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Found 5 results

  1. G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here. With all the tourists headed home, a mate and me @Rodeoheaded up to Broughton early. Filled up with livies really easy this time. Got to our mark and started the drift. First cast I was on to a nice 50+ pannie. The drift was slow due to a lack of wind but we kept at it. Lots of casts but the whole time drifting a livey behind us. As we headed into whiskers territory, the livey gets nervous and away she goes. I drop the bail arm, count to 5 and lock it up! This thing took a bit of string but once it stopped you could feel the tail beat of a good snapper. A bit underwhelming on the gear that I was on but still fun all the same. The day got calmer and the drift much slower. Changed a few locations and added another few pannies to the box. Then it glassed out, so we trolled some slimies around for no hits! So we pulled the plug and headed home. Got to the ramp and @Peter Nelson was trying to put his boat on solo, so I gave him hand and had a chat! Great morning on the water with the Island very quiet compared to the last 6 weeks. Can’t wait to get back out there and do it all again. cheers scratchie!!!
  2. Gday Raiders I received a last minute invitation to join a few friends up to Port Stephens for the week. A few calls later and with leave approved at work it was on. Of course, it would have been silly to visit this beautiful place without reaching out to local legend @Scratchie to say hello and to also invite him onboard for a fish. Jeff and i had tried to get this meet together for a few years now but logistics proved difficult the last few times. It was all very last minute but luckily Jeff had an opening and we locked it in for Monday morning ! So we met at the ramp at 5am and were on our merry way. A quick sound around cabbage tree island for bait but none there so we moved on to maximise fishing the first light. Scratchie fished plastics whilst i stuck to baits with a pea sized sinker. Scratchie did a fantastic job explaining and navigating the many marine parks around the islands all whilst imparting his wisdom about plastics fishing for snapper (at which i am yet yo learn). There was plenty of bait stacked on the sounder but the reds just werent there. As we approached the edge of a reef Scratchie proceeded to tell me about the David and Goliath battle that has been unfolding over the last few years between him and whiskers... "this is where Whiskers lives Sam". A few casts later and Jeff had a huge strike followed by an immediate bust off. Jeff was absolutely gutted, but did a great job holding in the dissappointment. To quote " you would have learnt a few new words Sam" 🤣 We proceeded to move around the island fishing the permitted zones when we came across some surface action. We wacked on two lures in the Christmas tree colors and did some trolling. On the first pass we managed a double hook up of two rat kings, second pass one more rat and then third pass had a huge strike on Jeff's Saragosa. The head shakes were violent followed by a huge run. Jeff played the fish like a champ and we both agreed it was a solid king. I soon noticed the boat was spinning in circles and it was just about this time Jeff had the fish in sight and said " its a Tuna!!, a yellowfin" Both panic and excitement racheted up to the next level. Do you have a gaff ? Nope, shit how do we get it in the boat. Try getting its head in the net, didnt work. In the end i just reached over grabbed the tail and lifted it into the boat. An unexpected but welcome catch ! High fives all round. @Scratchie thanks for an awesome day on the water mate, good company, good fishing in one of the best places in Australia. Ps @Berleyguts we both discussed it and agreed that any replies to this post are forbidden from including any mention of chores, housework etc etc 😅 Thanks for reading fellas.
