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Found 13 results

  1. First time member and first time post (Hope this is the right process, right place to ask). I’m mainly land based on the eastern suburbs Sydney, lucky to have family & Friends who live and boat around Pittwater, and past year have focused on Luderick, now looking to focus on Big brother the Rock Blackfish, I feel I owe them one with the amount of tackle they have taken over the past year! I have a question or 2 for those gun Drummer experts out there. The 1st question is on bait and fishing when there are pickers around. Tips to reduce the impact of pickers, and what selection of baits do you rotate between to avoid pickers 2nd is around technique to rigging up cabbage for drummer, does it always have to be under float? Do you pack more on as compared to if you targeted Luderick, and if you “Pussyfoot” with cabbage do you use weight? 3rd and final question is on cast direction and where you want to aim bait to be sitting in regards to the wash? thanks in advance and safe fishing 👍 AVR
  2. Hi, I have been lurking these forums and decided to post for the first time. I want to try to catch a good sized (>1kg) black drummer. I have been trying at a couple of rock fishing spots in Kurnell (Doughboy Head, Potter Point, and Kamay National Park. Also tried Bare Island today) with no luck. I thought I'd check that there are Black drummer at these spots before I commit more time. Are there any good spots near Botany Bay (I live in Rockdale) that I might have more luck with? Since I am here I should also check my gear, rig and strategy is right. I pretty much follow the advice from this video from The Hook and the Cook ( I try to find a gutter with lots of whitewash, and use a bread burley every 5 mins. Then I cast towards the edge of the whitewash. I use peeled green prawns (from woolies) as bait on a size 1/0 baitholder hook. I use a running float on the main line, with stopper set to 2m. I use a size 1 ball sinker down to the hook. I use some budget fishing gear that I list below: - Shimano Aerocast 122 Surf Rod (12" 6-10KG) - Daiwa C4000 Reel with 20lb mono (the video suggests 30lb, but this is what was already on the reel. Willing to change) I have trouble getting big bites. A lot of times my bait will get picked off very quickly by smaller fish. I have seen a poster on this forum suggest Dobroyd Head as a good Drummer spot ( However, it is about a 50 min drive for me. It will be my next destination if there are no close spots. Thanks
  3. G'day raiders, been out of action for a while so finally managed to hit the stones yesterday in a long time. Wanted some aussie salmon or bonnie action. Crack of dawn, low tide, some nice discoloured washy water about but not much happening on the surface with lures except I got to see some whales and dolphins which was a sight for sore eyes. So flicked over to a tiny ball sinker and 1/0 hook and the pigs were on fire. Averaging at 30cm they certainly gave my 14lb spin gear a real workout...think the drag may be busted on it now (yep...the ONE time I leave my alvey reel at home! ). Managed over 20 fish (no joke; lost count after a dozen) with 2 of those being the largest drummer I've ever seen (not landed as the line snapped trying to haul them up the ledge - they put the 30cm fish to shame) and got smoked by some even bigger unstoppable beasts that I suspect may have been a big blue. All fish were taken on cungie and the larger ones on small half crabs. Kept a couple small ones for a feed and released the rest. Apologies, no pics thanks to a giant crack in my phone screen now Also found out that life jackets are a must now along the northern beaches, so just a friendly reminder to fellow rock fishos...don't risk the $100 fine that comes along with being caught without one. Some good deals on Dinga and a shop at the moment if you need one. All in all, a great plan B day out and its definitely time to get out there and start chasing some drummer. It's great to see the drummer are around in numbers and quality. Tight lines all.
