’ll find enough dart, whiting, flatty and tailor to keep you on your toes. Whiting are hitting really nicely, averaging about 40cm. Interestingly - I’ve not caught a bream in weeks, though have seen a few reds landed at Redhead & Stocko - not sure if there’s any reason or just coincidence. Yabbies / pipi / beachworm the go, I’ve been fishing 5-7 am or pm.
  8. ARC H

    Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
  9. SickWolf

    The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks
  10. KingieRun

    Entrance Fishing Trip

    G'day Fishos, Tomorrow, i'll be heading up to the entrance for a few days with a couple of mates. I've heard many stories of great fish being caught there but i have never ventured out there myself, so tomorrow will be my first time. Looking at it on google earth, i'm assuming that worms or nippers would be the 'go' around there? Also, what type of species should be targeted and whereabouts are a few good areas to chuck a line in, Only if you don't mind disclosing that info. I'm thinking about going for jews off the beach but don't know whether i should use beach worms or some fresh squid. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, KR
  11. Kicked off the summer with a 4.5 hour session at Barrenioey armed with 150 yabbies and 3 mates, target species was the good old Whiting and flattys and we didn’t miss.......It was a surprisingly good session for the lack of tidal movement and zero wind we encountered between 6am and 10:30am. I usually fish the bay for the same species only because its closer but every now and then..... I really want to fish I head to Barrenjoey and it never disappoints.....
  12. Hi Raiders As usual had to take my 30min drive past at least 10 beaches to find decent worms. Finally got some beauties and headed for Blacksmiths Beach. Only had a couple of hours to fish just after low tide, I'd love to see what the after dark high would have brought! Ended up with a mixed bag, biggest bream going 43cm, threw half a dozen back to live another day A tip for this beach is as follows: - In calm conditions, cast baits towards the sand bar even when very shallow (less than 30cm). Your bait will spend a lot of time doing nothing in shallow water however the decent fish seem to chase the waves onto the bar seeing looking for food that's been stirred up. The biggest bream had a gut full of crushed pippis. Cheers, James.
  13. Hi Raiders It's been a long time between posts but I finally got out for 2 fishing sessions this week. Just thought I'd share the result as I know most of us are looking forward to the warmer months especially on the beaches. Headed out armed with a bag of pilchards and some frozen worms both times and was greeted by plenty of hungry bream! The action was a plenty from the first cast, the best results coming in the last hour of the run in tide then all went quiet. A couple of smallish whiting however the bream were all in between 28cm - 42cm. On the second trip I threw plenty under around 30cm back. Only kept the large amounts due to my friends and family asking constantly haha. Great fun though Cheers, James
  14. Fab1


    Hit Windang early this morning armed with a variety of baits with the wife and son to be greeted by a glorious day out on the water.We tried fishing the channels along the islands to be plagued by massive schools of mullet everywhere and other than my son landing a small tailor around the mid 20,s not much else on the drift there. After a discussion earlier last night with another raider we decided to head upstream to the drop off to try drifting for flathead/whiting.Within minutes my son lands the first casualty,a flathead around 30cm or so on a whole prawn. From there on in it was hook up after hookup and quite frantic at times with 3 fish on at once in a small boat juggling rods,bait and tripping over each other that I was kept quite busy being the fish netter,bait passer etc. Overall we must have landed around 25 flathead,around 6-7 whiting and 2 good sized squid that had a appetite for prawn on a #1 hook. I tried to get a few snaps on my phone amongst all the fuss. We could not have asked for a better day both in the weather,the fishing and family time. We kept 2 legal Flatty and 4 whiting for dinner the rest went back to live another day. Plenty of other boats enjoying the weather also. Cheers.
  15. adamski

    Georges River 15/04/17

    Hiya folks, Figured after nearly losing the site, I'd make more of an effort to post some reports. I've been chasing bigger fish on heavier tackle and smaller stuff on the fly, but I thought I'd give the light gear a go today. It was a beautiful morning and I headed down to the Georges. Managed 5 fish in total: a bream, a luderick (foul-hooked, but a PB!), a whiting and a couple of flatties. Also got busted off by a monster tailor and a couple of follows by something bigger. It was an eventful little session, with everything taken on Powerbait crabbies with 1/16 and 1/20 jigheads. Happy Easter!
  16. Sting Ray

