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Found 7 results

  1. I read on another thread some are longing for the NT. Just letting you know itโ€™s all good up here. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Hi fellow raiders Went to a shop the other day to buy 4 new crab traps to try out in Botany Bay. I've never caught a crab on a line or used a crab trap so I'm a complete newbie at this. Planning to take out 2 traps using old fish in an old onion bag as bait. (Only taking 2 as I've read people steal them if you don't keep an eye on them ) Would love to get some expert tips around best bait, best time to go crabbing and how long I should soak the trap! Any tips would be awesome! I know asking for location is a hard ask but if anyone can share a good place in Botany to try out the traps that would be awesome. PM me if you want to keep it quiet - i promise not to share. The only crabbing knowledge I have is from watching 'The deadliest catch' so i would think crabbing in Botany would be much easier! haha Thank you guys in advance!
  3. Went with PATTHERAT to his place in one of the creeks that connect to the hawkesbury over the weekend. Left Sat morning and arrived to have lunch and have a late arvo fish. Got rods setup for carp and had plenty of takes on corn but only managed one, about 1 kilo. Also had a small turtle take some sweetcorn, poor bugger would of had a sore tongue after that. Next morning we got up later and went out for a fish, I focused more on lures for flatties and my mate got some prawns and minnows also for flatties. After many many casts on a 4.5' curly tail with no results i switched to a big squidgy paddler for some more action and be a little more agressive. Very first cast i hooked up, big headshakes and a decent run later, my mate netted a healthy 38 flatty. I grab my mates rod to tie one a bigger lure, he picked up my rod and had a few flicks. Few casts in he rips the rod up, good bend and some very nice runs. Sand kicked up all around our feet and a very nice fish is in the net, went 55 and very thicc. Had them cleaned up and on the bbq for lunch, both fish had thick fillets but had empty stomachs. After lunch we dropped some pots, fingers crossed for some muddies to take home. After dropping the pots we went for a swim and some wakeboarding. Had the pots in for 2 hours or so and pulled them up before we were heading home and I reckon we didn't leave them in long enough, three baits were untouched and one had a nice muddy in it. If you guys have any tips for trapping muddies as I'm definitely an amateur. Headed home after a great weekend with a grin from ear to ear, thanks to PATTHERAT for taking me along for some great fishing.
  4. Yesterday I had a fairly average day at work. As I left the office I checked the weather and the tide. The wind was supposed to drop away to nothing and the tide would be pretty much full when I got home. I put a call into home and asked my wife if she could take the small hatchback without the towbar when she picked up our daughter - I need to go fishing. I've barely been out since the hairtail social because I was training for a marathon so was running all the time. When I got to Woy Woy I could see the conditions were indeed perfect. I headed home and started prepping the boat. The wife arrived shortly after to swap cars and she asked what the plan was. I said I'm going out for an hour or two to try for some blue swimmer crabs. Shortly after I put the boat in and motered a very short distance (about 100m or so) to a spot that has produced for me before. I put out a handline with a thrid of an old flathead frame on a gang of hooks, put it over the rod holder and stuck the gaff handle through the spool and into the rod holder. While I waited for the crabs to find the bait I started a burly trail and flicked out some lightly weighted prawns into it. Before long the rod in the holder gets a bite, but as I reach for it the handline starts spinning in place. I'm here for the crabs so I go for the handline and start winding it in. Sure enough there is weight on it and I pull in a small-ish (but well legal) crab. Netted and into the ice slurry for a nice sleep. Over the next hour and a half I boat two more big enough crabs - both on the small side but big enough that I am positive they are well over legal size. I also land a couple of undersize snapper and a bream that would have been just under and they all go back. I bring up two more crabs but I'm losing the light and I miss both with the net. Think it is time to head in... Shortly after I get home and my lovely wife is very pleased to be getting our first feed of blues for the summer. Always great to come home with something. Even better when you come home with what you said you were going to try for when you left. I steamed them last night and picked them tonight - the plan is to stir it through some fresh pasta for a nice simple dinner tomorrow. Great to have daylight savings here. Amazing how a fairly average day can be turned into a great day when you close it out like that.
  5. Could anyone please help me ID this Crab , I asking for a friend of mine . Cheers Oziodin
  6. How do you land base to catch crab, what type of cage do you use if possible or anything?.
  7. Hey guys The other day I had some blue swimmer and it was lovely! Since then I have been obssessed with catching my own crabs. Only problem is I'm land based and dont know a whole heap about how to catch them. If you guys could give me some tips about locations, traps or bait it would much appreciated Thanks guys!