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Found 10 results

  1. hi guys, can you catch yakkas flathead bream and jewies in summer at brooklyn regards riley
  2. Hi i was wondering can you catch blue swimmer crabs, yakkas, jewfish, flathead, bream and squid in winter regards burtos fishing
  3. Hi guys, I am chasing jewies ,flatys and squid in june or july do you have any recommendations of were to go and what to use i am on a boat we will also be placing crab pots please help me regards Burtos fishing
  4. I put the mud crab traps out last week. It’d been way too long since I’d had a feed of crabs, and from all reports, they’ve been on fire in the Hawkesbury in the lead up to Christmas. Dropped them in about 10pm at low tide and left them in for the high tide overnight. I was a bit apathetic checking the traps in the morning as I’ve retrieved many an empty trap from this location. I was pleasantly surprised when the first trap revealed a legal muddie. I was ecstatic when the second trap had a very decently sized one as well. I cooked the big one up using a chilli mud crab recipe found on this site - delicious. The smaller one, I boiled in sea water. I wanted to answer for myself the age old question of how the muddies compare to blue swimmers. After preparing the smaller muddie the same way I do for the blue swimmers, I can say that I found the muddies just as nice as the blueys, and obviously with more substantial meat. The crab was cooked and cooled in salt water, so it had a pleasant sea taste to it, but not too salty.
  5. Exclamation Lost Garmin GPS sounder reward $1000 Hey guys sorry it's not a fishing report but I'm sure I'll reach more people here. we dropped a Garmin sounder unit around parsley bay boat ramp at around 10pm Saturday 21st. I'm offering a $1000 reward for whoever found it before my brother finds out it missing Please call Rammy 0416886777
  6. Hi everyone I am new to this forum and was hoping for a bit of advice. I've chartered a cabin cruiser for the last week of August with my 17 year old son. We are starting and ending at Brooklyn and I was hoping for some advice of what to expect/target. I am originally from South Africa where I used to do a lot of fly fishing, both fresh and salt but I have not really had much experience in Australia other than some deep sea reef fishing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Peter
  7. I finally got back out on the river for a fish, making the most of the beautiful winter weather we had over the long weekend. Went out on Monday and fished around Dangar Island. The wind was making it difficult, blowing us in the opposite direction to the tide. I ended up drifting the last of the incoming tide across the eastern side of Dangar Island (the only place we could drift with the current with that strong westerly blowing). We picked up a couple of flatheads and a nice whiting for dinner. My wife also got a good sized tailor which put up a nice fight for her. He went back in the drink. All caught on fresh prawns. Had a drift of the outgoing tide along Little Wobby but the westerly was causing too much havoc, blowing us into the shore too frequently. We didn't pick up anything there, though we did manage to snag someones line as we drifted past their jetty (I wasn't expecting them to have their lines so far out into the channel). I don't think they were too impressed but whilst attending to (and cutting) my lines, I witnessed them haul in what would've been a +80cm flatty. I'd set 4 witches hats in the mouth just off parsley bay when we set out. A nice round off to the day to bring them in and find crabs in each trap. Ended up with 5 legal blue swimmers, but chucked the 2 smallest back in as it was only going to be me eating them that night. This is my first season with the boat down Brooklyn and I wasn't sure how much longer the crabs were still around. Good to see they're still in abundance at the moment. Caught them with the trusty can of catfood and some manky old mullet pieces which have been used, frozen, thawed and used over and over again at least 4 times and still doing the trick - looks like the mankier the better!
  8. OK, so it's only one mud crab, but it's my first one and I'm stoked so I've gotta share it with people!! I've been getting some blue swimmers out the hawkesbury lately using witches hat traps. I got a mud crab trap for christmas and have been itching to give it a go. I got home from work last night just after low tide, and thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to set the trap overnight and retrieve it at the next low tide this morning before work. I found what I thought would be a nice spot, in amongst the mud and mangroves. Set it just above the water line (it was low tide). The wife and I then took the boat out for a nice dusk trip, without the shackles of any fishing gear! It was a welcome change for both of us to not be worrying about tides, wind, tangles, landing fish, losing fish, cleaning fish. Just the misses, some wine and cheese, and a nice sunset. Woke up this morning at 5:30 and went down to check the trap. Got there and found a nice big fat muddie inside. Great!!! Now what the @#$% do I do with it? I've got no probs with the blue swimmers, but you're first muddie is a different story. After some time, and a lot of reservation, I managed to get him into an esky. I was all keen to have a go tying him up, but he'd thrown his back swimming legs, which put me back a bit. In the end I tipped a heap of ice onto him to calm him down enough to then be able to tie him up. He came in at 1.4kg and he's now sitting calmly, all strung up, in the esky in my laundry, waiting to be tonights dinner. Again, not the most significant catch on this forum, but today, I'm a happy man Update: Here he is wearing a hat
  9. A beautiful evening last night was worthy of a relaxing pizza and wine on the local jetty. Not wanting to let the opportunity go to waste, I grabbed the rod and flicked some soft plastics out. Straight away was onto a nice flathead. Luckily I had brought the net down with me, but nothing else. Back up to the house with flattie in net, he was quickly disposed of and put straight into the fridge. Straight back down to the jetty, and I was on to another. Another trip back to the house to get a knife (I clearly hadn’t intended on catching much). In the end, landed 4 flatties. 3 of them keepers, with the largest one going 58cms. Not a bad result for an impromptu lazy dusk session on a superb evening. I was stoked to land something. The jetty is a private jetty 200m from home, I have fished before, but I have never caught anything there, and had never been hopeful (it is a quiet channel that is closed off at one end at the Hawkesbury River rail station). Suffice to say I’ll be down there more frequently in future. Location : Hawkesbury, Sandbrook Inlet, Brooklyn Time : Approx 7:30pm (middle of the run out tide) Gear : Pumpkin seed Gulp SP’s on 6lb braid, 10lb leader This follows on from a few other good sessions in the hawkesbury over the last couple of weeks, which i keep intending to post up.
  10. Gday Raiders, Ive been off the site for a while but now Im back. Just thought Id ask if raiders have been finding any squid in the Hawkesbury near Brooklyn or Apple Tree Bay. These are the most accessible waterways for me. Ive never had any luck hunting for squid up there so keen to find some spots. Thanks Raiders. Tan
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