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  1. Hey folks! Just got back to Australia last Friday after a 3-year hiatus, so I've been dusting off the light soft plastics gear (hello Z-man grubz, long time no see!) and just about remembering how to cast. On Tuesday and Friday I hit up Middle Harbour land-based an hour or so before high tide. Three casts in and I got a solid "thunk" on the line and felt that long-lost, pant-wetting excitement you get when a fish takes a decent run and the drag starts singing. After a bit of to and thro, I got a decent Trev to the bank, which promptly decided to spit the hook. Damn! Fortunately, in the next hour before the tide started running out I managed to pull in a few wee bream from around the oysters and, just as I was about to call it quits, got another solid take. This time the trev behaved and I managed to get it up onto the bank for a measure. On Friday I headed back to the same spot, but it was tougher going: a couple of little flatties and a bream were just about all that were willing to take the lures. Then today, my partner was off to meet some friends at Narrabeen so I hopped in the car with her and walked up for a flick around the estuary. I'd never been there before and there was nothing much doing apart from a little flatty to begin with, although there were heaps of bream visible from the bridge. Then I walked a bit further round closer to the ocean and had a cast into the fast run-out water. Two casts in and "ping", I felt a good take. The fish started running into the current so it was difficult to gauge the size, but as I got it to the bank I realised it was a decent whiting. In fact, it ended up being a PB for me by a country mile: just over 40 cm! A shout out to the guy fishing with his son nearby who took a photo. I didn't have a knife or an esky with me, so they took it home for a feed. After a few years of only catching little redfin perch in the UK, it's nice to be back and into a variety of fish. Cheers for reading!
  2. Gday raiders I’m heading up to port Stephens just after chrissy I’m staying in Corlette, I’m towards the mouth so I’ll have to go for a little drive to launch my yak since it might be a tad rough around where I’m staying I’m hoping to crack some PBS for a few species while I’m there I’ve heard these some big whiting that get around in the area. I’m hoping to rip into some stonker bass while I’m up that way And was wondering if anyone on here had any ideas on where I could launch and find them in the local systems in the area, I’m not to sure how far down river I’ll have to travel to find the fresh water so any tips are helpful. ive just had a baby so I’ll be on daddy duty till I go away, so I’ll be doing as much research on this system and the surroundings before I head up, feel free to shoot me a message if your up that way and wanna link up for a flick or have any secrets for me about the area 🤫 tight lines 🤙🏽
  3. With fishing for some of us being difficult at the moment I finally built up the courage to hit chippo after driving past it all my life to fish the upper reaches of the George’s or down the coast. After being in lockdown I couldn’t help but sneak out to some saltwater for a flick and what better time to do it then now, It took me awhile to understand that there is fish there and now my fishing journey has finally lead me there. The tide was starting to come in so I launched the yak from the ramp on Henry Lawson at the mouth of the lake at about 6:45 then headed up river and started the drift just before the millperra bridge back towards the mouth of the lake and then back into the lake to fish the slack water and edges since I thought that was a fair game plan after never fishing these waters. After going for a solid paddle I sounded up some good fish but couldn’t get any to bite I wasn’t sure what to throw either after having stint off the water due to lockdown I was abit rusty tbh haha, so it was back to basics and after fishing for an hour or so I picked up a 30cm flatty on a 2.5” zman grub in motor oil, my first fish from chippo, my goal was a EP, bream, or jew but I was on the board and I was happy. As the tide came in I ended up on the opposite side of the lake at a creek mouth which was out of cover, after a few casts I had some bites and i found some fish and next thing I know I was on out comes the net and I was was stoked to see a bream just shy of legal but healthy and thick in the net after a quick hook removal he was off I fished for another 45 minutes or so and decided to call It quits after I got some knots in my spool that my braid picked up from the rubbish in the lake. All in all the session was a success in exploring new grounds and finding some fish. I’m excited to dive into the secrets of the ocean of the west and hopefully figure out the pattern to local water way that I’ve abandoned for so long! I’ll definitely be back chippo! Tight lines, SWFisho 🤙🏽
