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  1. Been a while since my last post. Dusted out the old blackfish outfit with my trusted Alvey 475A. I also have the non swivel model but I suspected some long casts into the wind and this is extra difficult with a centre pin. Normal weed spots were completely bare from the recent rains but I did have some old weed stored in a hessian bag luckily and a weed fly my neighbor made. Tried all around Tom Uglys with nothing. Water was very murky and lots of debris floating out with the outgoing tide. Moved around to Captain Cook bridge and changed to the fly. This was more successful with a couple
  2. @swordfisherman and @nbdshroom often go fishing, here are two videos. shroom does excellent videos of his fishing adventures on his YouTube channel. He is also on facebook, instagram, twitter, TikTok Go and subscribe, follow, view etc on social media channels for his other videos Pete was a moderator for several years on fishraider and he is doing a great job educating and informing about aspects of catching fish on his channels.
  3. Hi, I have been lurking these forums and decided to post for the first time. I want to try to catch a good sized (>1kg) black drummer. I have been trying at a couple of rock fishing spots in Kurnell (Doughboy Head, Potter Point, and Kamay National Park. Also tried Bare Island today) with no luck. I thought I'd check that there are Black drummer at these spots before I commit more time. Are there any good spots near Botany Bay (I live in Rockdale) that I might have more luck with? Since I am here I should also check my gear, rig and strategy is right. I pretty much follow the advic
  4. Hey all went out last Thursday and posted "Botany Bay mixed bag and lost the big one" So we headed out today again in search of some larger kings inside the bay but also with the idea in mind of still catching a feed of fish. So we headed to our usual squid grounds where we caught 5 nice sized squid I was really tempted to keep some for a feed but decided to send them out live. We then bounced around the bay trying to find the baitschools and in-turn the Kingfish we tried the drums and molineaux but it being a weekend there were 22 boats, 4 kayaks and a team of divers there with a few s
  5. I go out Botany or just outside most weekends. Welcome any fishos to come along. Just chip in for fuel and bait. Boat is 30 foot Boston whaler with all you need for fishing and comfort
  6. Hello everyone Time for another video, Nothing as great and fancy as my last video although this one really gets back to basics on how to catch livies, Slimeys and yakkas in particular. I know most of us know how to catch our bait but this is for those new to fishing or new to fishing in Botany Bay. Added bonus some kingy fun at the end including a bust off. As always all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read and watch
  7. Hey fellow fisherman and fisherwoman! I need help identifying this fish I recently caught as it is my first fish I ever caught (I’m still beginner) I caught this fish at La Perouse on the bridge to the island, The size of the fish was between 15cm-30cm. This was caught using frozen prawn as bait. Any tips and places where to fish around Sydney area would be great! Thanks!!
  8. Just a quick little update for you guys, We headed out on the 10th of Feb to Botany, with a plan to catch kingies. Unfortunately the wind was too strong to head outside so we had settle for fishing inside the bay Hit the usual squid grounds to no avail only managing one small candy squid, Then bounced around to all other locations that produce squid, still nothing. Downrigged along the Bare Island Bombie seeing crazy activity on the sounder as we were positioning the boat to anchor, WE HOOKED UP!! The water temp on the run in was at 22. The kingie put up a tough fight on the 50lb gear. He Meas
  9. Decided to go for a bottom bash over the weekend departed from botany and hit the 60m mark. First baits down nice pan sized snapper and few other good reef species. Continued drifting eventually flathead were benign hauled in, some instances 2 at a time. Managed to bag out by 11am left fish biting and back home by 12pm. (Note: fish was caught between 3 people)
  10. Don't forget with the warmer weather and water temps rolling in that crabs will shortly be arriving!! For any of you who are a little rusty Check out this quick informative vid that will have you up and ready in no time
  11. Hey fellow raiders, me and few mates are hiring a boat out of Botany Bay on Sunday, im taking my fishing gear for the morning (obviously) just wondering if anyone had any spots they were willing to share with me, will be happy catching anything and will take a selection of bait and sp's, I'm usually limited to land based so any tips would be massively appreciated, tight lines all round ??
  12. Hey Raiders, with the long weekend around the corner who is going out for a fish? I'm thinking of hitting the botany bay this weekend but looking at the weather it isn't so great on Saturday ( the only day I have free ) arrhhh. question is what is uncomfortable wind /swell in the bay, I'm in a 5.75 tinny with the better half and she is the one that starts to panic if it get a bit rough on the water.. thinking of drifting for flatties and or other species when anchored, seen a report that the trevally is about and about? my other option is to go to Georges river launch from
  13. Hey there everyone, I live in the botany bay area and often fish Dolls point, Sandringham and sylvania. A few times ive been on the bay with friends who have a boat and noticed people fishing Trevally ally (just up from yarra bay) from the retaining wall. I was just wondering if anyone has fished from there in the past and want to know how safe it is. Also any other Botany bay land spots wouldnt fall on deaf ears!
