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  1. Got this 65cm bonito on a Halco Outcast 20g near the Harbour Bridge in Sydney Harbour.
  2. With work imposing forced leave, I took the opportunity to fish with the kayak gang during my holidays. I was supposed to meet the guys at the ramp by 6am but I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up late 5:45am! With only 15mins to get ready I messaged the guys that I would be late and not to wait up for me. Made it to the ramp by 6:20 and they were still getting ready, phew. On the way to catch livies we sounded a school of bait in the middle of the channel, a quick drop and I hook just one sardine and the school quickly disappeared. The next few hours we spend ages trying to catch live bait with no luck. One of the guys decided he wanted a head start and went straight to the main channel to chase jewfish and snapper. It wasn't long before we got word he hooked up to a 40cm snapper and undersized jewie. We quickly headed over and started to drift our baits across the channel. I managed to hook a pan sized snapper 32cm on squid, but no luck on the jewfish. One of my mates manages to catch another 2 jewfish on strips of squid but they are undersized and released. We ran into a regular jewfish chaser who told us that kings were busting up further up channel, we thanked him and made our way quickly to the spot. I dropped my squid baits down and hooked a nice Maori Rockcod and many Bigeyes. I caught Bigeyes on squid, slowjig and sabiki, there was no way to avoid them. One of the guys caught a yakka on sabiki only to have a kingfish steal it from under him. About 30mins later he manages to convert a dead sardine into a 69cm kingfish. It took me about 30mins to finally catch some yakkas on sabiki. I send one back down while working the sabiki rod. A few minutes later the rod buckles over and the reel is screaming. Up comes a 67cm kingfish, a keeper which is dispatched, bled and iced. I send another live yakka down and within a minute the live bait rod buckles over and the reel is screaming again. This time a just legal kingfish 65cm, this one is released to grow bigger. I send another live yakka down and it doesn't take long for the rod to buckle over again, unfortunately no hook up. By this time the wind had really picked up and the kings soon disappeared so we moved spots to target jewfish again. Half a dozen drifts I land baby jewfish on squid which released. The kingfish was eaten as sashimi, the bigeye was filleted and eaten as battered fish. The maori rockcod was steamed and fantastic eating, it's such a rare catch for Sydney given how cold it is compared to Queensland. Another great session on the kayak
  3. Went for Reds and ended up catching three Bonnies. Sent two back as not sure how to cook them. Kept one as decided maybe they could be good as Kokoda. Kokoda is fish cubes partially cooked in lemon juice mixed with raw veges and coconut cream. It's amazing. Cut fish into cubes 1-1.5cm. Salt and cover in fresh lemon juice. Leave for two hours. Take 3 tomatoes and remove the seeds and liquid. Do the same to a cucumber or two as well as a capiscum. Cut up super small and put aside. Chop half the red onion up super small as well. Season well. I rinse the lemon juice off the fish and Pat dry. Put in a bowl and add all the chopped up bits. Then add over half a tin of coconut cream. Season to taste. If kids are not involved then red chillies also go well. This is devine and to my delight, works well with Bonito. Kingfish is best but Bonito was very good. Crusty bread and Kokoda, BAM!!