  3. I might just have to buy a lottery ticket! All the planets must have aligned for me, there were no health issues at home and no dramas and I actually managed a fishing trip for the first time in many months... and to top it off, all went smoothly on the water and the boat and motor performed extremely well. 😂 Launched at Little Beach ramp with the wind blowing a tad more than I’d been expecting - makes for a battle launching solo. 🤔 I was out of the heads by 6am and stopped at Cabbage Tree Island to get livies. Filled the tank with slimies quite quickly then headed for Broughton Island. It was a slow run as the swells, although not big, were close together with a bit of wind chop. I tried the Sisters first, fishing with plastics and drifting a bridled slimey out the back. Tried about 3 drifts but the direction wasn’t too good, so I moved north of the island and got a better drift. Had a couple of little hits on the plastic but it was a lot of fruitless casts. I dropped a paternoster rig out the back and got a few undersized snapper. The slimey was going crazy, so there was something about. I caught a rat king on the paternoster so it might have been that. On the second drift, as I dropped the paternoster rig, something hit the bait on the way down and line screamed off. I flipped the bail arm over and line kept screaming off. It was quite a tussle but I could feel that head thump and I thought I might be onto a decent snapper, finally! As I got the fish to the boat, I realised I had a triple hookup... an undersized snapper on the top hook, a thumper on the second hook and a big assed sergeant baker on the bottom jig! The snapper went 57cm, my PB for NSW. and I was stoked! I did a few more drifts and managed one pannie but mostly undersized snapper and lost two live baits, one to a bonito and one to a small shark. I fished an inshore reef on the way home, hoping for a beakie. I found a huge school of bait and worked the area thoroughly with livies but couldn’t raise anything and turned the boat south for a bumpy ride home. Stopped for a quick flathead drift and got a nice blue spot (44cm) but mostly small ones and back to the ramp about 1. Geez, it was good to finally get out again after so long!
  4. Well as we have been doing for the last 13 years. Heading to the Port Stephens area to get away from Sydney- Hawksnest side of the bay Plan was- to spend time with family- and fish when I could Weather was great- and the big NE wind showed itself in the arvos I also had a lot of extended family to take out for a fish- which was good fun Anyway, long story short spent some time in the bay- some good bream in the myall river Squid on the surface targeting whiting in the Myall river- no whiting on surface A few trips to Broughton and got some good pan sized snapper biggest 50cm An amber jack at one stage Unfortunately lost the big Red- Hook bent and flattened- fishing too light a drag and leader - yes blame myself for that It began with a massive run from the fish wondering when it would stop- when it did, I was relieved but then a few heads shakes as I was gaining some ground and that sinking feeling of no more weight on the line- very disappointing as it was after so many hours of of casting Spent one night at Broughton anchored in the boat in coal shaft bay, escaping the NE one night Only to have the wind turn through the night to SW blowing straight in at about 30 knots Was very happy that the anchor held in the early morning We caught blue swimmers too in the myall river - best was putting traps in of a night and checking them at first light Nice surprise to have an octopus in one in the morning- great addition to the paella Trag were there too SE of Broughton in about 60m on the reef areas but lots of baracouta slicing and dicing the rigs- a bit frustrating losing many fish and rigs on way down and up The last night we were there, we fished Jimmy’s beach We had fished it a few times before only to catch the old common shovel nose and some good whiting- sometimes crowded with swimmers and fisherman Fishing with whole pilchard and a small running sinker I was teaching my daughter (6) to fish We had caught a few shovel nosed sharks and small tailor that night and on the last cast we had a good bite- it was just on dusk very low visibility She screamed “ it’s heavy dad!!” And I just said “don’t let go of the rod!” After a few minutes of drag screaming and reeling in and some splashing, I traced the line in with my hand as she kept winding near the shore, I was shocked to see a big flattie come up with the slight wash of the beach. Now it was leader vs wash and weight of the big girl vs the little girl. While my daughter was winding I eased the fish up with the wash and edged it up with my hands to dry ground I was so proud that she kept winding and didn’t dropped the rod in the sand - proud dad moment Will never forget this one on one moment with my little girl She said to me “ I had this funny feeling in my stomach I haven’t felt before” as she pulled the fish to shore I’m not sure if it was the rod pushing into her tummy or a little adrenalin running through her young blood It was the highlight of the holiday with some hard fishing amongst the crowds including me- part of the holidaying crowd I hope this is this is the beginning of her passion for fishing- expensive and time consuming as it may be!!!! She ended up with the biggest fish of the holiday!!And it was her first proper fish- My Flathead Queen- well thats what we call her now Thanks for reading
  5. Hey guys just joined this forum. Just wanted to say hello and I’ll be looking forward to posting some reports I usually fish outside based in Sydney but also go upto Port Stephens a lot 😎
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