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Found 25 results

  1. Finally, with a nice break in the weather the crew took the opportunity to troll some lures and try for this so called stick face 🤷‍♂️. Well no stick face to seen with these glamours conditions however, the crew managed a consolation prize a 14kg bull. As well a good feed of crabs so not a bad day fishing 🎣
  2. Hit the water by 530 at terrigal haven, the water was 24.2 degrees and extremely dirty, there was a brown algae or what ever it was on the surface and water was very frothy. Anchored up near the red marker and and had a tank full of livies in no time. Speared out to terrigal fad and the trip was very comfy seas less than a metre. First boat on scene 24.4 degrees clear water at least 20m vis and small current. Dropped a livey down, Bang bang, two dollies in the boat on the first drift pass. Though you beauty we are on here. Next pass got harrassed by hodlums / rats. Kings were around the 55cm mark and eating everything that was thrown at them. Couple boats showed up and they got lock jaw, they went totally off the livies. Burley up with chunks of pillies but still no hits. switched to bait and the rats made another show. From here could see schools of dollies under the boat and no takers. After a hour of frustration managed another keeper spinning a metal behind the fad. We could see tones of dollies, jumping around and everything but they were just not interested in what we threw at them. Gave up and headed close in. The brown algae showed up again was 24.2 degrees. Anchored up and could see a pro boat pulling in bonito after bonito. They must of took at least a couple hundred kilos in a few hours. Whatever they were doing they kept the school under their boat and couldn’t even manage to pull one in even just 30m away. Not sure how they kept them there so long and so thick and why we could even entice 1 over our way. Had a livey out the back and got taken a few times and my 100 pound leader bit right off. Switched to circle hooks and had a 30 min fight with a 2meter dusky whaler with the hook holding on in the corner of the mouth. Couple happy snaps and off he swam. With a feed of dolphin fish in the boat we called it a day! Better than a day in the office! Tight lines
  3. The missus has been hitting me up for a while to take her back to the Fad, and the conditions on Saturday morning was the best forecast I’d seen for a while. Generally working shift work I get the luxury of fishing whenever I want midweek, with her working Monday to Friday she is a weekend warrior. Launched at Terrigal at 5.30am with a hundred other boats, everyone was fairly patient and efficient in getting their boats launched. Hit the red marker and had a tank full of live yakkas in no time. Missus had a ball throwing a small metal spinning bonito just about every cast. Stuck around here for a good half an hour before we shot out to the Fad at 25knots the whole Way perfect. Ten boats there I was a little hesitant but as soon as we threw the yakkas in it was on. Went through the tank of yakkas in no time landed some good eating sized dollies and kept a couple for the table. Me personally didn’t get to much time to fish as I was hooking the missus liveys up, unhooking her fish, taking photos but I didn’t mind taking the back seat and being the guide today. Fish were only hitting liveys, wouldn’t go near any lures
  4. Having upgraded to a bigger boat in November and doing a few months of estuary and inshore trips I decided that Friday was the day for a wide trip. Port Hacking Fad was to be the location chasing dolphin Fish. I have been out there previously but always in my Dads (HookerBruce) Boat and nearly always with him. I knew he would be keen for a trip but for some reason I wanted to go on my own this first trip in my own boat. The trip sort of started after dinner on Thursday night when I went down to the river to get some live bait. Took the 3 kids with me, it would of been much easier on my own but it was more fun with the kids and my wife tagging along for the bait gathering trip. It was a nice night and the kids enjoyed their bonus trip down the river, and we got back home in time for their bed. Up early the next morning launched at Grays Point at 5ish and got to the heads just after first light and continued out to the Fad came across a few birds and bait fish in 40-50m jigged up a few extra live baits, a mixture of Slimies, Yellowtail and Pilchards, it was tempting to stay and fish this area but the dollies where calling. Conditions were sloppy but ok, got to the Fad first boat there, Perfect, current was absolutely racing to the south set up for first drift could actually see fish in the water cast out the first livie and drifted, nothing, not a touch, fish everywhere and my live bait left alone, finished the drift and thought I was in for a very frustrating day until I wound in and found my livie was hiding under the boat and I had been feeding slack line into the current. Ran back up for the next drift, this time casting out a bit further and instantly my bait was set upon by dozens of lit up fish chasing it across the surface. Solid hook up and after a fun fight i had my first fish in the boat, not big but high 60's. Ran back up again and the fish where just as eager for the next live bait, this continued for the next couple of hours with every drift resulting in a fish or at least a strike. Conditions improved and fishing became easier but the current meant you only got one cast per drift. After a few more boats arrived it became a bit more difficult to fish with some boats drifting through and others motoring to stay on the Fad. With 8 fish in the esky, a few around 80cm, and one better fish busting me off on the fad, I had had enough and decided to move on for a troll. Set a spread of 3 rods did a loop of the area and headed back in. Nothing on the troll except on small striped tuna, which at least gave me a chance to practice clearing the rods and bringing in a fish. Got back in near jibbon bombie and pasted my dads boat heading the other way, went over to say hello, tell him what I knew and gave him the 6 live baits I had left and he went out to the fad to try his luck. Stopped at Lilli Pilli for a swim then back to the ramp to pick up my middle child (3yr) for a trip in the river, back to Lilli Pilli to start fishing didn't like our chances sun high over head clear water and frozen nippers for bait. Lost a few baits to pickers and could see some bigger fish moving around but they were very wary. After a few cast I noticed my boys line had not drifted back as it should of, suggested he wind in to check his bait and he came up tight on a fish. He did fairly well fighting the fish but needed a little help at the final stages, slid the net under it and lifted a 44cm flathead on board he was excited about his fish and double excited as he new it's his mummy's favourite fish to eat. After that he lost interest and we went off for a swim and headed home. The final part of the day was I wanted to do school pick up of my eldest, she started school this year and my RDO is my chance to drop offs/pick ups. I had to be home by 3:20 to make it for pick up, at 3:19 I backed the car into the driveway. Went to the school and waited with the other parents, when I realised in must of been quite a sight still in my fishing clothes, all day in the sun and salt chasing fish, blood stains everywhere, didn't matter I made it in time and got to walk home with my little girl holding hands talking about our days. Maybe if I had caught that big fish it may of been a perfect day but it was still pretty close. Thanks for reading Ash
  5. Went out in search of Tuna last Monday at the Southern Canyons. We headed further south towards the temp break with only two lures out when the line started peeling off the 50W. I was certain we were onto a tuna from that first run but after fighting the fish for a while I started to think this wasn't the tuna I was hoping for. Twenty minutes later and my suspicion was right when I saw the Mahi Mahi. It was foul hooked just behind the head which made the fight a lot harder than what it should have been but this was a pb for me so I was happy we got it into the boat after numerous gaff attempts. it weighed in at roughly 17kgs and was 1.4m in length. What a weird winter fishing season we are having with big dollies and Marlin being caught not too far from the tuna. Charts off Bermagui look great if your down that way.
