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  1. Hey guys! Ive recently started fishing for bass in the coffs area. So far ive only fished a small section of the orara river ( landbased ). Ive caught a fair few bass in this particular section, average size between 30-40cm. But i am keen to start fishing some different areas, does anyone know of any spots fairly accessible landbased? Im not bothered if i have to bushwalk lol. The biggest issue im running into is trying to find a spot that isn't on someones property.. thanks!
  2. hi guys i am going fishing this weekend for bass and trout at tarana in a little creek near lithgow do you have any recommendations for lures bait and times regards Burto
  3. Had a lot of unsuccess fishing for bass all my life. Fishing wrong times with wrong lures and bad decisions. Decided to knuckle down and think through my approach this time I knew I would catch one and fish at sunrise along banks with topwater just above the Penrith Wier. My mate and I figured that topwater would be especially good because on Feburary 1st the weather prediction was going to be very hot and we figured the cicadas would be really going off. Even though we did not use cicada lures Caught 2 bass but had multiple hits as you do on topwater, probably about 6 each. I was using a
  4. Hi, I’m thinking of chasing some bass up around the Nimbin/Kyogle area, it’s closed season at the moment and I’m looking for some info to put me onto a few Cheers 🍻
  5. Good evening and Merry Christmas to all, Last few weeks I have been smashing the Williams River off Clarence Town, around 50 minutes north of Newcastle. The upper reaches of the Williams has always produced good bass or 'Wild' bass as what the new age anglers call them. To me they are all 'Wild' impoundment or not....Rant over lol. Anyway I have taken the 'bass hole' up the river a couple of times to suss out some spots and study the structure. Average depths I found were about 4 meters but has shallower sections. Due to the wind factor I put it on the troll and we pulled in 8 a
  6. So finishing up some work training Thursday and the weekend off I thought I would take the wife on an adventure north to Lake St Clair for an exploratory mission and a quick fish. With very limited freshwater experience I was stoked the wife hooked and netted a cracker bass off the top all on her own. With only a few smaller rats I was stoked with the result being the first time up there. Today I hit the local chucking vibes and plastic and managed to land a cracker lizard in 8 meters of water on a zman paddlerz, 3/8tt jig head. All up landed 9 Lizards with my mate which were all released.
  7. Hi guys, I’m going to Conjola this weekend and would love to catch some fish while there. Mainly after bass. I’ve looked at porters creek dam on the stocking site. Anyone fished it before. I live in Sydney so I won’t be coming down to steal your secret spots if someone would be helpful and send me some info even via Private message that would be awesome. Cheers guys
  8. Hi There, My name is Andras and I'm a total beginner, I have fished 3 times for now. I catch 2 small Breams at Narrabeen a few days back, but that's it for now. Today i was at the Manly Dam, and I had a great time, what a beautiful place, although have not seen a single fish. I started to google, and I apparently Bass fishing is the main thing up there, but I also heard that in the winter months its much harder to catch one. If anybody has any recommendations, how and what to fish there, this time of the year I would highly appreciate it. I am not strictly looking for advi
  9. Trying to find areas around the southern highlands or up towards Campbelltown way do do a bit of bass fishing, don’t have a yak yet which makes it hard but was wondering if anyone has any ideas of any land base areas to fish, and lure tips as well thanks
  10. Feels like I haven't been catching fish lately, largely because I haven't. I've been getting more and more hooked on fly since picking up the wand 10-ish months ago, and the last few months has seen an increase in donuts commensurate with the amount of dust building on the spin gear. Nevertheless, goals are beginning to get kicked - here are the highlights of a few outings in the last month or so. First, a trip past the mountains to the Coxs and surrounds. Long story short I dropped a few small browns, including one on the bank whilst being schooled by my mate-come-guide. Nick had mo
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if there any spots in Sydney that are heavily populated with bass or ep. I have plenty of plastics and a few soft cicada lures but am just lacking the spots to fish. I have a kayak but am looking for some landbased spots aswell. Thanks guys
  12. G'day I'll cut straight to it, me and a friend went down to the Liverpool Weir just to kill time and hopefully catch some fish. I wanted to have a go at the bass that lurk around the Weir at this time of the year. I was flicking around a sakata and a shallow diver around the old railway bridge and on the salty side as well. My mate was using prawns and corn to hopefully get a bream or mullet but we got nothing. Have the bass gone already? I was hoping there would be some left in the freshwater section. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go along the georges river at this time of the
  13. G'day fishraiders! I'm quite new to freshwater fishing and would appreciate some advice! I'm keen on catching some bass near Penrith and Georges river (fresh water side) using some lures. I read up that Magbass Singlets, Cultiva Mira Shads and atomic cranks are worth a shot (up for more suggestions!). I heard that the weir isn't a bad spot to head to in Penrith and wouldn't mind a few more suggestions. I'm up for some spot suggestions in the Georges river.Near Kentlyn I heard is a good spot I heard. Thanks you taking your time - Thanks procro
