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Found 12 results

  1. Hello fellow raiders, In the October holidays i'm planning on fishing with my grandfather around Blackwall point in his tinnie. I will target mostly flatties and bream as for me they are a consistent catch. I will have a 20lb setup and one maybe two 6-8lb setups. I know some spots that I will definitely drop a line at, but I was wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions for me. I'm happy to answer any questions, but I will probably reply tomorrow as I am still in Highschool. Cheers Nyxy and happy fishing
  2. I went out yesterday morning with a friend of mine. We started by gathering some live bait from the bait station by Little Box Head, then came inside by Lobster Beach to drift. We had live baits and a cut bait out the back I was casting ahead of the drift with soft plastics. We were only on our second drift when my rod - which had a live slimy on it - folded over. I grabbed it and lifted the tip to set and I thought I was on. I started bringing it up and there was a lot of weight on it. I got it up to the surface and my mate got sight of it - a huge flattie. Then it opened its mouth and was gone. It was not actually hooked - it had just been holding the bait. I brought in my now dead livie to re-rig, but told Jas to keep his livie down because that same fish might take it. And then it did. We were drifting towards the channel and a ferry was coming so I was a little concerned, but then in a stroke of luck the sea anchor caught the yellow 4 knot buoy and stopped us drifting into the channel. Jason brought the fish in and it was a cracker of a croc. We measured it at 80cm, snapped a quick photo and let the old girl go with big grins on our faces. We carried on like this for a while and had a few hits, but were struggling to connect. I decided to anchor up in front of Half Tide Rocks so I could make some coffees. I had a very frustrating stretch with 4 hits on my plastic in 5 casts without connecting. After each hit I would drop the tip, then give it a few jigs to try and draw a second strike, but it was not happening and every time when I wound in the plastic was pulled down the hook and needed to be straightened. It was going quiet and I had suggested we move up stream a bit a s the boat traffic in the channel was becoming a pain. We had pulled in the lines and I was about to go lift the anchor when I saw a huge bait ball on the sounder. I told Jason to drop a line down again an I put down the plastic for some @flatheadluke style vertical jigging. It was a good call Jas came up tight and it took off on a run. I said straight away - that's not a flattie. I was right. After a couple of runs and a few jumps we boated a nice salmon. It even came with someone elses hook and leader hanging out of its mouth. We removed both hooks, took a photo and let it go. After that we headed up past The Rip Bridge to one of my spots. We tried a drift and towards end of we were getting bites. The wind had come up quite a bit so I preposition and then anchored at the end of the drift. Jason pulled out a nice flattie and a lovely bream. I pulled out two lumps of weed, half a cockle shell and a pair of pliers. At this point I was feeling a bit crap if I am honest. Putting a mate onto fish is the next best thing to catching fish - but it is a distant second. I had even changed tactics as I could see bait was winning the day. And then I came good with a couple more position changes I brought in the next three fish - all good table size flatties - and a new personal best for starfish! LOL. We closed out the day with a drop over by the rip bridge but were just getting baited by little fish. We called it and headed back in. Took a while to get it but we did end up with a great feed. The three on the left were mine.
  3. I decided to take my son out yesterday morning to see if the blue swimmers were in Brisbane Waters in any numbers. Short version is they weren't. But we had a good time. Tried a few spots that have produced before. My son picked up a just legal one in the channel by Davistown RSL. Let that go as you don't get much off one that small. Thought I'd let it get a bit bigger. We had a bigger one on the line but it let go on the way up. Got a slightly bigger one over by Blackall ramp, but that was it for 3+ hours so pretty slow. I pick up a new trick though. I took a Bluetooth speaker with me and made my son DJ. Reckon it extended his tolerance tenfold.