  6. We had a bit of a dropathon on Sunday, hooked 5 dollies and 2 marlin but only managed to land 2 dollies. First marlin came straight off, put the line back in the clip and we were on again a few minutes later on the same lure. We had it on for about a minute before it turned 180 and took off in the opposite direction putting a massive bow in the line, I tried desperately to wind on the slack line. But before I could get the line tight again it came leaping out and skidded along the surface, unfortunately it threw the hook. Still, bloody exciting, we got a good look at it, about an 80kg Stripe. We were about 7-8 miles east of Sydney where the water transitioned from dirty rain water to clean blue water, there was a sudsy line along the edge. We just ran that line for most of the day and pushed out towards the shelf around midday. Water temp was as high as 24 in places. Wind started picking up in the early arvo so we started trolling back, got a double hook-up on Dollies about 10NM out. Dropped one and landed one that went around 6kg. Other than that, we got a small Dollie around 65cm and dropped 2 other small ones earlier on. Everything we hooked apart from one Dollie was on the lure chain on the rigger with pillies inside the stinger lure. good luck to anyone heading out
  7. Planned to head offshore on the 23rd with a couple of Raiders but the forecast was for 20 knots plus SE all day so I thought better of it and cancelled the trip, it would have been pretty rough all day. The 24th looked better but we could only do a half day. Checked the conditions at 6am and it seemed ok, so I decided to give it a go, just my son Ben and myself on-board. We arrived at the heads, it was lot lumpier than I expected and we couldn’t get any speed up anyway so we put the lures straight out and started trolling directly east towards the shelf. We saw quite a few boats on the way out, all in close. Water was great from about a 1 mile out, 21 to 21.5 and electric blue. We got a 75cm Dolphin Fish about 5 miles out and another slightly smaller one shortly after. Both were caught on a blue lure chain with pilchards inside the stinger lure. We kept trolling towards the shelf but the water got colder and greener the further east we went. It seemed more promising in close where we got the Dollies earlier so we headed back there and caught a bigger Dollie near the same area around midday. We got it on a 12” yellow lure. The Dollie we caught earlier had a couple of 8” dolphin fish in its guts, cannibals. So we cut up the small Dollies and put it inside the yellow lure to match what they were feeding on, that did the trick. We called It a day after that and started trolling back towards the harbour. We were only 5 miles out so we were back inside the heads by 1pm. Great day! Lures: Good luck to anyone heading out! Peter
  8. We got out last week for an arvo fish. Absolutely bucketing down around noon as we rounded the heads, eventually it started to clear up and we even got some sunshine later in the day, 4 seasons in day. Went to The Peak and Plonk Hole fads first and got nothing there, coldest water there for a while 21.5 and it seemed really dead there, we didn’t see any jumping dollies. Trolled NE towards 12 Mile then NE along the shelf and beyond, water temp rising along the way to as high as 23.5, a little east of 12 Mile in 22.5 we started picking up dollies. We got them here and there all the way to the outside of the shelf, then nothing beyond the shelf, we started picking them up again as we came back into the shelf. Around 15 hook-ups in total, some really small, we dropped about as many as we landed, a few nice fish going around 5lb. Also a strike on a sinking lure, we were pulling in a Dollie, then I noticed the rod in the corner starting to slowly buckle over, I wound the reel and but it wouldn’t budge, it didn’t run fast but peeled off some line slowly for about 2-3 seconds before it became unstuck, not sure what it was but had some weight to it, it was on 37kg gear with the drag set really hard. These lures did the trick for us; lure chains got most of our fish as per normal: Good luck to anyone heading out over Easter, Monday looks good. Peter
  9. Got out there late, which is normal for us, arrived at Sydney Heads around midday. Water was great in close 23.5 and really blue so we put the lures straight in figuring the Marlin could be anywhere. Sounded bait everywhere in close and saw big schools of Slimies between 4 -6 miles out. The plan was to troll about 5 miles east of Browns where the current was running at around 2-3 knots and troll along the edge of the current. Trolled pass the Fads on the way out, didn’t pick up anything on them at first with single lures, so we put a trusty lure chain out and did another pass, then we started to pick up fish on the chain. Got around 3 Dollies around The Peak Fad (which is currently about 1 mile south of where it should be). We kept the lure chain out and picked up another 2 small dollies on it on the way to Browns. Got 5 in total, none very big, 2 went just legal. About 2 miles east of Browns in 24.5, we got a hit on the shot gun, I was driving at the time and I didn’t see anything breach but figured it was a marlin, so I free spooled the lure for about 3 seconds, when I pushed the drag back it, it was hooked, a decent Blue. I took the boat up to 12 knots to set the hook and we were on. Took about an hour to land and release. He was decent, I couldn’t hold the rod at times, I was so tired, we kept having the put rod in the holder and I just wound it in low gear while backing up on it, I was so spent on that fish. Not sure how big it was but easily over 150kg. I inspected the other lures after we released it. 3 lures got hit, 2 other lures were scratched and the trace was billed on them. Not sure if it was same fish that billed all the lures or another fish in the spread that we didn’t see. We got the marlin on a Medium Sardine Slant Head, packed the lure with pilchards and yellowtail: The Dollies were all caught on our Ballyhoo lure chain with pilchards inside the stinger lure: Great day out, conditions were great as well. Quite a few boats out there, heard on the radio a few other boats hooking up out there as well, mainly along the shelf or just east of it. A few boats parked on each of the Fads as well. Good luck to anyone heading out over the weekend. Peter