  14. Afternoon Raiders, Had a spare few hour this arvo to chase some bass! After having a massively failed attempt last Thursday and a botched coast trip (due to the weather!!! ), I was keen to get into it! I did some re con yesterday, and was set on getting some quality bass. After a short drive, a brisk stroll and a quick game of hopscotch with some of the biggest cow turds I had ever seen, I reached my destination. I walked the river getting a few casts in between trees and small openings with a Hairy Spinnerbait for an hour or so to no avail. Changing it up, I opted for the SP+Spinnerba
  15. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get my old man out doors to throw a line in, I was able to convince him somehow to go on ‘Valentine’s Day’. Or, maybe my mum convinced him that the best gift he could get her was solitude…. Either way it was good to get out. The game plan was that we would be at the Nepean at around 7am, I eventually heard from the old man at around 8. The missus and I packed the car, headed off and eventually met up with him around 9. My dad, (KG as we refer to him as) had a little pep in his step that morning. After recently purchasing himself a new rod he was determ
  16. The 'Gorillas were back in the mist' this morning, introducing a new member of the troop to Bass fishing in Northern NSW rivers. Grant asked me if I wanted to bring my yak down for a morning session. I drove the hour down from the Gold Coast and met him and his new offsider, Matty in the dark at Grant's place. The first challenge is that Matty is a different species... he's orginally from Liverpool where they apparently speak a different language. At least I think it was a different language... I was picking up about one word in three and had the weird feeling that I had somehow ended up in
  17. Yes it’s here! THE ATOMIC VIBE! This 60mm lure will have you wanting to throw it at any Freshwater or Saltwater situation! Coming in rattle or silent options it is available in all the fantastic colours in the Atomic range plus a few ‘New’ colours that will soon be covering every Atomic lure! The unique design of the Atomic Vibe allows it to be worked at high speeds for the offshore anglers and at a super slow speeds for any Freshwater situation keeping you in the Strike zone for a lot longer than other Vibration styled lures on the Market! Check out the release of these bad boys at the AFTA
  18. Anyone have any tips on where to find bigger bass in Manly Dam? I've caught a heap around 20cm... Nothing bigger but surely there must be a few bigger fish in there somewhere Thanks
  19. Hi Raiders Just wondering if there have been any catches of trout since the latest let out of water from Warragamba? Ive been down the weir a couple of times with a week in between but haven't seen a fish!!! I did hear one report that some had been landed (Unconfirmed) but I won't believe it till I see it personally. Cheers PJ
  20. Raiders, I went for a quick fish on the Nepean River after work today. Put the boat in around 6.30 and caught a few bass during 2 hour session. The Brother In-Law got me 5-3 on the scoreboard. Again i used a Megabass Siglett and he was using a Heddon Torpedo. Here is a youtube clip with some of the results. Cheers, Dean
  21. Raiders, I went for a quick fish on the Nepean River this morning and caught a few Bass which was great. Put the boat in at 5.30am and headed upto the Erskine Creek area. Used a Megabass Siglett which did the job. Here is a youtube clip with the results. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDfnpbZNYWQ Cheers, Dean
  22. Coyote and I headed out early on Sunday morning in search of some Sydney sweetwater fishing up a remote arm in Southern Sydney. After convincing one of the wives to drop us off at 5.30 am and the other wife to pick us up at 1pm we figured we'd already had a win no matter how the day turned out. The place we fished doesn't allow any parking within cooee of the river hence drop off and pickup is essential. I tied on a tiemco softshell cicada and 3rd cast of the morning this hard fighting 35cm brute smashed it off the surface. (Coyote was dirty as he hadn't even tied his lure on yet and I had on
  23. It has been said that you could give 1000 monkeys, 1000 typewriters and in 1000 years one of them would come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Well, the same is apparently true of Gorillas. Give 2 Gorillas, 2 fishing rods and in 1000 casts one of them will actually land a lure in the water! Such is the strange behaviour of the nocturnal bass-fishing Southern Lowland Bass Gorilla. To have any chance of seeing one of these elusive creatures, you have to be prepared to become sleep deprived... preferably hungover. It is important to journey into their natural habitat. Areas of the Tweed
  24. Well Raiders due to a busy few weeks I haven't quite had time to put up a report of the trip Basscatcher and I took up (with the new boat) to one of our personal favourite dams Lake St Clair, BUT finally I have pulled my finger out and here goes the report! The first day had us heading up to the dam on the Thursday with an early start to get to the dam for an early arvo first session. With a little bit of local knowledge from a few mates both Basscatcher and I rigged up a few rods with plastics, jerkbaits and surface lures and headed off to a point in the main basin where I had some previous
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