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Found 6 results

  1. I read on another thread some are longing for the NT. Just letting you know it’s all good up here. 😎😂
  2. It has been quite a while since my last post - mainly because we’ve been traveling through this beautiful & special country we call home. Out trip took us from Broome up the Dampier Peninsula, to the Gibb River Rd through the Kimberley, up through Kakadu and Litchfield and on to Darwin. We saw so many wonderful places, people and things, and whilst it wasn’t a “fishing trip” as such, there was great fishing to be had along the way. Most of the beaches held queenfish which were hungry for white plastics if we had the luck of the tides. I had a 10ft rod and fairly simple rig 15lb braid to a 25lb Fluro leader casting lures from the shore, and also managed to get out on a few boat trips along the way. Here are a few highlights hope you enjoy seeing them - back in Newcastle now and and am keen to see what the beaches and rocks have in store as the weather warm up.
  3. Just got back from the best holiday you can have a free one . My boss gave three of us a weeks fishing at Mary River Nt It hasn’t been a great wet season and the only booking left in run off was last week but we caught a lot of fish but not a lot of size . Nearly All fish caught on fizzers , drunk mullet and the funniest $5 bargain bin green and yellow frog with spinners for legs . This lure caught the most fish and with hidden hook couldn’t get snagged and that meant always on the right spot in the mangroves . Probably got 20-30 fish each in four days . 83cm biggest with half dozen 70s . The worst part of the trip was getting attacked by bad bugs in Darwin mantra in the stop over on the way back and scratching all week . It was a trip to tick off with a great guide and crocs that were massive in the wild . The only fish we got on the troll was I picked up a 17lb catfish which was a horse .
  4. Just back from Weipa Was a different trip this year as no bait schools or pelagics. Made up for it with barra jacks and reef fish. I caught over 30 barra about a third legal best 70 cm Similar number of jacks.Queen fish to a meter were common and the reef fish joined in for some tasty meals. Fished the beaches a lot as sheltered from the wind even found a couple of nice muddies up in the shallows just a few photos
  5. G'day everyone, I recently moved to Brisbane but this site is so awesome that I see no reason to stop posting on here, I hope it's ok to keep posting reports from up here. Between work and a lack of local knowledge, I haven't been doing much fishing. The school holidays began and me and the young fella were stingin' for a cast. He asked me if there are any Barra down this far but I explained to him that we'd have to head north for about 4 hours. Then I remembered about the Suncoast Barra park I went to years ago and upon hearing about that, my young bloke was going with or without me. We got there with every bit of tackle we have plus a bucket full of live herring that I netted from the river beside the park. We were told that they were still a little bit hard to tempt because the water was still a bit cold but I was confident. They give you the same pellets for bait that they use to feed the fish so we had 2 Bream rods out with unweighted pellets and a 4-7kg rod with a livie on it. The Barra were rising everywhere but they are super smart and can tell the difference between the floating pellets with and without hooks. Frustrating to see them smash the burley pellets but not your bait. It's great that you can use any tackle and bait you like. I sent a livie out and the rod buckled after about 10 seconds. Big Fish! These Barra go hard because they're not lazy freshwater ones that only eat one food all day, they pump saltwater in from the Maroochy river and they eat a range of different things. I had it on for about 5 minutes then it leaped to the air and threw the hook. Looked about 85cm. Next livie went out and got hammered again, after a good fight and some awesome acrobatics, I landed a stocky 70cm fish. It went a little quiet until the clouds came over and the wind changed direction. They started taking the pellets off the surface but the trouble was landing them. We dropped the smaller rods back to 6lb leader to get more strikes but it wasn't easy. After 5 bust offs, my young fella has his first Barra going 60cm. He was stoked. More bust offs followed but it was good fun. My boy put a sinker on and let the pellet go to the bottom and got a big Bream. Dunno how it survived in there with the big boys haha. I got another 2 smaller Barra, 65 and 45cm on prawns after that. A couple of cool things I seen were a huge Jewie come to the surface and eat some berley and also a big Milkfish zip past me at speed with its back out of the water. It was a good day, the fish aren't easy to catch but it's fun to try to outsmart them, they've seen every lure and bait known to man. One thing to note if you ever go there is, the Barra just start to fire up as the place is about to close for the day (5pm) and seeing as the Barra get to 1.2m in here, they can take a long time to land on light gear. I'd hate to hook up to one of these with 5 minutes left, I seen a young guy land a thick 90cm fish on 6lb and it almost spooled him and took half an hour to land. Cool place to go if you don't wanna travel hours up north or ya don't like crocs! Cheers, Dave
  6. Hi Folks, Havent posted these since we headed to the Gulf Last October. Everyone likes to look at fish pics so hereya go. The past 3 years the same group of us have been heading to the gulf and at the end of each trip I just can't wait for the next year. I should learn to take better pics. There is a video of a hook up on someones camera, fish went 1.2m and she played up nicely - better chase it up. 7 days of fishing and it was beautiful fishing every day. 5 fish over a meter. Some great cast fishing and it wasn't our best trip, but the variety of fishing we could pull was certainly entertaining. If I could move my business to FN QLD (just can't do it) I certainly would leave tomorrow. Enjoy the pics, only a few there - the rest are still on someones camera - slackos. Thats me with my biggest 1.15m Dom