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Found 5 results

  1. Gday fellow raiders we’ve been in lockdown for our 6th week here in Sydney and with a 10km radius to travel I’ve got the itch and Carp are the only thing on the radius with a few local ponds stocked with bass. I know bass in dams would hold on the deeper edges but not knowing how to fishing the winter bite where would the best area to find them in a pond if it was stocked with bass? Also lure selection? I know how to fish for bass during the season but if I’m able to find some bass stocked in some local ponds I’m hopeful to catch these brutes all year round! I'm also thinking of heading down to the neapean river to try my chances with Carp as the bass would’ve well and truly headed up river to spawn by now, but I’ve never chased wild carp and with a system as big as the neapean I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on how to catch fish in such a big system I’ll be using all my light gear so gear won’t be an issue, I’ll be using bread and corn with burley in the area also fingers crossed I can get that feeling off a fish after feeling like an inmate for 6 weeks already! hope all my fellow Sydney siders also doing it tough stay strong during these tough times 🙌🏽
  2. Hey there, Looking at going for a fish for some bass this weekend at Grose River near the Trees Adventure Park. Need some help figuring out which lures to use. First time freshwater fishing. Been recommended the following lures so far, and have bought them. Zman Grubz Zman Slim Swimz Zman TRD Crawz Atomic jerk Minnow 65 mid Mepps Agila Decorees Spinner Lure Tackle Tactics Switchblade Lure Any other suggestions for lures worth buying, or will this sustain me, in hopes of catching a bass there. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  3. The second H-N Bass Catch of the season is coming up again over the weekend of February 17 & 18. As always, anyone who wants to fish for bass, provide info to NSW Fisheries and get together with a bunch of friendly bass fishos is asked to register via our website (www.basssydney.com) or you could try going direct via this link to the BassCatch registration form = http://basssydney.com/index.php/hidden-bass-catch-form/view/formAfter you've registered, you will be contacted by our Bass Catch Officer with more details. During the registration process, you will be asked if you want to camp with us at our (free) campsite and if so, which nights (Fri 16th &/or Sat 17th).Bass Catch newbies will be required to attend a briefing either at our club meeting at Northmead Bowling Club on Tuesday night, 13/2/18 or at the campsite during the weekend.Our food is OK, plentiful and cheap - you don't even have to cook after a day's fishing! Raffle prizes galore, the Port Appreciation Club, casting targets, friendly folk... If you want to ask any questions feel free to PM me.
  4. Soon i'll be going on a fishing trip to Glenbawn dam, and camping a few nights. Now, i've fished there before from a kayak, but only casually and with little success, as well as being on a family trip. We've recently got a new 5-6m trailer-boat, and i'm debating about which would e better for a long stay. I know that the trailer-boat can't get amongst the fishy structure, but it can easily go to different spots in a shorter amount of time as well as some far away spots. I'm not even sure if there are any ramps big enough at the dam, though there probably is. I'm also concerned about the sunken debris. The kayak on the other hand can easily weave between the sunken trees, as well being easy to deploy. However, if the fish aren't biting, it takes time and effort to move to a new location. If the wind is blowing, it becomes extremely hard to keep in the butter zone. Which would be better, and are there any specifications in tackle that come with each watercraft? Cheers
  5. Hello Everyone. I have been fishing for years both fresh water and salt water. I feel it's time to seek out some help or even just a summary on lure selection (not the brand, the type, surface, shallow diver, deep diving, popper) and technique/speed for lure fishing specifically for bass. I understand the ins and out regarding their characteristics, where they hide, which types of day is best to fish, common casting targets etc. I have plenty of bass spots locally where I am its more about confidence in selection for me. Would someone be kind enough to provide me with a summary/their experiences in this area, specifically; their experience with surface vs shallow diving vs deep diving vs poppers for bass? If you are using a regular Joe Bloggs rod or a graphite (more whippy) rod and mono/braid? if you retrievals for bass are more or less slow to medium slow - as I understand you don't need to go very fast for them. Again, not after anyone's secrets or strategies just need a little summary for my selections going forward. Much appreciated. PS- I am on a budget of some sort, so I cant purchase the top lures all the time ($6.50 kokodas up to the $15 lures per lure is where I'm sitting).
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