  10. Finally managed to get out there on Tuesday, with reports of marlin getting hooked all over the place and the BOM forecast of 1m seas it was looking good. 1m seas my arse, it was horrible, easily 20-25 knots SE winds with a 1.5-2m short swell, we got knocked around all over the place, to make matters worse we lost an engine about 1m out from Sydney Heads. Anyway, thought f*cK it, we were already out there so we decided to push on with one engine hoping the wind would drop at some stage. Water was 24, electric blue one mile off Sydney Heads, so we put the lures straight out and trolled SE. We caught a Dollie around 40lb around 3pm, had 3 shots at it with the gaff before sticking it, bloody hopeless, I think I took my stupid pills that morning J. Hooked another bigger Dollie about an hour and half later, but he threw the hook right near the boat which was perfect because we would have released it him anyway having landed the 1st one. We got another hook-up about half an hour later, it peeled off a crap load of line in a few seconds, I checked the lure and leader for marlin scuffing, no scuffing but the hook had been bitten off, guessing either a Wahoo or another big Dollie. Very fishy out there, saw heaps of flying fish, big bait schools in close and water as warm as 26.7 around The Peak. All our hook-ups were on a red and black lure and the other a pink and blue lure, both lures had squid inside them. At about 5.30 headed back and enjoyed the soft ride downwind back to Sydney Heads, hooked a few really small Dollies on the way back, but none of them stuck on the larger lures, then the slow ride back to the marina on one engine. Anyway, all good , turned out to be a pretty good day despite the conditions and engine problems. Got video of landing the fish and the knock downs, will post it later. Good luck to anyone heading out. Peter SB Lures
  11. Managed to get out this arvo for around 5hrs, blue water from about 3 miles out and around 22. Didn’t go out too far, trolled from inside the 12 Mile to the shelf and went north from there. Couldn’t find any significant temp breaks, 22 everywhere, so it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We managed to get 3 small dollie hook-ups and landed 2 on lures chains, too small to keep. We did come across some sauries around the 12 Mile. A storm came up around 4 and the barometer dropped and we didn’t get anymore strikes after that. Peter
  12. Weather was so so, but I made a decision get out for a late fish. I couldn’t find another fisho on short notice, so went solo. I got to Sydney Heads at about 4pm. Fast trolled east at 13 knts from Sydney Heads looking for the nearest temp break, found a break about 5NM directly east of Sydney Heads went from 19 to 19.5. Slowed down to 8 knts and trolled back and forth on the break, hooked a dollie around 15lb about 30 min later. Got it on a teaser chain with a lure chain running behind the teasers, had it rigged directly to the rod. It did the trick. Hooked another fish about 20min later, but dropped it. Trolled to the 12 Mile after that, water went from 19.5 to 20, hooked a few small stripies around the 12 Mile then headed back at 7pm. Peter SB Lures
  13. Haven’t had a fish for over a month, been so busy at work, last time were out we got 3 really big albies so we were keen for a fish again. We finally got our chance yesterday. We started trolling from inside the shelf and our plan was to troll all the way to Heatons. Best temp break we found was 19.2 to 19.5 over a mile which was just inside the shelf off Longy. It then went down quickly to 19.2 and stayed at 19.2 all the way the Heatons. It was lifeless, nothing on the sounder and the birds were following the boat all afternoon, as if to say “we don’t know where the fish are, maybe these guys do, let’s just follow them J”. Listening on the radio, all we heard that no one was getting anything, it was dead out there. At around 2pm decided to try our bread and butter tactic, which is go back to the best temp break we found and run up and down on it. So we went back to the shelf off Longy and started going back and forth from 19.2 to 19.5 then back to 19.2 and just repeated that line over and over, it’s a boring tactic but often works. At 4pm we finally got a Stripy and then a few others. Just before 5pm we hooked a bigger fish in 19.2, I called it as a small YFT, it was pulling pretty hard. We stopped the boat, we stuffed around putting the rod belt on and got ready to play the fish, then bang, another rod went off, it took a sinking lure while the boat was completely stopped. We managed to land them both, a small bull dollie around 20-25lb and a female a bit smaller. We got everything on our SB lures. We had pillies in 2 of the lures, garfish in 2 other lures and squid in a pink lure. Every strike we got was on lures with garfish inside them, except for the female dollie which took the sinking lure with squid inside it. Upon autopsy of the fish, we found they all had small garfish inside them, so it made sense the lures with garfish inside them were getting hit. We also ran our teasers with cut up pieces of gars and pillies inside to disperse a bit of burley behind the boat to bring the fish up into our spread. Good luck to anyone heading out this weekend. Peter
  14. Headed offshore yesterday, didn’t get out there early, but we rarely do. Wind was not too bad, it was NW and then turned NE 15-20 knots in about 2.30pm. We didn’t see any another boats out there, which was a first in quite a while. Out of the Sydney Heads we travelled NE, about 1 NM past the Whale Fad the water rose from 22.9 to 24.8 and there was massive visible current line running about 5 knots north to south, honestly it was like rapids on the edge. Headed north along the outside of the current line, we got a Striped Tuna and a couple Dolphin Fish along it. The water was electric blue. Autopsied the fish, they were full of small purple Puffer Fish, so we put them in some of our lures and ran a few purple lures to match the hatch. Our lures represented giant Puffer Fish, the ultimate bait huh J. We had fresh Stripped Tuna, Pilchards and Squid in some of the other lures. At around 2.30pm when the north easterly kicked in we decided to head SE towards The 12 Mile for a slightly softer ride. The sun had peeked out from the clouds we had no hook ups for about an hour and half so we decided to add a shotgun lure to our spread to increase our chances. About 3NM from The 12 Mile the shotgun and the long rigger got hit simultaneously. The shotgun line sprung back for a second and unfortunately the line wrapped around the tip of the rod and we got busted off. The rigger rod was bent over hard and the fish peeled off about 100 metres of line before dropping the lure. We trolled around the area for a while and didn’t hook anything else. We continued to The 12 Mile. We did a few laps of The 12 Mile but we got nothing, the water was 25 and electric blue out there. At 4pm we decided to the try The Peak, so we put out 2 high speed lures and trolled there at around 13-15 knots. About 1 NM before The Peak we spotted about 50 Tuna Birds circling, we slowed down to 8 knots and put the rest of