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Found 6 results

  1. A few months back Amy won a random draw cash prize in a fishing comp after some discussion around the winnings it was decided we would go back up north and try and settle the score with some of the uncooperative fish, after a bit of discussion with our fishing guide it was a 2 day January Jack trip. Getting off the plane it was hot and humid and also hot really hot apparently all the ingrediants for good jack fishing. Day 1: after waing every hour to check the clock it was finally time to hit the water our first day was fishing the creeks around Cape Upstart, we started out working the mangrove edges with weedless soft plastic poppers (zman pop shadz) waiting for the tide to drop we could hear the jacks smashing stuff deep in the mangroves, we didn't manage to land any on surface but we had plenty of hits and misses right up to beside the boat certainly got the blood pumping, with the tide dropped our guide suggested a change to weedless plastic paddletails slow rolled out of the nasty structure, it didn't take long to get hammered a 41cm satan to start the trip first fish and already bested a pb a few metres along put a cast at some bream on an overhanging tree the bream took off and the rod loaded up in a serious way as soon as the red flash went past my knees nearly buckled managed to steer him out in to the middle of the creek and a solid slab of satan came aboard 48cm and thick, I've wanted a Jack like this for a long time whilst I was beating my chest and doing some weird dance Amy got her first fish for the trip with a nice blac spot Happiness was high, we kept hitting the snags for some more cod, and Amy gets belted on a perfect cast Amy's first Jack Finished with the first creek we moved onto another landing a few cod, a catfish and a couple of smaller jacks and working some really heavy timber got another nice Jack After quite a few cod the novelty had worn off for Amy when hooked onto something different a nice 40cm GT another first for Amy not long after I was belted by a better quality cod he went mid 40's I'm never disappointed with a decent cod after a bit of a slow period with a few hits but no fish my lue gets chased by some small GT's and suddenly a bigger model charges in and nails it leaving a bruise in my ribcage from the rod butt, it was a scary fight on a tight drag in a small creek and what felt like forever a solid estuary GT came aboard he measured up at 59cm gave me a heel of a scra on 20lb With day drawing to an end thought it couldn't get much better despite woring hard in the heat we had caught some awesome fish Then Amy lets out a yell the fish immediately jumps and we realise it's a barra there were nervous moments but finally the smile says it all although we weren't targeting Amy really wanted a barra, it is closed season so the barra was returned to the water really quickly with that day 1 was done Day 2: We fished the Burdekin river and some small creeks attached to it, the day started chasing queenies and GT's with stickbaits resulting a couple of missed hits and a dropped queenie and Amy jagging a stingray, we decided to head into a small creek, didn't take long for me to get smashed by a solid fish before the hooks pulled, the bait was everywhere and after a few more casts another solid jack to get the day going, Amy put some casts into the same snag and came out with a cracking sized pikey bream we worked a few more trees for a flathead and plenty of small to medium sized cod, then I get hit all I could say was "BIG" the fish steamrolled out into the creek, luckily eventually the monster and came boatside an absolute beast of a cod, he went 53cm working the banks for multiple missed hits and Amy get destroyed by an XOS Jack, a barra comes from nowhere and eats my lure no monster but still my first barra and casts later another for the tally heading out of the creek we saw some small GT's busting bait they wouldn't hit our lures so at the guides suggestion I sun it beneath and cameup tight on another fish when it jumped i realised it wasn't a GT a blue salmon, another fish I really wanted to catch with that we did some mud bank casting to fill in time waiting for the tide catching a few flathead and good quality size, when again I load up on a solid fish and to my surprise another solid jack working a muddy edge the arvo bite didn't happen most likey due to the ridiculously high water temps but Amy did managed a nice GT on surface but it self released before I could get a photo That finished the trip, we tallied up over 40 fish for the 2 days with plenty of variety it was the trip I've always dreamed of having anyone thinking of hitting FNQ in summer just be aware of the heat, it's brutal and shouldn't be underestimated cheers for reading Dave
