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  1. Hello fellow Raiders, It is me... Ojay, I know I know... very long time between posts. Life has become very busy and I do not go out as much as I used to unfortunately. Seeing as I'm my biggest fan when it comes to my own YouTube videos, I recently made one to try remember my glory days of having more time and actually being able to take my boat out for a fish. Hope someone out will enjoy the vid, or at least entertain them for a couple of minutes. CLICK HERE -> Crabbing in Port Stephens Thanks, Ojay
  2. Gday all! New to the site and first of i am sure many posts around tips/reports in the area.. after any tips & tricks on how to hunt down a black marlin. I have seen the responses on many other forums and the community here sounds very helpful so thought i'd give it a go! Apologies if this isn't in the correct forum or if this is to long but i want to be as thorough as possible. I have a 4.75 Quinny Top Ender with a 75hp on the back pushes about 30 knots top speed. I have been up to 45km wide (obviously picked the right day) and completely comfortable if the conditions are suited. I do also have outriggers but i have been using rod riggers to push the rods out further. I have been trolling at 6.5-7.5 knots. I have the short corner on the second pressure wave followed by the long corner, long rigger and shotgun on the following pressure waves. Lures troll great, breathe as they should and produce a huge bubble trail.. Gear i am using: - x4 Okuma TG30 2 speeds with 15kg yellow mono all the way through. - x4 Shimano backbone elite 15-24kg non rollered. - Pakula's new 3D printed fish skirts link https://buypakula.com/slimy-pak-40-light-tackle-rat-pack-8kg-to-15kg-16lb-to-30lb-line-class?search=rat pack - Pakula withdoctor hippy with his new x3 slimy flash strips https://buypakula.com/witchdoctor-the-lumo-hippy-1856874474?search=witchdocto & https://buypakula.com/Tow-Rope-Slimy?search=strips - Williamson bird teaser with a few spare small non hooked skirts every 40cm ish off the back as a secondary teaser. - Simrad GO7 which is quite clear and precise with sounding out bait balls and fish around them as well as temp reasonably accurate etc. I am subscribed to Ripcharts and have access but am no means an expert on how to read or piece it all together to well. I have reached out to Ripcharts on more videos and help but they haven't been to helpful and there isn't to many forums out there to assist. I am mainly focusing on Altimetry, currents, sea temps, true colour & chlorophyll charts to try and assist me in finding the best area to work. Charts from last session i had below and where i was roughly fishing: Temp chart area roughly i was roughly 24degrees: Cholorophyll chart area roughly where i was (bit of cloud cover): Altimetry chart area roughly where i was (Have added lightly the current direction as well): Day 1 of trolling: Worked the edge of the temp break in close about 8km off land in roughly 100-250 ft water - not far but plenty of fish caught recently in the Golden Lure comp in this general area. We did mark 1 marlin we believe under a school of pilchards on the surface. The marlin was sitting maybe 15ft deep but did not come up to have a look at the lures nor did we see it in the spread. Was clear as day.. A big bow off to the side of the pillie school.. unless this was a shark. Day2 of trolling: Similar to the above tried to work the edge of the temperature break with the current as best we could & zigzagging through the high concentration of Chlorophyll as per the charts which did lead us to balls of pilchards but could not get any interest from a marlin. We fished both dirty and clear water as per the Ripchards "True colour" chart. FEEDBACK QUESTIONS: - Am i trolling the right direction/speed etc? - Am i in the zone if i can match up the Altimetry, currents, sea temps, true colour & chlorophyll charts as best i can? trying to follow the bait as best i can. - Am i trolling to close to the school of bait? - If these fish aren't taking lures should i be slow trolling a yakka or slimy mack at different depths? ie surface, mid water, bottom etc. Again sorry for the absolute novel, just trying to get some sort of help to land this dream fish of mine! I don't want exact spots as i know the fish move i just need some help piecing what i have learnt so far together so i can land one of these beasts. Catch and release is the goal of course! Thanks all - appreciate anything you willing to share.
