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Found 114 results

  1. HawkesburyFisho

    Flint and Steel

    Hi Raiders, So today I went out to Flint and Steel hoping for a good feed. Equipped with livies, prawns and squid we casted and waited. And waited... and waited. Not a single bite. I just need some tips guys. Like where exactly should you anchor, what rig, best time and tides. Come on raider I need you help Will
  2. Surfacejunky

    Bream in the mangroves

    How addictive is chasing bream along the edges of our local river systems? Over the last two weeks I have dedicated a few trips to targeting bream in and around the mangroves. To say it has been rewarding would be the understatement of the year. I thought I would share some of the key things that I believe are the difference between scoring a few and the dreaded doughnut! 1. Fish as light as possible, I have been fishing 4lb braid with 3lb leader. Not only do you get more bites, it makes it heaps easier to cast tiny plastics. Just make sure your drag is set accordingly or you will get busted off setting the hook. Also I fish the TT hws jig heads in the 1/40th so it sinks very slowly. 2. Fish the run out tide, as the tide recedes the bream are in waiting for bait that is being pulled out of the shallows. It makes sense to have your plastic coming out the same way. 3. Skipcast under mangroves, the skip itself looks alot like a prawn or baitfish being harrassed in the shallows and some times you'll get crunched on the drop. 4. Watch your line, I like to keep a belly(slack) in the line as the lure falls through the water more naturally. Keep an eye on the line and as with most types of bream fishing strike as soon as you see a tap on the line or the line stops before you think its on the bottom. I have really enjoyed my last few sessions catching 6 to 26cm the first time, 6 to 31cm the second time and 8 to 34cm the third time and I only went for around an hour and a half each time. Get out there and have a go you wont be disappointed!
  3. pugzthugz


    First up, this is my first fishing report so I'll see how I go. So I'm not too experienced at fishing, however, I've been reading up on everything about how to catch fish and today I feel like I finally did some stuff right. So me and a mate headed down to my local wharf armed with servo prawns and a dread of not catching fish ,I have caught fish before but before this never 2 in one session and it is rare that I large fish (I think this is because of a combination of bad bait, improper use of lures and poor reading of locations.). So we dropped our lines in and fished for almost half an hour without so much as a nibble. At this point things were looking down. It was now that my mate tried his luck with a few casts to pylons near the wharf and was getting some nibbles, I quickly sent a cast to where he was getting bites. On my second cast, I felt a nibble and quickly sent another cast out after failing to hook the fish. Once again I failed to hook the fish, I then tried to thing why I was hooking it and I decided it was because it was pulling the bait of the long shank hook rather than sucking it all in. This time I put only a little bit of bait on the very end. This worked and I was amazed to see a massive whiting on the end of my line. It measured in at 37cm. I continued fishing and caught 2 bream 1 snapper and another whiting, however, unfortunately, they were all very undersize apart from the whiting which was barely legal. Still, I was very happy with this session. Sorry if this report was too long. BTW I was using I think size 6 long shank hooks with a sinker running right down to the hook which had a little bit of prawn on the end. I use these small hooks because they can catch both whiting and small bream, however, I would love to start catching bigger bream so if this is the wrong set up or you have any advice please let me know.
  4. pugzthugz

    bream, bream, bream

    Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  5. pugzthugz

    where to cast?

    Hey, so I've been thinking of going fishing down at the spot in the picture but I've got no idea where to cast. I don't know whether to cast from A, B, C, or D or whether to cast out far or in close. I'll either be fishing some not to great salted pilchards or fishing some freshly collected poddys that I've noticed around B and C. So pretty much, do I fish A, B, C or D and do I fish in close or far away. BTW I've seen someone fishing at D who reckons you get some bream there.
  6. Fishing.Hooked

    Balmoral Wharf Action

    Hi Guys, Recently new to Fish Raider but loving all the on hand information and help given by everyone! I recently decided to go for a evening fish where Balmoral Boat shed is, the wharf there has a lot of foot traffic but l just set up and had a small little section right at the top of the circular wharf there and ended up being a great little evening. I decided to set my rigs down near some boats and set up 2x Rods using lights Gear, I used pilchard on one rod and prawns on the other (6-10pm) HT of (1.62m) - 13 Degrees Surprising the pilchard was the one being smashed up by the fish and the prawns looked like it hadn't even had a nibble. I didn't use any burley I just smashed up some pillie and chucked it in the water as the night went on. I was lucky enough to catch the following. Flathead (34cm) Bream (27cm) Trevally (Small) "Didn't measure" I found it quit nice to fish from that location without having a large number of people crowding the area like Clifton gardens so to speak. Great if you have kids and want them to have a safe fishing adventure - I have attached a little map with parking location and where l fished from that evening. I hope you enjoyed my first report (Any tips on how to make the reports better please let me know) HAVE FUN AND AS ALWAYS GOOD LUCK CATCHING !! Regards, Micheal!
  7. pugzthugz

    Tinny storage?

    Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville
  8. Kracka

    ISO float fishing

    Gday raiders, Just wondering if anyone has used the japanese ISO floats for blackfish/luderick. And if so, how do they compare with a quill/pencil float? I would imagine the pencil floats offer less resistance to a down given that both are weighted properly BUT I've seen quite a few blokes off the stones using these ISO set ups and they swear by them. The long ISO rods and reels cost an arm and a leg... Plus I just love my good old alvey rod and reel blackfish setup. So just keen to know about the floats if anyone's had experience with them.
  9. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  10. Niffa

    Ultra Light Bream Reel

    Hey guys, I am looking into getting a new reel on my new 1-3lb Ultralight Bream rod. I was thinking Luvias 1003 or the new Stradic FB (please don't make this another S vs D thread) but am unsure. My budget is around $300 (+/- $50). I am open to overseas option and would prefer the reel to be suitable light (approx. 170g). Hope this narrows it down. Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
  11. Vanders

    Central Coast Fishing

    Hi everyone, Next weekend i'll be down in the central coast with the wife, all day Sunday and she'll be working, so I'll have the day spare to go... fishing! I don't really know the area, and I'll be around the entrance area, and land based. I'm guessing they'll maybe be blackfish, salmon, tailor, bream? Any tips? Judging from google maps there's toowoon point etc, or the rockwall west of the bridge... but i'm really just guessing. Thanks!
  12. JeffCarrera

    surf fishing in winter

    Hello raiders! so I've recently started surf fishing for whiting. My first couple of attempts was somewhat successful, as I managed to get on to some fish (mainly targeting whiting/bream). On both occasions the fish were biting but I had to cut both outings short as I was shivering in the cold being wet from the waist down. Even today while I was fishing from 10am-12nn I couldn't fish for much longer as being wet plus the cold wind made it unbearable (was just wearing short pants and shirt + windbreaker jacket for the top). What sort of clothing do you guys normally wear when surf fishing in winter to keep warm (I know it's not really winter yet, but I plan to fish the surf in winter too to avoid the crowd). Any thoughts/experiences on noeprene waders with gum boots or wetsuits? waders seem a bit bulky and wetsuits might be good but your feet will get wet too? thanks in advance for any input.
  13. FishermanSteve

    30min session

    Went out tonight to the jetty at Rose Bay for 30mins. On the second cast hooked on to a bream. Was using a lightly weighted pilchard tail. Great quick session(had to let off some steam)
  14. this weekend im heading up to the entrance for a fishing trip usung crank baits and soft plastics. ive never fished there and im not taking a boat or kayak. any locals know where the best places to fish for flathead or bream are around the bridge. i might hire a kayak but if possible land spots and spots i can wade out to are preferred. cheers guys i can only really fish in this area
  15. FishermanSteve

    Bream bonanza

    Another evening session at Seaforth. Straight through small running ball sinker and lumo bead to a size 4 hook, alternating between squid and yakka slices. Lots of bream biggest 36cm, as usual take one for food. Some other lads at the spot caught a 56cm Flathead also on yakka. Hong Kong beauty Fong caught a legal blue swimmer crab, tasty lunch for her tomorrow.
  16. FishermanSteve

    Mixed bag

    Easter Sunday and I thought a spot of fishing was in order. Clifton Gardens was the first destination. Every man and his dog had the same idea so I had a lovely BBQ then proceeded to another spot in Seaforth. After a very slow start of undersize snapper and whiting, the bream appeared. Three of the bream were legal and I thought would make a light lunch for Easter Monday. Amongst the catches of snapper, bream and whiting were a numb ray and an eel(unfortunately no blue swimmer crab again). That being said a guy there had one drop off his line bringing it up to the jetty. All in all a fun evening with the BBQ and people who were out fishing also.
  17. FishStickSteve

    Narrabeen Lagoon Does it Again!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you good news! My Shiny new rod and reel had a brilliant run this last weekend. It was Saturday 17th of March, and after a long morning looking at apartments and becoming more stressed out. My wonderful misses suggested we go to Narrabeen for a quick fishing session before we headed over to the relatives for dinner. I grabbed my lures and my misses swung past our bait shop for some hawkesbury prawns. It was around 32 degrees but there was no wind. It was uncomfortably hot but the fishing was worth it. We got to our usual spot and as we approached our spot I noticed there was a lot of surface activity as there was fish going mad for prawns, So I threw on a small 04 Suicide hook and a little piece of prawn the size of my thumb nail (no sinker) I threw some prawn heads in near a fallen over tree and saw bream absolutely smashing the prawn heads. I flicked my bait in right besides the free and as the bait hit the water I hooked a 30cm bream. I squealed with excitement as my rod bent and reel screamed. I reeled it in and released. I was having so much fun that I did not notice that 2 hours had gone by, In that time my lovely misses caught a good little 40cm flathead and I lost count after my 10th Bream, I was pulling anything between 15cm up to my PB of 38cm (It seemed to be a fan of weight watchers). All Bream were released as my misses already saw to us having dinner for Sunday night. My new shiny rod and reel is awesome! I will include a picture of it once I get home. Peace and Tight Lines FSS

