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Found 12 results

  1. Overdue a catch up with my old mate, who happened to be working from home we decided the new boat would bet he days office with a sunny low 20s temp and next to no wind. a lazy 10 am start saw us pottering around the third runway with no bites and all we got at watts reef was huge rock cod... with the day being so flat and the weather so tame we decided to head out out and past the heads, i set the trolling rods out basically two rods horizontal from mid ships.... let them out 30 metres and with then speedo showing a little over 4 knots we hit the north coast and started trolling without much of a clue what we were doing..... well I see my rod bend pretty hard and we are on... old mate drives us out to sea a bit and the fish fights hard as they tend to and landed at 38 cm sashimi for dinner. after trolling a bit further we decide to drift a little with baits down and my mate lands a cracking bream. Then all hell breaks loose something takes the trolling lure a deep dive that must be just sitting there as the rod bends right over, it takes old mate a good twenty seconds to wrestle the rod out the holder. 30 seconds later and two oh fcuks later and we lost the beast.... a good day out for sure. say a dolphin breach 6 feet away the westpac heli and even Greenpeace looking very dodgy doing some kinda training some questions once you get a hit trolling should you hit this spot by spinning or just troll again? whats some good spots for just outside any tips on trolling should I be faster Etc The Greenpeace guys cheers raiders Josh
  2. Earlier this week, Stewy took me out for a session on the Cooks for Bream and Jews on his Fishraider boat. With us both being avid jew and bream fisherman, that was the plan anyway. We were on the water bright and early at first light and as the day played out, it became evident that the Cooks River would be a hard slog. We managed to catch a flathead (5" jerkshad) and a bream (on his new crab soft plastics which look unreal) before the change of plan to head into Botany bay and have a look around the corner at Molineux Point. Stewy also managed a cod of some variety - probably an estuary cod if someone can confirm. This was taken right at the end of the day. Now about Molineux, there have been reports of rat kings being caught here for the good part of a week (even reports posted here) and so we had our hopes up. The kings weren't busting up and we did work some stickbaits and poppers along a few of the markers on the way to the point. The point looked quiet as we passed by as the kings didn't seem to have gone through yet so instead of sitting down and waiting for them, we decided to go hunt some calamari squid. In short, we caught plenty. Well, Stewy caught plenty and I had to resort to netting them. The green-eyes were firing this morning and by the time I was able to store away the squid, put aside the net and have a cast, Stewy would be onto another sucker. This would repeat many times until we filled the bucket. Every jig we tried, we hooked up but if you guys were wondering what secret weapon Squidmaster Stewy had on, it was a Yamashita 1.8 in orange tiger. I made sure to get the scoop for you guys and I will certainly be getting a few of those jigs. 😎
  3. Hey there, i was wondering what type of line would be best for general bream, trevally and flathead fishing in botany bay. I have a medium 6"6' rod that is 3-6kg. I feel like the line im using now is too heavy I was also wondering if anyone knew any land fishing spots around the bay. I've tried a wharf near capt cook bridge that is full of yellowtail and baby bream/snapper but legal sized fish seem very rare
  4. Hi guys, very new to squid fishing. All the gear and no idea...so I'm hoping this site can help provide some guidance to some safe land based spots to target squid. I live in pagewood so I'm close to port botany, malabar, lapa,....please someone put me onto some spots. cheers jonny
  5. Gday Raiders. Short report from couple days back. Trolled the inside and outside botany fads wednesday 4/1 out of botany hoping to hit a dolly or two. Neg result. Trolled the peak to 12 mile, marked nothing. Water temp gradually raised to 23.4 and we hit a few albacore a couple k's inside of the 12 mile. Best went 85cm / 11kgs. Took her on a rapala xrap 6m diver blue/green/red. But also hooked up smaller ones on black/red surface skirts. Conditions werent great for my 5.5m it was sloppy and my deckie ended up crook so we were back at the ramp by midday. Happy with our tuna, hope the big bulls come on soon!
  6. No markings at the Botany Wide FAD, didn't get any kingies or even hits for that matter at the peak on yakas and no luck trolling today. Plenty of good size tailor in Botany Bay hitting anything and everything.