  4. Hi all, looking to upgrade my Daiwa Laguna 2500 reel to something better, im only using the reel for bream/flatty fishing, my budget is a maximum of around $300. All suggestions would be appreciated, cheers guys
  5. We recently went on an Estuary charter in Port Macquarie over 2 consecutive days. Day 1 was very lean and we were a bit despondent after that first day. The second day was exactly the opposite. The bream came out to play. We used stick baits on 1/6 oz jig-heads bumping along rock walls. There was plenty of bream action with fish up to 39cm. A few good flatties also came out to play with the best going 65cm. Tailor and smaller flatties provided us with a feed. We were impressed with professionalism and hard work Mark put in to get us onto fish. It is just amazing the difference a day makes. We enjoyed ourselves very much and will be back. Many thanks to Mark at Castaway Charters ( admin approved) for a great experience
  6. Gday raiders, hit the upper end of woronora river for the first time on Sunday morning, I initially went out chasing bream and Eps and hopefully a sneaky bass but the tide had started to turn and as a result most of the snags were starting to be exposed so with the tide running out the flattys were turning on. I got a few tips off the hunt for bronze about the area and lucky enough I was onto to some fish in no time, a munroes 2.75” paddle tail in motor oil and zman 2” grub in watermelon red on 1/16th jig head done the damage for the day. I was lucky enough to only lose one fish for the day on 6lb the fish were definitely testing me having to retie my lure on every couple of casts lol. The biggest fish went 52cm with a few in the mid 40s and a handful of smaller tackers, all in all it was a successful morning on the water. All fish were released to fight another day. PS. If anyone fishes the woronora regularly my Dm will be open to any tips or spots 🤫 lol Follow my Instagram to follow my fishing journey footage coming soon, Tight Lines🤙🏽 - @SWFisho
  7. Gday fellow raiders, I’m going to hit chippo lakes or surrounding areas in the coming weeks to chase my first saltwater bass and fingers crossed EP, I’m located in campbelltown and fish the upper George’s regularly and I drive straight past chippo it’s only 25 minutes from home and I’ve heard and seen some good fish pulled out of there, I plan on figuring out the system to hopefully fish it regularly as I don’t get much time on the water. I know the fish are currently spawning up so I’m guessing they’ll be all schooling up towards the end of the system if anyone has any tips or headers I am all ears, I’ll be fishing out of a kayak also so if anyone has any spots to launch from as well that’ll be a pointer in the right direction. SWFisho, Tight lines 🤙🏽
  8. Hey raiders, im after the elusive estuary perch I searched for them in the George’s river last winter as I fish it on the regular but can’t seem to find the any EPs if anyone’s got any pointers on the George’s or anywhere else so I can tick this Aussie battler off my list 🤙🏽 Tight Lines ..
  9. Had a few near donuts recently that made me think I might need to put away the sugapens for a few months. Turns out I was wrong. Got up mega early to be out for sunrise. Walked past a drain on my way to the usual spot - saw a decent size fish hanging around that I thought was a big bream. Cast over him with one of the fake sugapens I've been using and got smashed straight away. Turned out to be my first ever Estuary Perch. Kept walking and casting and was getting loads of hits and the occasional hookup from feisty bream. You just need to cast accurately and keep the lure right near the structure - they're not venturing far from their hiding spots at the moment. Managed 6 bream and the Perch in about 2 1/2 hrs. Smashed a new PB bream as well - 46cm. As you can see I was pretty stoked. Not bad for a morning's work. I'll stop throwing surface when they stop biting. Stocked up on Cranka Crabs and Gulp crabbies yesterday so I'm all ready for winter bream fishing. It gets tough so I can't say I'm looking forward to it. Still haven't quite cracked the winter bite.
