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Found 10 results

  1. Headed up with a mate from Sydney to my brothers place at Port Stephens to see if we could find some Yellowfin Tuna We tried to work out what days would be best and decided on Sunday Interesting start to the day with torrential showers first thing in the morning while we loaded boat We could have almost cancelled - and as we headed up the bay from soldiers point the rain kept coming Conditions outside the heads were a bit all over the place but we thought we’d push through and see if it improved We got about 10kms out and things did improve- rain was behind us now and we felt the slop was decreasing so we pushed on - water around 17 degrees About 20kms and lots of birds showing up Some were concentrated and diving in so we thought we would put a spread out and work the area With no luck we decided to keep going We saw a marlin free jump for a bit so the lures go in again No luck 30kms more birds concentrated and diving in one area Again, lures out and we picked up a striped tuna about 7kg We push on - water now 18.9 and we are about 50kms offshore Then we see what we didn’t think we would ever see- small schools of YF jumping and chasing bait - we couldn’t believe our eyes! The shotgun rod goes off And screaming run- after only a twenty minute battle the fish is boat side and we see colour We trade the big net for a gaff when it gets closer Approximately 45kg YF into the boat!! A first for all of us!! Big celebrations to say the least We put the lures out again 15 min later another hit on the shot gun lure! Drops the lure after a screaming run 15 mins later same rod goes off And a longer run and what seems a bigger fish After 25 mins we get the fish boat side only to have it look at our ugly heads and take off again before we could get the gaff near it My friend on the rod is now sweating on whether we will boat this one (The first fish we got the hooks were only just in) Now the fish is deeper again and another 15 mins using the current and the wind we work him back up After some nervous pep talks on being patient and making our gaff hits count we manage to boat this fish!! Approximately 60kg fish!! We are so happy!! One more of the crew- the captain- my brother hasn’t fought one yet so we make it our aim to get another Fish are still jumping but not so much bird activity We troll for another 30 mins No takers- it’s now about 2pm and we have about a two hour trip back so the captain calls it time- I say come on give it ten more minutes 5 mins later two rods are hit and lines are screaming- this time it’s the rods closest to the boat! We get the captain on one rod and I grab the other one Line is peeling and the spools are emptying - my bro manages to slow his fish up but mine doesn’t stop He has his fish close to boat sickles showing in about 10 mins!! We check the drag and it’s like it’s been set for pulling big kings off the bottom! Anyway we get the fish boat side and I have now put my rod with fish on in holder as I got to help with leader and gaffing Just as I’m leading the fish up to gaff it takes off thrashing the hook pulls! But my other mate has just sunk the gaff in!! Rescued! But he’s loses his grip as it’s thrashing and his hand slips down the gaff He’s losing the gaff and the fish as it’s thrashing- and yells out help I’m right there so take a grab at the gaff too and now we both heave the fish in More sheer delight for the crew of 3!! Then it dawns on me- the other rod, the other fish is still on!! This fish has all but spooled me- (I think I have 400m of line out)I cant move it - 50lb braid won’t budge it We decide to gain some line and work the boat back toward the fish This feels much bigger than the previous one We gain half the line- then a couple of big runs and the line breaks - this one will haunt me forever unfortunately. But time will heal We caught most fish in the profidgie lures- but two fish at the end hit a heavy 9inch bullethead pink skirt and a large purple Halco maxi hard body Water blue green 18.9 First fish 45kg Second 60kg Third 50kg We are so stoked to have all caught our first Yellowfin together - not sure we will ever see another day like it We’ve so many trips with nothing and now they have been removed with better memories! Golden memories!! Thanks for reading - get amongst it!!!
  2. Been living in qld from Sydney for a year now and have been fishing and travelling across the South passage bar frequently. We are learning to fish it well and having regular results. There is so much variety here and the fishing isn't as pressured. From our last couple trips we have caught multiple snapper in 12 metres of water and while trolling home picked up a juicy yellowfin. Went fishing again Saturday and kept 12 mahi mahi and let several go all on live bait and soft plastics. They are great fun on light gear on a soft plastic. Hoping for my first Wahoo soon will keep you all posted.
  3. Hi all Looking at upgrading my boat for some serious offshore fishing - off the shelf etc - I have been in a lot of 22-28ft glass boats such as edencraft, Haines etc. but never been in mass produced plate boats. Comparing glass to plate boats in 20-24ft what's the comparison. Have found an ocean ranger 679 HT with all the bells but is two states away. No dealer will let you take a boat for a test drive locally and just seeking opinions in the yellowfin or Stacer aluminum from people who have been in them. Let me know
  4. Finally managed to get out on the boat on Sunday to chase some tuna with the old man. Was slow going, particularly compared to the reports from last weekend, with only two YFT ~10kg called in on the radio throughout the day. However, persistence paid off and we managed to land this beast ~20km SE of Browns late in the afternoon on the troll. Weighed in at over 50kg and almost beat me for height - awesome fish and definitely a new PB YFT off Sydney
  5. My last day fishing was looking a bit misserable but I knew that it would only bring on the fish..We were going out to target the black marlin again but as we headed out things weren't looking the best. We worked the currents and did all the normal things like looking for birds, then we saw a great site........ A massive boil up of Yellow fin.. The first pass we had on the boat 2 good strip tuna, and 2 very nice yellow fin. Lines in again, and away we go... a few more skip jacks and then that sound that everyone craves for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. 1 very big run. After 1 hour10min we get a very big YF tuna boat side guesses were around the 65kg mark and BANG.. The leader snapped at the lure. No time to cry about it lets get back into into it... Birds have seemed to dissapear but we found schools busting up, so a few more 10kg YF and skip jacks and then we worked the currents. Excitment builds as we see a fish come up and make a strike. Quad druple hook up 4 lines go off and we have a mixed bag of 1 YF, 2 mahi mahi and a very nice Waa hoo. The fight was one for a while then the lines crossed and we lost the mahi mahi, then the other one.. Lost the waa hoo at the boat, landed the YF. We continued tildark and managed some great 40 to 50 kg YF with a total of 22 fish for the afternoon. Please enjoy the pics..