  4. Overdue a catch up with my old mate, who happened to be working from home we decided the new boat would bet he days office with a sunny low 20s temp and next to no wind. a lazy 10 am start saw us pottering around the third runway with no bites and all we got at watts reef was huge rock cod... with the day being so flat and the weather so tame we decided to head out out and past the heads, i set the trolling rods out basically two rods horizontal from mid ships.... let them out 30 metres and with then speedo showing a little over 4 knots we hit the north coast and started trolling without much of a clue what we were doing..... well I see my rod bend pretty hard and we are on... old mate drives us out to sea a bit and the fish fights hard as they tend to and landed at 38 cm sashimi for dinner. after trolling a bit further we decide to drift a little with baits down and my mate lands a cracking bream. Then all hell breaks loose something takes the trolling lure a deep dive that must be just sitting there as the rod bends right over, it takes old mate a good twenty seconds to wrestle the rod out the holder. 30 seconds later and two oh fcuks later and we lost the beast.... a good day out for sure. say a dolphin breach 6 feet away the westpac heli and even Greenpeace looking very dodgy doing some kinda training some questions once you get a hit trolling should you hit this spot by spinning or just troll again? whats some good spots for just outside any tips on trolling should I be faster Etc The Greenpeace guys cheers raiders Josh
  5. The crew decided to have a casual day and stay in close since the word on the marlin was quite. Covered a total of 150km fishing a variety of reefs since fishing was slow and the results speak for themselves. Managed to cook up a nice feed of bonito photo attached below
  6. Hey Raiders so has been a while since i have been able to get out but today was the day. It was also my last chance for a few months to have a good rock session so just had to go. So set the alarm for 4am and after a couple long weeks just kept hitting snooze. Finally crawled out of bed around 4.30 and straight into the car. I had packed everything the night before. Arrived at the spot around 6 and was fishing straight away. Had pre rigged everything and was using garfish and pilles so was nice and easy. Had a couple early hits while still dark and they turned out to be tailor. As the sun started to rise one of the other guys fishing started to get a few hits from bonito. I changed to metals and landed one nice bonito but the hits were sparse at best. I decided to try a coconut rig for the first time and then things went mental. For nearly an hour i was landing a fish for every 2 casts. My aim for the day had been kingies so as i had a good feed i changed back to garfish as we had seen something spooking them. I had about 20 casts for nothing so went back to the coconut rig and 2nd cast landed a kingie. Was undersize so he went back. Caught another 2 small rats so they went back as well. I started to pack up as i was done and one of the other guys said that the bonnies were back so had another crack and landed another heap so gave them our to everyone else. Was such a great day with lots of fish, fresh air and meeting new fishos. Amongst all that i also caught my first Mack Tuna. Anyway will convert the catch to some nice sashimi tonight and some meals over the next couple days Tight lines R&B
  7. Hi Raiders a quick report. Went out of the stones yesterday arvo with the plan to chase bream in the wash. Took the small spin stick just in case and was throwing 25gm lures. Cast for about hald an hour for one good size bonnie. Was good fun on the lighter line. Took a couple good runs. Zippo on the bream though. Threw everything at them just heaps of bycatch which all went back. Was great to be out there though. Very relaxing. Cheers R&B
  8. After moving to the Sutherland shire I don't often get to fish my favourite spots where I used to live on the northern beaches, but I got a chance to fish on sunday morning. I rocked up(pun intended) to one of my favourite ledges at sunrise timed perfectly with a major solarlunar period and an approaching lowtide and started spinning. I started of with a big stick bait hoping to tempt an early morning king fish, after about half an hour I decided to switch to my lighter rod with a home made metal lure on it. 15 minutes later I hooked up but the 16 lb leader was definitely not enough as it snapped as soon as it touched the rocks. So I decided to go back to the larger rod but change the stickbait to a metal. It didn't take too long before I was on again and after a short but intense fight I had the fish almost at my feet, I was licking my lips thinking of all the sashimi I would be enjoying with my daughter, I waited for a wave and dragged the big bonnie (guess between 2-3 kgs) up on to the ledge, but as soon as I did the lure popped out of his mouth and he flipped back in to the water! Can't win them all I suppose, at least I got to have the fight and It has definitely reignited my passion for pelagics. has anyone else got on to the big bonnies lately?