our spread out, the lures got smashed straight away. At one stage we had 3 rods bent over and couple of double hook-ups afterwards. We landed 2 Striped Tuna, 1 Yellowfin Tuna and we dropped quite a few fish in all the chaos. It was almost dark after the last hook up so we started punching the boat back into the north easterly towards Sydney Heads. We couldn’t go that fast on the way back anyway so we kept the lures out to the death and we hooked and landed a small Dolphin almost in the dark before bringing all the gear in. It took us a bit over an hour to get back into the heads. Is there still a FAD at The Peak, we couldn’t see one on the mark we had for it? Anyway, get out there if you can, the water is insane, there are distinct current lines and temp breaks everywhere. I am sure there will be a few marlins in that water somewhere and even if you don’t come across any, the Tuna and Dolphin Fish will keep you entertained. Unfortunately I can’t fish for about a week now but I would be out there every day if I could. Good luck to anyone heading out. Peter SB Lures
  15. We put the boat in yesterday with fish head breno with a plan to head out for dollie's, put it in the hacking got some livies and headed out around 7:00am. The seas were flat so we got to the southern fad in about half an hour, as we pulled up we could see lots of litte fish around and one big one sitting right on the buoy. Casted a livie about 4 meters off the buoy and the big one ran out and smashed the bait and ran straight around the other side of the fad. Breno quickly reversed the boat around the fad after it, then I could set the hook. The fish ran away from the fad thank god because I was only using a diwa 4000 with about 120 meters of 30 pound braid with 18kg leader not much stopping power for this fish. It did a few jumps but spent most of the fight about 40 meters below the boat. Eventully coming up so we could grab the leader and gaff it, the fight took about an hour, very happy the circle was in the corner of the jaw and we managed to land it. After we got home we weighed the fish and it weighed in at 25kg and the length was 160cm over all.
  16. hey, here's a few photos of the our last couple of outings off sydney, haven't been able to get out much 2 trips in the last few weeks or more. Unfortunately I have to work sometimes Had one really nice day weatherwise and one pretty crappy one, but its all good. Sydney Fads have been crowded every time we go out now, so we can't be stuffed hanging around them, we just take wide berth and move away from the croud. Basically we troll straight out of the heads all the way to 24/24 do a few circles around it and troll back, most relaxing. We got around 12 Dollies or more, lost count, all around 70-80cm and one a little bigger maybe 90cm, I swear the Dolphin Fish just follow our boat around A few marlin hook-ups and about 5 or 6 striped tuna, a couple near 10lb. A tip, we dropped a few marlin, I checked the hook after a marlin miss and it was really blunt. I haven't been paying attention to the hooks, they needed sharpening. It's the little details that help convert strikes into landed fish. I will be sharping them all before they are put out next time. We have tonnes of underwater footage we haven't looked at yet, well post some videos of underwater footage when I get a bit more time. We are pretty sure we have some marlin hook-ups on there. Also if you want to try our lures go to our website, there are lures packs for $99.99 which is great value. Peter SB Lures
  17. Hey, just a quick update, will update later with more photos. 3 of us went on Saturday,1-1-2014, hooked 2 marlin and whole lot of Dolphin Fish. The marlin unfortunately didn't stick to our hooks. We found and saw a tonne of bait out there, we got underwater footage of Marlin, Stripped Tuna, a million Leatherjacks and some small Yellowfin on our underwater camera. A underwater marlin shot attached. I couldn't resist going out today, Monday 3-3-2014, I knew there would be fish out there, I could manage to get out there around 2.30pm, my regular fishing buddy couldn't make it on short notice so I said F$#K it. I will try it solo. I fuelled at up Rushcutters Bay and came up with game plan for running solo and got out there. I hooked 3 marlin, 1 small one Striped Marlin got off, another busted me off and I landed one at around 250lb, took about an 1hr to land. Got around 6 dollies as well around 70cm. 2 of the marlin hook-ups were with in 5 seconds of each other, could have easily been a double hook-up, if one hadn't busted off. That would have been absolute kaos. Successfully realised the marlin, would never dream of bringing one aboard and possibly hurting it, too nice a fish not to let go, pictures of it in the water I'm more than happy with. Also really overcast and was running lights in the lures, they were lit up like stop signs Peter - SB Lures
  18. about 20 dollies from 50 to 80cm and a black marlin hookup, only small around 150lb, it spat the hook on its first run, oh well these things happen dollies were full of small leatherjackets, we cut up one of the leatherjackets and put it inside one of our lures, we couldn't keep the dollies off that lure, go figure huh, I suppose its pretty rare that someone would actually try using leatherjackets as bait, oh well you don't know if you don't try. The lure with leatherjacket inside even got hit a few times even when the boat was stopped, while pulling in other fish tired a new underwater camera technique, might be getting rid of the troll pro, our new way of underwater filming seems to be better, needs some refining but so far so good, some still pics attached from the video, we'll post some videos on our youtube page if anyone is interested also we have worked out from our new footage the best way to rig a trolling lure based on actual close-up underwater footage of the strikes, not theories from various fishermen and lure manufacturers, the good thing about video it doesn't lie or have theories . It is literally unbiased evidence of what is actually happening down there and can be studied to improve fishing techniques. Peter
