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  1. Hi everyone. New here. I’m planning a holiday during Winter for a weekend away. I’m hoping to get down to Callala Beach to try some beach fishing. Planning to go bait fishing but throw some metal lures too for some tailor or salmon. Anyone caught anything off the beach before? And any tips for a new beach fisher? thank you! A
  2. I hit my nearest sandy beach before dawn this morning. Swell was up a bit, just coming up to the top of the tide. There was a bit of a shore dump and I was not sure where the gutters were, if any. I had a few casts with two Berkely sandworms (50mm) on a paternoster, but got no bites. This is the first time I have tried this approach after reading that some people consider these plastics a fair substitute for live worms. Once there was enough light, I moved down the beach a bit and switched to a Halco Twisty 30g in gold. 3rd cast got a nice tailor. After a few more casts I lost the lure, its leader and a bit of braid right out behind the break, when a knot formed and hung up on a line guide as I cast. That was pretty annoying. I don't like losing gear and particularly hate leaving line in the water. I re-tied my leader and switched to another metal and kept spinning, until the dog walkers and swimmers brought the session to a close. This afternoon, the wind was still quite calm so I went and had a go off the rocks in Ulladulla harbour. I cast a couple of different metal lures for a while, before switching to another gold Twisty. I hooked a small tailor and released it. I also flicked a soft plastic grub around the rocks with no result. I had to leave my spot before I was cut off by the rising tide. Flicking the grub in from the sandy beach in the harbour resulted in a tiny flathead - my first ever fish on a soft plastic. All in all, a pretty good outcome for a work day. I'm keen to keep after the tailor, I'm very new to spinning for them but have come home with a feed more often than not over the last few sessions. The Halco lure seems to work, but I am finding the treble is a bit destructive for releasing fish. Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I just de-barb or would it be better to change to single or assist hooks? Any other lures I should consider?
  3. I love surf fishing how ever I'm still relatively new to it, I usually use beach worms, how ever I haven't caught anything larger than 35cm dart I plan on fishing manly beach and want to catch larger fish but I'm not too sure on what to use for bait and what species are out there, I've noticed that the lagoon is full of small mullet ~10cm, does anyone know how effective they are either live or filleted
  4. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  5. Wanting to start some light surf fishing. Looking for advice on the below outfit: Alvey 600B Surf Champion reel Gary Howard Breambo 5W low-mount rod 10lb mono line
  6. Hey everyone, just recently me and a mate went fishing at a beach in Mosman, whilst we didn't catch many fish it was a great day. So we aren't very experienced at fishing from a beach of any manner, we have tried surf beaches before with no success, so you can see why the day before when we were planning this trip we were doubtful about how this expedition was going to unfold. We decided that if we were going to catch fish we must wake up early so as planned, the next day our alarm went off at 5 am. We tiredly gathered our stuff and made our way to the relatively calm beach. It was a horrible journey with 4 rod-holders and rods, backpacks, bait, footys, etc, however, when we eventually got there we were greeted by a nice fresh day and a sunrise that was - whilst slightly obscured by clouds - quite a spectacle. We quickly and eagerly unloaded, rigged, baited and our rods. We had one legitimate beach rod which we loaded up with a paternoster rig and 3 small 2-4kg estuary rods which we loaded with size 4/0 Mustad circle hooks and running sinkers. We were using servo pilchards which I whole-heartedly mistrust. The first half hour was very slow fishing full of what were either very small nibbles or the swell. Another fisherman set up a little way down the beach, he said that he'd caught a few shovel-nose sharks around about where we were. Just five minutes after talking with him my mate was onto a fish, not surprisingly it was a shovelnose, it had swallowed the hook so we cut the line before letting it go. Not long after - when the tide was approaching high - I saw my rod get pulled out of the rod holder and into the wash zone. I sprinted over and picked the rod up, full of adrenaline I rushed the fight causing the hook to pull. I was very disappointed. While I was rebaiting I looked around and saw my mate's rod being pulled down the beach. He ran over to it and similarly to me rushed the fight and dropped the fish. Before he could have time to rant about dropping the fish I saw my rod being pulled in. This time I took my time fighting the fish and safely landed it. It was a 39cm silver trevally, we had forgotten our phones so we couldn't get a photo. We let this fish go. Just after my mate missed a fish I saw my big rod being pulled into the water with amazing pace, I ran and picked it up. Whatever was on the end was fighting very hard. The drag was screaming. It ran straight for the rocks and after a stressful minute, I heard the dreaded twang of it busting me off on the rocks. We both missed another fish before the bite slowed down. We packed up and headed home feeling both content at our progress into the art of beach fishing and annoyed at passing up so many opportunities of fish. Any advice is much appreciated, we are learning. What fish do you reckon I had? I think it was a kingfish (they are common around this area). Is the bait ok? What is more important tide or time? What tide is best? Cheers - Pugz
  7. Would a rogue blue point 12ft 2 peice combo be good for beach fishing for species such as bream, flathead, shovelnoses, salmon, trevallies or even kingfish? cheers - pugz
  8. Hi Guys, I've been fishing for the last year from wharfs and easy land based areas in the harbour areas and have had some good success and learnt a ton in that time period, however this weekend after long deliberation myself and my mate have decided to go to the northern beaches to have a fish on the beach itself, e.g Dee-why. 1. Can anyone advise a good decent spot to head to 2. Best rig setups and bait to use. 3. Low or high tide preferences ? My outfits for the weekend. Reel: Shimano Stella FJ 5000 (30lb Braid / 50lb Leader) Rod: Daiwa Sandstorm 10'6 (6-12kg) Reel: Shimano Bait Runner 6000D (30lb Braid / 50lb Leader) Rod: Shimano Aerowave Graphite Surf 10ft 5-8kg Reel: Diawa BG 2500 (10lb braid / 20lb Leader) Rod: Crucis 7ft (2-5kg) (Used catching my bait) I would like to thank everyone in advance for your help and advise!!!