  3. G'day raiders, I was hoping to get some advice. I'll be buying a small tinny to suit outings for a small family (myself, wifey and our 1 year old bub) but also for my solo fishing trips. I'd be using it to fish and explore the estuaries such as the hawkesbury, middle harbour (from roseville down to the spit), lane cove river and the Georges. So I've been looking at something between the 3.9m to 4.4m range unpainted Vhull BUT what I can't really get my head around is the hull thickness. A lot are 1.6mm sides and base. Some with 1.6mm sides but with 2mm base. Then there are some with 3mm sides and base such as the savage 425 kestrel. I'm pretty keen on the Savage range at the moment. So my question is what does the hull thickness mean exactly? Does it just add weight for a smoother ride in choppier conditions? Would a 3mm hull side and base be overkill for the conditions I'd take the boat in? Does it mean that It would last longer in terms of any dents you would get from the usual wear and tear? Just hoping to get some advice as if I go a thicker/heavier hull I'd assume that means going from a 20-25hp to a 30hp to get the plane going faster? If you guys could chip in some knowledge if be super appreciative😊😊
  4. By no means am I Blacktiph but I have filmed a few youtube videos documenting a lot of fishing. Here are some tips to get started filming, editing and uploading your videos. And by reading this I hope you are inspired to start filming and uploading to youtube so that fellow raiders can get more depth to your reports and see the fish. We can all share so much more when we add a video to it. To get started all you need is a camera an editing software like Imovie or some internet a google account and something worthy to film. In terms of gear. The Action cameras that are waterproof are the absolute best because of the fact that they can be washed and have the smelly fish blood and scales removed. They also won't break if you happen to get hit with spray or have a fish splash around boat side. The Gopro series of cameras fit this set of requirements quite well and they are what I personally use. The newer models are also slightly better because they can be run without a case and have more control of the recoding settings. To get good footage while your fishing takes a little bit of practice but having a large SD (32 GIGS +) card in the camera helps so that you can have a better chance at filming the hookups. Getting good shots of the fishing environment that captures the widest possible angle while filming at the right times is crucial. I always film around just taking general shots of the lead-up to where you are going fishing which ads a little story to the video. Then film your first casts or drops, most fish come off the first cast on a snag or spot so make sure you film that. After a lot of filming it is good to shut down the camera but be ready to hit record straightaway if anything happens that gives you an inclination that you are about to hookup (Gopros turn on and record from their off status when you hit record which is another reason why I recommend using Gopro cameras). For example when I see some fish moving in on the sounder, sight cast, feel a bump, see ripples, see something chase or flash near your lure/bait, see a bust-up or when you just have that feeling my arm goes straight for record because getting the hookup on record is a much more entertaining and rewarding part of the video to watch because it replicates some of the feeling that you get when fishing. Sometimes you hookup before you hit record which is still fine, just train yourself to go for that record button like as quick as you can. I have even been fishing and gone to hit record even though I had no camera. When you are filming your fishing outing it is also a good idea to talk to the audience on what you are doing or the reasoning behind what you are doing. Film yourself catching the live-bait, film the walk or drive or drift to your spot. Film the sounder and film the baitfish underwater. Just try and film interesting things to add size. A single clip video of you landing a fish is fine but some long well edited videos that have more of a story and capture your day are great. the Ideal length In my opinion for a fishing video is 7 minutes to 15 minutes. If you are below that don't worry. If you are above make sure you don't have too much footage that may be scenic and interesting but more of a waste of time. If your 20 minute plus video is just jam packed with action or has a really good underlying story don't change the video just to satisfy the length. For camera settings I run my Gopro at 2.7k, 60fps. For youtube I recommend filming in 60 or 30fps and around that 1080p + range but not all cameras can do that and If you can't film with that sort of quality, that is fine just do the best you can. Another reason why I like Gopros , and I know other brands do this is that you can use a chest mount which sits the camera right next to your hands capturing the rod and reel plus what you are doing when trying rigs and baiting hooks. The Gopro head mounts and hat mounts are also great but they are harder to set at the perfect angle but I do prefer these for kayak based videos since a chest mounted camera sort of just films your legs. For the camera quality settings and angle adjustment the main way is to film something and check it and keep refining your art, I am stil doing this and will always do this. Now to edit your videos (This may seem daunting but its easy once you get the hang of it and its not hard). This takes a bit of practice but try not to make it hard for yourself, no need to overcomplicate things. The usb connection from camera to computer is better than putting the SD card in the computer because the data transfer is quicker and higher quality. If you have trouble importing your camera clips and google google google. Make sure when you are fishing not to film videos that are too long. Importing is a tough process and If you are like me with a small laptop you will be importing for a long time if you film something longer than 5 minutes. Remember that I film in 2.7k and 60fps which means a much bigger file. I can import a 10 minute clip of 720p 30fps footage but a 7minute 2.7k 60fps video just causes my computer to crash. So if you need to record longer just reduce the quality a little. 