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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, in the central coast this weekend and want to do some land based quid fishing. Potentially have access to kayaks. Any reports on squid action in the central coast? thanks
  2. Hi Fishraiders, Saturday evening, while sitting in a bar, I got a call from a good fishing buddy Mat asking if I was free the next day for a chance at a 1m kingfish. While very short notice (found out later someone had pulled out of the planned trip) the plans I had for Sunday could be changed pretty easily. Said I was in and we made some initial plans. Went home and sorted out some food and gear for the trip and set the alarm for 4am. Mat rocked up at mine and we put the gear in my car, left his new car in my garage then drove West to Mark’s place where the boat was stored. Bit chilly when we arrived with frost on the grass. Loaded up the gear, topped up the fuel tanks and then drove North. If you have ever seen one of those posts “Tag a mate who falls asleep when fishing” then I’m usually the one that gets tagged. True to form I fell asleep on the back seat. Woke up as we were in the Gosford area. At one stage we were discussing trailer handling and I told the lads about the time I was at Tunk’s park boat ramp and an older couple with what looked to be a recently acquired boat show special were struggling with the ramp. She was directing and after about six attempts I realised they were going to be there for a while so I lined my trailer with the other half of the ramp and put it in first go. The lady pointed at her husband to get his attention then pointed at me and very helpfully told her husband “that is how you do it”. The boys laughed. When we got to the ramp I could see why three people were needed. There was enough water surging around the ramp that you or your boat could quickly get into trouble. With Mat on the boat at the controls and Mark and myself in the water we managed to launch the boat safely. Mark asked if I could park up the trailer as the parking area was getting a little crowded and as per my earlier anecdote I reckoned I was pretty good handling a car and trailer. I got the chance to put the money where the mouth was or more accurately the trailer in the spot. To be fair I think Mark was very capable of doing it himself but as the boat and trailer was a relatively new acquisition he needed just a little more confidence that comes with experience. My usual technique is looking over the shoulder rather than using the mirrors. I’d had a cyst removed from my neck on Friday evening and due to the stitches and plaster feeling a bit tight I had to turn the whole body to look over the shoulder – uncomfortable but workable. While I could have driven it straight in that meant the challenge would have been at the end of the day. With a couple of adjustments to work around the parked cars it went smoothly in trailer first. We then boarded the boat from the beach and made the long trip to the bait grounds 200 metres later we’d arrived at the bait grounds. We would have been there quicker but there was a group of swimmers that seemed to think swimming in front of a boat ramp wasn’t a potential safety hazard. 11m deep and plenty of fish showing on the sounder. In went the burley and down went the lines and shortly afterwards we started pulling up some yellowtail. There were even some 30cm plus ones which I looked at with a 1m king gleam in my eyes. Too many for the live well so we put some of the larger ones in my salt water filled esky (after removing the food). Heading out of the bay to the fishing ground we were fortunate enough to see a few whales moving North. Trip out took about an hour and when we pulled up we were over structure in about 160m of water. Local advice is that kings hang around this as it is only structure in the area (no I don't know what it is called or have the GPS marks). There was apparently a fishing competition on that day so we were surprised to find we were the only boat out there. First pass with live yellowtails Mat hooked up and then snagged up on the structure. Neither fish nor working end of the tackle came back. We were using stupidly heavy leads to get down before we drifted over the structure. I was using my 80lb outfit with 100lb leader through the sinker to a swivel then dropped down to 80lb line to the hook. The intention with this rig was that if I snagged up I was likely to lose just the hook and the line below the swivel. It worked as I retained the sinker for the whole day. Counting down I worked out it was taking over a minute for the livies to reach the bottom. Next pass my hook didn’t come back and it looked like the line had been bitten and we thought it was likely to be leatherjackets (bugger). A re-rig, another bridle rigged livie down and this time there was a hook-up and I was on. Some weight but it didn’t feel like a 1m king would. After