  6. Headed out yesterday in search of bluefin / yellowfin and stumbled on these guys We weren't expecting to get our best dollies of the year in winter but we aren't complaining Smallest went 89cm / 8lbs and the biggest 121cm / 16lbs Got all of them on the troll between 2 and 4pm around 5 - 10km west of Heaton's Hill
  7. Two Sundays ago we got up early, headed straight out to Sydney FAD and started trolling right on sunrise. Before we could get our second lure in the spread out a dollie was on. The fish we talking anything and within the first hour we had landed to 6 legal dollies and three 70cm+ stripey tuna. Then the fish just went quiet for a couple of hours even though bait continued to bubble on the surface in every direction. We moved on from the FAD and headed north and shortly after found a 3km area where the tuna were going nuts. Double hook-ups, triple hook-ups, quadruple hook-ups and it didn't stop. For six straight hours we just reeled in tuna after tuna after tuna. Ended up landing 32 stripies (averaging 65 - 75cm), 8 dollies (ranging from 55 - 70cm) and two yellowfin tuna (68cm and 72cm) - kept a handful and threw the rest back to get bigger for next time. When we thought our dream day couldn't get any better - we were wrong. Just as we started to call it a day and head back towards the heads a big dorsal fin popped up right behind our spread. Was a nice 2m+ striped marlin - spent the best part of a minute checking out the short corner and rigger before finally smashing our shotgun lure. The fish managed to take over 300m of line as we quickly pulled in the rest of our gear. We fought the fish for a few minutes but unfortunately it managed to spit the lure on its second jump. While we didn't land him it was still an awesome way to end our best day ever off Sydney. Was looking forward to heading out on Saturday to test some new gear but it's looking like I'm probably better off going big wave surfing.
  8. Headed offshore yesterday, didn’t get out there early, but we rarely do. Wind was not too bad, it was NW and then turned NE 15-20 knots in about 2.30pm. We didn’t see any another boats out there, which was a first in quite a while. Out of the Sydney Heads we travelled NE, about 1 NM past the Whale Fad the water rose from 22.9 to 24.8 and there was massive visible current line running about 5 knots north to south, honestly it was like rapids on the edge. Headed north along the outside of the current line, we got a Striped Tuna and a couple Dolphin Fish along it. The water was electric blue. Autopsied the fish, they were full of small purple Puffer Fish, so we put them in some of our lures and ran a few purple lures to match the hatch. Our lures represented giant Puffer Fish, the ultimate bait huh J. We had fresh Stripped Tuna, Pilchards and Squid in some of the other lures. At around 2.30pm when the north easterly kicked in we decided to head SE towards The 12 Mile for a slightly softer ride. The sun had peeked out from the clouds we had no hook ups for about an hour and half so we decided to add a shotgun lure to our spread to increase our chances. About 3NM from The 12 Mile the shotgun and the long rigger got hit simultaneously. The shotgun line sprung back for a second and unfortunately the line wrapped around the tip of the rod and we got busted off. The rigger rod was bent over hard and the fish peeled off about 100 metres of line before dropping the lure. We trolled around the area for a while and didn’t hook anything else. We continued to The 12 Mile. We did a few laps of The 12 Mile but we got nothing, the water was 25 and electric blue out there. At 4pm we decided to the try The Peak, so we put out 2 high speed lures and trolled there at around 13-15 knots. About 1 NM before The Peak we spotted about 50 Tuna Birds circling, we slowed down to 8 knots and put the rest of our spread out, the lures got smashed straight away. At one stage we had 3 rods bent over and couple of double hook-ups afterwards. We landed 2 Striped Tuna, 1 Yellowfin Tuna and we dropped quite a few fish in all the chaos. It was almost dark after the last hook up so we started punching the boat back into the north easterly towards Sydney Heads. We couldn’t go that fast on the way back anyway so we kept the lures out to the death and we hooked and landed a small Dolphin almost in the dark before bringing all the gear in. It took us a bit over an hour to get back into the heads. Is there still a FAD at The Peak, we couldn’t see one on the mark we had for it? Anyway, get out there if you can, the water is insane, there are distinct current lines and temp breaks everywhere. I am sure there will be a few marlins in that water somewhere and even if you don’t come across any, the Tuna and Dolphin Fish will keep you entertained. Unfortunately I can’t fish for about a week now but I would be out there every day if I could. Good luck to anyone heading out. Peter SB Lures
