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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All, After few months of successful fishing in Durras North, I have now decided to spend some time fishing in Tathra. If you have not seen my fishing reports from Durras North then you can see them here. Tathra seems very interesting because it seems fairly easy to catch Salmon above 50cm from the beach and there are some rocky areas on both ends of Tathra Beach that I have not explored yet. Drone fishing has been extremely difficult on Tathra Beach due very strong undercurrents that cause too much drift when you drone-drop the bait a few hundred meters out. I have caught 3 Salmon on Tathra Beach so far (2 above 50cm) and they were all caught by good old fashion manual casting. I plan to spend at least a few weeks if not months exploring fishing spots in Tathra. Stay tuned for video reports in this thread! Here is my first fishing report from Tathra:
  2. Easter Saturday I took my family for a day trip to Soldiers Beach near Norah Head. A beautiful sunny day for beach. While my 3 yrs old Son and my wife was playing with waves and making sand castle I thought to cast a line in the water, but I only had a 6 ft long Rod setup with an old Abu Garcia reel (12yrs old) that I kind of use to catch live baits with a small long shank hook and a tiny little sinker. I thought to myself I won’t get anything with this setup as it’ll be absolutely impossible to cast any farther then a meter or two from where I was standing. I had few sand worm in a zip lock bag and a small bucket in the car. I didn’t have anything else with me ( left my tackle box at home , this is what happen when you don’t wanna upset your partner with your fishing plan but you still have a plan with a small ‘incase’) Looking at the beach and there’s people everywhere but not a single beach fisho. But I still wanted to just have some fun time. So I started , 1st cast I couldn’t feel anything as my line was pushed towards me with the wind and waves, so I started reeling and bang! I feel a little tension and a nice little whiting. Let it live another day. 2nd cast almost the same thing and got a 28cm whiting, now I was super pumped as 2 cast 2 fish only happened in my dream before. Filled up the bucket with water and kept the fish in the bucket. My 3yrs old son was super excited to see a fish and ran to me screaming “ pishinggg daddy ; I wam (want) pishingg”. So I cast again and gave him the rod to hold and to my surprise he started reeling the line like a pro. ( I guess he saw me watching plenty of YouTube videos) and then the biggest surprise he actually got a 32cm whiting ,probably the biggest one of the day. Rest of the day he was busy with his fish in the bucket and let me fish. We end up 8 legal size whiting and let go plenty almost legal sizes. A great day with my Son’s first ever catch.
  3. This was my first attempt at drone fishing and it was rewarded beyond my expectations. I used my Hubsan Zino to fly a Paternoster rig out to about 100m and got a double hookup. I was using defrosted Squid on the top hook and Pilchard on the bottom hook. This area is recommended for beach/drone fishing. See the full video report below with location information:
  4. Hi I just arrived at Nambucca I haven't seen it in the daylight yet.Just wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction to go fishing.I will be land based and esp like fishing beaches.Also would like to catch some worms(i can catch worms just after local knowledge of where some maybe around this area. I'm keen to get some live bait for Jewfish.If there is Jewfish around at the moment? And a random question in case i go ludrick fishing.Do Ludrick freeze okay? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, I'm heading up to Fingal bay for the Australia Day weekend and will be spending a fair chunk of time on the beach, fishing. Just wondering if anyone has been fishing there lately and can tell me what's hot there at the moment and what I should be targeting. Happy to travel to the surrounding bays to fish also. Will be throwing a few lures around as well as bait fishing so any lure/bait tips would be muchly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Daniel
  6. Hi Raiders, I would appreciate if someone could take me along a beach fishing session. I have done estuary fishing, a bit of rock fishing and mostly break wall based fishing for the last 6 years. Haven't done much beach fishing. Following are my information: Name: Tan Location: Parramatta Fishing technique: Beach fishing on bait Availability: Weekends typically Preferred location: Northern beaches, Dee why, La Perouse Gear: I have got a 12 ft rod spooled with 20lb braid for beach. Hoping to hear from someone. Cheers
  7. G'day fellow Fishraiders, I am a newbie here and have just recently started beach fishing along with my cousin TheSillySalmon. I have a beach rod however it is pretty average. I am just looking for some advice on what some of the best rods, reels and other tackles on the market are for beaches. At the moment I am aiming for Aussie Salmon however in the future I will also be trying to hook up some bigger fish like Jewies and other species. All answers are appreciated. Cheers, TheFreakyFlatty.
