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Found 39 results

  1. blindmullet

    Razor Fish Lake Mac

    Hi All, I watched a fishing show on tele on the weekend they were catching Whiting using Razor Fish as bait. I know there are Razor Fish in Lake Macquarie, i have been lucky enough not to find one the hard way yet ie stepping on them, so im wondering where i might find them? Cheers
  2. pugzthugz

    big big bait

    Hey guys, been playing with the idea of doing some shark beach fishing, however, I haven't yet because I have struggled to find bait big enough for sharks. I know salmon are good for sharks but where I am we don't catch many of those. What we do catch a lot of is shovelnose sharks. Are these a protected species in nsw? has anybody tryed using them as bait? Pls let me now. cheers - pugz /
  3. pugzthugz

    bream, bream, bream

    Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  4. pugzthugz

    where to cast?

    Hey, so I've been thinking of going fishing down at the spot in the picture but I've got no idea where to cast. I don't know whether to cast from A, B, C, or D or whether to cast out far or in close. I'll either be fishing some not to great salted pilchards or fishing some freshly collected poddys that I've noticed around B and C. So pretty much, do I fish A, B, C or D and do I fish in close or far away. BTW I've seen someone fishing at D who reckons you get some bream there.
  5. Fishing.Hooked

    Chasing Kings (Help) - North Sydney

    Hey Guys, I'm based out of neutral bay and have been really wanting to chase some Kings. (LANDBASED) I have tried Pillies and a few other bait but realised where l have been going there is a fair few Yakkas. I wanted to know if anyone had ANY great advice on what is the best Rigs / Bait setup to chase them. eg - how to hook a Yakka correctly and what method to use to maximise the length of there life in the water swimming around I really want to land a few good ones before l move on to targeting my next fish. Any advice is greatly appreciated - If you would like to get together and chase a few Kings with me please do so l would love the company!
  6. pugzthugz

    Salted bait?

    There are some very mixed opinions about whether you should salt bait. I was just wondering if anybody here has some opinions about salting bait(mainly pilchards). Is it really that much tougher? Is it worth the effort? Do fish like it as much or even more? I'm just interested because I've had some problems with how soft pilchards are and how they sometimes come off the hook casting.
  7. Bryanb609

    New to fishing

    So basically moved to Sydney few years back. Always wanted to get in to fishing and finally I’ve started. Was fishing down at Greenwich point wharf and surrounding areas. Was using lures then tried some jelly bait fish. Plenty of bites but no luck. Looking for some tips on what I should be using etc. thanks
  8. G'day Fellow Raiders, Just a quick report on this mornings voyage to the rip bridge (St Huberts side) My friend Fiona (Fi) was keen for a putt in the boat before she had to go to work, which gave us about 2 hours on the water. We took the Humdinghy (my boat) to orange grove boat ramp and away we went trying to waste no time. On our travels we saw a police boat getting information from another boat as we putted along with my little 6 horse power, and then ZOOM! off the police boat went straight out under the bridge and towards box head, passed us like we were standing still..Hopefully everyone is okay.? After another 10 minutes of cruising we hit our spot, dropped anchor, cracked a cheeky beer, baited up and away we went. Fi thought she'd try her luck with a squid jig, sadly nothing was taking it. My first few casts brought in a few tiddlers (bream, snapper, trumpeter) you know the usual annoying fish, and then I hooked into a pretty decent snapper which was great fun on 10lb mono zzzzzzz went the drag haha. After a few minutes I brought him in and he was just on legal, I thought maybe in another year you'll be ready, so I let him swim free. Fi finally got her rig ready (paternoster Rig) through a bit of tailor on and out it went. At this point I was boasting about the snapper and a few other fish I had caught, then Fi cut me short......ZZ, ZZZZZZ, ZZZZ, She was into something big. The fight was weird, almost like a big flathead with a shoe attached to it. Fi fought the mystery fish for about 10 mins trying to exhaust the fish before bringing it up to the boat. Finally the head came up, it was a huge flatty. As she brought it up to the boat I put the net around it and brought it in. On closer inspection she had hooked the flathead in the bum!!! I almost fell over backwards!!! hahaha!! absolute wrongtown! haha This was a big big flathead, not in length, but just overall FAT! The flathead only went about 65cm, but it was 11cm wide! This thing had been chowin' down the last few months! Usually we let the bigger ones go however, being the only flathead we have caught in a few weeks, we decided to keep it for dinner. We got 4 big beautiful steak fillets off it and the flesh is a beautiful white colour! Very keen for tonights dinner! Anyway, Thanks for reading Raiders I hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of my report. Tight Lines! Regards, itscaca.
  9. TurtleTown