  4. Hi guys, my recent trips to avoca rocks have been pretty successful but i would like to get into some drummer. I heard they like wash, cloud cover and they pull like freight trains. I think (more like hope) i have adequate gear for chasing them but im stuck on techniques, rigs and baits. Im not looking for any secret spot just a few pointers in the right direction. thanks guys
  5. G'day raiders. New comer to the forums, long time fisherman. I've got a little dilemma I was hoping somebody may shed some light on. Just started getting back into some rock fishing of late and the last 3 trips nothing but rock blackfish. Don't get me wrong, these fellas are a fantastic fight and it's great to keep one or two for the plate. BUT...I set out to catch luderick and the 3 trips down to long reef (the eastern-most point)...nothing but drummer maddness. Initially started using cabbage weed (collected elsewhere of course as it's a no collection sanctuary) at all outings (a little finely torn weed as burley) and was getting slammed on my 8lb float set up time and time again. Upped the tackle to unweighted 15lb mono and kept the #6 after the other. Ended up swapping to bread as I gave up on the luderick. Had a ripper of a time though. Caught an average of 6 in an hour per outing, kept one for dinner the first outing (scales tipped at 1.4kg) and released the other pigs to fight another day. Was fishing the rising tide on the first trip and the falling for the other 2 trips. The last trip I moved to the lower lying ledges on the north side of long reef. Using my luderick set up...yup...more drummer (it's great to see they're up in numbers btw). Productivity was slightly better on the rising tide. Here's the question though...where on Earth did the ludrick go? Starting to wonder if I've lost my touch for the dark arts as I have no problem catching them around Manly. Have tried 2 types of weed and bread. Only drummer. Or perhaps even move to another location? Thing is I know that it's prime luderick territory. Perhaps I am just cursed and blessed at the same time. Hoping somebody can shed some light to the luderick. Thank you in advance.
  6. My second winter with a kayak and I'm definitely still figuring winter meets kayak out. The last month, probably more, has been a string of doughnuts. Kayak doughnuts anyway. There have been a few excellent and relaxing days catching luderick from wharves in between the kayak doughnuts - thanks (again) DerekD for patient guidance in the ways of let's not over-finesse, let's just catch fish luderick-techniques - but I have badly missed catching fish from the yak. It's been made all the more painful because, it's seems the worse the fishing gets the more I want to go. No amount of changing spots, target species and people to fish with has helped. Last winter was similarly troublesome. The whole of September with barely a fish landed. So, this year, as winter approached and I started fretting about the lack of prospects, I hatched a plan. Drummer from a kayak, I decided, was the mission to undertake. My first trip out was a bit of an eye opener. North Head, somewhere I knew pretty well, and on a very flat day. I wasn't expecting things to be easy but trying to get a kayak close enough to cast a 00 ball and bit of bread into washes is properly unnerving and immediately I could tell, full of complexities I didn't understand and pitfalls I didn't yet know. I've stuck at, going out on very quiet days and bobbing round watching what happens, slowly inching closer to washes that seemed, I won't say safe .. washes where the risk seemed manageable. This week's drop in the wind and swell (0.6m swell, yes please!) beckoned. How could I not cash in some accrued extra work hours for a midweek fish? I had no expectations, the plan was just to go for a bit of a paddle and check out a new bit of coast. Pre-dawn at Long Bay, I was surprised to see the lights of two kayaks already on the water. It was two guys who usually fish Moli Pt for kings. Has been a fishless few months over there they told me. They were doing similar to me, taking advantage of the mild conditions to try new grounds. As the sky started to light up I left them still chasing squid, and paddled to Long Bay's northern headland hopeful that I might find some early morning salmon. No salmon, instead loads of what I assume were mini barracuda (I've never caught them before). They were fun enough for a while. The barracuda thinned as the sun lifted. I slowly drifted and paddled north sizing up the waves and the rocks and the zone where they meet each other. It's definitely not sit back and relax fishing. I watched what seemed like a good spot for close on an hour, working my way towards and around it before properly giving it a go. I think more attention and effort goes in to keeping track of where you are, adjusting position, and watching the rocks and waves than into the fishing. I kind of like that. Anyway, eventually I decided it was okay to paddle in close and throw casts before quickly backing back out. At first I didn't realise I had a bite. I thought the line sucking off the reel was just the pull of the surge. Then when I stopped it going out I could feel the pulse of a fish on the other end. As the fish ripped drag I back-paddled to get clear enough of the danger zone, to be able to concentrate on the fish. Bobbing round in waves and backwash, tied to a fish that's dragging you around almost as much as you're dragging it around it's hard to tell what's solid, what's the waves, and what's the fish. A minute or two into the fight I had the sense that I was no longer tied a fish, it was the bottom I had on the line. I've been through that before with kingfish and knew well enough, that that's the time to stop playing tug of war. I backed the tension off and grabbed the chance to get myself well clear of the