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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, first post and just thought I'd share my bonus evening with you all. It was the first clear evening after the storms and decided to try and break my recent drought of decent fish having only caught the odd flattie and squid when targeting them. I went to the Yarra Bay groyne out in front of the sailing club at about 4.30pm. It was the slack tide, and about to start coming in. There was barely a wave in sight - as flat as a millpond, which was a welcome sight after the recent crappy weather. Rigged up and had my first cast at about 4.45 just as the sun was setting behind the clouds. The setup I used was a Shakespeare Outcast combo I got for a good price at Ananconda. 10' rod and 8500 reel. I took off the generic line they had on it and spooled the reel with 300M of 40Lb JW braid and whacked on a rod's length of 30Lb mono. The rig was a metre of so of the same mono, size 4 swivel down to a gang of 3 x 4/0 hooks with a drop loop and size 1 snapper sinker about a third of the way down from the swivel. Bait was a whole servo pillie and cast out towards the container wharf approx 30-40 metres. Nothing but the odd picker for the first hour or more until BAM! Line started screaming off the reel. I set the hook and let him have a bit of a play. Back and forth, back and forth until I netted a beautiful shiny 45cm tailor at my feet, Iki spiked him, bled him out and straight onto ice. Cast straight back out again and rolled myself a smoke, waited about another hour and was about to go home. I actually packed up my bag and reeled in what I thought was an empty hook but saw the pillie was still ok, just the head flopped off the top hook. I readjusted and thought 'Righto, this is the last cast' when I got another hit! Same again, line screaming off the reel, more play, more drag, I thought it was another Tailor as it fought much the same as the first one, when out of the light of my headlamp I saw it was a Snapper. Beauty! Netted him up, unpacked my tools, cleaned him up and straight onto the ice with the Tailor. 44cm, fat and heavy, I don't know how heavy. Stumps on day one, I decided to drive home via the bottlo and attempt to placate a fuming missus with two lovely fish. (It worked). The Snapper will be baked whole with eschallots and Asian flavours, the Tailor will be filleted and floured for me young bloke cos he doesn't like to eat fish off the bone (time for some education on that methinks.) Anyway, after a month of bugger all, seems the hungry winter fish are on. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello fellow raiders, First post quick intro, My name is Lawrence I'm 26 and keen novice fisher and I've just settled near Newcastle, so I have all the fishing options of the lakes, port Stephens, the jettys and break walls. I've had the pleasure of being able to research all the topics and posts and build up some solid knowledge on just about everything. I have just purchased an Alvey 500c5 I'm going to spool it with 8kg momoi hi catch and I have bought a 12ft Ugly Stick Gold 5-10kg. Is this a ridiculous setup ? Is the rod to long for a 5 inch alvey is the retrieval going to be a hassle? I read the 500c5 can handle up to 10kg line so I didn't want to get the shorter 10"6 - 3-5kg rod, and put 8kg line on it, I didn't really think about the drag at the time to be honest. I thought if the reel can handle the line and its lighter in the hand then it would be slightly more comfortable to use for extended sessions. Should I buy a smaller rod for the 500c5 and a larger alvey reel for the 12ft ? If so please tell me what larger alvey reel you recommend. I will mainly be fishing the break walls with pilchards and I may even throw from the beach occasionally. Would love to get big bream, snapper, flathead, kingfish and maybe even a jew with it.
  3. G'day raiders, My usual reports are generally based around how I haven't caught much or just missed that big one, but this time I am happy to report some success! I went up to Kempsey for work and with the advice of other members on the forum I decided I would try fishing after work at South West Rocks. On the first night I got there late and everything was closed. It was dark and I missed the tides. All I could find was bread from the IGA and although trying for livies, I couldn't get any. I moved around towards the boat ramp and picked up two 25cm bream on bread which went straight back. I called it a night after this as it was getting late and I did have to be awake for work as that's why I was there in the first place. The next day at work was long but I managed to pick up some squid and pillies from the local fishing shop. I got down to the break wall and tried again. I couldn't work out what I was doing wrong but I had no takes. I kept on getting small things nibbling the bait off but that was it. With the sand flies, mozzies, strong tides pulling through the channel and a long night persisting with every method I could think, I gave up with not a fish. I saved my bait and decided I will try the next morning before I drive back to sydney, The next morning I slept in... ( note to self, always check the 500 is am not pm on the alarm) I was up at 630 and missed the tide and was going to be pushing it to get back. I chucked all my gear in the car and headed almost to the end of the break wall. I tried the bait at first but no luck. I told myself I will put on a few lures and throw them around for half an hour before i needed to leave. I used my white rapala x rap, metal slices and a few halco poppers on the 20/30lb gear ( i can't remember the line strength I put on) and on my bream stick threw around some zman grubs without a hit. I got a mackerel on the rapala which was fun but not much sport and I thought at least I got something! Just as I was packing a few things away I start seeing fish hitting bait on the surface. I threw the white rapala out and ZZZzzzzzzzz......... it was unstoppable. I had a 10000 shimano saragosa with 20/30lb braid and 80lb leader on a 8-15kg 10ft rod. It was my heaviest gear but I had no chance at first and it took me 100m+ down the break wall and the line was getting to the end. After a bit of persistence, I regained some line finding if I ran with it keeping the line tight I could turn its head a bit. This went on for about 30min and I had a nice local couple who saw it all going on and came down to help out. They even took some pics with my camera! Eventually the fish tired and the local guy climbed down to the water and we grabbed the fish by the tail. I am so used to losing fish this was a novelty. I was told the fish was a long fin tuna ( let me know what you think?) and it was 95cm long. Unfortunately it was just about dead by the time I got it to shore so I decided to keep it. I lugged my trophy back to the car with a grin from ear to ear and went straight to the shop and bought a new esky and ice for the trip home! After all that I now have slightly longer arms and a grin that I just can't wipe off my face.... even my wife was impressed! I don't think I will be topping that anytime soon. Thanks to all the raiders who gave me the info I needed to head over to that beautiful part of the world. I would like to submit this fish for catch of the month. ( I had to retake it with a bottle as I got one picture with a cloth and realised it was last months COTM item) Cheers, Dan