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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have purchased a second hand Minn Kota 55lbs Ipilot. I have installed it on my boat now I am confused as hell about what is the correct wire to run from the battery to the connected Anderson Plug? I have to run a cable approx. 5.4m from the back of the boat to the front, I’ve looked online and Minn Kota say I need a 4 AWG rated battery cable to give the rated power needed. Problem is finding it? All I can find is B&S rating at Whitworths which is different and they couldn't advise the correct one. A 4AWG has a 21.14mm2 verse a 4B&S which is 20.26mm2. I can’t find anyone who sells marine tinned battery cable in 4AWG except in the USA? Please can you guys tell me what size cables you run and where you got them from? So long as they are a similar length to what I need. Thanks
  2. Last weekend I finished my self-sufficient solar setup to keep my batteries topped up during the week. Boat (Quintrex 475 Freedom Sport) has 3 batteries - (1) main starting & bilge, (2) accessories radio and sounder, (3) for leccie on order. 3 panels on the roof, one for each battery. Located roof brackets from Melbourne off fleabay @ $5 each and ran Unistrut as my panel support frame. Each panel feeds into a 10A MPPT charger and then 3 cables sleeved together to the boat charging rig with one slot to spare. Charging rig to batteries connected with 50A mini Andersons for a bit of battery redundancy or swapping if required. May need a 75A for the leccie later.. Cabling to be tidied tomorrow. Wire is heavy duty speaker wire (the good stuff) and terminated on Neutrik PowerCon 30A connectors, on a SS316 plate, housed in a waterproof IP65 box. All connections soldered and finished with triple-shrink for extra piece of mind. Wire coming into the housing is through 16mm glands. I'm going to have to design something for the front cover - maybe a Count morphed Fishraider logo .. .. .. .. .. .. No more wires in or around the boat or charging one battery at a time with the CTek - everything is neatly behind the scenes now. So now when I'm home from my adventures the last task is to insert the connectors and turn, job done. Cheers, TC.
  3. Hi Raiders, I installed a raymarine dragonfly in my coast runner about 9 months ago. But lately when I start the engine after drifting or being at anchor the fishfinder turns off. I was curious if anyone else has experienced this issue before? Could it be because my electrics and motor all run off the one battery at the moment, and start up draws too much current? I have a spare on board and I'm in the process of setting up a dual battery system, as I had an incident at the boat ramp of two flat batteries on launching. Lesson learnt so I now fully charge it before every trip. Cheers and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Stu
  4. Hi Raiders, a couple of weeks ago, I dragged the tinny up from Canberra to revisit one of my old haunts, the Great Sydney Harbour, via Roseville Ramp.It was to be a family day with wife and two boys and everyone was pumped for a good day on the harbour. As Canberra is about a 2 hour trek to the coast, the boat had laid dormant for some time. So I had put on the trickle charger over night and thought she will be right. Got the boat into the water, but not off the trailer, and the engine wouldn't turnover. The battery was completely dead. Curses were uttered, kids began to mutiny. Eldest boy, the 12 year old, stomped off to fish from the shore. Shortly after he managed to land a nice whiting, a bream and a fledgling flattie. Evaluated options with get new battery the only realistic choice. So we called a Brookvale battery mob. I would be happy to pass on their details if anyone wants to PM me. Anyway, they came to the Roseville ramp, with a replacement, fitted it, tested it, and we were able to getaway without any bother. We all caught fish, with my youngest boy (9 years old) very pleased to boat a stonking flounder . The rest of the day was flatties, and smallish snapper. Anyway a great day on the harbour was had by all, after what looked to be a non starter. The message is that if you may charge your batter and think its fine, but it has to have enough charge to crank the engine. If like mine, it had sat in a garage for a long time, and was fairly old anyway, charging it may not be enough for it to crank the engine. So to be safe and sure,check and maintain your batteries well, particularly if your boat has been idle for some time. Tight Lines Dhutchy
  5. tom_125

    Alternator issue

    Can anyone give me some advice? I have been having some battery problems lately with running out of battery I have a 2009 mercury 60hp, I tested the battery after fully charged and it read 12.7 volts and also while running it read 12.7 volts I believe I have an issue with my alternator, does anyone agree and could anyone give me a price range I should be expecting for a new one to be installed?