rocks. When I tightened back up, the bottom was gone and the fish was back - cool :). Then I learned something new, don't play the fish with the reel and rod, play the fish with the kayak and the rod. It worked well. Within a couple of minutes I had myself and the fish in the safety of deeper water. I've half joked, and half hoped it'd work as persuasion (it didn't), to Krause that drummer might be like little winter kings. In the last stages of the fight, I was absolutely willing to buy in to the drummer are kingfish theory. The fish's stubbornness was amazing. I'd reef it up from the depths and as soon as it got within a sniff of the surface, it'd charge back down and circle for a minute or two before I could reef it back up, then we'd do the whole thing again, and again. When I did finally get a look at it, I understood why. My first black drummer was an instant PB. A smidgen over 56cm. I don't generally like to keep 'good' fish but it was bleeding from the gills so I popped it in a keeper, bled it properly and headed straight back to the car and some ice so as not to completely disrespect it by letting it spoil in the sun. It kinda cut my adventure tour of some new coast short but I'm not complaining! lucky to land it I think. The line looked like this all the way to the leader knot
  7. The weather over Easter in Sydney was nothing short of spectacular and went some way to making up for the atrocity that was March. With fine weather and spare time my wife announced that "we should do some walks". Now I've been browsing google earth for a little while now making a mental list of possible land based harbour fishing spots that might fit the bill for me when the weather turns cooler and when standing in the surf becomes less attractive than it was in Summer. None of these spots will be particularly secret to any of the Sydney regulars on this forum but I needed an opportunity to eyeball them for access, safety and parking. I am generally compelled to fish solo (none of my mates have the same passion for this as I do) so the ability to fish solo in safety is primary. I'm a northsider but not a Manly resident and the thought of the parking fees between the Spit and North Head mean that's only an occasional option for me. I'd previously spied a few spots around Balgowlah but to park for free there's a bit of a hike. So what I was looking for was a park and fish option that give me access to quality fish but not at the cost of having to scale cliffs or brave ocean swells. So when the opportunity do "do some walks" arose I had a surprisingly helpful list of suggestions ready to go. My main objective was to take a good look at Bradley's Head around to Chowder Bay and Middle Head. We parked in the streets above Clifton Gardens and walked down. Beautiful spot. Good facilities. Coffee. And about every amateur angler in Sydney cheek by jowl on the jetty. Keep walking. Fortunately Middle Head presented plenty of opportunities. Every so often I'd duck off into the bushes looking for tracks down and if I found them I'd scramble down to look at the platform and the swell. I accumulated a ton of positive husband brownie points and at the same time must have found easily 4-5 good accessible spots. In the process I also apparently encountered every nudist in Mosman! They do like to get their kit off in that neck of the woods. Anyway, long story short, this morning I got my first opportunity to get out to a couple of these spots and get some bait in the water. Arrived just after sunrise and berleyed up with a mix of prawn heads, prawn pellets and bread. Pretty much had the place to myself. Just one other fisho jigging unsuccessfully for squid and 2-3 other guys about 100 metres further down. Fishing with banana prawns for bait on a float rig I wasn't really sure what to expect. I thought my most likely catch was going to be bream and they were certainly there in numbers, but nothing legal. Hooked up 2-3 good size leather jackets (tossed them back) and even a wrasse (a first), but the prize I was really after was rock blackfish. I'd caught luderick before but never their darker, heftier cousin. It wasn't especially washy with the low tide but the early start to catch the low light time paid dividends and I managed to hook and land this 31cm beaut. Sent him back to grow and catch again another day. No monster but still stoked to get him. As the morning wore on it was more small bream and leather jackets. There was the occasionally heavy run and a couple of bust offs but no more drummer. Not to worry. Headed home happy. Another targeted species to check off the list.
  8. Returned yesterday from a quick trip down to the south coast where it all started for me in the early seventies. Good news is the nearby lake (Burrill) is wide open at high tide and the big luderick population that frequents these parts can move out to the ocean rocks (as they (try to) do each summer, but were lake locked for many years to pathetic local council decisions, or should I say, lack of them). Saw plenty of fish sitting close in against the rock shelves and in near perfect conditions made an absolute ass of myself dropping a dozen fish and landing five plump but smallish blackfish and a two pound drummer that went like gang buster for 5 minutes or more, which is unusual for a pig. The drummer made up, a little, for all the fished I missed. Ate the drummer fillets last night. Flour, salt and pepper in a buttered medium pan .... perfection with crunchy straight cuts and a nice salad.
  9. chewie


    Hit the water today at a gentlemanly hour as its been to long off the water. Dredog was my partner in crime and it didnt take long before we started battling these bruisers! They were coming in thick and fast, loosing as many as we landed and left them biting. Awesome winter session! good size too!Now one is in the Oven! Tight lines!