a hundred plus meters of pumping and winding and got colour and what a beautiful colour it was complete with a yellow tail and I even got my livie back (should that count as 2 yellowtails albeit of 2 different species). Netted and my king count for 2018 was up to 7 with still a few hours of fishing on the cards. It was legal but not by a huge amount. Mark then sent down a livie and upgraded it for a legal king. Mat was struggling a little and losing gear. We’d also get hook ups but then have the hook pull. At one stage we heard a blast of venting air and turned around to see a whale much smaller than any I have seen out there before. It was about 5m long and certainly not a dolphin and Mark called it as a pilot whale. We weren’t getting a king every pass but often enough that it kept things interesting. All the kings were legal but not hugely so although they were pretty broad across the shoulder. They also looked a bit more silver than I had seen before. The winds eased up and the swells flattened out and we had a beautiful albatross bobbing about nearby and keeping us company. Mat then scored his king and Mark changed to jigging and started getting a few more kings. Mat and Mark had double hook-up but I let the team down by not making it a triple. On the next pass I caught my second king. Two livies left for the last few passes as time was running out with 7 kings in the esky. No joy and time up so we let the last livies go. The run back in was pretty good and we were fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins. The sun was dropping down and glaring through the windscreen by the time we were close to the boat ramp. I changed back into my shorts so I could jump into the water and hold the boat against the surging swell. Mark hopped out with me and before we went up to get the car we watched one of the locals struggling to get his boat back on his trailer so I stepped in to give him a hand (which is sometimes all you need to make a difference). Since we took the time to park the trailer in the first place we had no trouble getting it out of the parking area and down the ramp. With Mark on the winch, me in the water and Mat driving the boat in, putting the boat on the trailer went as smooth as you could ask for. We set the safety chain, ratchet straps, indicator check and Mark asked if I minded driving back to Sydney. Considering that he’d done pretty well all the driving till then I was happy to drive back. On the way back he had the usual manly discussions. Cars, recipes for kingfish, best domestic cleaning products, how our significant others don’t quite get us and multi-layered roles we are having to cope with in today’s complicated political correct society (alright not the last two). Back at Mark’s I got the opportunity to back the boat into the driveway on a cul-de-sac with poor lighting, limited view out the passenger window because of the baby window shade. Even with the two of them acting as spotters it was a challenge. I had to hop out of the car twice to check the alignment. Maybe I’m not quite as good as I thought I was but got it lined up and into the driveway without any scrapes. Mark’s lovely wife Amanda was there to greet us and watch us unload the boat. Mat laid out the 7 kings on a towel and it was such a nice sight I took the picture below. I don’t actually eat fish but I had some recipients in mind for the two I was keeping. My long term fishing mate Todd and the mate that stood on the stingray, Anton “First Cast” M. Mat was going to keep one and then give the other to another couple in our fishing group that often shared their catches with him. Todd was pleasantly surprised to get a king as he loves eating them and he called me up with a thank you today. Anton filleted his and enjoyed the taste of fresh sushi. He has family in town so I suspect they will be eating a meal of fresh kingfish. All in all a fantastic day and I was grateful for the opportunity to get out there and I hope I get to join them again. My kingfish count is at 8 with 10 more to go to achieve my fishing goal of 18 kingfish in 2018. Still working on my other goal of a 1m plus king and more importantly I'm still enjoying the journey. Regards, Derek
  3. 1st report here been lurking around. thought i would try my luck down the entrance for some blackies 2nd time trying to chase these guys was there for about an hr and came home with 3. lets hope this is a good start to winter. cheers Bug
  4. Hi all, First time post. I just started fishing about 3 months ago and have been out about once a week since, and on the weekend had the biggest catch I've ever had. Fishing just south of the entrance at night, with squid for bait, and caught this shark, has been the highlight of fishing so far. Released it back in the water and watched it swim away. I think fishing is a bit like gambling, once you have a big win you get hooked. Cant wait to throw the line in again and see what we catch.