  10. Went out with my mate John, fished out of my boat on Friday 30 April. Hawkesbury Park boat ramp at 8.00am and anchored close and south of Captain Cooks Bridge Botany Bay side Day before pumped about 50 nippers at at Sandringham. Tied was last two hours moving to high In the first half hour hooked 4 bream undersized... We only wanted to fish for a couple for hours so did not want to move ... burlyed up more and added a tin of oily sardines, a left over from one of my lunches days before I chucked in the freezer. Next hour I landed 2 bream largest 30cm and a trevally... my mate John landed a trevally about same size. See pics Right on high tied ... no more bites so packed up and went home Not many fish but enjoyed the morning out. BTW... The 2 trevally I made sashimi that night ,so fresh with soy and wasabi . My mum rarely eats sashimi.. but she said she knows its fresh Cheers Mr.T
  11. At this end of the season the Blackfish are starting to get scarce and finicky. With the lower tides they were even more difficult. We struggled to get a few fish and then decided it was just not worth any more effort. The few fish we did get were good fish 38-40 cms. We started to target bream in the same locations where we catch blackfish. They are usually consistent with blades but not this time. We moved to 2.5inch Zman grub in motor oil on a 2 gm jighead. This resulted in a few bream, albeit smaller than normally, and landed several bream in the 20 to 32 size. When I was minding my own business, content on spending the rest of the day chasing a few small to moderate bream, along came some ep’s. These were bigger than I had experienced in this part of the river. Here they were 35 -42 cm and interspersed with the bream. The 42cm was a pleasant surprise to the day and certainly a PB. We moved further upriver and encountered more bream and the more usual size 25 -30cm EP’s. While EP’s can be hard to locate when you do find them there can be lots of them. So we were disappointed the blackfish have shut up shop but pleasantly surprised a new candidate has replaced them for a while.
  12. I had a productive session on the water this afternoon. Fishing from my rowing skiff as well as a bit of wading, I went looking for some bream and flathead with a fat crankbait and a soft plastic grub. Despite covering a fairly wide area of sea-grass, sand flats and channel, I got nothing. As the light faded, something was stirring up the baitfish on the surface. While rowing up the creek in the direction of the disturbance, the first tailor hit the grub I had trailing in the water. This was a bit of unintentional trolling, 1 metre from the boat. This one spat the hook after a brief fight, but I was quickly onto another. I landed the small tailor, which was only significant in that it is my second ever fish on a soft plastic lure. Seeing some frantic surface action, I switched to a 70mm Sugapen. This picked up two tailor in as many casts, before I was bitten off while fighting another. I think a fish other than the one I had hooked must have chomped the line, since I lost the whole leader. Switching to a second rod, I clipped on a 90mm Sugapen and landed a few more. All the tailor were between 30 and 40cm. The action stopped fairly abruptly with the last bit of light. The whole situation was pretty nerve-wracking, since I had only a 6lb leader. Once I was finished with the tailor, the tide had turned and I decided to try some bait fishing. I rowed to the creek mouth and started drifting back in with the first movement of the incoming tide. Some bits of tailor fillet, unweighted, provided me two bream in half an hour. The largest was 30cm. I could see there were plenty more around, but by that point I had plenty of fish. My little family is going to be eating quite a few fishy meals in the next couple of days.
  13. Been fishing hard these couple of months been trying to chase jewies but still no luck landbased. However few days ago did manage to hook up to what I believe was a big kingy I would say easy 80cm plus on my bg6500 . Was fighting for a good few 15 to 20 minutes, so close to landing but ended up cutting me off by the pylons. Did manage to catch a few other kingies though one 65 and one 74cm. Other night caught a few big breams one being 41cm my pb and 38cm tailor. Also caught random eel and blue swimmer by catch.
  14. Hi Guys this is literally my second post in this community!!! Here is my bag of bream I shared with a friend yesterday!!! Biggest bream mesured 42cm
  15. Seeing as it's nearest water to my place I've been exploring what I can catch out of Johnston's Creek lately and have found it extremely productive. First of all, to call it a creek is a slight overstatement. I'm sure it was at some point but it's a pretty standard canal/stormwater drain in reality. Don't get your hopes up about casting at snags like you're on a real river. There's no real structure apart from a couple of bridges and it only fills up to a decent level on a tide over 1.5m. Make no mistake though, the fish know there's food in there and they come up in big schools looking for it every high tide - especially my favourite target, the humble bream. I planned to meet up with a fellow bream obsessive this morning in spite of the weather report of torrential rain and near gale force winds. I've cancelled too many sessions based on the weather forecast and these days I don't believe it until I'm at the spot and experiencing it. This morning that attitude was well vindicated. We met at 7am near the Tramsheds building, I'd already arrived and scored a decent bream on about my third cast. The water was Cafe Latte brown with the storm water mixing with the salt. The water's only about a foot deep but you couldn't see the bottom at all. Plenty of swirls on the top indicated feeding fish - the canal attracts luderick, mullet and whiting in addition to the bream. I'm yet to catch a flattie in there and I think I'll be waiting a while until that happens. Anyway my mate Richard got a 30+ bream on his first cast doing a mega-slow retrieve. I'm talking half a handle turn, pause, half turn, pause ect. For the next 2-3hrs we were getting a fish every ten minutes. Some proper size to them as well. I can't say enough about how awesome it is landing a good fish in such shallow water. Richard had got nothing but donuts his past couple of sessions, so he was stoked to land 15+ fish (on his fancy new Daiwa rod). If you try it yourself you have to be willing to move around. The fish wise up to your game pretty quick and once you've pulled a fish out of a section, the rest of them spook for a while. Sometimes a lure change will do the trick but you're better off just walking down the creek and casting to a different patch. Plenty of attention from all the dog walkers coming past. No one can really believe we were pulling fish out of such a tiny bit of water - it's completely dry at low tide. Having spent a fair bit of time fishing this creek I've also discovered that the fish will happily eat top water lures when the water's clear. Nothing like seeing 20+ bream climbing all over one another to smash a Sugapen in 25cm of water - Even better when the biggest one in the pack barges in and gets it first! If it's dirty like today then any grub or creature bait will do the trick. Jighead weights depend on the flow (of course). 1/12 to 1/16 were doing it today. Don't fear the rain and don't trust the weather man (well not entirely.) Tight Lines folks!