    Leatherjacket as bait

    Hi, So i had a rather uneventful session shore fishing in sugarloaf bay (middle harbor) with my bait being continually stolen so i downsized to some size 12 long shanks to see what was taking the bait and ended up catching one small chopper tailor, one small bream and two small 15-20cm leatherjackets (all thrown back). I was thinking should i keep the small leatherjackets in the future and cut them up and use them fresh or salt the fillets for future bait? i know i'd eat them if they were a bit bigger but do other fish ? also would it stop leatherjackets from stealing the bait i.e. will they eat themselves?? The only information i can come up with is using them for snapper bait but I'm more after the usual bream, flathead, bigger leatherjackets, tailor etc would they eat them? Dave
  10. MainframeJames

    Slimies & Yakkas vs. Sweep etc

    Hi Raiders, I've been reading through threads about catching live bait and I see a lot of negative press for sweep and diamondfish and pretty much anything else that isnt a slimy or yakka. I think the obvious assumption I can make is that other types of fish don't make good live bait, but I find myself curious as to why. I would very much appreciate some commentary or insight about this. For the purposes of this question I'm ignoring worms, prawns, nippers, etc. 1. For live bait, is the preference roughly slimies > yakkas > poddies? 2. Why is this so, outside of the assumption that it's because they work the best? (It doesn't matter why they work so much as knowing that they do, but enquiring minds and so forth...)
  11. Hi Raiders, Wondering if anyone knows of local shops they would recommend? In the age of internet it's still a bit tough to find ones that aren't a major chain.

    Yabbie Pumps

    Just wandering about pumps. What brands and what lengths, had a lot of success with yabbies as bait but I don't own a pump, I borrowed one from a friend. Thx alot
  13. Hi Raiders, I guess this one is for the novices, i hear so many complaints about no good fish in the hawkesbury and im no professional. I have been succesful in catching quality bream in the hawkesbury on about 80% of my trips these days from a few simple techniques The key for me is not only finding some good structure and fishing the tides but not being afraid to try all the ideas! BAITS - Don't always believe burley is essential, i never use it for bream and have no issues. (it can be useful when the tide slows not in storng current) - dont be afraid to have 4 rods out with different baits. - I've always liked chicken gut when the waters murky (not that aniseed infused crap) if you can find it. the bream seem to become. - In clear water stick to tiny pieces of squid and don't bother with prawns without heads, if it loses the head peel it! - Tailor arent great on the plate, so float a pilchard get one and cut the chopper up. (fresh bloody baits are literally sushi for bream) - I've caught them on everything from the prawns and pilchard, to some dough mixed with peanut butter and a wonderfully presented cube of SPAM - bream are moody fish and they will eat a particular bait over others, i once sat for 4 hours and landed 26 bream on chicken gut whilst all those boats around me at flint and steel caught nothing with their prawns. -Key: Try every bait you can possibly think of till you find what works. As soon as it does add it to one more rod at a time. TIDES - anything that changes more than 1m can be challenging times, in these times you'll find they only bite on the turn of the tide. - turn of the low seems to be the most succesful for me an a few hours either side. - use your time mid tide to catch some fresh bait or have a drift for some flatties. Don't waste it sitting there thinking the bream will bite. Key: Slack Water = Big Lazy Breamies GEAR - I use Shimano Sienna Reels and Raider Rods (2-5kg and 1-3kg) about 150 dollar combos. - 10lb braid with anything between 4-12lb leader depending on conditions. - 4lb-8lb in clear water - (you will lose some fish but boy will you hook more) - 10-12lb in Murky Water or on heavy structure. (Helps when a Jew takes your prawn instead of your livie) - 1/0 Mustad Bait Holders have never let me down, sometimes a long shank helps with presenting baits and is handy if tailor or flathead take the baits - i use a running ball sinker with a swivel and about 1m of trace. It's the most basic rig ever and works like a charm - Enough Lead to keep them down, bigger is better than not enough in the current. Bream do feed of the bottoms, and a grey ball isn't really an eye sore if you know what the bottom of most parts of the hawkesbury looks like. Key: Light as possible but don't give the fish away LOCATIONS - there are thousands of bream in the hawkesbury waiting to be caught - oyster leases, the well known reefs, anywhere where they can get out of raging current in and amongst some protection is a good place to start. But when the tide stops don't be afraid to throw one out away from the structure you're fishing, they'll get out there and hunt amongst the Soapies. Key: Stick to Structure and Hold onTight One Last Tip - don't set your drags too tight, use your hands to hold the spool when you need some extra pressure, your line will knick and tick along the bottom but once you get him up a few metres, its okay to let him run when he wants too. Bream don't run 20m in 5 seconds they use short bursts with all their might. I've seen many fish lost at the boat and that last hard run to survive because the little nicks in the line give way when the drags too tight. Also if a Jew picks up a bream outfit (which im sure has happened to every bream fisho) you will lose it all very quickly. Bream outfits have a tendency to fly out boats as those little graphite outfits could go in a gust of wind. a Screaming run on a prawn or piece of squid in the hawkesbury is likely to be a jew. DONT PANIC. Up Anchor and Haul A*. I caught my best jew of about 8 kilos on 10lb braid and leader and its a great ride. Happy Breaming Everyone Best of Luck, Galini
  14. Colin1980