    Fishing and Crabbing

    Went with 2 buddies and @Pattherat to his place north of Sydney for a few days of fishing and crabbing. Got there thursday morn and decide to go fishing. I fished plastics while everyone else a mix of bait and plastics. No action on the plastics so decided to help my mates who new with this type of fishing. Had them on a tiny hook with a longshank to try for the numerous dink bream there. To everyones surprise the little bait rod goes off, screaming drag running around the boat into broken branches. The he stops moving, he was proper snagged. Pat smokes in his lure to help me with the fish and there was a very nice flatty behind it, he though that it was the fish on my line so he yanked the lure out of the water. We try to wiggle the fish out to no avail. We know he's still on as every now and then there's a few headshakes. As the weather was rather hot and the water was very nice and cool I decide to hop in and try to get the fish out. Since it rained the day prior the water was pretty mucky and clarity was not the greatest. We tried for quite a while following the line down and digging around unsuccessfully, I was ready to give up but pat insisted on 1 more dive. Deep breath and straight to the bottom this time, instead of trying to untangle the line I yanked the branch out and pat got a good look at the stick. The bream was tangled up everywhere in the branch. Got the fish out and we went for a swim in the creek. Before that though we dropped 4 pots with bonito heads and frames around the mangroves to try for muddies. Swam around, messing about with some half-hearted fishing mixed in and 2 hours later we pulled the pots. First on up had an average sized crab, around 10-12cm vertically across the back. Second pot came another at the same size. Third pot was empty and the fourth had one large crag and another regular one. Thanks to @rickmarlin62 for the tips of having the entrances of the pots parallel to the tide. Very happy with the result we took the crabs up to the house and let them clean themselves out in the bathtub. The pots which still had bait were left in, we had dinner and headed out to check the pots again. The very first one we pulled housed a large crab and a ray. The remaining 3 pots were all empty, we think that the yield is dictated very much by the tide. The first drop was through the high tide and the second was low running out, hence the less successful second attempt. next day was far too hot for any fishing or crabbing during the day so we just stayed inside and watched some movies. Then as the sun began to lower we set 2 pots loaded with bait. Checked them 2 hours later and one was empty the other had 1 very respectable size crab measuring 15 length ways across the shell and another average size crab but since we already had so many crabs we let that one go. We left the one untouched pot overnight to see what it would yield. Third day we went out at high tide to pull the pot left overnight but unfortunately the bait was gone and the pot was empty. Just a question, does anyone know if we should check to pots more often and not leave overnight cause the crabs get out? We took the chance at high tide to pull the boat out and get it clean for the trip back. Since the big boat was out we took a little rowing boat down to our usual spot and tried for flattys. Cast for a while with nothing, suddenly I get a nice hit. A decent flatty around 40. Not too long later pat picks up my rod to try the different lure, second cast he hooks a nice 43. We keep casting but nothing. Out of nowhere a massive hit and I rip the rod up, fish on! Very nice fish, able to peel line of my 4000 size reel (I know its a little overkill for flatties. 30lb leader too but pat assured me the fish in the creek were pretty dumb). 4 or 5 series of runs later we land this absolute monster for a little creek such as this. Measured 80 on the money. Left the next day and thx to pat for letting me nick those 2 muddies of ya! Ate them that night and they were crackin! Great fishing and crabbing trip up the coast.
  19. Big low tide yesterday afternoon so hit the rocks with soft plastics. The southerly was blowing hard but Ide recently bought a new rod and was heaps keen to use it so off we went..Started with on a 5" zman streakz curly tail in pink and first cast was onto a nice bream about 35, right in close in about a foot of water. The plastic only just fit in its mouth lol. Chucked him back then snagged the zman a few casts later so rigged up a storm 4" minnow and walked further out. It was real snaggy so I was just cranking the lure just under the surface and managed a tailer after just a few casts, about 40cm. Threw him back too. It absolutely destroyed the plastic so I headed back before the tide came up too high. bream on the 5' zman The wind died off heaps around 7:30 so packed the gear back in the car and drove down the back beach looking for a gutter. High was at 10:00 so plenty of time. Ive been keen to try some gulp sandworms off the beach instead of baits, and see if anything likes em. So rigged up the new rod with a 6" sandworm in camo and lobbed it out. Launched out a worm bait as well on my bigger rod and waited to see which got hit first. Don't normally use two rods in case of tangles but thought it should be right.. About 9:30 the jew came on the chew, first fish a 68cm soapy then a 95cm straight after, both on the preserved worms. Nearly got tangled in the other line on both fish lol, Also managed to miss two good fish as well that definitely weren't bream.. all up two tarwhine two bream and two jew, all released. The gulp! ended up catching a decent bream as well, was an epic night. First time using the GoPro so will try upload footage once I figure it out ? Littler one 68cm 95cm cheers!
  20. ARC H

    Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
  21. SickWolf

    The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks
  22. Needed a pick me up this afternoon so decided to visit a spot that a mate had scoped out a while back and recommended unreservedly. I knew it was a serious bush walk in so decided to pack as light as possible and carry only as much as I’d be comfortable carrying back out again. So it was my light bream outfit and half a pack of salted pillies. Mental note, also bring water next time. Arrived just after 3pm and with the exception of a couple of curious bush walkers had the place to myself. Bliss. 12lb braid and leader, unweighted pillie cube onto a number 4 long shank bait holder hook and wait. As always, the first fish on the scene were baby snapper. Then came the baby bream. And then all hell broke loose. Over the next 30 minutes landed 4 bream all over 30cm and had another bigger one bust me off around an oyster encrusted pylon. It was a catch and release day for me so all went back into the drink. After 5pm things had quietened down. The baby snapper were back, along with baby tailor and a few yakkas into the bargain. By 6pm I was thinking about calling it a day, and a good day at that. And then the big boys arrived. Something picked up the pillie and took off like a bat out of hell. Managed to get it close to the jetty and saw it was a rat king. Once near the jetty the bastard took off straight under it and I was doomed. Ran around a pylon and the line parted. Holy crap! First time ever for me hooking a king. Round about now bait starting busting up about 20 metres in front of me. Threw my trusty pillie as close as I could get it. Hit! Another powerful run. Got the fish close again. This time a good size bonito. Under the damn jetty again and the inevitable. I was starting to come to the conclusion that my outfit just didn’t have the horsepower to get these buggers under control. It was starting to get dark, but undaunted I decided to stick with it until I’d exhausted my rapidly diminishing pillie supply. And you wouldn’t believe it, another big run. Another rat king. Another bust off. Well, by now it was pretty clear I’d brought a knife to a gun fight. By 7:30 the pillies were finished. Packed it up and the long hike out began. A fantastic afternoon. I’ll be returning soon with some heavier artillery for the big boys. Tight lines.
  23. Gutamouth

    Coffs beach mulloway

    Hey Raiders, Spent last week up in Dorrigo for work so couldn't wait to get back down the coast Monday to wet a line. The forecast wasn't that great; sou east winds, weak swell and on/off rain all week, so we didn't expect much. I was just happy to be back on the beach! Gathered worms on Monday at mid tide then hit the gutters that arvo for the low change, but struggled to find any decent formation. The lack of swell flattened most of the banks out so there was barely any structure along the whole stretch. Drove up and down for ages searching for a hole, eventually found an "okay" looking spot, more of a rip than a gutter, and fished it hard Monday and Tuesday night for nothing (Was still heaps better than staying home in front of the TV lol). Did a solo effort with one last try Wednesday, and finally found the fish just as it went dark. The jew was only just hooked through the lip so he fought like a dog! Bream was around 30-32cm, Mulloway just legal at 72cm. Both released Through alot of trial and error, I'm slowly figuring them out. Persistence paid off this time Cheers for reading
  24. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beach

    Just a short report from a couple of efforts this weekend. Beaches have been lovely, and lots of fish still about. Salmon up to 80cm - you certainly know when you hook a bigger model! Bream up to 40cm and a few tailor in the mix also. There are some really good schools of salmon visible from most beaches, my challenge has been getting a small enough lure to "match the hatch" whilst still maintaining casting distance required to hit them. I might experiment with a few techniques this week, I reckon 3" white plastic would be the right model to match the bait in the water. I know they're not to everyones liking, but treated right upon capture & prepared simply, I find them a very nice eating fish too. tight lines
  25. Hi Raiders As usual had to take my 30min drive past at least 10 beaches to find decent worms. Finally got some beauties and headed for Blacksmiths Beach. Only had a couple of hours to fish just after low tide, I'd love to see what the after dark high would have brought! Ended up with a mixed bag, biggest bream going 43cm, threw half a dozen back to live another day A tip for this beach is as follows: - In calm conditions, cast baits towards the sand bar even when very shallow (less than 30cm). Your bait will spend a lot of time doing nothing in shallow water however the decent fish seem to chase the waves onto the bar seeing looking for food that's been stirred up. The biggest bream had a gut full of crushed pippis. Cheers, James.