  5. Guest

    Meet up to talk fishing

    I’m thinking of organisation a social raider event around Umina or Woy Woy? Open to ideas on when and where. Cheers, Luke
  6. Hi everyone, Next weekend i'll be down in the central coast with the wife, all day Sunday and she'll be working, so I'll have the day spare to go... fishing! I don't really know the area, and I'll be around the entrance area, and land based. I'm guessing they'll maybe be blackfish, salmon, tailor, bream? Any tips? Judging from google maps there's toowoon point etc, or the rockwall west of the bridge... but i'm really just guessing. Thanks!
  7. Hi Raiders On the way up the coast for a holiday the boat trailer tyre went flat. I don't have a spare. Would anyone know of any tyre shops that would be open on boxing day around the gosford, entrance or Newcastle area.
  8. Hi Raiders, Wondering if anyone knows of local shops they would recommend? In the age of internet it's still a bit tough to find ones that aren't a major chain.
  9. Hi Raiders! I have Thursday (tomorrow) and Friday off this week and not many plans for the weekend. Let me know if you're keen for a fish. I'm up for just about anything other than boat fishing or rock fishing as I don't have my own PFD yet. But if you have a spare and need a buddy count me in! Outside of that I have all my own gear and happy to pick up anything I might need. I'd be really keen to do some bait gathering, whether that's beach worms, poddies, nippers, weed, cabbage.... I haven't done any of it before so I'd love to learn. Flatties have been looking good around the coast the last few weeks and I haven't been after them before, so maybe that's an option. Really, just looking to wet a line with a fellow Raider and anything above that is a bonus.
  10. Long awaited fishing trip, weeks in the making began at 530 am putting in at terrigal boat ramp. No wind, overcast and swell was sitting on a comfortable 1.2 metres. We set out for Texas reef and got their a hour or so later. Jigging with 180-250 gram jigs were the order of the day. First few trips to the bottom only brought in some pesky barracuda like fish, not sure what they are but there in plague proportions. By this time a number of other boats arrived and it was five of us trying to get amongst the northern peak. We were marking a few fish here and there but they were not schooling and was the odd fish here and there. There was a good show on the sounder but all on the bottom (90m mark) so I don’t think they were kings. Come 11am and we hadn’t seen one boat pull in a king. In we came to a closer reef off the entrance and pros were pulling in Bonnie’s one after the other. We seen one pro pull in 10 Bonnie’s in 2 minutes. We figure it looked good and anchored up in line and sounder was going crazy. Trying to mimic these pro’s we flick hard bodied lures but could only mange 2 Bonnie’s. Not sure what these pros were doing differently but we couldn’t pull them in despite the sounder going nuts. We were running hard bodies of different colours on Fluor to braid into the school, scratching our heads and with angry wife’s at home we called it a day with Bonnie’s on the menu for tea. no kings only a couple Bonnie’s but better than any day in the office
  11. Hi all I've just signed up to the forum as I'm new to the Central Coast NSW and desperately need some tips/guidance on salt water fishing! I'm originally from the Central West NSW and grew up fishing fresh water chasing cod/yellow belly etc this salt water business is very new to me! If anyone is looking for some company to fish with either on land or boat, I'd be more than happy to tag along, I've got all my fishing gear and obviously will pay my way in regards to fuel or any costs incurred. Cheers guys!