  8. pugzthugz


    So I'm going to do some beach fishing pretty soon and I've prepared a berley bag. I have been intending to put some fish frames or guts in it but up until now I haven't actually thought about how to get this stuff. Stupid I know?. But how do you actually get fish frames if you don't have any left over from your last catch or how do you substitute for them?
  9. Looking to target some tailor off the beaches with Gang hooks, just wondering if anyone here makes up their own and links them with swivels? if so what hooks e.g. (Gamakatsu Gangsters, Mustad 4202d etc) and swivel brand/size do you use? i feel like it might be a bit of trial an error getting the right hook and swivel combination.
  10. Hi Raiders! I have Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday off this week and not many plans for the weekend. Let me know if you're keen for a fish. I'm up for just about anything other than boat fishing or rock fishing as I don't have my own PFD yet. But if you have a spare and need a buddy count me in! Outside of that I have all my own gear and happy to pick up anything I might need. I'd be really keen to do some bait gathering, whether that's beach worms, poddies, nippers, weed, cabbage.... I haven't done any of it before so I'd love to learn. Flatties have been looking good around the coast the last few weeks and I haven't been after them before, so maybe that's an option. Really, just looking to wet a line with a fellow Raider and anything above that is a bonus.
  11. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  12. G'Day Raiders, New member, first post. I spent a fair whack of time writing this and then lost the whole post when I went to submit! Here we go again... I'm generally land based off the Northern Beaches and rock ledges....Friday eve last week went down to a local spot with the ongoing jewy quest on my mind. Gear was 30kg 12ft rod with 12000 bait runner spooled with 65lb braid and another lighter setup with 30lb braid. Bait was store bought whole bonito, yakkas and squid that had been sitting in the back of my ute for half a day in the hot sun. Get to the spot, set up the heavy rod with 80lb mono leader, snelled 9/0's and a whole yakka. Cast #1: Plunk it out the back around sundown as far as I could with a 110g sinker and whole yakka, drop the rod in the holder and head back up the beach to rig my other rod. My mate gives me a shout and the rod gets some good jolts. Grab it out of the holder, slack line, I reel it in, feel a good weight and bit of thrashing around, see a big splash beyond the breakers in the failing light then all is quiet. Called it for a big salmon with the acrobatics and let the bait sit for a few more minutes thinking maybe he will be back or something else will come along. All quiet so reel in slowly and bottom hook bitten off through the 80lb...... hmmm wasn't a dodgy knot so maybe a stonking tailor, maybe massive salmon or shark. Cast #2: Re rig again with the 80lb mono leader, out goes another yakka, glow stick on the rod tip by now. 2 minutes passes and the rod buckles over with a screaming drag. Struggled to get it out of the pipe holder which was buried deep in the sand due to the tension on it. Finally get it out, put some weight on the thing and "pop" its gone...reel it in mono bit through above the top snelled hook. Only one candidate now must be the bronzies Cast #3: Re rig again with 130lb mono leader, 150lb 7 strand nylon coated wire trace. Same process but yakka on a single hook this time. Plunk it out, drop it in the holder take up the slack and go try to have a chat to my mate about life in general, had hardly got a word in since we showed up with the action. Bang off goes the rod again as hard as cast #2, glow stick flexing toward the horizon and a screaming drag, such a great sight to see. Grab the thing, leave it to finish its first run and start to work it back in plenty of weight in this one. He goes for a second run and "pop" gone again. Start kicking myself and thinking must be a dodgy knot of my doing, bronzies don't usually pull hooks once they are set. Reel in and see the 150lb 7 strand coated trace has opened up at one of the factory loops at the end... not too impressed that it broke way before the 65lb brain and 130lb leader.... thing was brand new out of the pack and bought only a few weeks ago. Might try to make my own in future. My mate is fishing a bit lighter than me with 20lb mono, leaves his rod in the holder, were having a chat 20m away near my rod, see his buckle over, falls flat on the sand and starts flying across the sand towards the water, all we could see of it was the glow stick zipping across the sand! Fastest I have ever seen my mate run he got it in knee deep water and bitten off soon after when he put pressure on. Had a good laugh about that, he almost lost his whole combo never to be seen again. Cast #4 and Cast #5: Same rig as cast #3, get the strikes within 5 mins of casting and a quick run but no hookup, 2 hooks are better than one I think but harder to do with trace than mono Cast #6: Same rig again, strike and drag goes off pretty much as soon as the bait hits the water, didn't even have time to drop it in the holder. Decent first run but less weight than previous hook ups. 5-10 mins worth of to and fro and beached a 4ft bronzie. Was keen for some flake but didn't have the right kit to fillet and transport it properly so back she went, carried in to knee deep water and swam away slowly but surely Cast #7: All is quiet for around 25 mins which is a rarity for the evening, bait comes back in untouched Cast #8: Throw out again this time without the wire, back to 80lb mono. 10 mins passes and get a few good hard thumps that move the rod a decent bit. Not that frenzied thrashing of a bronzie and definitely something with some size to it. Thinking jew but that might just be optimism on my part. Cast #9: Repeat cast 8 All out of bait and time to go. A good fun session, not very relaxing at all but good to get plenty of hook ups. Only one cast out of 9 that didn't get a good strike. Beaches have been pretty quiet for me since July/August last year. Hopefully the warm water is bringing them to life again. What I might have learned out of it; - Went to a beach Ive never fished before, quiet spot with no-one else fishing, not that easy to access and hardly any artificial light visible from the water - Bait absolutely reeked, this might have had something to do with it - As soon as I released the bronzie, the rest of them went off the bite Will get some photos next time. Cheers and good luck! Sam