1080p still looks great especially if your camera has a clean shot. Once your photos are imported It's time to open up your editing software. I use Imovie and if you have a mac this is what I would recommend simply because of the ease and the editing process. But if you have anything else by all means use it, filmora is a good alternative. Expensive software like Final Cut pro and adobe premier pro are not necessary for fishing videos because there isn't anything difficult. The editing consists almost entirely of camera cutting. To setup the clips so they can be imported takes a bit of fiddling around so google about anything that gets you stuck. Imovie lets you import each clip as you go from the photo library of you computer but regardless of any software, drag/import your clips in chronological order and do this with every clip and watch them over even if you think its not a good clip, you might see a cheeky shark do a backflip or something so don't discard without taking a good look. Camera cut your clips to the desired length that be the cast before you hook up, or couple casts before hook up or 20 seconds before your rod buckles. What I mean by this is don't just cut your clips so it's hookup and casts left right and centre, slow it down. If a shark did do a backflip in the corner of your video dont cut 2 seconds before and 1 second after unless thats how long your video was. Also edit your video so that everything runs smoothly. Delete things that are not necessary and potentially add a clip out of chronological order if it makes the video look better. Once you think you are done editing. Watch your video a few times and make any minor improvements. For video structure It is a good idea to look at some videos from some well known channels. The channel I mentioned prior "blacktipH" has very high quality and filmed videos that with all due respect to all fellow raiders aren't possible to replicate in your own style because he has a whole team who improve the videos incorporating drone shots. More individual Youtubers like Cavy, Lawson Lindsey, 1rod1reel. Film their videos on their own or with a friend in a way that can help us get better at understanding how to produce this type of video. Now google how to render or save you video into a desktop file. With Imovie you just press a share button and select save as desktop file, set the export as the same quality of you camera. Now all you need is to either log in or sign up to youtube which is free. and then press upload video. then drag you file in and wait. It should slowly upload and then process, any issues here please google it. If the estimated time says something ridiculous like 2 days we need to take a step back. You need to get a program called Handbrake which reduces and compresses the file reducing the size by 70% or even more. Handbrake is hard to setup and get right and done well will still make your video have a lower quality. Google how to use handbrake for the best result but trial and error will be the best here. Compress your video and have a look if its good try and upload it. If it is still taking a long time go back to handbrake and reduce the quality a little more and repeat those steps. please remember uploading to youtube requires good internet so if you are struggling in that department just reduce the length of the videos in general. Once uploading and processing is done mind you, you can do this while the uploading is in process. Write up your title and description. Put a good title that represents your video. Dont say something that does not match what actually happens in your video, saying "Almost spooled by giant fish" when you lost 50m of line from a mediocre sized fish is called clickbait and is frowned upon and will also reduce your audience. Write you description of your video just generally outlining or summarising your video. Dont worry to much about description but do add a link you your buddies Youtube's if they were with you and also link other videos that you have previously posted. The tags are also important. Just write keywords that regard your video words like "fishing" "fish" And "sydney" if you were say, fishing in Sydney. The tags will help you get more audience, when people are typing in certain keywords that match your tags your video has a better chance to come up and get a view. Your video thumbnail is also important Just take a screenshot of something inside of your video with your rod bent over or the fish you caught that day and and then select the file in the upload thumbnail section. If you get something come up that says file to big. Google how to reduce the file size of an image but what I do is put the photo into a photo editor and then export the same photo with reduced export quality. Once your video is ready after your title, description, tags and thumbnail is done and the video processing is complete you are ready to upload your video. Now feel free to promote your video for either educational purposes like in a report. Show your friends and let everyone know on instagram and facebook about your new vid. Once you have started your channel and uploaded a few videos. start doing your own thing. Everyone is different or has a preferred style of fishing. Do something that makes you unique. If you like fly fishing do that. My channel is about doing different things. Write a description about your unique ness in the about section fo your Channel page. My description is "From fly fishing to down rigging". This is because my channel is about trying different methods and catching different species like fly fishing for mullet and down rigging for kingfish. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I hope you're gonna get out there and film some great videos! Feel free to correct or add your tips and tricks as there are a few of you here that can add to this. Also comment the links of videos that you may have recently made or will make due to being inspired by this writeup.
  5. Hey guys going to be taking a little 3 day holiday to Port Stephens Big 4 Holiday in a week. Was wondering where are good land based wharfs, beaches or rocks to go to. Looking to target kingies, bonitos, big tailors, jewies and squid. Any tips are appreciated, don't really know the area too well and don't have a boat either. Will be bringing one light to medium tackle and my two heavy game rods.