  12. I was desperate for a fish on Sunday given the sunny warm weather. We were already up at Terrigal for the long weekend. It was a bit windy and I was wanting to go beach fishing in the afternoon so managed to convince hubby to hire a tinnie at Hardys Bay for a half day session. We got the tinnie at 11am (not sure if you can mention operators - PM me if you want the info, new management as of last month). His dad also came out with us and wanted to try the flats near Ettalong beach. There was so much boat traffic and annoying jet skiers going above the designated speed limit that we decided to move - that and there was absolutely no bites. We moved over near the oyster leases in Hardys Bay where we had some luck last winter (tailor, bream, trevally - on chicken fillets with garlic). We were using soft plastic, pilchards, squid and prawns. We had a few bites and I caught my first tailor on a pilchard tail. It was undersized so it went back. It would have been around midday at this point and we stopped getting any bites so off we moved again. Putted over to Rileys Bay and was throwing soft plastics and bait around the old moored boats. I was convinced there would be some bream under the boats. Got a few nibbles and lost one near the boat - couldn't distinguish species. We were just doing drifts up and down the area. Got lots of nibbles but nothing hooked up. Before we knew it, it was time to return the boat. Fishing with light gear, 7' rods with 2500 reels - soft plastics, prawns, squid strips and pilchard. For burley we were using chicken pellets with mushed up pilchards and a bit of water. Probably the wrong time to fish but when you have the itch you gotta go. Hope you all had better luck out there.
  13. Hi guys Me and my friends are going to go camping this coming weekend at Sydney, central coast and fishing nearby spots. So do you know where we can find a good spot for land base fishing? Preferably near a camping spot. We are aiming for bream, snapper and yakkas Thanks.
  14. Hi All, Been hitting the central coast every weekend to try for drummer but not getting anywhere. Catching mostly sweep and the odd trevally. Last weekend decided to hit the central coast again and after a really frustrating morning catching only sweep (releasing them). , threw out all my berley in to the water towards the end of the day and decided to hold around for half an hour. Tried a new tack with some different prawns and got a Herring Cale first.Talk about scary. Black body with bluish tinge, green ringed eyes and a blue streak on the tail and was having none of it when I tried to remove the hook, so left him in a bucket of water. At the time, I didnt know what it was until someone pointed it out later. This photo does not do justice to this black beauty. Tried again and immediately hooked on to this fish (initially thought it was a big sweep). I saw a lil red and was like Yay a snapper. Then someone told me its a red morwong. I hadn't carried a net that day so had to bring him up two metres from the water to the rocks. Well having never caught one before didn't know what it was. My mind was still on the H. Cale as I didn't know if it was legal to keep and for some reason it was scaring the heck out of me. Didn't strike me to wonder too much about the Mowie as my phone was dead and it didn't seem big. Coming home, I checked the records and realized the largest in the bait fish records was 46 cms so came and checked this one and its close to 48 cms. Only slightly bigger. To be honest though, the Sweep of 29 cms which I caught the previous week gave me a bigger fight than this 48 cm mowie. After that, caught one sweep about 20 cms, threw him back and left. Almost went in the water myself. Was on a high ledge after the drummer fishos had left. Noticed they had kept their undersized fish in the small pools on the rocks and these guys were dying. Went down on my hands and knees to scoop them out and it was a pain as they kept darting around but managed to catch and throw all back. On the last one as I walking towards the edge, tripped on a slightly higher rock and went stumbling towards the edge and only recovered on the last step, cms away from going 4-5 mtrs down to join the drummers in the wash. Next got whacked by a freak wave over rocks where there had been no water all morning or even after that wave. It hit me up to my waist and I was down on all fours clinging to the rocks ( and I kept on fishing) but from a higher ledge. Hope to try something new this week and will keep you guys posted if I get something worthwhile. Sweep may be easy to catch but the big ones on light tackle (7' Starlo Classix 2-5kg) can be a hard . The red mowie was caught on a cheap Chinese rod and reel combo I bought for 60 for catching drummer, not very sensitive but pretty strong. I found a good spot to pick cabbage and stringy weed close to each other so will give that a go next week and see if the luderick or drummer prefer that to my woolies prawns.