  19. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulics again, it must drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an “Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipjack tuna in the bait chambers of the lures’, we got a skipjack on our last outing that we kept for bait. We were sounding schools of bait the entire trip. Hooked a few a Dolphin fish, between the Whale and Manly Hydraulics on the lures chains, but they kept coming off, so we changed down to smaller trolling lures to try and get a better hook up. I even cut the skirt off one of the lures to make it look smaller and I put a few mismatching beads inside and called it “The Franken Lure”, a weird looking thing. We finally ended up catching some Dolphin Fish, they were really small, 1lb or less. We got around 6 hook-ups in the entire session and landed 3 small Dolphin Fish. 2 of them were caught on The Franken Lure. We also got another hook-up on the lure down rigged on the Troll Pro but it couldn’t break the rubber band off. That Dolphin Fish looked a little bit bigger. We got to use weaker rubber bands when we down rig on the camera J. We got excited when we saw a free jumper about 3 miles directly North from Manly Hydraulics around Long Reef Wide, it was about 500 metres in the front of boat. We trolled towards it but no hook-up, the Marlin in the area might have been full of small Dolphin Fish One notable thing we found when we looked at our underwater camera footage this time. Only single Dolphin Fish were coming up on the spread. In the last month or so, there where big schools of Dolphin Fish showing up behind the spread. We also go some underwater footage of a massive school of what looks like some sort of small trigger fish (leatherjacket) while the boat was stopped to reel in a small Dollie. Some of Dolphin fish we have been catching in the last month are sometimes full of small trigger fish, maybe we should use leather jackets fillets inside the lures to match the hatch. Does anyone know what kind of fish they are? Anyway, if you want to try our lures go to Peter – SB Lures
  20. Decided late in the morning on Saturday to make the most of the weather so called up the boys, setup the boat and trolled from Sydney to Palm Beach and back. Put the spread out as soon as we hit 80 fathoms. Water was blue, 22 degrees and bait balls were everywhere between 10 and 40 fathoms. Had only been on the troll for 20mins when the shotgun started screaming - was so loud it woke up one of the boys who was out cold after an entire night out prawning. After a good 5min fight and a last minute dart under the boat we landed a nice 70cm stripey tuna. Continued up the coast for the next couple of hours for zeros and then at about 4pm - bang - the dollies came on. Were so thick we couldn't get a few hundred metres down the coast without hooking up - at one stage we had a triple hook up which made things interesting with only three on the boat and 5 lines and 2 teasers out the back - thank god for autopilot. Finished up the arvo having landed 9 dollies, ranging from 50 - 65cm, 3 stripey tuna, ranging from 50 - 70cm, and a number more fought and dropped. Kept one tuna and a couple of dollies for feed and sent the rest back to fight another day. Hopefully this wind starts to die down so we can get out there this weekend and chase some beakies.
  21. Australia Day Holiday Trolling Jan 27 2014 - Dollies and Marlin Hookups Hey Raiders, did another quick afternoon offshore trolling session off Sydney. We shouldn’t have gone out. Most boats were coming in as we headed out, that was our first sign, IT WAS HORRIBLE! But we went anyway with surprising results. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) had the wind forecast at 10-20 knots NE and BOM also says in its forecasts: “that winds maybe up to 40% higher”. Well, it was at least 40% higher. Driving the boat from the downstairs station there were a few occasions when waves came crashing over the bow which covered the entire windscreen with water and I was seriously thinking of heading back. It was like a rough weather scene from the Deadest Catch at times. Only 2 us of on-board and we anticipated it being a bit rough but we really wanted to use our Troll Pro to get some underwater footage. So we setup our lures and the Troll Pro while still inside Sydney Harbour where it was calm. It’s just too hard to setup the Troll Pro when it’s really rough off shore, the most important thing when setting up the underwater camera is make sure the lures right over the camera. Positioning is everything. So we literally started trolling and filming from inside Sydney Harbour where the gear was easier to setup. We got to North Head at around 3.30 and f$*K it was rough when we rounded the headland. We did our usual thing, had out 2 lure chains out and 2 bigger lures, a 9 and 12 inch lure for something bigger. We put pilchards inside the bait chambers of the trolling lures to give them their nice fishy scent to get that aggressive strike on the lures. We also ran a small lure that was down-rigged a few feet directly behind our Troll Pro so we could film close-up strike action, that lure was crammed with pilchards inside as well. We started trolling NE towards the Whale Fad, about half way there way we hooked up on a small Dolphin Fish. Our plan was when we hooked up we would do a slow turn to point the boat downwind and the land the fish while the boat was heading slowly downwind. That keeps the remaining lines and camera in water straight. Otherwise the camera and lures could easily turn in a big mess if the boat drifted back over the gear. With only 2 of on-board keeping the gear clear and untangled in the rough conditions is critical. More dollies, we got a nice one around 70-80 cm on the lure that was down-rigged on the Troll Pro (footage to come). We passed the Whale Fad and just kept hooking up, then kept trolling NE towards the Manly Hydraulics Fad and we just kept picking up more Dolphin Fish along the way. The Manly Hydraulics Buoy was a long way off its usual GPS coordinates and we had trouble finding it. When we eventually found it there was a rope about 10 metres long hanging off it that we almost ran over with our props, which is the last thing you want to happen to you especially in rough weather, so dangerous. I am assuming some f$*K wit had tied off on it and left the rope on it. This is friendly warning if we ever see anyone tied off to any of the Sydney FADs, I will ram them first and ask questions later J Water temp was 22 degrees straight out of Sydney Heads and went as high as 23 degrees around Manly Hydraulics and the water was really blue, very fishy. At around 6pm we decided to start trolling back and enjoy the soft ride going downwind back into Sydney Harbour. At that point we pulled up the Troll Pro and the lure rigged to it for a quick check. The lure was gone, I assumed the trace got tangled around the camera line and didn’t release when a fish grabbed it. We don’t know what took the lure and we were excited about going through the footage to find out. We’ll keep you posted, stay tuned for pics and video when we find what it was. We also have this another Go Pro rig that we made up ourselves that we call “Line Pro” basically it’s a Go Pro with 2 snap swivels that you can attach to your line the after you hook a fish. The camera then slides down towards the fish like a zip line. Just as a test I clipped our “Line Pro” to the rod on the outrigger, so the camera was just above water filming the lure as it was swimming along. It was literally 3 metres behind the boat. About 2 mins later a Striped Marlin came up and grabbed the lure. Unbelievable, the Marlin hit lure, but the weight of the Go Pro as the boat rocked basically pulled the lure out its mouth. We checked the Go Pro footage and we got the footage on camera. It happened so quickly but we have shots of the lure in the Marlin’s mouth underwater. We got about 6 frames in total. It got away, but still so bloody exciting. The Marlin hook-up was only about 2 miles NE from North Head. So they’re out there and really close, probably feeding on the small dolphin fish and the tonnes of slimey mackerel in close. We’ll post the footage and photos on here in the next day or so once we process our cameras. Hope you can get out there, the beakies are in real close and there are dollies everywhere. Happy Fishing Raiders J Peter