  2. We headed to Townsville again for another fishing trip this time a 2 day trip with a guide, it was a good deal basically landing at the airport with him there waiting to take us to the lodge catered for us for the nights and transfered back at the end all we needed to do was concentrate on the fishing. The first evening we wandered down to the water only 100m from the lodge for a cast didn't take long for Amy to hook-up to a pelican I'll give them one thing they fight hard. The locals were catching plenty of catish on baits and after awhile finally had a take resulting in a small gold-spot cod, a new species for me, then it was back for a restless night becase of anticipation for the next day. Day 1 we headed to Bowling green bay, water looked amazing and we were frothing at the mouth to get casting We started casting our first spot I had a couple of missed hits before Amy was onto a fish which took a B-line for the timber but she managed to get it back out and in the boat Her first black-spot a nice solid specimen That turned into the story of day 1 we caught loads of cod both black spots and gold spots, I also pulled the hooks on an assumed fingermark on a rock bar and got blown away by an unstoppable beast what the guide thinks was a juvenile groper, the barra ust refused to bite there were hundreds on the sounder with a basic case of lock-jaw welcome to barra fishing, still an awesome day and caught plenty of fish Day 2 we had the option of fishing the upper Burdiken in the fresh and almost certainly catching barra or risk the salt and get the variety and hopefully bigger barra, we risked the salt The wind was howling and it was cold.......... very cold! We started casting a mud ledge and it actually didn't take long to get a bite the fish flew to the surface and right before me was a barra happily throwing my lure at me, I took that one fairly gracefully, the response to the second one that did the same thing was not so dignified After awhile the barra went back to lock jaw so our guide suggested we work some deeper trees which opens up the chance of some other species, again the bite was tough not even the species Queenslanders consider to be vermin would bite, after a few trees I finally had a hit and pulled out a flathead..... not a positive reaction, shortly after Amy got a small gold-spot then I was hit by something far bigger the fish put u a good fight and out came a much better Gold-spot the bigger cod were one of the fish Id gone to QLD to catch We moved to a new tree for the tide change and our guide was confidant the bite would happen we were casting for what seemed like a long time before the place seemed to liven up bait was nervously rushing around and sure enough a hit, at first I thought it was a fingermark but turned out to be a small GT Still happy with the GT desite them being considered vermin in FNQ We kept casting the tree again and again and when it seemed like nothing was going to happen I had another take, it happened fast what I assumed was another small trev suddenly screamed towards the timber leaving me the only otion of grabbing the spool and going for broke feeling everyones tension I pumped the fish up as hard as I could and a fingermark was in the net, some dignity was lost with my reaction but this has been a bucket list fish for me since I was a kid. I think our poor guide took a breath of relief going by how happy I was to catch this fish because it was a tough session. We kept fishing for a couple more small cod and some more barra hits but just couldn't get the barra to play the game. We ended up on the water for 12 hours on day 2. Amy had a really tough 2nd day but she stuck it out and never gave up in true hardcore fisho style, also have to say our guide was awesome, a to bloke who never gave up trying to find active fish for us, I would recommend him to anyone and we'll definetely be back cheers for reading Dave
  3. A couple of weeks ago my fishing mojo was getting low especially after a tough trip to the Nymboida with Amy landing one small cod and me a doughnut. Feeling like I'd forgotton what a fish felt like desperate to land a fish a good mate and I took the kayaks to the upper Nambucca looking for bass which I figured was a sure thing. So after 2 hours of casting with not even a sniff we decided drastic action was needed so we loaded the yaks and headed down system. Found an area I've always wanted to kayak a paddock sized area of old oyster racks with not much daylight left it was a quick launch and straight into it. The whole area is a minefield of barnicle covered posts just beneath the water, and third cast the lure was nailed Not big but a fish, the monkey jumped off my back, kept casting for a couple more ants but there had to be some better fish and sure enough a slightly better fish this whole area is locked drag white knuckle fishing which from a kayak is nothing short of fun and stressful at the same time. Running out of light headed back to the launch site and chucking "one last cast" managed one more bream for the session ending with 7 bream and a flathead for the arvo, fast forward a few days with a couple of hours to spare before work headed out early to the same spot hoping to fish a lot more of the area made the long paddle against the tide to the end of the old racks, started off with a tiny flathead and a treble in the hand casting an sx40 didn't take long to find a bream there were plenty this size working along the bream