  15. hi Guys im heading out on the Hawkesbury this Friday, doing some trolling along the heads and lion island, then fishing a little offshore, has anybody had much success lately?? any tips?? Thanks
  16. Met up with a mate on the Central Coast yesterday and we went out to target some EP's. Not a fish I have ever targeted before so it was a new experience. We fished a few of the feeder creeks to Brisbane Waters. All in all a relatively quiet day but the two EP's we scored were studs. Didn't have a brag mat but they around the 40cm mark and beyond and were fat. I had a question for any EP experts on here. My local waterway is the Hawkesbury or Berowra Creek to be exact. Where would be some good areas to target these guys? Its such a big system so to narrow it down a bit would be helpful. Cheers. Matt
  17. Raiders, Had a great day out on Josh’s Boat Devil Ray on Sunday. We fished the Central Coast (Broken Bay/Barrenjoey) and picked up - 3 Flathead 3 Jewfish (59cm PB for me) 2 Bonito 1 Snapper 1 Tailor Here is a short video with some of the results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ioHI4jiKj4
  18. Hi All, Not the best report however I decided rain hail or shine I would be taking the boat out this weekend. Saturday was raining all day so I decided to use that time to do some work on boat repairs & install the new bait board. Sunday morning came and the weather was great. Not much cloud cover & dead wind, That's enough for us even with a horrible weather report. Hooked the boat to the car & had the fishing gear all ready in around 20 minutes which has to be a record for us! We launched at Woy Woy around 8AM and headed past the bridge for a drift. Not much happening however plenty of squid around. They can't keep away from my gulp soft plastics but don't touch my squid jigs. Anyone know of any squid jigs that are similar to soft plastic? Or what the trouble might be? We picked up a snapper that was just legal (Left to fight another day) & also hooked something on a gulp soft plastic that my little 1000 reel couldn't stop. No amount of drag adjustments could stop this guy, He just kept running until the hook popped About 10AM the rain was far to heavy to bother staying out any longer so we headed home! Hopefully a better reports to come http://imgur.com/X6wrIPl Cheers
  19. Hello Fellow Raiders, Im a new member and i just love this site. It is probably going to get me divorced as i havent got off it since i started scouring the forums. I have recently bought a 5.3m Savage boat and i am really struggling to find some decent spots to catch squid on the central coast and lake mcquarie. Any help in identifying some good locations would be a tremendous help. The only place i have had any luck is Barrenjoey head and even then it has been real hit and miss at best. I have done a majority of my fishing at JB and have never had a problem finding good squid down there.
  20. Hi Raiders, Long time reader first time poster - and before I continue, what a great forum, I've learnt so much from reading dozens and dozens of fishing reports, and special mention to Roberta's article on beachworms - which I now enjoy catching almost more than fish! Last week I went down to our local beach with my wife (who is currently obsessed with fishing ) and I landed my first salmon and dropped a second, and wifey hooked up on light gear, brought him right to the shore but unfortunately had the hook spat in the shore break - heart breaking!! Today we headed out again hoping to improve on last week's performance, this time with a camera..... again soaking whole salted pilchards on two hooks (one sliding) but there wasn't much wash around, sea was a bit calm at our spot and there was hardly a bite for most of the day. After building a fire and settling down with a couple of wines we'd all but forgotten about fishing... until I picked up my rod and and felt something heavy on the other end... after a few slow but strong runs I was very surprised to reel in this little fella...
  21. Hi, im new to the site, but have been reading these forums for a while. Found some good info, but looking for something a bit more in depth. Im just wondering if anyone has any good ideas or information for fishing the rocks at night. Im heading to tomaree head this week, an oceanic rock self with deep water, and am wondering what I can do to catch something special. I normally use pillcards under floats, and catch 40cm tailor, with the ocassional snapper or salmon. What could I do to increase the size of these fish, or hunt new species that might be available. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  22. Hi Guys, Just spent 2 days fishing the Hawkesbury/Pittwater area with some mates. We caught 20 Jew (2 legal), 2 Trevally, 1 Bream, and 4 Flathead so all in all a good 2 days on the water. This monster flatty was the best catch of the trip. It went 88cm and was caught on 12lb fire line using the trusty full pilchard for bait. See the pic attached. (The box the fish is sitting on is 81cmx49cm). Think i will submit this one in the catch of the month comp. Cheers
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