  9. Hey guys, just wondering what rig/s I should use for whiting off the beach. I've just got some size 6 long shank hooks and I am using pipi's and sandworms as bait.
  10. G'day fellow Fishraiders, I am a newbie here and have just recently started beach fishing along with my cousin TheSillySalmon. I have a beach rod however it is pretty average. I am just looking for some advice on what some of the best rods, reels and other tackles on the market are for beaches. At the moment I am aiming for Aussie Salmon however in the future I will also be trying to hook up some bigger fish like Jewies and other species. All answers are appreciated. Cheers, TheFreakyFlatty.
  11. There are some very mixed opinions about whether you should salt bait. I was just wondering if anybody here has some opinions about salting bait(mainly pilchards). Is it really that much tougher? Is it worth the effort? Do fish like it as much or even more? I'm just interested because I've had some problems with how soft pilchards are and how they sometimes come off the hook casting.
  12. Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  13. Greetings all, Long time reader, first time contributor. Decided to go for a drive south, and beach fish around Kiama. Arrived in the early afternoon on the low tide, and started fishing with pipis and preserved worms (couldn't be bothered to go beach worming as it was only planned to be a short session). Conditions were quite flat, with water clarity too good for my liking, however an hour of walking and prospecting saw an almost perfect shallow gutter present itself. Within 10 mins of the first pipi hitting the outer sandbank drop off, a nice whiting of 36 cm grabbed the bait and provided excellent sport right to my feet. Two more undersized models followed, after which a school of dart muscled in on the action. The dart fight hard for their size, as they're very effective in using their flanks to avoid being washed up onto the beach like trevs. Anyway, kept the biggest model as I've never actually consumed dart before, so was keen to give it a go. Overall, a fun 3 hours on the beach, and nice to be out in the sun. With the arrival of dart signalling warm water temperatures, I think it's going to be a great Christmas/New year break on the south coast. If anyone is going down the coast for a short holiday, be sure to bring your beach fishing gear! Also intriguingly, the whiting had quite a few hermit crabs in its stomach, possibly a new bait? I know soldier crabs work quite well in the estuaries. Cheers, B
  14. Hi Raiders It's been a long time between posts but I finally got out for 2 fishing sessions this week. Just thought I'd share the result as I know most of us are looking forward to the warmer months especially on the beaches. Headed out armed with a bag of pilchards and some frozen worms both times and was greeted by plenty of hungry bream! The action was a plenty from the first cast, the best results coming in the last hour of the run in tide then all went quiet. A couple of smallish whiting however the bream were all in between 28cm - 42cm. On the second trip I threw plenty under around 30cm back. Only kept the large amounts due to my friends and family asking constantly haha. Great fun though Cheers, James
  15. Just wondering what rod and line I should get for shark fishing from the surf I already have a reel (penn spinfisher ssm 950) I'm thinking about getting some form of 65lb multicoloured braid and I'm wanting a rod around the 10-12ft mark. It will mostly be used for bronze whalers and gummies but there is also the chance of mulloway
  16. Hi Fisho's, Im keen to try my luck with some land based fishing in Sydney for Australian Salmon. I haven't tried fishing for salmon before and want to try some lures out in the surf. Any spots would be helpful. cheers.?