  13. Hey fellow fisherman, my first post on here as I'm a newbie, can't wait to get into all the action! I've been fishing off puckeys beach there north of Wollongong quite a bit lately with some great success. Last week I went down at about 7am and using some squirt worms I pumped for bait, I bagged some decent whiting! The smallest was 30cm. The only time I've had trouble there is when the current is ripping through, though other than that it's been great.
  14. Hi all I was hoping to get some help from you guys. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong as the title implies in regards to beach fishing. Yesterday afternoon (12/1/17) I went to narrabeen beach planning to fish the high tide at 9.30pm. 2hrs either side of the tide. I picked my spot which had a nice gutter about 20mtrs from shore. I set my gear up which is a 15 foot nitro Frankenstein rod with 20lbs braid and 20lbs leader on a shimano Sedona fe 4000 Bait of choice was chicken marinated in garlic and soy sauce (coles) and I had tuna pellets as berley. Fished from 7.30pm-10.30pm with out a bite. There were a few other guys fishing there too, but didn't look like they were catching either. Just want to know if i am doing something wrong? Fufu
  15. Hi Fishos Thinking of hitting the beach this Sunday morning (20/11/16) but I have a few concerns and would like everyone's opinions Here are a few facts Sunrise: 5.40am Low tide: 7.20am Wind: SSE 6knots Swell: 1.1m Solunar activity: high (tides4fishing.com) Best time to fish: 5.40am-7.40am (tides4fishing.com) (time I'm planning on fishing) I'd be on the beach targeting salmon/tailor with pillies Knowing all this, would you guys go out or save it for another day? Appreciate the response
  16. Hi everyone, my first post here, hopefully in the right spot Off to the Entrance in the next few weeks hopefully. Any tips on shore / beach based spots I could try? I'm looking to stay on North Entrance side, so I'm going to try my first beach session (basic beach fishing rig set up advice welcome!). I may have my kayak as well, so I'm going to go off around Picnic Point etc for a look as well. thanks in advance, I'm getting a lot of great tips already from this forum
  17. Hey fellow Raiders, With such great weather, we decided to go fishing a couple days ago off central coast. There is 2 parts to this report and it included a day of many firsts. We usually drift for flathead but decided we would do something different and troll around in our small boat to see if we could entice anything. Had 2 lines out, one with a halco twisty and the other a skirt, Within 30 secs of trolling we caught a mac tuna and then a bonito caught on the halco twisty and the skirt respectively. This was my first fish caught trolling. We then caught tailor and salmon, when ever we caught a salmon, several of his friends would follow him to the boat. We then threw out a plastic and bang we were on. All the salmon were in the 60-70cm range and VERY fat, they were feeding on schools of yakka. Then for a 10 min period a massive school of salmon were feeding on a school of yakka right underneath the boat. the yakka were literally jumping out of the water and into the boat to get away from the salmon. It was a very surreal experience. I'm not sure if this picture will do it justice. They were taking anything you put in front of them, I literally caught my first fish on a blade, my first fish on a floating minnow, my first fish on a deep diver, my first fish on a popper. All those lures you have in your tackle box and wonder if you'll ever use them were all catching fish. We kept one salmon and gave some to kayakers who were watching us catch the fish and they were really happy. After a BBQ and a break we headed off to the beach at sunset to have yet another crack (after many doughnuts) at some beach mulloway. It was a beautiful sunset and even more beautiful with a rod in the hand. We found a very jewie looking gutter and casted out. We caught a lot of bait sized tailor around the 35cm mark and I decided to fillet one to use as fresh jewie bait since the squid baits were getting demolished by pickers. The fillet went onto 2 snelled 7/0 gamakatsu circle hooks and just as the sun went down the rod buckles over and goes for a run. I set the hooks and bring the beast in. Called it for a jew and in the next wave came up a nice silver ghost. High fives all round , as we picked up a 93 cm slab of beach jewfish. (Another first for me) We also caught another one on a squid shortly after. The jews died down but the salmon kept going and we caught heaps of salmon. At one stage I caught 2 salmon on my paternoster rig which was another first for me. All in all it was an amazing day and an unforgettable fishing experience with many things being ticked off the bucketlist. The highlight of the day being the Jewfish which was my first legal Jewfish, a first off the beach and a great accomplishment. I think the jewie deserves a spot on the Catch of the month competition and will be submitting it in. Thanks for reading .