gradually increased in size punching a cast right up in some nasty structure lure was nailed on the first twitch thinking a monster bream I allowed myself to get excited when it was muscled out into open water only to find a tiny GT not the first or last time I've mistaken one of these guys thinking solid bream The bream just kept coming from around the old racks and around the new ones no monsters but plenty of high 20's to 30cm fish The session ended with 12 bream a flathead and a GT Over the next couple of days squeezed in a couple of quick landbased sessions around Coffs marina and Nambucca for a Silver trevally in the marina and some Moses perch around Nambucca Finsihed off the week fishing around Port Macquarie and Laurieton aiming to put Amy onto some oyster rack bream We started off fishing Laurieton the water was clear and the fishing a bit slow we put in many many casts around oyster racks but we persisted and eventually with a perfect cast Amy is connected to a solid oyster rack bream it gave her a hell of a tussle it's easy to underestimate the power of a bream on a locked drag, Amy certainly won't be again apart from a flathead which found it's way into the frypan it was a quiet session, although I did try and rescue a cormorant I thought was tangled in fishing line but turned out it had been caught and taken by an a massive octopus. Finished off the week with a session on some Hasting's river oyster racks again the fishing was tough but the area looks good and certainly is full of fish we managed a few flathead no big ones but one nice 40cm also found his way home for dinner and a nice little whiting that nailed my lure right up against the oyster trays So with that week my fishing mojo is back hopefully more fish to come soon cheers for reading Dave
  4. Due to some quality grandparenting we managed to get a kid free weekend (no easy feat with 6 kids between us) so there was only one option head west and try and ut Amy on her first Murray cod. Made the drive out to Kwiambal NP the area actually looked a little greener than last time but still dry. The river was looking a bit low but still water quality was good and plenty of water for fishing. We wasted no time getting the yaks on the water and as I promised Amy the whole trip out there was gonna be plenty of yak dragging got to casting starting working along the boulders heading downstream into some tree lined section The water was quite clear with loads of weed, Amy started by casting a spinnerbait and I started with a weedless plastic, about 20 minutes in in a bit of a dream watching the plastic swim over some timber I was woken up by a white flash and a whack on the line after a clean tussle a nice little cod came yakside A nice high 40's mode, always a relief to break the doughnut when cod fishing, Heading for the next pool I offered to drag the yaks whilst Amy put some casts in off the bank, after plenty of casts I hear a yell to see Amy's rod buckled and shouts of excitement, the fish gave her the runaround but with some quality rod work her first cod was landed a healthy 51cm specimen, excited would be the understatement of the century With a fish each, feeling relieved we kept pushing along with lenty of dragging and tight timber and branches to navigate We kept casting hard working some quality structure, saw a couple of fish chase in the clear water to keep the excitement levels up Amy and I both casted a perfect looking log lures landing only about a foot apart, a couple og turns on the handle and my rod buckled over and loaded up on a decent fish, gave me the runaround requirng some fancy rod work and swear words to keep it out of the timber even ended up trying to shelter under Amy's yak eventually he came yakside never get sick of this sight A nice 56cm cod an above average fish for this spot we fished almost till dark and then at night from the bank and early in the morning for some teeth shattering hits and frustrating follows but no more fish for the trip, but we were both smiles from ear to ear when we finished as we caught some cod and Amy got her first cod and saw her first wild platypus (both goals for the weekend) hopefully won't be to long before our next adventure cheers for reading Dave
  5. We headed out to copeton dam for the weekend with the aim to fish, fish and fish some more. I have fished Copeton for 20+ years and it's still one of the few waterways I approach with very little confidance of catching fish. Over the years I've caught lenty of good yellabelly from Copeton but the copeton cod has always eluded me. We arrived just before dark with just enough light to find a campsite by the water on the upper end of the dam (wunnulla bay area) the dam was low at 11.7% but still looked pretty good. We set u in the dark with the aim to get up in the morning and get into the fishing. Didn't take long in the a.m. to get the rods rigged and the kids had baits in the water straight away, and nothing hapened to struggle to lose a worm in copeton to a spangled perch is near unheard of signs were looking bad. Got the kayaks on the water and got into the lure casting Amy wasted no time getting