  9. Hey raiders Arrive at the boat ramp at 6am met by a very strong 15-20 knot westerly wind Getting bait was very difficult in these conditions managed 2 squid in 40 mins decided that would be enough as we have frozen squid from previous trips what a hellfight it was getting over the the king grounds with some easily 3ft wind swell from the west arrive at point perp.. and there is no land swell just the wind but heaps of bait and could see the kings following on the sounder was a pleasant day fishing wise horrible wind wise but we managed to catching a total of 14 kings only 2 of that were legal one going 73cm and the biggest one in the photos below going 65-66cm , a sneakey bonito smashed a stickbait on the surface bigger marks under neath the smaller ones but guessing but couldn’t get deep enough before the smaller ones snapped the baits up back to the boat ramp with beers in hand can’t complain with that cheers TdogZ tight lines 19C751DE-E861-440D-A7AF-F9B9A17A703C.mp4
  10. Hey raiders friday arvo -noticed on the drive down there was no wind and very little swell .so by 6pm we were at the boat ramp stocked with squid from the frezzer from the last trip boost over to the king grounds to find there was bait everywhere , squid strips down and the first rod goes off like a freight train! Expect to see a rat king but instead we are met with a 60cm snapper with much excitement I managed to snap my other light outfit by stepping on it, this was followed by 4 other snapper then back to the boat ramp by 7:30 very happy with a hour and half fish Saturday morning- Morning start as usual at the boat ramp at 6am chuck the boat in as I was parking up the car apparently the water all around the boat erupted with splashes, I arrive at the wharf then they pick me up drive about 10m from the boat ramp get the light outfit out with a soft plastic vibe within 5 mins we have 2 bonito on board, dads fish and barely sorted we head over to the bait grounds within 10 mins we had 20+ yakkas the proceed to head over to squid grounds within 30 mins we have 8 squid on board so within a hour we are heading to the kings stocked with fresh bait After a hour or so we found the kings are in quite close to the cliffs every drift we would hook up to some decent models and then boost away into deeper water only problem with this is that we knew the first 4-5 we hooked up to where the bigger kings that unfortunately we would loose the the local seal once he was full we started stocking the boat..in the 3 hours that followed we managed 4 just short of legal kings and 6 in the 70-80cm range keeping 4 and releasing the rest the boys very happy they smashed there pbs cheers Tdogz tight lines
  11. 18th December, I decided to spend a day down at clifton to see how the fishing is, what a great choice it was! Got there around 730 to fish the high tide at 830, 1 dink trevs and that was it. Decided to wait it out and fish later into the arvo. Spoke with another kid who was there with who i think is his older brother or friend, pretty serious anglers they were, stella 8000 rigged for livebaits and a sustain for smaller whateverbites. They had live prawns and were pitching em from the jetty and managed a few very nice bream which went back in the drink, one of which went 37. We chatted while trying to entice some of the monster whiting around there, tried live prawn, yabby lures and worms but the were just not interested(please help if anyone know how to catch these!). Just killing time until finally every went from 0-100 reel quick. Big bust ups withing casting distance and he had the whiting rig still on his ultra-light when he pitched in a pillie chunk, as soon as it hit the water zzzzzzzzzzzz his reel screamed. Being on my mission for first sp pelagic i cast in a slapstick and get bites left right and center but somehow manage to not hook one. The busting stopped and it gave up to help him land his fish. What we thought was a bonito turned out to be a ripper salmon, 20 min fight and he was on the steps. Didn't measure but i estimate around 60, a great catch on 2lb leader and size 12 longshank. Then rocks up a guy with 2 saltigas, starts absolutely cubing like mad and hooks up straight away with a big bonnie he gave away. Then comes a salmon he savagely flips onto the jetty and another bonnie shortly after. During this I fished some weightless pillies for trevs, hook 3 absolute huge fish all around 50 but pull hooks on all of em trying to skulldrag em from under the jetty. I switch over to 30lb leader and a 1/0, bait up a really nice tail piece and I pitch it in to hook up straight away. What I thought was a tiny trev comes straight to the surface with a big stripe across is face and a forked yellow tail. Set the hook a little extra and he realises he's hooked, takes of with a strong run towards the other side of the structure and i run after him. I flip him with my little 1.8m rod and i have landed a very healthy kingfish. He flips 2 and one of his keeps. Stopped fishing after that to head home after a very long and grueling day. Tuesday the 19th, expecting a good day ahead with my mate PATTHERAT we arranged to meet at clifton around 9. I got there 830 and managed a tiny trevor and a dink tarwhine. thats all the fish i ever caught that day. Pat arrives and we begin fishing. All kinds of techniques to no avail, finally we resort to micro fishing. He gets a tiny jacket, the smallest trev I have ever seen and a fish i have never seen before, later identified as a silver biddy. Fishing was very slow and toward 4 pat hooked 4 consecutive little PJs. 28th December I wanted to try my luck with early morning jigging and to get first first fish on the new setup, a stradic 4000 on a raider 742. Get to clifton around 530 and start jigging, bonito bust ups and they keep following the lure but couldn't get them to eat. nothing