  22. Having had such terrible weather over the past week what looked like a window of weather opened so out we went looking for a few dollies and even a marlin but that window slammed shut while we were out there and made it a little rough but was still fishable. Picking Up the Crew, What a beautiful harbour even in ordinary conditions! As we got to north head we were greeted by a big run out tide which made getting out a little bumpy and lumpy but when we passed that section and were clear of the port it calmed down slightly but was still a little lumpy. We had a new technique to try and today would be perfect, high speed trolling!!How many times do you simply travel out to the ‘fishing grounds’ at 20-25knots? How many fish do you think you are passing over fish? What if the fish were in close and you drove straight past them? These were all the questions we were asking others and ourselves… Most game fish, whether it is Tuna, Dolphinfish or Marlin can catch a lure at 12-15 knots! So we decided to heavily rig a few Scent Blazer Bullet heads with double chambers loaded with sinkers/weights and the addition of a trolling sinker in front of the leader. Whilst we weight our lures by filling the chamber with weights, we also add a weight in front of the leader to help it stay down at high speeds, 12-15knots! This technique works a treat as you never really know where the fish or bait will be, they could be in close, they could be out wide! Temp breaks are another factor in the reason why we troll at these speeds.We troll around looking for bait, temp breaks or even flotsam and jetsam (floating debris) then just slow down to 6-8 knots and drag the lures past, if we hook up we continue fishing the area if not we pick up the speed and off we go again, searching for fish or bait! Adding an extra chamber to our Scent Blazers allows us the room to add more weight to the lures which will help us in these rough conditions This technique is great when you don’t really know where the fish are holding but also saves the time in putting the lures out and bringing them back in. your simply fishing the whole way out to where you think the fish are, it might take an extra 25 minutes to get out but also might just saving you going out there for nothing and catch the fish in close. So after loading the lures with pilchards, mackerel and striped tuna we put them in the water just inside north head and headed to the Sydney FAD at 14knots. The water temp was 23.4 but we were greeted by a stiff nor’easter of 25-30 knots and a short and sharp swell of about 1m at 7seconds. This didn’t affect the heavily weighted Scent Blazers as they were swimming nicely in our wake. Preparing and baiting up our high speed trolling spreads, notice the bullet heads. this will help by adding little resistance while trolling at high speed. The water inside the 100m mark was an odd shade of green and lifeless, as we approached the Sydney FAD the current was pushing the right way North to South but was filthy, as we already had the lures out (benefit of high speed trolling) we slowed down to 8 knots and did a few passes, with no joy we made the decision to run up to the Manly Hydraulics buoy. As we headed nor east the water colour lightened up from the horrible green to a shade of aqua then around the buoy, Blue!! The Wave Rider buoy a little hard to see under all the chop and swell, but was holding fish none the less With the buoy in sight we slowed down and dragged the lure past the buoy, the first pass saw a hook up on a small dollie, which was soon released. The second pass didn’t see us hook up, being so rough it made surface strikes a no show. The first fish of the day, a nice Dolphin Fish caught on one of the weighted Scent Blazers (Nano bullet head in a Sardine patten) The dolphin fish were sitting deep so the weighting of the lures and slowing down allowing the lures to sink did the trick. As we high speed trolled our spread nor east the water rapidly dropped to 22.0 and the sky became overcast but looked fishy with birds working the area and the odd bait flicker on the surface we added LED’s to the head of some of the lures to make them more visible then continued to work the area eventually coming across a floating drum which was holding dollies!! We have added some LED lights to the head of our lures to help them stand out as the weather was becoming overcast and rougher The first pass was made at 14knots, which resulted in a hook up on the long rigger, the lure was a Scent Blazer Small bullet head weighted with sinkers and loaded with bait and an LED in the head of the lure!! Shortly after a legal dolphin fish was brought over the side, we continued to work the floating drum at high speed and convert each pass into a fish. Weighting your lures and trolling subsurface can be the difference between catching fish or not!! This Dolphin fish fell the a Scent Blazer Nano loaded with bait, weight and LEDs Soon after the weather increased and the fish were sitting deeper so a change in tactic was in order, we’d pass the drum then pull the boat out of gear for a few seconds allowing the lure to sink then we would take off and pull the lures away. This seemed to work and we got a few more before then shut down. With the weather increasing to a tad bit uncomfortable we decided to work bigger lures across the shelf towards Sydney heads. Before we swapped a few lures in the spread we added LED lights to them to help make them visible in the quickly fading light. We added blue LED’s to the purple stiripy coloured lures to imitate the blue/purple colours stripies display. ​Imitating fleeing baitfish is one of the important things to look for in a lure, thats why Scent Blazers catch more fish as the give you the ability to imitate a bait fish right down to the important details of colour and smell. The LEDs in this Scent Blazer imitate the colours of a striped Tuna With no joy we trolled the lures to the dirty water and through it for zeros, I personally don’t blame the fish for being scarce as it was pretty awful on the surface. As we were pulling the lures in you could clearly see the lures with lights in them in our spread. I guess that’s the good thing about Scent Blazers, they are so versatile you can use them in any condition and still catch fish!! Having a wide range of lures and a game plan will see you succeed in catching fish. These Scent Blazers actually look and taste like the baitfish they are imitating You can see more pictures and get your Scent Blazers at Until the next bite... Tight Lines Andrew SBC