  9. Finally headed out yesterday after long run of bad weather. Went straight to 12 Mile and immediately upon arriving a big 1m fin broke the surface 20m in front of the boat. Was plenty of bait from 50-100m showing up on the sounder and a number of larger fish underneath and on the sides. After no luck trolling 12 mile for an hour we jigged and caught a few slimmy Mack's (obviously what the fins were feeding on). Changed up the lure colours we were trolling with to those that had the closest colouring with a slimmy mack and continued to the south. Shortly after bang double hook-up - two good sized tuna. Unfortunately the 2 crew by this stage were asleep so by the time they got out on deck the short corner was tangled in the teasers and the shotgun was tangled with the long rigger - ultimately dropped both - soul destroying. Untangled all the gear and continued to the south and within 10mins bang short corner went off - wasn't anywhere as big as the other two but was a nice 5kg striped tuna. Continued to work the area for a couple of hours after that for zeros and then called it quits mid afternoon. Didn't get a chance to drop the slimmys on a reef of the way back - ran out of time - but would have been dynamite for kingies
  10. Our day started with chatter on the radio of Wahoo, Yellowfin and Marlin being caught off Sydney, with no one divulging any info on the whereabouts of little honey hole out on the big blue we continued with plan A which consisted of putting our spread of Scent Blazer High speed lures out at north head and running nor east to the Sydney FAD than to The Hydraulics Buoy and than out towards the bait station, swapping the lures for the chance of a blue marlin. Picking up the Scent Blazer Crew Checking all the gear on the way out through Sydney Harbour As we put in our spread of Scent Blazers and headed nor’ east we were greeted by a slight nor’ Easter and a lazy swell, this continued to easy the further east we traveled. The water started blueish with a tinge of green and 23.0 degrees, after arriving at the FAD the temp rose to 25.6 and blue with a slight current pushing down the coast. Nor' Easter Kicking up down the Harbour!! As we approached the FAD I eased off the throttle bringing the speed down to 7.5 knots, the first pass resulted in a zero, it had no signs off life on the buoy and was looking very ordinary so I picked up the speed and took it up to 15 knots and we continued nor east pulling our high speed spread of heavily weighted bullet head Scent Blazers. I must add they didn’t break the surface once and always held nicely in the water even at speeds of 18 knots. Getting the spread loaded with bait and ready to deploy. a great idea is to match the bait with the lure colour, so you have a green mackerel lure, load it with mackerel. it makes the lure taste and look like the actual bait fish! With the Manly Hydraulics buoy in sight we slowed the boat down to 8 knots and commenced a pass of the buoy, with both the buoys being void of any life we continued east nor east to the bait station. With ears peeled to the radio we listened as we headed east at 15knots dragging our high speed spread. Not long after we came across a distinct current, temp and colour change from green to blue and from 24.5 to 25.6 degrees. Another nice Yellowfin to the Scent Blazer Crew, seems as though the fish were feeding on pilchards because all fish fell to the Scent Blazer Nano Sardine bullet head loaded with pilchards. Not long after passing the change we had a bite on the long corner at 15 knots but the hooks failed to stick. Peter saw a longish fish come out of the water while striking, possible Wahoo? On later investigation we found the skirt missing a big piece from the head down, with the amount Wahoo caught that day it wouldn’t surprise me if it were a Wahoo. In the distance boats appeared and as we got closer we could see they were working the area talked about on the radio, as we approached we could see a big school of Yellowfin, Dolphin fish and Wahoo on what looked like a kill slick. A nice Yellowfin tuna caught on a Scent Blazer Nano in Sardine/Pilchard pattern loaded with pilchard. Our first pass resulted in a hook up on a Nano in sardine colour loaded with pilchard on the shot gun, first fish was a nice little Yellowfin Tuna which was quickly bled, gutted and chilled. This continued till the wind increased and the fish went deep, at one point we let the trollPro sink and when we looked at the footage we were surprised to find how many Wahoo where actually under the tuna!! Unbelievable!! who would have thought the Wahoo were just under the tuna, everyone thought they moved on, clearly not. We worked the area for another hour before we pointed the boat to Sydney. As the wind had created chop the fish went deep so we added a trolling sinker to our shotgun and within minutes we were hooked up again on another nice little yellowfin tuna. I guess being able to change your technique on the fly is one of the advantages of using Scent Blazer Lures, this was proved by simply adding a little bit of weight which got the bite! Perfect hook up in the top of the mouth, the Hook lock system really gives you a better hookup because you can position the hook in an upward position. A beautiful fish made for speed! check out those colours... As we crossed the many current lines and colours changes towards Sydney the bite continued into the darkness with the last yellowfin being caught just off north head!! I’ve never caught them that close and was great to see that these fish will come in close; I guess they will follow the current with depth not being much of an issue. Sydney Sunset, simply priceless!! See more pics and videos at Until the next bite... Tight Lines Andrew SBC