  17. Went up to Terrigal for the long weekend. Had a new light beach outfit I wanted to test out (bought without hubby's permission on Friday night all set for the long weekend) - Stradic Ci4 4000 and Catana Coastal Light (10'6" 3-5kg) spooled with 15lb braid. Got out for a fish on Saturday night with hubby and father-in-law without much luck. We were fishing on the beach side, opposite the lagoon (closed). We were using a mix of soft plastic, pilchard, prawn and worm. There were blue bottles about and there was a bit of a swell. Sunday night, tried the beach again from 6:30pm. Quite a few more guys fishing the same area. Glassy water with small waves breaking. Got my first ever whiting but it was under sized so back it went. Was awesome to christen the new outfit. Got if off beach worms. Getting whiting off the beach is one of my goals this season - along with a kingfish that is legal size. Monday morning, the boys were headed out for golf so I snuck another session in - a few hours from 7:30am. Lots of morning walkers, no fishos. Tried further north on the beach, between Terrigal and Wamberal. A local who lived right on the beach came by asking if I was getting any bites. Told me his favourite bait was king worms bought from Freddy's at Erina. He came back an hour or so later with rod in hand as I was packing up. Within 15 min, he was hooked on to a nice salmon. I actually saw the salmon in the waves earlier. He said it spat out a bunch of white bait. Deadly bait. He was nice enough to give me a bit of worm "from one fisherman to another" - but geez it was longer than my arm in lengh! Aren't fishos the best? Was tempted to re-rig and try the bait but it was getting hot and needed to get home before the hubby found out I snuck out to fish again Hope everyone had a good long weekend and had better luck!
  18. G'day. I have done some beach fishing this year at North Curl Curl beach on the Northern beaches, and I have caught a few things, but have had trouble getting the fish to bite. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to beach fishing Cheers
  19. Ello ello I'm just curious to know if anyone has tried fishing from Newcastle or Nobby's beach's? Any luck? If so what species? I want to get over and try Stockton but travel is somewhat limited at the moment (no licence for now) so I'm stuck with public transport.
  20. G'day, I would like to add a couple of lures to the tackle box when I fish the surf and rocks, to replace bait on the occasions that I haven't got any or it isn't convenient to use. I've used a surf popper on a paternoster rig to good effect in the surf, but looking for lures that require a fast retrieve. I will be sticking with my regular beach/rock setup in terms of rods and reel, hoping to just rig a lure and cast when required. Rods: 13-14ft medium to fast taper 2 glass and 1 carbon-fibre; reel: Alvey 650grbc which is geared 2:1. A new setup is out of the question, at this stage. Any advice on types and styles (targeting whiting/flatties/bream up to sambos/tailor and anything else!!!), casting anywhere from 10m-100m... Cheers!
  21. Hey everyone, I'm heading up to Port Macquarie this weekend and Coffs Harbour the next with a few mates. Never been to or fished these areas so I was just wondering if anybody on the forum could provide us with some tips in regards to landbased (beach, rock, breakwall, estuary) locations for fish as well as some good locations for squid, and tips on what bait to use in the recommended spots. Mainly after tailor, kingfish, jewfish, salmon, bonito, bream, flathead. And anything else that would put up a good fight Cheers, Daniel
  22. Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody can help me out. I am going away this weekend up the Central Coast. Heading to Shelley Beach near The Entrance. Does any body know good beaches to fish from there, or any good ledges? Will be my first time fishing up there and want to make the best of the few days ill have. Any help much appreciated in advance. Cheers
  23. hey guys I'm heading down to narooma/mystery bay this weekend looking for some rocks/beach to spin off for pelagics. Does anyone know any easily accessible spots?
  24. Anyone have any luck beach fishing at Wattamolla beach??. If so what have you caught?. What bait you use and where abouts in Wattamolla beach?. (eg with maps and arrows ) Going there for my birthday i want to catch something xD. ps. Ive seen fish there jumping out of the water.
  25. Hi guys, I am planning on heading down to Meroo National Park, just south of Ulludulla next week for a few days camping and mostly FISHING! I am a keen fisho, but amateur at best. I went down and fished this very spot last easter, in search of a good beach Salmon or Tailor. I had researched and learnt all I could about the best ways to catch these guys. No luck on the salmon in the end, caught a nice flatty and a few little ones, a dart, a small trevally and a rock fish of some description…and a tone of bream from Meroo lake..(thoroughly recommend!) I can’t quite attribute my failure for the salmon though.. I was running two types of rigs. A paternoster rig with a 2x 2/0 baitholder hook and BM 2oz sinker with enough trace to stop it all tangling up. The second rig was a simple running ball sinker 1oz-2oz with 45cm leader into a 2/0 baitholder. Both sets were baited with cut segments of pillies, I did try 3/0 ganged hooks, but never got a nibble… Plus I could never set the hooks right, and as we are camping, the further the trip progressed the softer the pillies became(ice kept melting), they eventually just fell of the hooks. I had spotted a school of salmon about 10m offshore hunting through the waves, cast out into the pack, and not a bite. Similarly, I attempted lures into the same school and not a thing. They were definitely salmon because I met a dude later that avo and he said he had caught two whoppers at that same spot! Bugger!! I fished the gutters, the run-in and out tide, the deep holes and the rips… Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have another 3 days next week to get them, and I am not coming home empty handed! Cheers, Liam
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