  6. Hello everyone, first post so go easy on me. I currently work with people who have different disabilities but a large portion of my clients LOVE fishing. The issue I’ve run into lately is that it’s pretty costly to keep frozen bait and ice constantly on the go. This is especially true when the fishing trips can be at the drop of a hat and end just as quickly when my clients get frustrated. I enjoy soft plastics and lure fishing but that can be a bit technical for some of my clients who often prefer a more passive bait and bobber style. We are based in Lake Macquarie and mostly targeting bream but will take whatever bites for some C & R. my question is, does anyone know of some good baits I could keep in my car for these impulsive trips? Something that won’t stink me out obviously. Would salted baits be a good option? Any good home made recipes? thank you so much for your help!
  7. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  8. Hey legends, I'm after some sandflats to surface fish around Sussex inlet/St George's basin? Any worth looking at and times? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey raiders So I want a light weight fishing combo (preferably Shimano but doesn’t have to be) suitable for throwing lures off the rocks and catching some kingies. I don’t really have a price range. any suggestions?
  10. Hey guys I was out fishing at the little manly cove jetty/pier and caught a nice sized red morwong and had no other luck apart from some tiny snappers and bream. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck at this spot. Has anyone tried out metal lures for kingfish or tailor? Most people there were just catching leather jackets and bream apart from the occasional blue fish. Share your thoughts on this location.
  11. Hello fellow Fishers!! i'm from central west nsw and will be having a crack at st Georges basin next month. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with ANY advice on where, when, how i can get among some fish.. Cheers in advance everyone!
  12. Fishing is not only a hobby and entertainment, it is, first of all, an active rest. What could be better than rest away from the city noise, this everyday fuss and work? Of course, fishing!
  13. There is something about our inner childhood fascination and curiosity of the unknown which makes "old fisherman's tales" so alluring, and I believe that same inner curiosity is at least partially responsible for why we continuously drop a line into the depths, wondering what we will pull up. Being fisher-people, collectively, we spend a considerable amount of time out in the wilderness and incredible remote places, and sometimes experience rare/incredible things during the many hours we spend soaking our lines in the water. I wanted to know what are some of the most crazy fishing stories you have. I'm talking about things that you have to witness in order to believe; being spooled by giants, sea monster sightings, big catches being bitten in half by something larger, even supernatural occurrences… I'll start off with a story of my own. Up in Cowan Creek you can hire dinghy's which is what I did with my dad and little brother. A couple years ago, towards the afternoon, we were anchored somewhere about 25m from the bank along some inaccessible-by-land bush area. I was on the left side of the boat, my dad on the right and my brother was fishing off the front. We were dropping paternoster rigs down under us when all of a sudden, something giant swam under the boat and got snagged by all 3 lines at once. Take note that because my dad and I were facing opposite directions, plus the length of our rods going out from the sides, the creature under the boat would have been at least 3m wide. Well to cut this story short, 3 rods rigged for flatties were no match for whatever swam into our lines which appeared to be travelling at a cruising pace, not panicked at all about the lines that hooked into it. We were very new to fishing at the time (I think I was 13) and had no idea what to do but watch in awe as it emptied out our reels. I am excited to hear what incredible stories you guys have to share, especially from the veterans who have been at this sport for many years.
  14. I've recently decided to target some jewfish for the first time and was wondering if anyone knew any good land-based spots to go fishing for one along or near the northern beaches. Any additional tips on catching jewies would help too.
  15. Taking my boat to the Pittwater bay area tomorrow, does anybody know what fish you can catch, how to, where to and any other useful information on the area?
  16. Hey guys I’m new here and kind of new to fishing, I’ve been fishing with my dad my whole life but only really went with him and he was doing all the work now I’m starting to do it myself and learning all of the in’s and outs i planning on wadding the Hawkesbury river when the time is write it would be of great help if I can find out where the best places to wad would be and what tides and if flats or channels or deep spots