    Lake Tabourie fishing spots

    Hey fellas, first time posting... Heading down to Lake Tabourie with the Mrs and young chap in a couple of weeks. Staying at the tourist park. I've never been there but the better half has, and tells me she seen a few fellas fishing there. Wondering if anyone's been recently that might have some tips on where to throw a line in, preferably walking distance from the tourist park. Beach, lake etc. Targeting whiting mainly but will be happy to catch anything. Any tips on what rig setup for whiting, and what other tackle I should take in case they aren't biting, would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  17. Wandered down to Bondi Beach for a quick flick late yesterday arvo armed with my bream stick and a small vibe I picked up in a $1 bargain bin. First cast landed an impossibly small whiting with the third cast bringing in this beautifully light coloured flatty. Dropped what felt like another small flathead a short time later but that was it for the sesh. Nice way to spend the hour before sunset. Swell was very low and it was nice to find a gutter without swimmers in it for a change.
  18. lachie1325

    Best light braided lines

    Just wondering what light braided lines everyone uses for their estuary fishing. I've been looking for a while now at some light braided lines for my Daiwa legalis 2000 as the braid I have on there at the moment doesn't have the best castability on it and I'm looking for something get it spooled up with on less windy days. I will be keeping the current braid on it though In case it's very windy and I don't want to be getting wind knots
  19. G'day Raiders, I was up early this morning and headed over to the George's around East Hills and Picnic Point. After reading some other posts about using chicken soaked in fish sauce, I thought I'd give it a whirl. All up, I landed 15 fish in 4ish hours and lost a few more on top of that. Apart from a small tailor and whiting, the rest were bream. A few photo's are attached. I'm planning on getting up early tomorrow and having another crack. Hopefully I manage to attract some larger specimens. Tight lines. Hodgo
  20. DaveBM

    surface popper

    Hi all. Had a frustrating day yesterday on the flats near the entrance to Lake Illawarra, trying a popper in shallow water for the first time. A couple of nice bream and lots of big whiting were following my popper (clear prawn type) right up to where I was wading, but were not willing to strike. I tried everything I could think of - fast/slow, steady retrieve versus jerky, stopping and starting... the buggers just kept swimming along behind it. Any tips? Mind you, guys with bait weren't getting much to happen either - even fresh beach worms - so maybe the fish just weren't hungry and trying to piss me off for fun!
  21. Big Yella

    Wollongong Whiting

    Hey fellow fisherman, my first post on here as I'm a newbie, can't wait to get into all the action! I've been fishing off puckeys beach there north of Wollongong quite a bit lately with some great success. Last week I went down at about 7am and using some squirt worms I pumped for bait, I bagged some decent whiting! The smallest was 30cm. The only time I've had trouble there is when the current is ripping through, though other than that it's been great.
  22. michael2203

    New rod christened

    G'day Raiders, Last year I bought a Shimano Sienna 4000, but have struggled since to pair it with a decent rod. So, with a gift card from the big red fella at xmas and a sale at the same retailer, I picked up a Daiwa Crossfire 862. What a purchase! The in-laws live around East Hills and I've driven past it heaps, but have never been into the Georges River National Park. So with the 2 daughters in tow, off we went. While the fish weren't massive, I ended up picking up 3-4 bream and a few whiting. The new set up landed most and a few of them ended up being skull-dragged across the river. My youngest daughter Kyla picked up a toadfish and small whiting and was stoked. I think the girls just enjoyed paddling around the edge of the water. Halfway through the session, I did have a run in with a few douches in a boat. Despite having the whole river, they felt that it was necessary to hover right where we were fishing (one of the morons jumped in for a swim). Anyway, they came right up to the shore, right over one of my lines and I wasn't game to move it in case it got caught in their engine. Now I'm quick to acknowledge that no-one owns the river, but common sense should prevail. So when these muppets just sat there talking about their boat and what they needed to when they got back to the boat ramp, I 'politely' asked them to move somewhere else. One of them mumbled something about being an accident...yeah bullshit! Anyway, after a while we packed up and went around to Fitzpatrick for a quick session, where I picked up a good size bream (maybe around 20ish). As it happens I was getting Kyla off a snag when my new combo bent over. So a quick dash and olympic-style hurdle over one rod, I've caught the other and had a great time. So, I'm off again early tomorrow solo. I was thinking of trying near the Audley Weir. I'd appreciate any advice/experiences anyone has had there as I wonder if I am wasting my time. Thanks for reading and tight lines. Hodgo
  23. michael2203