    Desperately need a Fishing Spot

    Hi Raiders. First time posting so forgive if it's amateur. Been fishing the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Roseville Bridge to Mosman but still no luck. Plenty of bites but all little critters! Does anyone know of a spot I can go where I can catch a size big enough for the barbie? I have a boat but no fancy equipment such at GPS or sounder, just my trusty old boat and rods! I would really appreciate any advice on decent fishing spots Northern Beaches, NSW side but happy to travel a little further for the day. Leaving tomorrow morning with two mates, would be awesome to head to a decent spot. Thanks Raiders
  15. procro

    Liverpool Weir Fishing

    G'day I'll cut straight to it, me and a friend went down to the Liverpool Weir just to kill time and hopefully catch some fish. I wanted to have a go at the bass that lurk around the Weir at this time of the year. I was flicking around a sakata and a shallow diver around the old railway bridge and on the salty side as well. My mate was using prawns and corn to hopefully get a bream or mullet but we got nothing. Have the bass gone already? I was hoping there would be some left in the freshwater section. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go along the georges river at this time of the year to get a bass? - procro
  16. Fernando

    Wanda Beach/Cronulla

    Hi folks, I have been tried to catch at Wanda Beach and other spots in Cronulla and just wondering whether my gear set up is suitable for this area: I am using a single 3/0 suicide hook and a metal pilchard lure (the suicide hook is at the bottom while the metal lure is at the top part) of a 40cm leader tied to a swivel and a sinker (150grams). I use small pieces of pillies through the suicide hook. Hope I can catch tailor/salmon. Yeah, it sounds pretty amateur but I am looking forward to moving on. Thanks! Fernando.
  17. Hi all I was hoping to get some help from you guys. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong as the title implies in regards to beach fishing. Yesterday afternoon (12/1/17) I went to narrabeen beach planning to fish the high tide at 9.30pm. 2hrs either side of the tide. I picked my spot which had a nice gutter about 20mtrs from shore. I set my gear up which is a 15 foot nitro Frankenstein rod with 20lbs braid and 20lbs leader on a shimano Sedona fe 4000 Bait of choice was chicken marinated in garlic and soy sauce (coles) and I had tuna pellets as berley. Fished from 7.30pm-10.30pm with out a bite. There were a few other guys fishing there too, but didn't look like they were catching either. Just want to know if i am doing something wrong? Fufu
  18. Went out early today with @antonywardle in his boat. We launched at 6am to beat the holiday crowds with a plan to head outside to the flathead grounds and drift for bluespotted flatties. On the way out as we passed Box Head we saw a few fish boiling up the water so we decided to troll a couple of lures until we were past the head. We didn't get so much as a nudge and to be honest neither of us have a clue what we are doing when it comes to trolled lures so after a short pass of the heads we wound in and headed on the way. Next stop was a small reef called The Bottles that I had marked on a previous trip that is more or less on the way to the flathead grounds. We did a couple of drifts over that and picked up some yakkas, a slimey mackrel and a couple of small flatties once we crossed the reef. We kept the yakkas and slimey for some fresh cut baits and headed on to the flathead grounds. We started drifting in about 45-46m of water and were quickly rewarded with bites. We caught a heap of flatties pretty much one after the other - but unfortunately all well short of legal. They ranged in size from large mud skipper to about 30cm. Honestly we stopped counting the fish. We pulled one up on almost every drop and once I came up with a double, but all small. We made the call to move out a bit deeper. Just as I reached for my second rod to wind it in it was hit by what felt like a much better fish. Unfortunately about half way up it busted off the hook from the bottom dropper on my paternoster rig. We motored out a bit deeper - around the 52m mark. We started a long drift and for a while there was nothing. Then there were a few smaller flatties. Then I brought up a legal fish - finally we were on the board. Not long after @antonywardle went one better with a couple of really good flatties measuring about 45 and 50cm respectively. We motored up about halfway up our long drift because all the action was in the second half and tried again. We picked up a couple more legal flatties and let one go that was legal, but only just and needed to fatten up a bit more in my opinion. Along the way we also pulled in a heap more small flatties including one that came up with one of the legal flatties and another double header as well. I also pulled in what felt like a huge fish, but turned out to be a 27cm trev foul hooked and coming up sideways (went back). I was fairly surprised as well when I pulled in a 25cm whiting from about 48m of water a couple of