  16. I'd heard from a few people that if you fish the inner west storm water drains and canals during or after a big rain you could have some fun catching bream on plastics etc. Turns out they were dead right. Headed down to Johnstons Creek this arvo right in the middle of the heaviest rain we had today. Johnstons Creek is dry at low tide and barely has any water in it unless the tide is over 1.5-1.6m. Today though, the water was pumping out of the storm water drains into the canal and the bream were feeding where the storm water met the incoming tide. I'd had some success in the past casting surface lures in the same water over the past few weeks but I'd never found the fish in this creek to be as fired up as they were today. With a small Pro Lure Yabby SP on a 1/32oz jig head I was getting bocked multiple times per cast. Mostly little baby bream but once every few casts the lure got nailed by a decent sized fish. The best I got was probably early 30's - a good fight in close quarters on 4lb line. Interesting to note that when I changed up to 6lb and a heavier jig head (the storm water was running so much it was dragging my plastics all over the place) the bream shut down. As soon as I changed back to 4lb I was getting smashed. Discerning little buggers aren't they? I didn't try that many lures as the yabbies were proving so successful, but when I (briefly) tried a gulp crabby, they shut down again. Anyway, I must have caught over a dozen bream over a 2 or so hour period. Also pretty sure I briefly jag-hooked a big mullet that ran me around a bit before getting off. I still had a big mullet size scale on my hook when I got it back in. Pretty decent arvo I reckon. Beats work. Have a crack yourselves next time it rains heavily and there's a high tide.
  17. Hi All, I've learnt a lot from this forum over the years so thought I'd share a few tips on what's been working for me when targeting Sydney Harbour bream on topwater lures. It's an extremely addictive and accessible way to fish if you live in the city. Once you've cracked the code you'll be hesitant to throw much else for bream when targeting them with lures. Most of my experience is based on my local waterway which is Blackwattle Bay / Rozelle Bay. I also have no boat or kayak so fish exclusively from the shore. The same bream rules apply for where to find them - look for structure, bait and current (pretty sure this works for all fish FYI). The foreshore along BW Bay is full of bream at all times of the tide - don't be discouraged by what time of day either. I've caught them at all times, but in a place that gets as much foot traffic as BW Bay, you'd probably be best to start on early morning / late arvo. Obviously fish when you can, don't wait for the right conditions. You'll learn stuff even when you're collecting donuts 😉 The lure I've had most success on is the classic Bassday Sugapen. I use the 58mm and the 70mm - less hits on the bigger models but they work as well. Try to stick with the clear colour ways but a darker silhouette would go well on an overcast day. Also got them on the Berkley Scumdog (cheaper) and the MMD Splash Prawn but neither of these get the same nibs as the Bassday. Whatever you choose USE SCENT! It works. I don't care what anyone says. Also beware of touching the lure after you've applied sunscreen. Bream hate sunscreen. You can change out the rear trebles for some assist hooks (make your own or get the Atomic or the Ecogear ones). Bear in mind if you change to assists on the 58mm it'll sink a bit and go sub surface more often. Keeping your rod tip up on the retrieve alleviates this mostly. Still works but it's better with a smaller no.10 Treble. The 70mm handles the assist hooks just fine but if you wanna save a couple of bucks just change down to smaller trebles. You'll want to have a light setup for this - I fish 4lb braid and 4lb leader on a 6.5 to 7.5ft 1-3kg rod and a 2500 sized reel. I don't think the fish care what brand your fishing gear is. To