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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All,I had been waiting for the covid windows to open to revisit this amazing area. They aligned, and off I set on the 2 1/2 day drive. Two night time stopovers and I’m there early afternoon on the third day.I had both border passes needed, no check point going into Victoria and a quick check at the SA entry. I stayed at arguably one of the best designed and appointed caravan parks in Oz. The bay is known for its King George whiting, blue swimmer crabs and calamari.The boat is now a 370 Quintrex Dart, still with the 15HP Yamaha, also an electric has been fitted. Like most areas, fishing is dependant on the wind, and it can be windy here, but there were ample days to fish. Mostly acceptable weather, one wet day, and a couple of 40’ days thrown in for the three weeks I was there. Launching for most boaters at this park is at a firm sandy beach about 1 k away.No need for a day by day description, but I managed to find the whiting schools and you can pull in 5 or 6 in one spot, but then sometimes just the one, and sometimes several moves are needed to find any. Find the sand patches, and a slow retrieve does it. Size isn’t huge in this bay, a good one is 380, typical is 320-350. Standard rig used, 12 lb trace, but what may be different is I use a K/L 1/0 black magic circle hook.Blue swimmers are abundant, there are several professionals working the bay, but the crabs are in near plaque proportions, with 3 drop nets you can get your 20 in 3-4 hours, all male and full. Or, as your fishing drop a net over the side. One day I watched the crab move onto the net, before pulling it up. 3 times. Calamari are plentiful, although I only caught them for bait, 1/2 a small squid will get you 10 whiting. But they make up the third part of my crab, whiting and squid pizza. Razor fish (razor clams) are in the shallows, and I had never tried them before, I had heard mixed opinions, but I enjoyed them, a bit like a scallop.Snapper are protected in SA at the moment, and of course as my luck would have it I had to catch one whilst whiting fishing, released. Proof of just how good the circle hooks are, shown in the pic.I also did a day trip to Smoky Bay jetty for the gars and some local oysters from Smoky Bay oysters. That probably sums the trip up, trip back home was again 2 1/2 days with stopovers on the The Murray and The Murrumbidgee. Happy to get some unleaded fuel at Mildura for just under a dollar a litre.Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, I am chasing jewies ,flatys and squid in june or july do you have any recommendations of were to go and what to use i am on a boat we will also be placing crab pots please help me regards Burtos fishing
  3. A little footage I put together of a casual day fishing.
  4. Hi Been back in Sydney about 6 weeks from my half lap of Aust Syd to Broome and back via Darwin, King Ash Bay and other fishy places. Been fishing a few times blackfish in Georges river, whiting bream flathead at South West Rocks flyfishing for carp at Burrinjuck Dam last week end. Decided to have a go for crabs in Port Hacking yesterday. Got to the ramp at 3 pm and found it very busy. Pumped nippers then tried to find somewhere out of the wind and away from the crowds.Found a few spots and put together a mixed catch 6 crabs, 2 whiting and a 55cm flathead. Best crab was 70cm claw tip to claw tip, one of the biggest I've caught. Used large pieces of yellow tail for the crabs fished the sandflat dropoffs. Fish were caught on nippers.
  5. Don't forget with the warmer weather and water temps rolling in that crabs will shortly be arriving!! For any of you who are a little rusty Check out this quick informative vid that will have you up and ready in no time
  6. I'm shooting out a msg to see if anyone knows roughly when, where, and what's best to use when catching crabs on the hawksbury from berowa to the heads?? whats everyone's thoughts
  7. I'm shooting out a msg to see if anyone knows roughly when, where, and what's best to use when catching crabs on the hawksbury from berowa to the heads?? whats everyone's thoughts
  8. What's the Best time for catching blue swimmers crabs in Botany Bay?
  9. With all this beautiful weather we have been blessed with recently, i couldn't help but go for a fish in the hacking, just after midday. Being my lazy self and having old frozen pilchards in the freezer, they were my bait of choice. Unfortunately with dozens of boats driving past i was unable to nab any squid (losing two yamashita jigs), whilst losing the only fish i hooked on the rocks which looked like a bream, forcing me to walk home with only two blue swimmer crabs. The crab were thrown in the freezer, as soon as i stepped foot in the front door, to numb their senses, while i looked up how to prep my crab. After killing the crab humanely, it was easy to prep the crab with some help from youtube. The crab was tossed in a wok with vegetable oil, garlic, chilli, oyster sauce, soy, sugar, butter and black pepper corns and if i were to say so myself, it was so flavoursome and possibly the best crab I've ever eaten (slight hint of bias). All in all an awesome feed from an unproductive but good day fishing.
  10. Good Morning All, I'm Currently looking at buying some crab traps for the Hawkesbury river so my brother and can drop them off before we go out fishing and pick them up on the way back in. This is the first time im doing this so i just have a few questions which i was hoping some of you guys might be able to help me out with? Firstly i have brought 2 rectangle pots that i will be using. I have heard theirs some modifications you can do to these pots so the craps cant get out as easily? just wondering what these modifications were if anyone knows? Secondly just wondering where would be the best place to drop them off? any tips or hints on where to dump them and also maybe what type of bait is best to use? I've also read up on People saying you should check your pots every 2-3 hours just wondering if this is correct? Any advice would be a great help and very much appreciated. As time goes on ill do my best to share results and little things i have learnt to hopefully help other people out. Thanks Guys!!
  11. Hey guys, I wanted to purchase a mud crab pot, do you guys know any crab pots for sale in sydney region? and what type of crab pot is suitable for land base ?( please give examples like opera house crab pot is suitable for land base) (cause i dont have a boat). Many Thanks .
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