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Found 8 results

  1. I'm heading up to port Macquarie for a short fishing trip soon and i was wondering what was the best burley i could buy? I'm not targeting a certain species just a bit of everything
  2. Hi Fishraiders, I'm a self taught beginner lure fisherman but not a novice. Have flicked from the land for 3+ years with reasonable success but want to improve. Can reliably pull in flathead, tailor and trevally but useless with bream (can get follows and nips but no hookups on lures). Just bought a kayak (hobie outback) and thought it would be a good time to perfect technique now that I'm mobile on the water. Want to learn lure technique, locations and strategies and, if possible, fish finder skills (plan to buy one but want to know what I need and how to use first). Don't mind whether you kayak, boat or go land based. Location: Sydney (happy to travel anywhere in Syd) Technique: flathead/bream/whiting etc on lures Availability: weekends only Preferred location: Botany Bay or Port Hacking but will travel Provide own gear?: yes - rods/reels, lures, life jacket etc Provide own boat?: - I have a kayak but also happy to go landbased or in your boat Can anyone help me out? Cheers, FishGuy
  3. Just wondering what light braided lines everyone uses for their estuary fishing. I've been looking for a while now at some light braided lines for my Daiwa legalis 2000 as the braid I have on there at the moment doesn't have the best castability on it and I'm looking for something get it spooled up with on less windy days. I will be keeping the current braid on it though In case it's very windy and I don't want to be getting wind knots
  4. Hey guys, I went to The Entrance the other day with my family to prawn and while prawning, we saw this jellyfish. We searched it up at home after we came back and found out it was Morbakka (I think it is morbakka. It had a small box body with four long tenticles), a type of Irukandji. Is it common to see this species of jellyfish there? in the estuary? Are they dangerous? I asked one of the fishers up there and he said its not dangerous but the way he said it kind of makes me think he didn't know as well.
  5. I was desperate for a fish on Sunday given the sunny warm weather. We were already up at Terrigal for the long weekend. It was a bit windy and I was wanting to go beach fishing in the afternoon so managed to convince hubby to hire a tinnie at Hardys Bay for a half day session. We got the tinnie at 11am (not sure if you can mention operators - PM me if you want the info, new management as of last month). His dad also came out with us and wanted to try the flats near Ettalong beach. There was so much boat traffic and annoying jet skiers going above the designated speed limit that we decided to move - that and there was absolutely no bites. We moved over near the oyster leases in Hardys Bay where we had some luck last winter (tailor, bream, trevally - on chicken fillets with garlic). We were using soft plastic, pilchards, squid and prawns. We had a few bites and I caught my first tailor on a pilchard tail. It was undersized so it went back. It would have been around midday at this point and we stopped getting any bites so off we moved again. Putted over to Rileys Bay and was throwing soft plastics and bait around the old moored boats. I was convinced there would be some bream under the boats. Got a few nibbles and lost one near the boat - couldn't distinguish species. We were just doing drifts up and down the area. Got lots of nibbles but nothing hooked up. Before we knew it, it was time to return the boat. Fishing with light gear, 7' rods with 2500 reels - soft plastics, prawns, squid strips and pilchard. For burley we were using chicken pellets with mushed up pilchards and a bit of water. Probably the wrong time to fish but when you have the itch you gotta go. Hope you all had better luck out there.
  6. Hi Raiders, I came upon this website this morning after watching some doco's on commercial fishing. I won't pass comment. I'll leave that to those Raiders who feel passionate and knowledgeable enough to do so and, perhaps, further enlighten us. Looking forward to the responses.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm heading up to Port Macquarie this weekend and Coffs Harbour the next with a few mates. Never been to or fished these areas so I was just wondering if anybody on the forum could provide us with some tips in regards to landbased (beach, rock, breakwall, estuary) locations for fish as well as some good locations for squid, and tips on what bait to use in the recommended spots. Mainly after tailor, kingfish, jewfish, salmon, bonito, bream, flathead. And anything else that would put up a good fight Cheers, Daniel
  8. Hey guys, Ive recently thought about trying to burley from the shore around botany bay and brighton le sands, as i mainly fish the sand flats for whiting, flathead, trevally, bream and tailor. Any advice on how i can burley from the shore far enough to catch decent sized fish will be well aprreciated from a struggling fisho Advice on type of burley, method, type of bait or if it will even help increase my catch rate is what im looking for! Thanks Guys, Billy