happens for a long time until the afternoon. Bonito busting again and i cast just past the school and begin the retrieve thinking if I don't get one i swear.. didn't get one. Keep casting well after they stopped busting and on the pause i get smashed, whip m rod up and i feel the hooks dig in. The stradic gets its first smoking, ripped of third of the spool and finally give in a little. Start pumping, get some line back and it starts charging me, winding as fast as I could i get to below my feet and I flip it straight over big bonnie. Nothing for 3-4 hours, so went for a swim and came back to cast a bit more. Nothing so i decide I should call it, my family was with some friends and they had finished their picnic get together so packed up everything leaving just the jigging rod because i still had to rinse it, decide to have one last cast. One last cast straight out in the middle of the bay and mid retrieve fish start busting at my feet, guy next to me pitches in a pillie but miraculously didn't get eaten. I smoked my metal back and jig it infront of me. Watched a silver flash and absolutely smash my lure screaming drag and a very exhilarating fight results in a shorter but definitely thicker bonito. What a last cast! great way to start up the holidays with a few more trips planned, one to the upper hawkes and another to the entrance. If there anyone i could get some help from at the entrance i would be very appreciative, I'm there 8,9 and 10th. Happy holidays.
  12. G'day fellow Raiders, long time reader first time poster (I hope i've posted in the right section, please correct me if I haven't) I've been down Avoca rocks recently (almost every day for 2 weeks) morning and night, spinning metals for Bonito, such as, Halco twisty (15 up to 55 Grams) and a few others which names escape me. I usually throw my bigger rod out with 1.7 metre trace with gang hooks and float with a salted pilchard and leave to sit while I spin off spinners ledge. I have had zero luck! I was lucky enough to bump into Ray R (Top Bloke!), to whom i've met a few times here and there and he was kind enough give me a few pointers although, still no luck. Does anyone have any pointers? Am I doing anything wrong? People seem to be landing Bonito left, right and centre around me, it seems I just don't have "the magic touch" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Raiders, Itscaca.
  13. Went out with two mates to do some bottom bouncing. ran into some big bait Balls busting up on way out to check out the inner reefs. I only had a big overhead combo and my little trout set up (gen back 5'6 1-2kg spotted wiggled + gen black 2000 4pd mainline) so threw on a little 10gm slug and casted it out into the boil and immediately began to be smoked. I surprisingly turned its head after a massive deep run and got some line back before being smoked again haha this went on for a while before slowly managing to wear it out, about ten minutes later had a fat 49 cm Mac tuna boat side. The boys pulled in a nice bonito each which both put up a good fight on slightly heavier spinning gear and I got a legal tailor and dropped a big yakka next to the boat. We Followed the bustups around for awhile longer but they started getting spooky and more timid so we went to find a good spot to bottom bash. Not much action for half hour before my mates rod buckles over and strips line. Good fight and plenty of head shakes later he pulls up a 98cm gummy. fun morning sesh with plenty of meat for a bbq and some decent bait (Mac tuna) that will hopefully be converted into a some flathead/jew
  14. Needed a pick me up this afternoon so decided to visit a spot that a mate had scoped out a while back and recommended unreservedly. I knew it was a serious bush walk in so decided to pack as light as possible and carry only as much as I’d be comfortable carrying back out again. So it was my light bream outfit and half a pack of salted pillies. Mental note, also bring water next time. Arrived just after 3pm and with the exception of a couple of curious bush walkers had the place to myself. Bliss. 12lb braid and leader, unweighted pillie cube onto a number 4 long shank bait holder hook and wait. As always, the first fish on the scene were baby snapper. Then came the baby bream. And then all hell broke loose. Over the next 30 minutes landed 4 bream all over 30cm and had another bigger one bust me off around an oyster encrusted pylon. It was a catch and release day for me so all went back into the drink. After 5pm things had quietened down. The baby snapper were back, along with baby tailor and a few yakkas into the bargain. By 6pm I was thinking about calling it a day, and a good day at that. And then the big boys arrived. Something picked up the pillie and took off like a bat out of hell. Managed to get it close to the jetty and saw it was a rat king. Once near the jetty the bastard took off straight under it and I was doomed. Ran around a pylon and the line parted. Holy crap! First time ever for me hooking a king. Round about now bait starting busting up about 20 metres in front of me. Threw my trusty pillie as close as I could get it. Hit! Another powerful run. Got the fish close again. This time a good size bonito. Under the damn jetty again and the inevitable. I was starting to come to the conclusion that my outfit just didn’t have the horsepower to get these buggers under control. It was starting to get dark, but undaunted I decided to stick with it until I’d exhausted my rapidly diminishing pillie supply. And you wouldn’t believe it, another big run. Another rat king. Another bust off. Well, by now it was pretty clear I’d brought a knife to a gun fight. By 7:30 the pillies were finished. Packed it up and the long hike out began. A fantastic afternoon. I’ll be returning soon with some heavier artillery for the big boys. Tight lines.