    Cooks River mixed bag

    G'day Raiders, It has been a while, but with my chauffeur skills not required on a Sat morning, I headed out early last Saturday for a long awaited crack. So I get to spot #1 and bugger me...there are a whole stack of speedboats for a ski race piling up. Anyway, after battling for a park, I persisted for a quick session and headed off before they got started. During this session I managed a small baby snapper, smaller flathead , whiting, puffer fish, small bream and 3 stripped fish (as per pics) which I have been told before are a Stripped Trumpeter? The larger of these (going about 35cm) pulled like a train and was great fun. Anyway, with the boats starting up, I got out of there and headed to my old faithful spot upriver. Apart from picking up some nice bream (as pictured) I got busted off a few times by something bigger. But, them's the brakes right. Anyway, it was a fun morning out, away from work and away from the wife and kids (ha!). I'll be back out there again tomorrow, for another crack. Well, that's it from me. Tight lines everyone, I hope you get some fishing in during the xmas and new years break. I hope Santa brings everyone a shiny new reel or their desired rod Cheers and merry xmas, Hodgo
  24. Well... with finishing up the HSC and the ensuing chaos that was the week after I finished, it seems like I haven't been able to have a decent fish since late August/early September. And let me tell you, the fishing seems to have gotten alllootttt better since then! Anyway, onto the report. This is a combined report of a shrt camping trip I did with some mates earlier this week as well as an afternoon session the the day after i got back (caught the fishing bug again!). All fish were caught on my lox 1-3kg rod with a 1000 size reel, 6lb braid through to 6lb leader. Day One at the basin (5/12/16): After setting up our tents it was time to cool off in the water, followed by hurredly running back to grab the nipper pump and collect some nice live bait for the evening. Evening coincided with the low tide, so we walked out on a spit that had formed and cast literally a few metres in front of us into a nice deep hole. Fishing either with a tiny sinker or just a long shank hook, it wasn't long before we were into some fish. Conditions were perfect, although the evening was definately a story of quantity over quality, with only a few fish going legal. That being said, it was a fast and furious few hours followed up by BBQ'd whiting and bream for dinner Day two (6/12/16) would prove to be much more interesting, however for all the wrong? reasons it seems. The nippers were firing and we had what we needed in probably 10-15 minutes. Not long after it was out to the water. First fish for me was a nice 34cm bream which would become my dinner. However, it seemed as though a large stingray or two was lurking in our hole. 5 times over the session we would get the gentlest pull, almost like a tiny whiting. Upon reeling in to check our bait we would discover our hook in half! Quite odd. Whatever was eating our hooks seemed to also be keeping the fish away, as the day was much slower and yielded some old favourites the toadfish and weedfish Overall it was a fun few days that got the fishing bug back into my system as well as giving me some nice freshfish dinners (always a bonus to not fishing in the city). Before I move on, a quick question for the ID experts out there. Throughtout both days we caught a few fish that looked like yellowtail scad, except they were pushing 35cm in length. I've never seen them that large, do they grow that big? Sorry for no pictures, but hte fish had a bright yellow tail, a bucket mouth and oval stipes along the lateral line, perhaps 5 in total. I've only seen bait sized yellowtail before, but these things were monsters, and ran pretty well also. ^ The larger of the flathead caught at Iron Cove Anyway, after ariving back home i felt the urge for a fish, so i headed down to the local iron cove, rod in hand, ready to tackle the bream. Almighty winds were coming through for the first hour or so, so I did what any respectable fisho does and sheltered in the local tackle store. With the wind down and my wallet a fair bit lighter I set off. ind meant fishing from the points as i usully do wasnt possible, so instead i focussed on the small bays and mangeroves around Iron cove (Drummoyne side). This limited my chances of a bream, however i was soon into a small flathead that went roughly 35cm. A couple of suprise whiting also took my gulp sandworm, while a small bream seemed to take a fancy to the zman grub. I also managed a larger flathead of about 53cm before low light made me head home for dinner. Well, that's about it I suppose. Sorry for the long report, I guess im just excited to finally be back and able to fish on a regular basis (and who wouldn't be???). Now, to read all the reports I've missed, I'm sure there's some cracking fish being caught!