nail the retrieve you need a really soft tipped rod. As wippy as you can get. The retrieve seems to be the key for getting them to bite. The slow and steady method is NOT what you want. I'm finding a really erratic walk the dog retrieve with lots of pauses is what gets them interested. Wind steadily and shake your other hand until you see the lure flipping side to side really fast. Retrieve for about 2-3ft then stop suddenly. A lot of the time you'll have a boil behind the lure or a hit straight away. If the fish just has a swipe then keep twitching until he hits it. I've had bream come up 5-6 times before they smack the lure - gets the heart pumping way more than it should for a bream 😂 Another invaluable nugget of info came from this vid. Don't bother casting to the same fish or in the same spot over and over. If a fish has a look and then leaves the lure, he ain't coming back. Move another 10m away and cast somewhere else. This is part of the advantage of BW Bay and Rozelle Bay. You can walk for a good km or two along the water and cast the whole way. Keeps it interesting casting in new territory and structure all the time. Trust me 99 times out of a 100 that bream that boiled behind your lure 10 casts ago is not coming back for another enquiry. Move on. Anyway hopefully that gets a few folks started. I'd been fishing the same area with plastics for ages without a lot of success until I started doing the above. I've caught more bream in the past month on topwater than I did in the past year on plastics. Whether that says more about my fishing ability than anything else remains to be seen. Have fun ladies and gents. Seeya on the water! If you're down by the bay and see a bloke fishing with a red baseball cap it's probably me. Say hi! Niall
  18. Hi Raiders I have not posted here for a few years and hope to be regular poster once again! ( Facebook is just not the same) Anyway, I was invite to lure fish Hen & Chicken Bay on Saturday with my old mate Bert who I actually meet on this site. Now , I live 2 minutes from H&C bay but never considered fishing it as it did not look fishy enough... how wrong was I! Fished from 6:30pm to 8:30pm with small hard bodies and we caught a dozen or so good sized flathead and 6 or 7 bream. It was fanatics fun on the light rods and tiny lures... ecogear sx40 and Atomic doing the damage It was amazing to see the amount of surface activity and fish holding in knee deep water! Here is a few photos before it got dark... definitely be out there again... cant believe I waited this long to fish my backyard! See you about raiders! Trung / DHYPE
  19. Gday raiders With the recent school holidays I have just had, i took the opportunity to target some bream on my hobie outback. The bream put up an insane fight close to structure and lost many big ones to it. Most of the bream were caught on 40mm samaki spider prawns in bloodworm and also got some on the 50mm cranka crab in olive. The gear i used was my samaki archer 1-3kg rod and Daiwa freams LT reel with 6lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader. Here are some pics of the bream I got. All the fish I caught were safely released video_2019-10-08T18.32.13_1.mp4
  20. G'day guys. I've been waiting for the bream-action to recommence after a slow Winter for breaming. I hit the Georges River upriver for a quick blast with the light stuff (6-8lb 7' rod and 2000 reel with 6lb leader). On this uncommon occasion, the bream and flathead were hungry and I was able to get my fishing fix for the week I was working around bridges using a Zman Grubz in bloodworm which the fish seemed to not be able to refuse. I got a decent spiking from a bream and a bit muddy shuffling around the muddy bank but it was all worth it. A darker flathead. A sign of an upper river fish. Some bent rod action... It's a good sign especially after the slow Winter and I can't wait till the weather warms up a touch. 😎 Looks like I wasn't the only one getting muddy! I hope you enjoyed the read!
