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Found 12 results

  1. Idreamoffishing

    Fishing Charter

    Hi All, Just wondering what everyone's experiences have been with deep sea charters. I went to one on the weekend. 5 hours morning session, departed from Sydney. It was my first charter experience. I was extremely excited and had high hopes. Long story short, they took us to 3 separate spots, virtually the entire boat had no decent catches. The best catch was a ~20cm flathead from a lady holding her rod upside down. At the very last spot, we were getting lots of palm size baby flatheads. Needless to say, I was extremely disapointed. The crews were friendly. But I can't help feeling I've wasted by time and money. I coud have had a much productive morning doing landbased fishing. I understand fishing is like that. Just wanted to hear what others have experienced. Thanks, A
  2. Pauafritta

    Fishing in Orange NSW

    I will be going to Orange for Easter and want to know if anyone would suggest a good guide or charter ( not flyfishing) for one of the dams or rivers. I plan to leave my boat at home so am hoping there are good options for a Murray cod or other fish with a guide or from shore.
  3. MaxSakuma

    Looking for charter

    Does anyone can recommend a good charter to fish on the canals of Sydney harbour? Me and my wife are new in town and we're looking for someone to take us fishing on a boat.
  4. Greeny2251

    Bali fishing trip

    Hay first post guys, got a lot of useful tips on here, was wondering if anybody had experience with fishing in Bali I.e charter or going out with locals what can I expect for prices for a full day or even 2/3 days including accom and that?? was thinking of either going July or Christmas time if anyone has been on a charter or just fishing in general there I'd love to here a fishing report for it with as much info as possible most prices I see are Australian prices wouldn't mind finding something cheaper preferably wanna do live bait fishing or fishing of he bottom for big edible fish, but am open to other kinds of fishing to.. Also I'll probably go with myself do I need to find other ppl to go with and that?
  5. kiwineil

    Belated Darwin report

    HI all Belated report from a father (moderate fisherman) and son (mad keen fishing nut type kid) fishing charter near Darwin in late September. This was a bucket list trip for me and my boy, and it delivered so far over and above.... and while I wont say who the charter operator was (forum rules I think) I highly highly recommend, and I'm happy to PM details if anyone is interested We fished four days, from 8am to 5.30pm every day, with a variety of techniques (some of which were new to us) depending on target species. Aside from one trickier day, we caught a lot of fish, most of which went back if not taken for dinner, or for bait. As usual, the kid outfished me. This was one trip where his hard and fast rule that no one touches his gear if he's on a fish (he'd rather lose it than have someone land it for him) worked in my favour as more often than not I was often too busy with my own fish to give him a hand, not that he ever wanted it. Pix below are mostly from the last day, where we set out just went out to have as much fun as possible. From memory we cast surface metals for mack tuna/trevally/queenies etc, bottom baited for black jewfish and other bottom dwellers, jigged plastics for gt's/cobia, live baited for Spanish mack's, trolled for the same plus sailfish (no joy there) among other things. . Too many trip highlights to mention, but a couple that stick out First off the Day 4 double hookup when a cobia hit my plastic while jigging and headed due north at rapid speed at exactly the same time as a Spanish mackerel hit my boys live bait and headed due south at a similar speed. Amazingly, we got them both in .... (attached as the first pic - note its my first go at uploading pix so I hope this works). For reference, the Spanish mack went about 140 cm, and the cobia about 110cm. Second pic is the same Spanish mack Second highlight is one that got away.. in 10 feet of water the boy hooked a giant lead weight which after an hour of wrestling turned into a 8-9ft shark (lemon shark I think) at the side of the boat. That may have been on Day 2, but I dont think that matters! While he did get it to the side of the boat, we couldn't land it (IM not sure we tried all that hard, to be fair), and when it got bored with us away it went. But a lot of fun watching him fight it so hard, and for so long... In general we were having too much fun to measure, or take too many pix, but Ive attached a couple more give a flavor These including my sons best jewie .... .. although I think mine (obviously a PB) from earlier in the trip (Day 2?) might have just shaded him ..... a and a couple of assorted others. Needless to say the fishing nut son is even more of one now... and im saving my pennies for a repeat visit .... If you made it this far, thanks for reading Cheers
  6. allen_f

    Needing a holiday asap

    Hi Raiders, Long time no post :'( I've been getting slammed by uni and exams are coming up so I haven't gotten out for a fish in forever. I'm going to book a nice relaxing holiday straight after exams and am looking for some suggestions on charters in either BALI or CAIRNS in the days of early to mid JULY. Please PM-only non-sponsor charters. If anyone has any great suggestions, could you please drop me a line in the message centre? I appreciate all the help I can get I would love to get onto some mahi or tuna, or even GTs! Thank you!!!!! Also best of luck to my fellow uni-goers on the forum, see you on the other side
  7. SgtBundy