  17. Hey everyone, just recently me and a mate went fishing at a beach in Mosman, whilst we didn't catch many fish it was a great day. So we aren't very experienced at fishing from a beach of any manner, we have tried surf beaches before with no success, so you can see why the day before when we were planning this trip we were doubtful about how this expedition was going to unfold. We decided that if we were going to catch fish we must wake up early so as planned, the next day our alarm went off at 5 am. We tiredly gathered our stuff and made our way to the relatively calm beach. It was a horrible journey with 4 rod-holders and rods, backpacks, bait, footys, etc, however, when we eventually got there we were greeted by a nice fresh day and a sunrise that was - whilst slightly obscured by clouds - quite a spectacle. We quickly and eagerly unloaded, rigged, baited and our rods. We had one legitimate beach rod which we loaded up with a paternoster rig and 3 small 2-4kg estuary rods which we loaded with size 4/0 Mustad circle hooks and running sinkers. We were using servo pilchards which I whole-heartedly mistrust. The first half hour was very slow fishing full of what were either very small nibbles or the swell. Another fisherman set up a little way down the beach, he said that he'd caught a few shovel-nose sharks around about where we were. Just five minutes after talking with him my mate was onto a fish, not surprisingly it was a shovelnose, it had swallowed the hook so we cut the line before letting it go. Not long after - when the tide was approaching high - I saw my rod get pulled out of the rod holder and into the wash zone. I sprinted over and picked the rod up, full of adrenaline I rushed the fight causing the hook to pull. I was very disappointed. While I was rebaiting I looked around and saw my mate's rod being pulled down the beach. He ran over to it and similarly to me rushed the fight and dropped the fish. Before he could have time to rant about dropping the fish I saw my rod being pulled in. This time I took my time fighting the fish and safely landed it. It was a 39cm silver trevally, we had forgotten our phones so we couldn't get a photo. We let this fish go. Just after my mate missed a fish I saw my big rod being pulled into the water with amazing pace, I ran and picked it up. Whatever was on the end was fighting very hard. The drag was screaming. It ran straight for the rocks and after a stressful minute, I heard the dreaded twang of it busting me off on the rocks. We both missed another fish before the bite slowed down. We packed up and headed home feeling both content at our progress into the art of beach fishing and annoyed at passing up so many opportunities of fish. Any advice is much appreciated, we are learning. What fish do you reckon I had? I think it was a kingfish (they are common around this area). Is the bait ok? What is more important tide or time? What tide is best? Cheers - Pugz
  18. What do you guys think is more important; fishing at the right time or fishing the right tide?
  19. Hi all! Just going to be running through some of the gear I use for inshore kingfishing. First off, my light setup. My reel is a Shimano Stradic 1000, a new addition, spooled up with some lower end (cheaper) 6lb braid and I usually run 10lb mono leader. It is a great little reel with a good amount of drag, just enough to stop those rat kings! This reel is paired up with an Atomic Arrowz Estuary 7 foot, with a 3-10lb line rating. This rod goes great with the reel, strong, light and it is stiff enough that I feel confident casting heavier lures on it without it breaking! Now to finish off, my heavier setup. My reel is a Daiwa AIRD X 4000, a friend had a couple of them so I would always give them a go, it is a great looking reel that performs great, is light and has a great drag system, I have it spooled up with 20lb powerpro braid and usually use 30 pound leader for it. The rod I have this reel paired up with is a Shimano rod made for Fish Outta Water, I’m not entirely sure on the name, but I know that it is 9 foot long, and is rated to 8kg line, and is very good for casting, it is a great rod that isn’t used enough. They are the rods, reels and line I use for kingfishing, just let me know if you would like to know about some lures I use and how to use them, and if this was useful to you. Kind regards. Oscar
  20. - 45cm + red snapper - 19 kingfish - 5 legal kingfish - beat my current record silver trevally in the harbour (65cm) - 85cm + kingfish - catch a jewfish! - get into some more of the smaller tuna family eg. bonito, frigate mackerel, Mach tuna ect. Oscar
  21. New to the area, only here till Monday morning. Looking for a fishing mate to show me a good spot and possibly fish together. I don’t know any spots has I am only here for a few days. Staying along the river, If anybody would like to show me a spot, or fish with me that would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi all, a mate and I are heading to Lake Eucembene for 2-3 days on the weekend of the 1st/2nd of December (2 weeks time). I've never been there before so just after some tips, advice, recommendations on fishing trout or other species, tackle, clothing, times of day to fish, accommodation etc. This is a dedicated fishing trip. We went to Thompson Creek Dam back in July but the trout were all spawning, so no love (for us anyway). I dont have access to any fly fishing gear and would prefer to stick to my spinning gear. Happy to rough it out, in fact i'd love to camp by the lake, but dont mind paying to get some accom close by either. We're atleast Intermediate fishos and have been trout fishing before. Any questions, feel free to ask Thanks, Horsleyboy
  23. Hi Guys, Just wanted to see if anyone can give me any ideas on how to clean my squid jigs, reason being is because they smell like crap from the EgiMax spray I use all the time. What is the best way to clean them as well as my tackle box and how often should I clean and service my reels? Thank You Zaki
  24. Hi Guys, I am going fishing soon and was wondering if anyone has any last minute tips. I was hoping to catch something good. I an Fishing Berowra Creek, Bar Point, Laughtondale, Berowra, Mooney Mooney, Brooklyn Bridges & Mullet Creek. Any tips would be great Happy Fishing, Jew_Master06
  25. hi raiders A question i want to do a full night fishing am i aloud to put up a swag on the rocks at night and take it down before sunrise. want to take my kids with and they need a place to sleep . thanks people
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