  25. I went down to Jervis Bay over weekend with my missus, my brother and some friends. We stayed in a house in Vincentia just next to the south end of Collingwood beach. Fishing was pretty sporadic as I was the only one who's really keen and the others were more interested in sunbathing and drinking. I'm also (admittedly) partial to these pastimes, which could partially explain my relative lack of success. However success is a subjective thing and my weekend was objectively fantastic, so I've got that to take home with me in place of a fish. THURSDAY The first day I tried for beach worms for the first time on Collingwood beach with my newly purchased worm pliers. I'd been looking into how this is done a lot and was looking forward to the results of all my research. As usual, I found out that watching Youtube videos doesn't make you even remotely competent at this understandably frustrating venture. I waved the reeking leg of pantyhose in those waves for over an hour, scouring the water for the telltale "v" of a worm. They were everywhere! I kneel down and hold the bag over the worm and pull it out only to find over and over again a tiny hermit crab waving his little claws at me like he's giving me the finger. Bastards! Nothing left to say. No worms. I was defeated. I attempted to cast a line into the surf against the wind to no avail. I went home with the group to drink my disappointment away with plans to hit the shoreline early the next morning. FRIDAY I'm up early as promised and head straight down to the rocky shoreline that leads to Orions Beach. There's a bloke down there with three rods setup who doesn't look pleased to see me. I walk up the shoreline without a word. I've got some pippies I'd bought the day before for bait and my new 10ft rod to try out. I'm casting a double paternoster rig out but get bored pretty quickly as I haven't eaten anything yet and am in dire need of coffee. I reel my line in and just as I'm packing up I see three dolphins cruise past about ten metres away. Just that was enough consolation for the day before's worming escapade. We head as a group for Hyams beach and I (stupidly) leave the fishing gear at home. Big mistake as there's loads of whiting cruising the shallows while I'm swimming. Decent size as well. We head up to Chinamans and I snorkel around the rocks at the north end spotting more fish that I can't identify in the gloom of the rocks. That afternoon we headed for Moona Moona Creek to swim and flick plastics round in the shallows. This was a lovely place to fish and my brother pulled in a tiny 25cm flattie near the bridge on a 2" bloodworm wriggler. Cheeky bastard got his first fish on plastics his first time trying it! I've been at this for months! I consoled myself with the thought that the whole plan, choice of lure and spot was mine. Another fisho kindly gave us his half dozen or so nippers that he's dug as they weren't enough for what he needed. I couldn't be bothered re-rigging with hooks and sinkers so rigged up a nipper on the end of the small jigheads we'd been using with the plastics. First cast into the little channel that connects the creek with the surf and I'm onto a little whiting. Finally a fish! Beautiful little spot. I love this type of fishing. Knee deep in crystal clear, warm water. Watching the bait fish swim around your legs. Spotting little whiting in the distance. It's magic. SATURDAY We did the Booderee National Park loop walk starting and ending at Murrays Beach. It was overcast all day and the hot weather the day before seemed to have woken up all he flies. We pushed on, swiping at our faces throughout the day. The only respite was swimming. I had a little flick with the plastics around the eastern end of the beach where there's a couple of inlets with over hanging rocks. Really beautiful place but I only managed to get toadfish striking at the lure. There didn't seem to be anything around at all. We headed back to Moona Moona Creek in the arvo and fished till sundown over the runout tide. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was so quiet. It was here that I managed to catch my first flattie on soft plastics. The bloodworm wriggler struck again! I was out almost waist deep when I hooked him and had to walk him into shore to get set him loose. He would've only been about 30cm - I was elated. I inherited a bunch of fishing gear a few months ago when my grandad passed away. He was the one that first took me fishing when I was a kid. I'd not even thought about fishing until he died and my Nan said I could have all his old rods and tackle. We'd always fished with bait when I was a kid, so I was surprised to see some old lures among some of his stuff. Nan said he was just getting into lures when he started succumbing to Alzheimers. I always said that when I finally catch something on them, I'll let it go for Papa. So it was nice to see the little guy swim away unharmed while I thought about my Grandad and all the laughs we had catching fish up at the Entrance together. I know there's no tales of marlin or mahi mahi in here, but I get a kick out of hearing everyone's fishing adventures no matter how successful or experienced they are. Thanks for reading, Niall