  14. Good day all, Firstly THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post. I'm new to fishing from a boat , and I normally fish inside botany bay, I was wondering what sort of fish is going to be around in the cooler months in the bay. am not asking for exact locations , but any information will help for a hook up. I would like to hook up a few snapper ( if possible) wether its catch n release ,or keepers it works for me , am not out to bag every fish I catch but to have a great time and get a small feed. Thanks in advance Mojo.
  15. After pumping a heap of yabbies yesterday at Maianbar I was looking forward to a day out on the water with the FIL. Up at 5am for a 530am depart & we were under way, just a quick fuel stop first. The usual plan is to head to the ramp behind flower power & travel down the river to the bay, however the gates were locked with a sign that now states they will be unlocked by 7:30am. Ok plan B required, the choice to use picnic point or the George's river national park ramp. Decided on the later as it is a better set up ( even if it costs $8) Arrive & get the boat in the w
  16. Hi Guys, First post on this forum, Went out to fish Botany Bay yesterday, Beautiful morning with wind very minimal and the sun shining. Started off fishing the first run way to see if it will produce any decent table fish but unfortunately it did not, Further then fished the barrels, Kurnell but only produced some small travelly. Finally fished run way 1 again which then produced 2 30cm snapper and a 28cm bream, As the weather changed approaching the afternoon we decided to pack-up and head home. Although the nice day but the wind coming strong later on the bay has been very quiet as the king
  17. Hi Raiders, Im looking for some advice. So a few months ago ive started to get into the artificial section of fishing, so SP's and HB's, and my main reason is for it is so i can pick up my rod and go whenever i had free time (i do love using bait, but the bait shot is annoying out of the way trip). I usually hit somewhere alot botany from endeavour bridge all the way down towards captain cooks ( i never go beyond that), with my main spots being captain cooks, endeavour bridge and dolls point. When i first started with SP's i went for flathead alot, and more or less most of the time i would c
  18. Weird day out at Botany Bay Boat Ramp... Went out to watch the planes land and brought around my fishing gear. Had 3 rods, one with plastics, one ganged on pillies and another on pillie cubes. Wind was ok, the current was quite strong but i used a heavier sinker to keep it down. Started off quite slow, and later the rod with the ganged pillie buckled, and seemed like 4 our 5 head shakes. By the time i got to the rod and reeled it in, all that was left was half a pillie (split straight down its spine.... weird). Anyways rigged up, and a bit later, my smaller rod rigged with the pillie cube got
  19. Decided to go for a reef session off Botany Bay recently and it paid off managed good feed of snapper and other reef species was fishing a patanoster rig in 80m of water using whole pilchards biggest snapper went 60 rest were in high 40s Had a live bait it got smoked and could not stop what ever was on the end got Reefed with 80pound leader!!
  20. So had an hour or so off today and decided to do a quick fishing session out on the Northern Rockwall extending from Endeavour Bridge into Botany Bay (Near the runway), high tide was about 1800, and I got there just about 1.5hr before it. A few anglers were out there although had no luck. I rigged up with S.P. (fire tiger minnow i think on 1/8 jighead) and casted out against the tide (and the 15kt of wind which picked up). Could barely hit more than 10m, else my S.P. flew back into my face. After about 20 or so minutes, I hit a good 45-46cm flatty, nice and fat. I decided to move about, and sa
  21. We went to Botany Bay for a New Years fish with the plan to catch some live bait and then go looking for some kings. The plan almost, sort of, maybe not went to plan. Couldn't bring up the yakkas, bloody other little stripped fish kept on taking them. I was using my 2-4kg rod with 1000 size reel with a bait rig, the ones with the tiny tiny little hooks with prawns the size of my finger nail attached to them, all of a sudden my reel goes off like a freight train, took a least 1/4 of my line just like that, go to get some line back and again takes of like a rocket. It eventually turns back an
  22. What's the Best time for catching blue swimmers crabs in Botany Bay?
  23. Took my co pilot out for a session on Saturday with all the good intentions of getting a Kingy got some fresh dead squid from the bait shop and headed out around 6.30am as we rounded the corner out of the Cooks River entrance we noticed around 3 separate schools of chopper tailor busting up so we had a little fun with those for 30 mins or so then made our way to Molinuex Pt and soaked the squid for an hour or so .We were soon bored by absolutely no action and went back to what we know best flickinlures.I had never really bothered fishing out in the middle with the plastics but we soon discove
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