kms offshore. Didn't think they would be that far outside and actively feeding. I released that as well, but he did not look too healthy. I suspect they don't handle barotrauma well. I've got a release weight rigged on a handline in my boat, but we weren't in my boat. I could of sworn I caught a tailor as well at about 31 cms which I kept to use as cut bait on a future trip, but no idea where that went as we could not find it when it came time to divide the catch. There was a big yakka that neither of us remembered catching - but I distinctly remember a tailor with its rows of sharp teeth... (did you find that later ant?) At the top of the tide the bite dropped off and we were getting pretty hot and had a very good haul so decided to head back in. All up we had 7 legal flathead and some leftover yakkas for future bait. Because we both stopped counting the small fish we were throwing back I can't be sure, but I reckon we must have landed and released about 30 small fish between us. We also had another 3 or 4 where it felt like a better fish but it got off half way up, plus one around 40cms fish that I lost at the boat when I snagged the end of my rod on my lifejacket as I turned to grab the net off Antony. Still - we had a ball and I took home the 4 smaller fish (one of which Antony caught and kindly gave me) and Anthony took home 3 really nice flatties. All up a great morning out on the water with a fellow raider. Fish tacos were had tonight so my ever patient wife and kids were happy too. Thanks for the company Antony - till next time!
  19. Hey guys, going wisemans tomorrow. any good fishing spot for jews at the moment? and what bait to use, thanks.
  20. Hi all, We are two very keen fisherman who have been trying for the past six months but believe it or not, all we caught in those 6 months was an undersized bream and a toadfish. We know we are doing something wrong but can't pinpoint it, as we have tried different places: Botany bay boat ramp, Beach next to the runway near the Sydney airport, Patonga and we even hired a tinny at the Cooks River and left without a nibble. We tried different bait: squid, prawn, glow worms, regular worms, live crab and soft plastics, and we don't even get a nibble most of the time. We also tried different hooks and sinkers. Are we just really unlucky or are we doing something wrong or going to the wrong places? If so does anyone have any tips on what to do to increase our chances or do have any better spots than the ones listed above around Sydney?
  21. Hi all, We are two very keen fisherman who have been trying for the past six months but believe it or not, all we caught in those 6 months was an undersized bream and a toadfish. We know we are doing something wrong but can't pinpoint it, as we have tried different places: Botany bay boat ramp, Beach next to the runway near the Sydney airport, Patonga and we even hired a tinny at the Cooks River and left without a nibble. We tried different bait: squid, prawn, glow worms, regular worms, live crab and soft plastics, and we don't even get a nibble most of the time. We also tried different hooks and sinkers. Are we just really unlucky or are we doing something wrong or going to the wrong places? If so does anyone have any tips on what to do to increase our chances or do have any better spots than the ones listed above around Sydney?
  22. trigunner54

    Luderick bait

    Hey guys. I've been wondering where people get all their green weed from. I've read that you find it in creeks or drains but couldnt find any after searching in the georges river region. Can anyone be kind enough to pm me a place that has some (wont use alot, only have time for max once a week). Thankyou
  23. trigunner54

    Growing Blackfish weed

    Hi guys, since finding blackfish weed is hard... I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to grow the green weed that blackfish eat as bait in a tub or aquarium. It doesn't really seem hard replicating the ocean environment. If so, can you pleas share the information, thankyou
  24. Hey fellas im chasing some advice on a rod to match to a Penn Spinfisher V. Im looking at getting the 6500, something that can handle decent fish off the rocks or off a boat when the opportunity arises. I already own a Shimano Symmetre and a Sedona in the 4000 size that I use from the beach and off rocks around the northern beaches. I know that the 5500 and the 6500 have the same internals with just a difference in line capacity, will probably look to load around 30lb braid 50lb FC leader on it. Can anyone recommend a MH fast action rod that I can use off the rocks and then also possibly off a boat for jigging and trolling. Main use would be flicking metals and general bait use, pillys, whole squid and strips on gangs. Price range would be between $100-200 depending as the reel will set me back about $200. Cheers.
  25. Hi, Fish Raiders I'm a newbie when it comes to fishing. I've only got one legal size fish in my whole life and i need some advice. I wanted to ask if you can use any type of cheese mixed with Chicken, other than parmesan. Is Brie cheese okay to use mixed with some garlic? Thanks Howe.