  15. Long awaited fishing trip, weeks in the making began at 530 am putting in at terrigal boat ramp. No wind, overcast and swell was sitting on a comfortable 1.2 metres. We set out for Texas reef and got their a hour or so later. Jigging with 180-250 gram jigs were the order of the day. First few trips to the bottom only brought in some pesky barracuda like fish, not sure what they are but there in plague proportions. By this time a number of other boats arrived and it was five of us trying to get amongst the northern peak. We were marking a few fish here and there but they were not schooling and was the odd fish here and there. There was a good show on the sounder but all on the bottom (90m mark) so I don’t think they were kings. Come 11am and we hadn’t seen one boat pull in a king. In we came to a closer reef off the entrance and pros were pulling in Bonnie’s one after the other. We seen one pro pull in 10 Bonnie’s in 2 minutes. We figure it looked good and anchored up in line and sounder was going crazy. Trying to mimic these pro’s we flick hard bodied lures but could only mange 2 Bonnie’s. Not sure what these pros were doing differently but we couldn’t pull them in despite the sounder going nuts. We were running hard bodies of different colours on Fluor to braid into the school, scratching our heads and with angry wife’s at home we called it a day with Bonnie’s on the menu for tea. no kings only a couple Bonnie’s but better than any day in the office
  16. G'day fishraiders, I'm hopefully heading down to Callala bay for a night or so in a few weeks and would like to hit a couple of spots for pelagics. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me. I have a newly acquired 9ft shimano to try out sometime soon!
  17. Went for a quick spin session the other day in the eastern suburbs. Arriving just on first light we StArted with the heavy gear hoping for a king on stick baits. After an hour or two changed to plastics and my mate hooks a good Mack tuna that goes around 55cm. Quiet for a while so I decide to try the shore jigging technique used by a fellow raider. Using my super light 9" 3-6kg set up with 15lb braid and 10lb leader I start casting a 15g micro jig with a nice flutter action. Landed a bonito and a Mack tuna within 15 mins. Both smallish size but good fun on the light gear. Nice technique that I will definitely be trying again. No more hits so called it after a bit. Tight lines
  18. Headed out from Port Kembla with my son for a fish. Trolled some deep diving lures around the Islands for the Bonito and fished Wollongong Reef and North of Port Kembla for the Flathead. Headed back early because my deckie (12 year old son) suffers sea sickness and had to leave the Flathead bitting?