  21. Woollamia - day time Monday 24 June Stayed at Jervis Bay Holiday Park at Woollamia. Monday plan was to paddle down Currambene Creek to Huski and then start the day’s fishing with some trolling to Callala Bay. There was a pretty strong wind though which would have been a killer on the way back as well as on and off rain showers, so instead I flicked SPs in Currambene Creek on the rising tide. Landed three flathead and one bream. Water temp started at only 12 degrees and rose to 14 as warmer sea water came in, so still pretty cold. Flathead were caught on a mix of pink glitz and pumpkin seed 100mm flick bait on 1/6 jig heads and 3/0 hooks. First hooked was sitting in the middle and deepest part of the water flow, second on an inside edge sand bank and the third in very shallow water near the little island. I hooked the bream almost by accident when I was eating lunch. I thought I’d change tactics a bit and drift with a heavier jig head (also with a pink glitz) through a couple of the deeper corners, just lightly lifting the rod but letting the boat drift move the lure instead of casting and hopping. Sure enough, I’d hardly taken my first bite of my Nutella sandwich and the bream was on. Huskisson Wharf and rock wall - night time Monday 24 June Went for a short flick on Monday night. Landed one undersized flathead. It was sitting well back from the main channel flow, where the whale spotting boats moor. Nothing more that night. Georges Basin 25 June Launched at St Georges Basin Boat ramp on Island Point Road. Plan was to fish around the two islands plus also go and explore other parts of the basin and Sussex Inlet. Complete contrast to the Monday – bright and sunny and so little wind the water was very clear and the fishing tough. Spent about 1.5hrs trying various SPs in various depths around the islands, but donut. Paddled to Sussex Inlet and went about a third of the way up the river. I thought I’d try a Motor Oil GrubZ in 3.5 inch with a 1/16 jig head and see if I could hook a bream as I drifted back down the inlet to the basin. First bite was a jacket, which had a couple of nibbles as the lure was almost back at the yak, but didn’t get on (which I didn’t mind). Second hit was from a bream and only about 3m from the yak, but I’d left the drag too loose. It hung on a bit, but when I went to set the hook, it just pulled line off the reel and that one got away. Things got a bit quiet over the weed beds and the sand, so I decided to try some water about 30cm deep at the very edge of the river. Flat head engulfed the lure on the second cast into the area and took the lure so deep I needed my long nose pliers to get it back out. After that, I spent the afternoon back in the basin at a few different locations, but no hits. Total of 15k of paddling and the only fish boated was the flathead at Sussex Inlet. I ate a Nutella sandwich before caught the bream on the Monday and another Nutella sandwich just before I almost caught the bream on the Tuesday. I’ll keep trying that technique.
  22. Overdue a catch up with my old mate, who happened to be working from home we decided the new boat would bet he days office with a sunny low 20s temp and next to no wind. a lazy 10 am start saw us pottering around the third runway with no bites and all we got at watts reef was huge rock cod... with the day being so flat and the weather so tame we decided to head out out and past the heads, i set the trolling rods out basically two rods horizontal from mid ships.... let them out 30 metres and with then speedo showing a little over 4 knots we hit the north coast and started trolling without much of a clue what we were doing..... well I see my rod bend pretty hard and we are on... old mate drives us out to sea a bit and the fish fights hard as they tend to and landed at 38 cm sashimi for dinner. after trolling a bit further we decide to drift a little with baits down and my mate lands a cracking bream. Then all hell breaks loose something takes the trolling lure a deep dive that must be just sitting there as the rod bends right over, it takes old mate a good twenty seconds to wrestle the rod out the holder. 30 seconds later and two oh fcuks later and we lost the beast.... a good day out for sure. say a dolphin breach 6 feet away the westpac heli and even Greenpeace looking very dodgy doing some kinda training some questions once you get a hit trolling should you hit this spot by spinning or just troll again? whats some good spots for just outside any tips on trolling should I be faster Etc The Greenpeace guys cheers raiders Josh
  23. Had a hour to kill after work today and hadn’t been out for a while so headed down to the closest bit of water under Roseville bridge. While I’ve never had much luck there from the land it was that or nothing! Still loving my float fishing at the moment and find when I use bait it always finds its way under one, and today was no different. Had some old frozen prawns I needed to use and got down at the peak of the high tide as it hit dusk. Rigged up a prawn tail and threw it out under a float and settled in to watch the dusk reflect off the flat water. Wasn’t long till the float disappeared and when I struck there was nothing, tiddlers I thought pretty much what I expected really. A few more repeats and a few prawns down and to my surprise just as it was getting too dark to fish the float went under and this time I felt some weight and the drag was being pulled a bit! After a short fight I ended up with a nice little 28cm bream hooked in the corner of the mouth! A quick pic and threw him back to fight another day. All in all was a good little session, worth the trip for sure
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