  23. Weather forecast was for showers but that wasn't going to bother us too much. Heading out from Little Manly @ 5am with myself & Beaver (Adam) on his boat. Sydangler (Ollie) decided to join us fresh from a Friday night session at the Boat Shed so I gave him my ant-seasick combo of Kwells & NoDoze tablets to ensure the day was not interrupted by uncontrollable burley from Ollie haha (worked a treat!). The plan was to head out to the FAD's nice an early with some livies and see if we can bag some legal sized dollies. We hit up inside the harbour for some livies but they took a little while to wake up and start hitting the bait jigs (was still dark when we started). We got a nice big tank full of yakkas and even managed half a dozen slimies as well which was good. On the way out passed North Head we threw out a few slimies to see if we could entice any kings. My slimie hit the water and swam straight around the pipe for the bait tank about 4 times and then got himself stuck on the inlet for the bait pump, leaning over the back of the boat trying to sort out the mess was a nightmare considering I couldn't see my leader in the water and the livie wouldn't stop going crazy. Eventually managed to get the hook out of him and put him back in the tank, he was a bit worse for wear already with a big ring bruised into him from the pump but he held up in the end! Got everything untangled and gave up on sending him out again. Ollie wasn't paying attention but all of a sudden he had interest on his line, what ever it was had him pretty well reefed, his leader snapped and came up looking pretty destroyed. We packed up after 5 mins and headed out to the Sydney Fad, about 5kms out we chucked out a spread of skirt lures to see if we could land any stripies on the way. We had Adam with a purple skirt on the right corner, Ollie with a pink skirt in the middle and close, and I was running a Ricter's Lures Dorodo on the left corner and 2 barrel sinkers to have it running deeper than the other 2. Unfortunately no luck but I was glad I managed to get my lure working properly after last year I rigged it up crudely at home and didnt have any success with its presentation in the water (kept spinning) I ended up buying a pre made skirt rig for $10.95 made by Fish Eagle and it had 2x 6/0 hooks on it. Only problem was the mono was really hard to tie, even a 2 loop uni, so it needs to be crimped I think. We got to the Sydney FAD and water temp was 22.6 deg, nothing happening there and we headed further out to the MHL Buoy and the water temp picked up over 23 which was a good sign. Decided to try a few different things on this trip, using one of my light spin rods I put on a live bait hook and sent out a slimie unweighted and free spooled it down the current, almost straight away I felt line peeling off the spool, didnt throw the bail arm over straight away so we could sort the lines out on the boat, but eventually brought in a nice 55cm dollie, great fun on the light gear and sent him back to grow bigger enough for the table. We tried a few drifts passed the buoy and there was a great action packed hour of catching fish, undersized dollies & rat kings. I have left over bonnie strips from the weekend before that I had salted and frozen, just cast them at the buoy and free spool and instant hookups every cast. Ollie caught his first dollie as well and took some nice underwater snaps of them while he was bringing them in, such great looking fish but still yet to break the 60cm mark on them yet for myself. We decided to make our way back but stopping off a longreef to see if there were any big kings around. We sent out yakkas and by this stage our last 2 slimies had died so we stripped them up and sent them out unweighted. Adam's light spin rod got smashed almost instantly and it was a struggle to get it out of the holder, we were only in 17m of water so it was a good hard fight but we managed to boat it, and spewing it was only a 63cm king, definately put up a solid fight. There was a bit of activity on the sounder but livies, plastics and metals didnt seem to entice any more action. I saw a school bust up about 50m in front of the boat so I put on a new hard body lure I think theyre called FLASH or something, its white in colour about 15cm long, plastic with a weight in the middle so its kind of like a sinking stickbait, cast it out in the area, first cast wasn't quite accurate second cast gave it a good 20secs to sink and started cranking, hooked up straight away and brought in a nice fat bonnie, finally a legal fish (at this stage we hadn't caught anything to take home) but no action after that. The paint was coming off the lure every cast and we called it a day when the bail arm flicked over and my lure kept going (hate loosing new lures!). Decided to have a quick troll of south head as we'd had some luck with the bonnies the weekend before and even trolled up a king on one of Adams Rapala lures. Last weekend his lure smashed my Lively Lure 4" Mack Bait 7 fish to 1 on mine, today was a completely different story, first pass around the heads my rod goes off but the fish swam at the boat and spat the hooks, we kept trolling and I hooked up again to something solid, gave a hard run so I thought it might be a king as it had some weight to it. I was using my new Okuma combo with a heavier duty rod than Ive used before so the feel was a bit different. Once I got colour I knew it wasn't a king but it was a decent sized frigate mackerel, sent him back in the drink after a quick snap. Kept on trolling and hooked up again, as we stopped the boat Ollie cranked in his christmas tree lure and hooked up as well. It was this pattern over and over again and eventually we had about 10 bonnies in the boat and blood everywhere haha. Unfortunately for Adam his lure hadn't been touched! So weird that there was such a change from the week before. Over all a pretty good day on the water and was pretty stoked on trying a few new things that paid off even if we didnt get the fish we were after!