  19. Guest

    Solo session Terrigal

    Put the boat in Terrigal ramp myself this morning. My fishing mate/mentor was busy doing renovations so I was on my own. Water 23 degrees and dirty in close. Despite this I managed a small bonito on the troll. After a few more passes I decided to move. Spotted some surface activity so I anchored up and started casting. Lure wasn't working, changed it. Then changed that one. Then changed again, smash! Pulled in a better bonito. Fish in the esky, first cast I worked the lure and at the boat a MONSTER greenback kingfish engulfed the lure. I set the hook, an initial lull while the fish tried to shake the hooks. Then it panicked. We all know what happens next. ZzzzzZZzzzzzzzZZ! Fish runs out towards sea. Now the drag I have set is tight, a 65cm bonito barely took 10 metres of 20lbs braid. This thing has taken me to the mono backing (200metres plus). Quickly I engaged the electric and started to chase down the fish. After a 5 minute tussle I've got my braid back. Then without warning fish takes a run. PING! Pulled the hook. After regathering myself I kept fishing and managed another two bonito and a tailor before calling it quits. Overall happy, but a bit low about missing the big boy. Oh well, I'll get him next time.
  20. Guest

    PB Bonito

    Headed out to crackneck point this morning from Terrigal ramp. Finally some decent conditions, small swell and water 23 degrees. We kept moving around and spinning different lures and spots. It was hard work! In the end we kept 11 Bonito and 1 tailor between us both. This one is my PB at 65cm and 3.6kg.
  21. Hi all, Went out this morning in hopes of going to the Fad to see if we could get a Mahi. We knew the forecast wasn't great but it was seriously rough. Even the charter boats were turning around. We decided to have a quick troll before going in and picked up three bonito. Sorry I've only got two dodgy photos cause of the slop. Regards, Aeger
  22. Guest

    Broken bay lure fishing

    Hi Raiders, put the boat in yesterday at pretty beach. Took my friend with me as a decky. it was a great session chucking lures. Conditions were ideal, calm waters and bait a plenty. We were really poling them for a while - a fish a cast. We also got 4 doubles (two fish on the one lure). Ended up almost double bag limit on the bonito and a few tailor and salmon thrown in for good measure.
  23. hello everyone, I am hoping for a little bit of advice here on chasing kings and bonito outside of Port Hacking. I am hoping to head out of Port Hacking early Monday morning (weather permitting) and will be fishing between Wattamolla and Bate Bay. Target species will be Kingfish and Bonito. I have tried trolling a few different lures along here in the past with no luck.Has anyone caught these fish here before? if so, how did you catch them? and whereabouts? Also if this fails, does anyone know of a decent drift around here for flathead or a snapper spot thats not too far out? (its only a small boat). Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  24. G'day Raiders, Had a cracking morning out on the water at Botany last Saturday. We woke early and hit the ramp at foreshore drive just on first light... The plan scout out some surface action then try for squid at watts reef before hitting the west of the oil wharf.... And maybe hit up the drums... So we looked around the runway first cast of the bumper bar hit a tailor way too small... With my mate pulling in a juvenile tailor too we decided to head for watts. Disaster strikes and the outboard an old 79 70 Hp will only do 7 knots rather than the usual 28..we stop have a flick at one of the Nav markers and start her up again after a pump of the fuel bulb and crisis averted as the bow rises and usual service is resumed from the evinrude Parking a little runabout over the reef is easier said than done, and what ever I did seemed to take us away from the reef, spotted Scotty Lyons out there in his green boat and and all our manoeuvring seemed to be getting in his way and doing us no good so we ended up a little east of the oil wharf I burleyed up with Pilchard cubes and with 4 rods in the water between us things started to get exciting... We got hit up with some trevally landing 5 keepers between the two of us, then pulling in my bait I got hit like a freight train and spent the next 10 minutes wrestling with a fish before finally netting a bonito which is a first for me. Really lucky To net it as I had foul hooked it in the side.... Still a keeper and an excellent fight. We moved to the west of the oil wharf and anchored a lot closer to it than 100m right in line with 2 other boats... On seeing the road bend, I've gone to reel it in and had another ridiculous fight on my kingfish rod and reel, which seemed about to give out on me, it felt like ages until we saw colour and then realise it's a ray..... It certainly took some line off me had it up from 40 foot and back a couple,of times... It broke off at the last which saved us the effort of cutting the line.... But it was a beast for sure..... To top it all off next fish is a Pb Flattie 60 plus cm which was a good little battle to end the day So there you go raiders not a bad day out
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