  10. Dredog and I braved the weather reports and headed out to fish the washes in close. Drummer were the target species and using the Ipilot on dredogs sweet boat we were able to catch a few in trying conditions. After a big bustoff, we managed to pull a few over the side including a new PB for me at 53cm which was a solid football of a Pig! Man they go hard on the light snapper combos! We managed a few more keeper Snapper and trevally as by catch which was fun for a few short hours fishing. Great to give the Ipilot a solid workout and putting some more time into these black beasts! Look forward to cooking some up!
  11. Beautiful day on the harbour last Friday with hardly any boats out. Found yakka's quickly, tried a few spots for squid but no luck ... quite different from the week before! Headed out and turned left picking up a couple of rat kings. Kept going to Long Reef, a bit of a current, but started the burley trail and had a few good runs on the light line out the back only to be bitten off, plenty of wrasse and then a black drummer on a squid strip! Decided to head back in and dropped a yakka and a few lines near quarantine for the catch of the day ... a lazy John Dory ... before the jackets zoned in and ate anything and everything! The joy of mid week fishing, even if the winter species are taking over!
  12. Some of you may have already seen this massive drummer caught at JB.
  13. Hey all, After developing an interest in fishing last August, I went to my local inner west tackle store to pick up some gear to get me started. Too much iFish had me keen on a light spinning outfit suitable for soft plastics. After explaining that I was a complete noob and wanted something suitable for bait and lures, I walked out with a few hundred dollars worth of ISO fishing equipment . At the time I was pretty sure that I'd never seen a 4.3m fiberglass noodle used for plastics on TV, and I was right. A broken blank, a string of doughnuts and some research later meant that I finally knew what the damn rod was for. Fast forward to yesterday; I had a surprise day off work and decided to give blackies a bash after reading Roberta's amazing luderick thread ( and watching a few ISO vids on youtube. Got to North Bondi around 9am after two peak hour trains and a bus and set up. Tide was dropping and the swell was under a metre. I found some cabbage (no string weed in sight) with plenty of bugs in it so I got my burley ready (bread, sand and cabbage) and began. The cabbage was quite short and I couldn't get it to stay on the hook and had only slightly better success with the bread, so after either losing my baits in the wash and/or getting snagged repeatedly, I decided to try my luck with cunje. Instantly I was on--my Korean noodle lost it's V to a small red rock cod (at least I think that's what they're called; kinda more brown than red). Must've been hungry as he swallowed the hook so I cut him off, re-rigged, found more cunje, continued, then got another one (also gut hooked). A few snags later and finally, something to write home about! This dummer came in at 23cm; small, but at least I opened my account. At first I thought it was a luderick; wasn't til I looked at the photos later that I realised I had more than 1 type of fish. Play was temporarily stopped due to rain when the storm system I'd been eying all morning opted to head south. After a huddled lunch in a cave, the rain ceased and the snag/cod game began again, though by this stage I was getting better at controlling the drift and managed not to hook too many more boulders. At one point I got completely smoked by what I assume was a good sized drummer or blackie. Saw the down and set the hook only to hear a burst of drag as the float rocketed towards the bottom of a boulder, quickly bobbing back up minus a foot of 8lb leader. A million rock cod and 999,999 hooks later (yes, all but one decided they'd take home intestinal jewelry), and I finally got onto the target species. This guy went 26cm (so close), and I had fun watching him hang out in an isolated rock pool for a while. Was especially cool to see him hiding in the weed, totally motionless. I spent the last couple hours of sunlight flicking for squid in more sheltered areas for zip. Twice I had squid grab the lure at my feet only for them to release it as soon as pressure was applied. Not sure what the deal was there, but it was enough for me to call it a long but fun day. Had the rocks to myself til 4pm; one guy was spinning for pelagics and another was bait fishing but it seemed pretty dead by that point, except for this ugly thing pulled in by a guy on his maiden fishing excursion: Good day overall. Glad to have ticked a couple of new species off the list and I'm glad that I heeded the advice RE: using a heavier leader between your mainline and trace, otherwise I would have lost a lot more tackle than I did. After a lot of time on SPs, watching a float bob around in some wash proved to be a fun and relaxing way to fish. Would love to know what I can improve on to start pulling in the crazy numbers of blackfish some of you 'Raiders do. Thanks for reading.