  18. Hello Raiders, Lately I have been looking at trying some beach fishing and my mate and I are looking up to try Manly beach, picking up some worms and seeing what we get from there. Does anybody know if there are any good spots out on manly beach to pick up some worms, and if there are pippies out there? If you have insight on how to pick up these worms I'm all ears (youtube makes it look so easy!!!!). If any locals see this post, is the northern or the southern side of the beach more productive, and what would I be expecting to pick up (and what rigs should I use)? Im also looking at investing an alvey reel onto my surf rod because it's butt is a bit short. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Happy Fishing KTAN3235
  19. G'day. I have done some beach fishing this year at North Curl Curl beach on the Northern beaches, and I have caught a few things, but have had trouble getting the fish to bite. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to beach fishing Cheers
  20. Hi All, This is my first post. I have just got into fishing in the last six months. I have been fishing off the beach (Collaroy, Northern beaches). I have been fishing for whiting. I believe this can slow down a bit during the winter months. Does anyone have suggestions for species off the beach in the winter months? Baits, rigs etc? Cheers Matt
  21. Hi raiders, I've just picked up a cheap beach setup to give beach fishing a go. It's a cheapo 12' jarvis walker royale gold 5-10kg, up to 90g lure weight with matching reel and line. (contemplating switching out the mono for some 30lb braid i recently picked up at another sale), better to keep it mono? or switch to braid with a big shock leader? Any tips on how to set it up and properly cast it? I rigged up a paternoster rig and went down to the local beach to give it a go and could only manage a cast of 10-20m with the sinker landing to either my left or right. How do i cast this thing? I have no problem casting 50m+ on my 7 foot rod, but with this monster, i'm reduced to looking like a fool with an oversized rod. I've had a look at youtube videos and tried mimicking their actions but still no success Also being based in the southish area of sydney, I have quite easy access to the brighton-le-sands strip of beach, are there any collectible baits there? such as worms, pippies, nippers etc. It looks pretty interesting to be able to catch beach worms, very interested in learning. Any advice? Sorry for the heap of questions but with no beach fishing teacher around, i can only turn to you guys! Thanks, Allen
  22. Haven't been beach fishing since I was a kid, really keen to get back into it but wanna try this time with metal/plastic lures. Types of fish? salmon, tailor, bonito, mackerel, trevally etc most from the surf/rocks Looking at this rod/reel combo Daiwa Crosscast Surf Combo - 11', 10-20Kghttp://www.bcf.com.au/online-store/products/Daiwa-Crosscast-Surf-Combo-11-10-20Kg.aspx?pid=326688&menuFrom=30305#Recommendations Most likely will pick it all up from BCF. Just a few questions I need answered. Mono or braid lines ? If so weight, brand etc ? Best type of rigs for metal lures? Cheaper better rods/reels? also would it be better to go for a 9 - 10' rod for surf/rock? Best metal lures? weight, brand etc Want gear that will last, I've done some research but still want to be sure that I'm getting the best setup for the surf/rocks. Appreciate any advice thanks.
  23. Good afternoon all! My brother and i are heading up to the entrance for a golf tournament this Friday and we thought we would make the most of it and head out for a little afternoon fish once were finished at the golf course. Were new the the entrance area and have never really done any fishing there before. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on where to start? at the moment were thinking of maybe pumping for some nippers and trying in and around the bridge and if that doesn't really produce maybe even try a beach fish with some poppers and pillies? Any advice would be greatly appreciated THANKS ALL!!!!
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