  4. With the holidays just starting i thought i would have a quick session on the flats at woy woy for some flatties. The wind was blowing hard not to my favour but it was a nice day and a rising tide. Rigged up with a flash-j shad 3inch, with mullet procure scent, 1/12 jig head and 8lb leader. Waded across the flats until i got to the drop off, never tried here before but it looked very fishy. 2nd cast hooked up to something big that took some big runs but the hook pulled. A few cast later got a few hits on the drop, hook was set and felt straight away that it was a flattie with the familiar head shakes and runs, been a while since i have went for them. Brang it up beside me and out came a nice 50cm flattie added some more procure scent and two cast later i am onto another flattie a bit bigger this time and put up an amazing fight for its size with many big runs, this fish came out at 59cm Had some more casts in the same spot with nothing more hitting my plastic i moved along the drop off a bit further, still nothing hitting my plastic so i started to head back and picked up this flattie pretty much right at my feet, it came right to the shore and snatched it, looked pretty cool, it measured 52cm i thought i would keep this one for a feed but safely released the others sorry i could get any underwater shots, my camera was flat so had to use phone for pics
  5. G'day Fellow Raiders, Just a quick report on this mornings voyage to the rip bridge (St Huberts side) My friend Fiona (Fi) was keen for a putt in the boat before she had to go to work, which gave us about 2 hours on the water. We took the Humdinghy (my boat) to orange grove boat ramp and away we went trying to waste no time. On our travels we saw a police boat getting information from another boat as we putted along with my little 6 horse power, and then ZOOM! off the police boat went straight out under the bridge and towards box head, passed us like we were standing still..Hopefully everyone is okay.? After another 10 minutes of cruising we hit our spot, dropped anchor, cracked a cheeky beer, baited up and away we went. Fi thought she'd try her luck with a squid jig, sadly nothing was taking it. My first few casts brought in a few tiddlers (bream, snapper, trumpeter) you know the usual annoying fish, and then I hooked into a pretty decent snapper which was great fun on 10lb mono zzzzzzz went the drag haha. After a few minutes I brought him in and he was just on legal, I thought maybe in another year you'll be ready, so I let him swim free. Fi finally got her rig ready (paternoster Rig) through a bit of tailor on and out it went. At this point I was boasting about the snapper and a few other fish I had caught, then Fi cut me short......ZZ, ZZZZZZ, ZZZZ, She was into something big. The fight was weird, almost like a big flathead with a shoe attached to it. Fi fought the mystery fish for about 10 mins trying to exhaust the fish before bringing it up to the boat. Finally the head came up, it was a huge flatty. As she brought it up to the boat I put the net around it and brought it in. On closer inspection she had hooked the flathead in the bum!!! I almost fell over backwards!!! hahaha!! absolute wrongtown! haha This was a big big flathead, not in length, but just overall FAT! The flathead only went about 65cm, but it was 11cm wide! This thing had been chowin' down the last few months! Usually we let the bigger ones go however, being the only flathead we have caught in a few weeks, we decided to keep it for dinner. We got 4 big beautiful steak fillets off it and the flesh is a beautiful white colour! Very keen for tonights dinner! Anyway, Thanks for reading Raiders I hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of my report. Tight Lines! Regards, itscaca.
  6. Good day fellow Raiders! It seemed to be the perfect day, I had the day off work, the girl had the day off work, the sun was shining and the boat was ready to go. We started our day at about 11am, launching off orange grove boat ramp and heading towards the rip bridge. We decided to anchor St Hubert's side of the bridge where the current was slow and the water was somewhat clear (for Brisbane waters anyway). After about an hour of flicking plastic and getting zilch we decided to continue to Paddy's channel. On the travel we found a nice sand bar just at the start of Paddy's and decided to flick for a few flathead. After a few really good hits on the plastics we got jack of not hooking up and switched to bait (bonito). We casted out at the same time and both got hit in almost perfect sync, we couldn't believe it, after a bit of a fight up came two beautiful whiting, my girl's went about 34cm and mine was 30cm.....I tried stretching him but just couldn't get the extra 4cm's hahaha. We continued for about another hour and brought up another 4 whiting between us, all keepers! So in the Eski they went. On the last cast I hooked into something with a little more fight than the humble whiting, and had me running around the boat trying not to get tangled, after about 5 mins of fighting I brought up a nice sized tailor going about 36cm's, good fun bringing him up on such light gear. He put up a good fight so I threw him back to fight another day. After this we picked a friend up from the local wharf and back to paddy's channel we went, where not much fishing got done, but we had a few drinks and a good old chin wag. All in all we were out for 7 hours and we got something to take home with us which was a bonus. No Flathead this time, but thats the fun of fishing. Sorry about the lack of photo's, I'll make sure I get some next time. Thanks for reading Raider's, Good Luck!
