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Found 6 results

  1. Rah


    G'day raiders, Going camping at wollondilly river station next week for a couple of days. Have heard there is carp and potentially bass and ep's. Does anyone know if there bass and eps are around there at the moment? Have done some reading on targeting carp and I think I've got that sorted with corn and bread, little to no sinker and let them really take the bait before striking. What's the best way to kill them? Potentially in a kayak. Planning on handing them over to the owners if we get any. Is there anything I need to look out for handling carp? Any tips or advice would be fantastic!! Cheers Rah

    Great Weekend Fishing

    Went with PATTHERAT to his place in one of the creeks that connect to the hawkesbury over the weekend. Left Sat morning and arrived to have lunch and have a late arvo fish. Got rods setup for carp and had plenty of takes on corn but only managed one, about 1 kilo. Also had a small turtle take some sweetcorn, poor bugger would of had a sore tongue after that. Next morning we got up later and went out for a fish, I focused more on lures for flatties and my mate got some prawns and minnows also for flatties. After many many casts on a 4.5' curly tail with no results i switched to a big squidgy paddler for some more action and be a little more agressive. Very first cast i hooked up, big headshakes and a decent run later, my mate netted a healthy 38 flatty. I grab my mates rod to tie one a bigger lure, he picked up my rod and had a few flicks. Few casts in he rips the rod up, good bend and some very nice runs. Sand kicked up all around our feet and a very nice fish is in the net, went 55 and very thicc. Had them cleaned up and on the bbq for lunch, both fish had thick fillets but had empty stomachs. After lunch we dropped some pots, fingers crossed for some muddies to take home. After dropping the pots we went for a swim and some wakeboarding. Had the pots in for 2 hours or so and pulled them up before we were heading home and I reckon we didn't leave them in long enough, three baits were untouched and one had a nice muddy in it. If you guys have any tips for trapping muddies as I'm definitely an amateur. Headed home after a great weekend with a grin from ear to ear, thanks to PATTHERAT for taking me along for some great fishing.
  3. hookerbrucer


    Had my annual trip to Burrinjuck Dam on the weekend, only freshwater trip I do most years. Arrived there about 4 pm fri just as the rain stopped. Got unpacked then launched the boat went for a short troll couple of smaller redfin. Set the shrimp trap and back to the cabin. Reasonable start sat on the water by 7am. Collected the trap no shrimp. Headed up the dam fished various trees with bait and soft plastics for a nil result. Short troll for another redfin. Then went ashore and walked the shoreline and sight fished for carp. Had my fly rod and a light spin stick with me. Had some fun as only cast to fish that looked over 2 Kg and they go hard. No we don't eat the carp. Ended up with half a dozen redfin for the weekend which do cook up okay. Early on the carp didn't want to play the game, so keep moving spots till we found some that would. Landed over 20 for the afternoon on fly and lure. Best two on fly went 67 cms 3.7 Kg and 3.9 Kg. best two on lure were both 3.6 Kg. Spin rod was loaded with 2 Kg mono used 2 Kg tippet on the fly rod We normally catch a few yellow belly and cod (released) but this year none. other people still caught them.
  4. Fishing Report for Saturday, 12th August 2017 I haven't really done much freshwater fishing in Australia before, and I heard that there are quite a few introduced carp that have been ruining the environment in the Parramatta river. I decided to have a go at catching one so I headed down to Little Coogee Park. It was a fairly warm day and I started fishing around 2:00pm using sweetcorn as bait. After about 2 hours of no bites I decided I would try fishing near a weir that I came across earlier. After about 10 minutes of fishing, another guy came by and started flicking out what looked like a black 2 inch grub on a small jig head. Within seconds he was onto a nice fat Australian Bass. I talked to him for a while and he told me that it was his second bass of the day. A few minutes later, the line on my reel tightened for a second before slackening again. I checked my bait and it was still there so I dropped the line back in. A couple seconds later line was screaming off my small 1000 reel. It was a real struggle to stop the fish from going under a bridge but it eventually surfaced and when it did my jaw dropped. The carp was albino and looked around the 80 centimetre mark. For a first carp, this was a pretty good fish in my books. I didn't have a net with me so I walked it down to a rocky area to the side of the weir that was closer to the water level to try and land it. The bass fishermen I met earlier tried to help me land it but as soon as the fish came partly out of the water, it bent out and spat the hook. I watched in disbelief as the albino carp sank into shallow water where it sat for a few seconds before taking off. I had mixed emotions. I was sort of relieved as I didn't know what to do with a carp anyway (I can't release it and I don't want to eat it) but on the other hand I didn't get a picture of it. I will probably be heading back there next week with a landing net this time. Anyway, I hope this helps any anglers who are attempting to catch their first carp. Don't make the same mistake I did. Cheers E.T.
  5. Headed out at first light with Dave and Swano for and early morning carp bash as Dave had never caught one and there are some thumpers in the river that give a great account of themselves armed with the sweet corn and bread and some spinnerbaits for a bass. The morning started well with Dave and myself catching a couple of the smaller carp and congrats to Dave on landing his first ever carp As the morning wore on we got plenty of hits and no hook ups until the turtles came on and Dave and I got a few beauties which fought above their weight (NOT) and were quickly released unharmed. Swano persevered with his spinnerbaits and after a few nice hits landed a nice one around 25 cms...well done mate. The time was getting on and a few big swamp puppies showed up and were slurping large pieces of bread down off the surface so I changed to a float and large piece of bread and a nice carp smashed it without hesitation and after a great tussle he or she finally succumbed to the pressure and was dispatched to go to carp heaven. Great morning fellas and the highlight was watching John Dory strike at an unseen monster and fall on his ass. Daves magical moment was watching me try and flyfish in the trees and I looked like tarzan going from vine to vine . Daves fish which he was washing and decided to free it HAHAHAHAHA Regards Stewy
  6. Spider Monkey

    Using Carp for bait & burley query

    Hi All, Being a new member to this forum and my first post, I thought I would enquire about a bait myth I have heard... I have been told that fresh water carp are good saltwater bait and burley (closed and offshore waters) due to the toughness of the skin to hang on. I'm not sure about the legitimacy of the claim, but interested in member views and experience in this regard if they have any. Any feedback would be appreciated.