    Cairns Trip - 1 Oct 2015

    With time due for a family holiday and the kids keen to see the Daintree and Reef we booked 10 days up in Cairns for a big trip away, something we have not done for a while. Of course, I couldn't let the opportunity go without getting in some fishing. I took a travel rod and some kit with me but between activities and logisitics of getting around without transport I only managed a few hours off the wall near the marina on my own. However I had a full day booked for a private charter with just myself and the guide so it was completely free to do whatever fishing was on offer. Originally I wanted to try for both GTs on the reef and try for barramundi in a river or estuary somewhere, but as the weather forecast became clear the operator suggested we pick one or the other due to the combinations of forecast winds, tides and travel needed. He had mentioned the barra were not co-operating of late so I went for reef instead, and due to the winds he suggested a place further south that offered some protection but took us an hours or so travel to get down to from Cairns. We launched at Mourilyan harbour which was great in itself, it just looked ready to fish - as he was putting the boat in a buoy nearby was surrounded by busting up fish, and within about 3 minutes of launching he had a cast net on top of some sardines which he threw in the live tank. The run out was spectacular, with either side of the harbour dressed in rainforest down to the water, even on the ocean side. The below shot doesn't do it justice, there was literally palm trees and vines down to the water. We headed out to some nearby islands which gave us some cover from the wind. As we arrived we saw HMAS Canberra (large new helicopter landing ship) operating nearby which added some sights for the day with landing ships running around landing tanks and vehicles on a nearby beach for most of the afternoon. We got out to the first mark to try for GTs and before the first cast the operator saw tuna near the boat. A quick throw of some metals for nought before we tried warming up for GTs with some stickbaits. I got a follow by what we thought was a massive mangrove jack (it looked like a red GT in the water). While I was doing that the operator was playing with some lighter gear and hooked onto something - thinking it a tuna he handed it to me to bring in. It came in easily and to both our surprise it was a small but legal Coral Trout which we kept in the live tank to possibly take home later. We switched back to trying for GTs and got out some larger heavy stick baits - as he showed me an example of using it with a short cast he got a big hit from likely a GT but it dropped. It became my turn and after about 5 minutes of retrieving that lure I was reconsidering my desire to chase GTs - the TV makes it look so easy, or maybe I am just too soft being in IT, but damn that was some work, mostly the fast retrieves as I was ok with the casting. We stuck with it for a while working around this first mark but with no hits and increasing bird activity nearby we switched back to light gear and metals. Soon we had a big bustup of tuna breaking the surface with birds diving on top and once I got the hang of casting where they were going (they moved fast) I was soon hooked up to something that had no desire to come towards the boat. A big initial run and slowly I got it turned and brought it back, as it got to the boat it took off again but went under the boat. With some effort and help I got the braid off the hull and around the other side of the boat. After a few more minutes of fighting we had it boatside but as the guide tried to tail it it kicked off and dropped the hook. It was a good size northern longtail tuna - unfortunately neither of us had any photo kit going despite my gopro, his sports camera and multiple phones being on the boat. My first tuna hook up and I loved it - it was I think a 6-10kg rod but it was fully bent over and with 30lb braid it was still screaming off - great fun. The school surfaced again and we chased after and soon enough I again hooked up but the braid popped as soon as it took its first run - I am guessing from the earlier hull contact. We switched to another rod that was rigged with one of my metals and gave chase again and hooked up once more to another solid longtail. This time more careful of moving it around the boat I was able to hang on to it and with a few screaming runs away from the boat I got it up alongside. This time we went to get a photo and the operator was putting his underwater camera together while I held it at the boat, which it was happy to do little tuna circles. As the operator put the camera in I caught a gray shape come in from the back of the boat, my tuna kicked off but within a second was taken whole by a 3-4m bull shark right in front me of. An awesome sight that I was just enjoying the spectacle of - not even disappointed we didn't boat the fish, just excited and even laughing to see this in action. Sadly my gopro was not setup yet and the operators camera card was full so we missed the shot - he splashed around a bit and kept the sharks near the boat (by now a second larger one joined the first) and I have some gopro footage of that, but nothing more than shapes in the water. We ended up having to move off the area because the sharks would not leave the boat. After the shark bit off the lure I replaced it with one of my own and on the next hookup I got it busted straight away - seems I tied a bad knot and it simply undid under pressure. Unfortunately that was about the most action I captured on gopro - my crappy knot getting busted off, which left me feeling rather amateur. We moved on to trying for some GTs again at another mark but they again proved elusive. We continued to have bustups all around us and groups of birds work working the area the whole time. We switched between chasing these bustups, which often moved too fast for our drift or away from us entirely, to going back and hitting the GT marks. I began to regret the GT focus as merely the retrieve action was wearing me out - I was worried what would happen if I actually hooked up. During one of these sessions we had a massive spanish mackerel get airborne about 150m from the boat - out of nowhere it launched out of the water a clear 20 feet diving back in almost straight down. When we sounded a large school underneath us we tried a sort of jigging approach with metals that got us a small mac tuna that managed to run me around the boat again. It was a fairly quick fight - we landed it and sent it back. Around midday the bird and surface activity dropped away and with no GTs showing up we took a break and moved into a nice spot near one of the islands beaches to anchor for lunch. After lunch the operator spotted some nearby bait fish which he tried cast netting for but they were too quick - pretty much we only used the baitfish we had as live burley - if he wanted to try and keep fish near the boat he would throw them in, we didn't use them on lines at all. In the afternoon we continued the same patterns - a few GT attempts broken by chasing bust ups. Eventually we got into a bustup that I managed to get a metal into and hooked onto something that had weight but stayed down, not doing much. After putting on some pressure it woke up and screamed off and I was having trouble turning it - eventually I got some line back and brought it back near the boat but before I got sight it took off again, then again for a 3rd time. After a minute or two of constant drag whine I started getting some headway and along side the boat we had a large, fat, mac tuna. As we got it up it was disgorging lots of baitfish and even something larger that looked like a small trevally. The operator got a firm hold of it, got it to finish throwing up its meals and we finally got a picture of me with a fish, even then the bugger still shat on me. I am not sure how it goes as far as mac tuna but it was a solid fish for me and a solid fight, so I was stoked. We sent him back and after a few lulls of him not kicking (with us expecting him to be sharked) it kicked off and swam away. The rest of the afternoon was mostly chasing more bustups. We spotted some very large tuna like fish leaping clear of the surface in a channel between the islands and gave chase but they disappeared before we found them. We followed some birds later without much surface bustups and hooked into a small oceanic queenfish, only about 30cm or so, so another new catch for me. Even though it was only around 3pm we had a long drive back to Cairns and it had been an early start, so we headed back to the ramp. Even on the 10 minute run back there was bustups still going on everywhere around us. I am not sure how normal that is but it was awesome compared to any of my previous fishing exploits. All in all even though I never hooked onto a GT and didnt get into any Barramundi it was still an awesome day of fishing - chasing those bust ups was so much fun and the power and thrill of hanging onto those tuna was just fantastic. The sights of so many fish, sharks, the stunning location, good weather (if a little windy), nature and even background of the military in action made it a brilliant day. I took the coral trout back with me and did it simply in foil on a shared BBQ at the caravan park, but my wife said it was the nicest fish she has eaten. I had some but in my tired state I managed to slice my finger open on a can of pineapple and for some reason it put me off dinner (being knackered from casting poppers all day might have been related). Happy to recommend the operator by PM if anyone is interested.
  8. Pat Williams