  24. Scent Blazer Crew Hey all, the Scent Blazer crew headed out from Sydney for a late afternoon trolling session. Conditions were not ideal. was forecasting 20 knot NE winds. 20 knots my arse. I have to say is much more accurate overall,in my opinion, for getting the winds and seas right. BOM got it right, it was 30 knots and then some, but we were hoping Seabreeze was right. After fuelling at Rushcutters Bay, which took forever as there were a few boats ahead of us, we headed with newbie Jason towards Sydney heads at about 3pmthen out to the Manly Hydraulics Buoy. It was rough; in hindsight, we should have headed back and just fished the harbour. Anyway, being crazy, we persevered and slowly made our way to the Manly Hydraulics Buoy. Eventually we got near the mark and put out the Scent Blazer trolling lures. (Did you know you could put bait inside Scent Blazer trolling lures so they get more strikes? Big smile). By this time Jason was unwell, poor guy. We tried to make to him feel better by saying it’s good for you to throw up, it cleans your stomach out, supermodels do it all the time. It was so rough we had trouble finding it, but eventually we spotted it and trolled around it. We hooked a small Dolphin Fish which got tangled around one of the other lures in the all the wind and ended up coming off. Water temperature was around 22.5 round the FAD and water was very blue. We decided to head further NE so we could have some time coming downwind on it.About an hour later, we hooked up on a 3kg Dolphin Fish and landed it, nice one for the BBQ. That was about 7NM NE from the FAD. There were birds everywhere, and the sounder was picking up fish everywhere, but they were down deeper around 20 metres down. Water temp was around 22.5 out there as well. A couple of times the whole bow of the boat got covered in water , so we decided to turn back go down on it, much more comfortable. We even got a few waves come over the side of the boat, which drenched Jason. He was not having good day. We headed back towards to the Manly Hydraulics Buoy. We couldn’t find it; it was hard to see anything with all the white caps. So we pulled in the lures and powered back, that was fun. The boat was surfing down the waves. Here is a tip: the twofish we did hook we hooked on a rig that we weighed down. We clipped a really big barrel sinker about 16oz on the snap swivel, like the ones they use trolling for Wahoo. This keeps the lure under all the chop and wind swell and make its more visible because lures on the surface are competing for visibility with all the white caps.Often when it’s rough we don’t get any strikes on the surface and only get them on the lures we weigh down. Don’t use a big lure when weighing it down. Use no bigger than a 6” or 8” bullet head, so it stays down with little resistance. Both hook-ups we got on 6" Nano Sardine Bullet Head weighed down with16oz barrel sinker with Pilchards inside the lure’s bait chamber. We are heading out again on Tuesday, hopefully the weather will be more favourable. We’ll post another report then. Until then Happy Fishing! Peter - SB Lures
  25. Scent Blazer Crew Hey all, the Scent Blazer crew minus Andrew headed out for a Sydney offshore sessionon Wednesday at around 12.30pm. We took a Dolphin newbie, Adam, along for the ride. Andrew was in Port Stephens fishing. Andrew reported the waters off Port Stephens were muddy and no one has been catching anything up there at the moment, so he struck out up there. We headed North from Sydney heads to the Manly Hydraulics Buoy. The water around the buoy was somewhat greenish but a warm 23.5, so we trolled a couple of small Scent Blazer lures around it hoping to pick up some dolphin fish. We did a few passes and got nothing, sowe continued NE about 10NM towards the shelf looking for blue water. About 4NM inside the shelf the water got bluer and we started trolling. We continued towards the shelf and the water gradually become even bluer the further out we went. We saw many patches of krill in the water, which is a good sign. Hooked up on a small Striped Tuna just inside the shelf. We got the newbie Adam to reel it in, his form was terrible and he lost it near the boat. About 2 miles NE of the Bait Station we spotted a couple of fish traps. We trolled about 40 metres away from them. Unbelievable, the amount of rope they had on their buoys was way too long, it was floating along the surface, we ended up running over it,and it got caught around the legs of the boat. Stopped the boat, got the boat hook out and had to cut the trap off and re-tie it. Really dangerous. If a boat ran over that ropeat speed, it would cause a hell of a lot of damage not to mention risk to people’s lives. If it wereearly morning or late afternoon, you would not even see it. So here is a tip, if you see a trap keep a good distance from it until you can establish where the ropes are and how much excess rope they have floating around. We hooked a Dolphin fish when we were pulling one of the Scent Blazer lures in. Adam lost that one near the boat as well. We kept trolling around the trap keeping a good distance from it and we hooked a few small Dolphin fish that Adam lost again. Finally, Adam landed a Dolphin fish, which was lucky because at that stage we were going to throw him overboard. Just kidding Adam. We spotted another fish trap a bit further out, this time we kept our distance, at least 60 to 70 metres away from it. Guess what? That rope was just as long or longer. We ran over that one as well. We stopped the engines. My first instinct was to cut it off, but we thought we would do the right thing and try to push the rope off the legs with the boat hook. We got it off, but by this stage our teaser cord was caught around one of the prop legs and the lines become tangled in all the chaos of freeing the fish trap. We couldn’t start the boat until the teaser cord was cleared, too risky, andwe couldn’t get it off with the boat hook from the marlin board, so out came the diving mask and we had to jump in to get it off. Lucky the water was warm and there were no sharks. What a day so far. After all that we had a break , had a cigarette, a drink and just pondered for half an hour, talking about all shit that had transpired so far. Next time we won’t muck around, we will just cut it off. Not giving upeasily, we cut off the tangled line, re- rigged, put the trolling lures and teasers back out and started trolling back towards Sydney. Between about 6 and 7pm, we got about five more strikes, a Dolphin Fish and two Striped Tuna all of which Adam pulled in. He was getting better! We lost two bigger fish but we got footage of one of the fish on the troll cam, we willgo over the footage to see what it was. We got a fair bit of footage on the troll cam at least of fish striking the lures. So we will post that up here over the next few days. We also got some great footage of about 50 small Dolphin Fish swimming behind the trolling camera at various stages of the afternoon when we were reeling in the fish. We’llpost that up here as well. Despite the dramas we had great day out, we probably would have hooked a lot more Dolphin Fish if we didn’t lose all that time dealing the fish traps ropes, but we still got a few and everyone had a lot of fun. Anyway, lots of Dolphin Fish and Stripped Tuna along the shelf in bluer water. I am sure there aresomeMarlin in amongst those smaller fish as well. I think over the next few days as the water clearsup even more it will get even better, so get out there if you can. Happy fishing and be careful around those fish traps. Peter – SB Lures P.S. we got all the fish on Scent Blazer Nanos ,Sardine and Green Mackerel colours, we put Pilchards inside the lures for bait.