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Found 4 results

  1. dogbox

    First Marlin

    After years of trying yesterday we landed our first marlin. After a 2.5 hour fight on 15kg TLD50 we sided the estimated 200kg Blue Marlin in 450 fathoms east of browns. What an epic fish these are after 2.5 hours this fish just didn't give up, while we had it up against the side of the boat it still had way to much fight left in it and while held the bill it thrash us around like we where riding a bull. It manage to wear though the 250 pound leader and break free slowly swimming away leaving us to contemplate whether we where ever on top of this beast or was it just playing with us. While it saddens me that this site will close and my mornings reading posts will never be the same it seem fitting that my last post is about my catch of a life time. dogbox
  2. Got out there late, which is normal for us, arrived at Sydney Heads around midday. Water was great in close 23.5 and really blue so we put the lures straight in figuring the Marlin could be anywhere. Sounded bait everywhere in close and saw big schools of Slimies between 4 -6 miles out. The plan was to troll about 5 miles east of Browns where the current was running at around 2-3 knots and troll along the edge of the current. Trolled pass the Fads on the way out, didn’t pick up anything on them at first with single lures, so we put a trusty lure chain out and did another pass, then we started to pick up fish on the chain. Got around 3 Dollies around The Peak Fad (which is currently about 1 mile south of where it should be). We kept the lure chain out and picked up another 2 small dollies on it on the way to Browns. Got 5 in total, none very big, 2 went just legal. About 2 miles east of Browns in 24.5, we got a hit on the shot gun, I was driving at the time and I didn’t see anything breach but figured it was a marlin, so I free spooled the lure for about 3 seconds, when I pushed the drag back it, it was hooked, a decent Blue. I took the boat up to 12 knots to set the hook and we were on. Took about an hour to land and release. He was decent, I couldn’t hold the rod at times, I was so tired, we kept having the put rod in the holder and I just wound it in low gear while backing up on it, I was so spent on that fish. Not sure how big it was but easily over 150kg. I inspected the other lures after we released it. 3 lures got hit, 2 other lures were scratched and the trace was billed on them. Not sure if it was same fish that billed all the lures or another fish in the spread that we didn’t see. We got the marlin on a Medium Sardine Slant Head, packed the lure with pilchards and yellowtail: The Dollies were all caught on our Ballyhoo lure chain with pilchards inside the stinger lure: Great day out, conditions were great as well. Quite a few boats out there, heard on the radio a few other boats hooking up out there as well, mainly along the shelf or just east of it. A few boats parked on each of the Fads as well. Good luck to anyone heading out over the weekend. Peter
  3. Happy new year all, Heres a video I have put together of my first marlin for myself and my boat just before xmas. It was a Blue and about 120-130kg based on its length. Put on a good aerial for us! Water was 26deg. Tight lines, Shane
  4. We got busted off by a Blue Marlin today about 5NM South West of Browns today at 3.30pm. Just guessing, but it looked well over 300lb, other than that all we got was fat Striped Tuna about 8lb and lost a small Dolphin Fish both of those in closer around 60 metres. My co-pilot was sleeping and I was driving when it struck so by the time we cleared the gear the there was at least 400 metres of line missing on our 50W, there was a massive bow the in line it was leaping around all over the place in the distance. About 200 of line metres went missing, not sure if the line had a nick or it was pressure break due the big bow. For anyone heading on this Saturday: 23 degrees about 2 miles from the heads then gradually drops to around 22 at the 12 mile just inside the shelf it goes back up to around 23.2 and then it gradually gets warmer heading towards Browns and beyond. The warmest water we found was 24.1 which was around 10NM SE of Browns. It was around 23.5 where hooked the blue. Also saw a large Mako cruising near Browns. There is a lot more bird activity in close. On the radio, a couple boats getting dollies around the fads, so they are still around. We might have the Marlin strike on our underwater camera, it hit the lure just left of the camera. Will post some photos in the next couple of days. Might even head out tomorrow, pumped now. Good Luck to anyone heading out. Peter Scent Blazer Lures -