  7. Hi Raiders, I have been fishing botany bay in an old 79 dehavilland 4.9 m glass runabout. Having spent the last 6 months getting to know the bay and the boat, I am inclined to venture slightly further afield. With 25 litres on a 70 Hp outboard I have limited range. What spots are worth trying if I stick my nose out the heads, which is something I would only be doing when the wind and weather are pretty benign. Thoughts much appreciated
  8. G'day Raiders, Had a cracking morning out on the water at Botany last Saturday. We woke early and hit the ramp at foreshore drive just on first light... The plan scout out some surface action then try for squid at watts reef before hitting the west of the oil wharf.... And maybe hit up the drums... So we looked around the runway first cast of the bumper bar hit a tailor way too small... With my mate pulling in a juvenile tailor too we decided to head for watts. Disaster strikes and the outboard an old 79 70 Hp will only do 7 knots rather than the usual 28..we stop have a flick at one of the Nav markers and start her up again after a pump of the fuel bulb and crisis averted as the bow rises and usual service is resumed from the evinrude Parking a little runabout over the reef is easier said than done, and what ever I did seemed to take us away from the reef, spotted Scotty Lyons out there in his green boat and and all our manoeuvring seemed to be getting in his way and doing us no good so we ended up a little east of the oil wharf I burleyed up with Pilchard cubes and with 4 rods in the water between us things started to get exciting... We got hit up with some trevally landing 5 keepers between the two of us, then pulling in my bait I got hit like a freight train and spent the next 10 minutes wrestling with a fish before finally netting a bonito which is a first for me. Really lucky To net it as I had foul hooked it in the side.... Still a keeper and an excellent fight. We moved to the west of the oil wharf and anchored a lot closer to it than 100m right in line with 2 other boats... On seeing the road bend, I've gone to reel it in and had another ridiculous fight on my kingfish rod and reel, which seemed about to give out on me, it felt like ages until we saw colour and then realise it's a ray..... It certainly took some line off me had it up from 40 foot and back a couple,of times... It broke off at the last which saved us the effort of cutting the line.... But it was a beast for sure..... To top it all off next fish is a Pb Flattie 60 plus cm which was a good little battle to end the day So there you go raiders not a bad day out
  9. Hello Fellow Raiders, My friend and I are looking to do a solid day on SP's, only problem is, we have not had much experience on them, seldomly hooking one up for a shot in the dark when our baited rigs are not providing results. Our success rates extends to maybe a 15cm snapper or bream (if we're lucky). We plan on going out on either Monday (weather permitting) and/or Friday in this coming week and trying out a new rig using only SP's. We were just wondering if anybody know of any solid land-based spots in the Sydney area (we live near the Botany/Port Hacking Region but willing to do a small drive further out) which have solid hits with SP's specifically targeting bream and flatty's. Also since we are relatively amateur with SP's, does anybody have any tips on specific jigging techniques, rigs, or what sort of SP's to use for flatty's or breams given weather and lighting conditions etc. Any insight would be appreciated. Happy Fishing Raiders
  10. Hi Guys, Went out Saturday 26th for a quick squid session, used 2.5 - 3.0 Yamashita bright coloured and natural coloured jigs, we managed nothing for two hours straight so we packed up and went home for the night. I was wondering if anyone has any different techniques for this area that I could try next time? Tight Lines Zac
  11. Made the early decision on Sunday to troll Molly Point as there was little surface action that we could find in the Bay. After 2 passes and a big dounut the decision was made to bring in the lures and come up with a new plan. That's when bringing the last lure to the boat I saw some silver flashes. Kings!!!! Threw in the lure again and this time imparted some more action on it. Bang!!! As I was bringing the first one in my mate throws out another lure and it's hit hard. End up with two in the boat. Under size but sure good fun on light gear. Sure that there were some bigger kings in the school that would have been keepers. Lots of bait on the sounder too. Couldn't get anymore to bite after that. Still, first kings of the season in the new boat. Got to be happy. Saw a couple of other hook ups by people anchored up. Off the water by 10am.
  12. After 1 week off , we are back fishing sunday 24th. Trying to get my 2 deckies onto some kings. Squid wasn't as straight forward as previous weeks but we got 7 . The fish came on at spot A and a few other boats were also into the action,ie. Quintrex480 was onto a decent king and was driving towards NZ to tire it out. After We landed a keeper, all of sudden those pesky spear fishos turn up and swam around the spot we hooked up. They scared away all the fish. Anyways we moved onto spot B and got another keeper ,a handful of rats and a bonny jumped onto my Xrap. Guess who showed up? another spear fisho. :/ whats the difference between a leather jacket and a spear fisho?
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