    NZ king charter

    Hey guys I'm heading over to New Zealand on saturday for a couple weeks and looking to do a day out on a charter targeting kingfish. I was thinking around the Bay of Plenty area as it seems to have the reputation for big kings and I'm planning on staying there for a few days. Also gonna hit up the west coast Raglan area. If anyone's had a good experience fishing for kings anywhere on the north island, I'd be really keen to hear some details and which operation you fished with. Please only reply by PM due to the site rules. Cheers Pat
  9. I just had to write a post about what a great job Reef Magic Charters did for me last weekend. Some of you know, while in Sydney on business I was looking to book a Tuna charter. Got lucky and the yellow fin arrived around Sydney just in time. For any visitors or even locals looking for a charter,, Reef Magic is truly a first class operation! I wanted to thank Damo, and especially Dave the deckie, for a great day. Dave the deckie was very patient answering a ton of questions not just for me but everyone on the charter. It was a great day and a fun learning experience for me. Honestly I was a little skeptical because they are a sight sponsor, but I see they were selected as a sponsor because of the quality of operation. You can't go wrong with these guys if you are looking for a charter service in the future. Here's one of the yellowfin we got that day (not me in this picture)!
  10. idahoeyes

    Bermi Charter on 2/9/13?

    American businessman looking for 1 or 2 to share charter in Bermi on Monday, September 2. Anyone interested?
  11. idahoeyes

    Visiting Australia: Tuna?

    I'll be over on a business trip at the end of August and want to do some tuna fishing. I understand this year has been "unpredictable" at best. Any suggestions on where I should concentrate. Would like to keep it with 3 hrs or so of Sydney, but would go to Bermagui if that was best. Any suggestions on where to focus?
  12. Hi Guys, I am trying to organise a fishing charter for this Monday 15/04/2013. We will be going 6 to 12 nautical miles off Botany Bay chasing Big kings 8kg + Plus, using Livies. Its $1000 and the boat fits 6 people. All top quality bait and tackle is supplied. At the moment we have 2 people keen we need another 2 to 4 guys who are interested in going. If we have 4 people on board the cost will be $250 each If we get 6 People on board it will $170 each. Please sms or call me on 0410 111 244 if your interested. Cheers, John