  7. Went down to Ettalong/Ocean beach this morning for a fish. Arrived at 6am and back to the car at 9am. Result 4 flathead around the 40cm's and 1@53cm. Not a bad start to the day Tim
  8. Hey Raiders, Took my son and his mate out on Saturday morning as the tides and the forecast were ideal. As the tide change was at 8.30, I caught some livebaits the night before and kept them alive overnight. 12v pump plugged into a battery pack, which I left plugged into the wall via the re-charger. Was messy but it worked. Anyway, drifted around and got 5 over 65cms, and a big girl at 78cm. Kept a couple that were deep hooked and released the big ones. The big girl was caught on a handline and a size #2 suicide - hooked right in the corner of the mouth. I use small hooks on the smaller poddies so they swim around. But generally, I use those banana style hooks. To be honest, the kids LOVED the hand to hand contact of the handline. Flathead aren't really going to bust you off, so the kids really got to get a feel for keeping gentle pressure on the fish - and there is no hurry to "get it in". Then, as the tide bottomed out, I had a look in Broken Bay and saw a few birds working. Got 5 bonnies to top off the morning. Was great to be on the water, and makes up for those times when its a marine desert out there. The Poacher
  9. Bit of a delayed post. I went out very early on Saturday morning because that was the only time I could manage it - the rest of the weekend was jam packed with family and friends. It was a day of exploration and discovery. I wanted to go and sound out a new area in Brisbane Waters that I had read about here on FR but had not fished before. I was up at 4 and launched just after 4:30am from Woy Woy. I motored up through Paddy's Channel and headed over the sand bank very, very slowly. It was about an hour after high tide I didn't want to risk running it too shallow in the dark. I found the edge of the bank and anchored just off it in deeper water. Given that it was still full dark I didn't want to be drifting. I put out a bait behind the boat and then started working a fairly hefty plastic along the edge of the bank in the hopes that there might be a big flattie or even a Jew hanging along the edge. The plastic didn't get any interest, but just as the sky was lightening the bait rod went off and I pulled in a nice table size flathead that went 55cm. I dispatched that into the ice slurry and went in search of another to round out the family dinner. As soon as it was light enough I started drifting over the same area and I got a few hits but not many, and did not get a hookup. Since I was in exploration mode I decided to scout around the area a bit more. First I set up a drift that took me hard along the deep side of the sand bank drop off. I was expecting that to be a good drift but all I picked up was a small snapper ~ 24 cms. That was the start of a run of undersized fish. It did not seem to matter what I did - I just could not find the big ones again. I tried working the top of the sand bank, the entrance to Paddy's Channel and drifting out with the tide through Paddy's. I caught lots of fish, but couldn't get a second keeper for dinner. I landed 3 whiting, 6 snapper, a bream (possibly a Tarwhine - hard to tell sometimes) and a second flattie. One of the whiting, a snapper and the second flattie were all just short of legal. If the bream was in fact a tarwhine than it would have been legal, but I don't tend to keep just legal bream anyway, I like them a little bigger get a decent fillet off. I don't care - I was still having a ball and catching is always better than not catching! Eventually I ran out of time and had to head back in to get back to real life. That night I did the flathead on the BBQ. Just tossed the fillets in a little flour, salt and white pepper and the cooked it on the hotplate. My wife and I enjoyed that. The kids had sausages. Everyone was happy!