out there We started casting large soft plastics for no result, Amy changed over to a spinnerbait and within no time was hit in some deep timber unfortunetly didn't find the hook, we kept casting and casting trying hardbodies, plastics and spinnerbaits for Amy getting a couple of shortstrikes Atleast the scenery was spectacular as always fished on and off all day into the evening even tried surface for no result Late in the evening the kids managed a small catfish and a couple of spangled perch on worms but otherwise this was a regular copeton trip Basically frustration got the better of me, I'm under the impression I muttered a few curse words about copeton and as usual vowed I'd never return. With Amy away from camp for awhile and me sitting by the fire drowning my sorrows decided to cast a small hardbody on light gear to try and catch a spanglie or anything basically, about 10 casts in it gets nailed by something whatever it was probably a cattie or yellabelly pulled a heap of drag before pulling the hooks, despite the missed fish a bit of confidance resurfaced. With Amy returning I grabbed the baitcaster tied on a chatterbait and started casting again, Amy was just picking up her rod to join It happened so fast, I landed a cast right on a single small tree in the moonlight 2 turns of the handle and it was slammed before I could react line was stripping as I'm deserately trying to turn the fish I'm yelling at Amy to get the torch and lip grips which I immediately thought was premature and I'd just jinxed it, I knew it was a good fish, somehow he steered through the maze of sunken timber and the fish was beached on the edge I could see in the moonlight it was a good fish, once the torchlight hit it i realised it was far bigger than I thought My first copeton cod measuring 92cm I've dreamed about this fish since i was a kid, after a few snaps the fish was carefully placed back in the water and we stood mesmerised watching it swim off into the darkness I stood dumbfounded afterwards trying to get my head around what had happened, copeton messing with my head that was my only fish for the trip but have to say I didn't care Amy spent many hours casting for a few more hits but no fish atleast she's got a true taste of copeton or better still lake misery the next challenge is to crack the metre at copeton cheers for reading Dave
  6. Me and Amy managed a kidfree weekend so what better way to spend it than camping and fishing. We started by heading up into the Nymboi-binderay national park out to cod hole campground on the Nymboida river. I had heard the river was at an all time low and barely flowing so we were pleasantly surprised to find it looking pretty good only slightly down on what it normally is. We wasted no time getting to the water and starting to cast........... and cast............. and cast some more! The fish decided they were going to play haed to get. We ept persisting and finally I hear Amy call out so I go running over (giving myself a fine ankle bruise in the process) to find her with her first cod. A beautiful fish, quickly released, leaving Amy 1 up and bragging rights were claimed Over the afternoon and next morning we saw loads of fish but no action, apart from me getting busted off thanks to my line just snapping which about summed up my Nymboida leg of the trip and solemly swear I'll never buy Daiwa J-braid again and thanks to a backlash from the lure catching a branch on the cast I've replaced it. So with severly wounded pride I drove out of the Nymboida to our trout spot. The creek was a bit low but still looking awesome as ever Didn't take long to find some trout, they were aggressive chasing and hitting the lures it was just a bit difficult getting the hooks to stay in. After several thrown hooks and my patience wearing a little thin finally a fish stayed on and out came nice rainbow. never felt so relieved to land a fish Woring along the creek we kept casting with plenty of hits and follows but the low water making it difficult. Then with a little back cast into a pool out comes a little brown continuing upstream Amy was having a tough session so to cheer her up a bit, I say to her watch this, and call out "Hail Mary" and lauching a cast as far as I can up the creek into a bunch of small pools. The cast landed in a tiny pool and was instantly nailed by a quality brown, the fish cartwheeled over shallow and almost dry rocks staying connected still can't believe I pulled it off it's certainly won me some bragging rights. Amy's tough luck continued the fish just wouldn't stay connected for her including some really solid fish but to her credit she kept casting to add to her frustrations I put a cast in a run after she had puy atleast 10 in it and pulled out a rainbow Amy being the determined fisho she is kept casting and casting with the property boundary getting close she finally had a fish stay connected despite it jumping over and over A nice rainbow to finish the trip, the fishing was tough but I reckon it's the tough days that make you appreciate catching a fish, hopefully some rain in the near future will improve the fishing cheers for reading Dave