  10. OK - so a Squid Doughnut does not sound all that appealing and I have to say that it's not my favourite. One of the challenges with improving as a fisherman is foregoing the more reliable techniques that you have spent hours on and can usually produce a feed with to spend time on somethign you are not good at. I am not very good at targeting squid - but I have made it my goal for the summer to focus on these tasty morsels and improve that. I've read everything I can find on squid fishing and I decided to spend a whole session today trying to put a few different things into practice. I rigged up 4 rods with different coloured jigs in the 2.5-3.5 range and planned a few places that I have read about producing squid and a few others that I think fit the descriptions I have read on where to find squid. Some of these places I have caught squid before, though usually by accident (hooked on a bait rigged for other species) or small numbers. My thinking today was that it is early summer so squid should be coming inshore to spawn. The time I had to fish was in the middle of the day and stradling the top of the tide. There has not been a lot of rain so I figured they may come a little way into Brisbane Water as the water is clear and not very brackish. For this reason the first place I tried was the ocean side of Rip Bridge on the Hardy Bay side. I drifted along the shore in about 5 - 8m of water casting over the weed beds. I counted down and then tried a few different retrieve styles. These included just a slow wind, mixing in gentle lifts with pauses and the more aggressive douple lifts. I tried 6-12 casts with each jig and experimented. Hooked a little weed so I know I was getting the jig down to the right level, but did not get a touch at all on the jig. I moved on to my next spot. I was going to try the weed beds by half tide rocks, but there was a lot of boat traffic there today and it did not seem like a good idea to drift there, so I moved out to the Ladders, which is the first big bay past Lobster Beach on the way to box head. I had high hopes for this bay as it seems to tick most of the boxes for a squid holding spot (from what I have read). Mix of reef, sand and weed. Known bait ground. It is even one of the spots I have picked up a couple of squid in the past. The wind was coming up and whiping round the bay so it made drifting a bit challenging. I dropped the anchor so that the wind would push me towards the rocks and weed beds and put a lot of casts out in a fan around the back of the boat with all 4 jigs. I snagged up one of them (stupidly I had put one of my more expensive jigs onto one of my lighter rods. Guess which one I snagged!) After a while I decided that if there were squid there they were not interested so I moved on to the next spot. I drifted down the north side of Lion Island. Again the bottom ranged from 6-8m and was a mix of weed beds, sandy bottom and the odd bit of reef. The wind was blowing me on a pretty good line, though possibly a bit fast. I need to invest in a sea anchor. I again tried my remaining 3 jigs with a variety of retrieves, but could not scare up a touch. I then tried a bit closer into the rocks between Pearl Beach and the point that leads to Patonga. Yet more casts and I think I got a touch here - but the wind was blowing me a bit too close into shore and I it was time for me to head back so I headed in empty handed. Clearly going to need to do a bit more trial and error - but if there are any squidding guns out that that have a few more tips I'd be happy to hear them.
  11. Yesterday I had a fairly average day at work. As I left the office I checked the weather and the tide. The wind was supposed to drop away to nothing and the tide would be pretty much full when I got home. I put a call into home and asked my wife if she could take the small hatchback without the towbar when she picked up our daughter - I need to go fishing. I've barely been out since the hairtail social because I was training for a marathon so was running all the time. When I got to Woy Woy I could see the conditions were indeed perfect. I headed home and started prepping the boat. The wife arrived shortly after to swap cars and she asked what the plan was. I said I'm going out for an hour or two to try for some blue swimmer crabs. Shortly after I put the boat in and motered a very short distance (about 100m or so) to a spot that has produced for me before. I put out a handline with a thrid of an old flathead frame on a gang of hooks, put it over the rod holder and stuck the gaff handle through the spool and into the rod holder. While I waited for the crabs to find the bait I started a burly trail and flicked out some lightly weighted prawns into it. Before long the rod in the holder gets a bite, but as I reach for it the handline starts spinning in place. I'm here for the crabs so I go for the handline and start winding it in. Sure enough there is weight on it and I pull in a small-ish (but well legal) crab. Netted and into the ice slurry for a nice sleep. Over the next hour and a half I boat two more big enough crabs - both on the small side but big enough that I am positive they are well over legal size. I also land a couple of undersize snapper and a bream that would have been just under and they all go back. I bring up two more crabs but I'm losing the light and I miss both with the net. Think it is time to head in... Shortly after I get home and my lovely wife is very pleased to be getting our first feed of blues for the summer. Always great to come home with something. Even better when you come home with what you said you were going to try for when you left. I steamed them last night and picked them tonight - the plan is to stir it through some fresh pasta for a nice simple dinner tomorrow. Great to have daylight savings here. Amazing how a fairly average day can be turned into a great day when you close it out like that.
  12. Met up with a mate on the Central Coast yesterday and we went out to target some EP's. Not a fish I have ever targeted before so it was a new experience. We fished a few of the feeder creeks to Brisbane Waters. All in all a relatively quiet day but the two EP's we scored were studs. Didn't have a brag mat but they around the 40cm mark and beyond and were fat. I had a question for any EP experts on here. My local waterway is the Hawkesbury or Berowra Creek to be exact. Where would be some good areas to target these guys? Its such a big system so to narrow it down a bit would be helpful. Cheers. Matt