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Found 159 results

  1. G'day guys. I've been waiting for the bream-action to recommence after a slow Winter for breaming. I hit the Georges River upriver for a quick blast with the light stuff (6-8lb 7' rod and 2000 reel with 6lb leader). On this uncommon occasion, the bream and flathead were hungry and I was able to get my fishing fix for the week I was working around bridges using a Zman Grubz in bloodworm which the fish seemed to not be able to refuse. I got a decent spiking from a bream and a bit muddy shuffling around the muddy bank but it was all worth it. A darker flathead. A sign of an upper river fish. Some bent rod action... It's a good sign especially after the slow Winter and I can't wait till the weather warms up a touch. 😎 Looks like I wasn't the only one getting muddy! I hope you enjoyed the read!
  2. Headed up to The Entrance a week ago to take 81 y/o Mum out in our tinnie. She loves fishing and had been dropping plenty of hints to get me up there from Sydney! Anyway, weather was perfect and there were a few fish around though we had to move around to find them. Our main target was luderick. When things went quiet we’d flick for flatties on SP gear or stick on some bread under a float for mullet. Managed a few of our target fish. The biggest lud went 43cm, flatty 49cm and mullet a fat 41cm. The mullet circled the boat - great fun on light gear. Smaller luds < 30cm were released. All in all a great day out on the water. Cheers, Keith
  3. Woollamia - day time Monday 24 June Stayed at Jervis Bay Holiday Park at Woollamia. Monday plan was to paddle down Currambene Creek to Huski and then start the day’s fishing with some trolling to Callala Bay. There was a pretty strong wind though which would have been a killer on the way back as well as on and off rain showers, so instead I flicked SPs in Currambene Creek on the rising tide. Landed three flathead and one bream. Water temp started at only 12 degrees and rose to 14 as warmer sea water came in, so still pretty cold. Flathead were caught on a mix of pink glitz and pumpkin seed 100mm flick bait on 1/6 jig heads and 3/0 hooks. First hooked was sitting in the middle and deepest part of the water flow, second on an inside edge sand bank and the third in very shallow water near the little island. I hooked the bream almost by accident when I was eating lunch. I thought I’d change tactics a bit and drift with a heavier jig head (also with a pink glitz) through a couple of the deeper corners, just lightly lifting the rod but letting the boat drift move the lure instead of casting and hopping. Sure enough, I’d hardly taken my first bite of my Nutella sandwich and the bream was on. Huskisson Wharf and rock wall - night time Monday 24 June Went for a short flick on Monday night. Landed one undersized flathead. It was sitting well back from the main channel flow, where the whale spotting boats moor. Nothing more that night. Georges Basin 25 June Launched at St Georges Basin Boat ramp on Island Point Road. Plan was to fish around the two islands plus also go and explore other parts of the basin and Sussex Inlet. Complete contrast to the Monday – bright and sunny and so little wind the water was very clear and the fishing tough. Spent about 1.5hrs trying various SPs in various depths around the islands, but donut. Paddled to Sussex Inlet and went about a third of the way up the river. I thought I’d try a Motor Oil GrubZ in 3.5 inch with a 1/16 jig head and see if I could hook a bream as I drifted back down the inlet to the basin. First bite was a jacket, which had a couple of nibbles as the lure was almost back at the yak, but didn’t get on (which I didn’t mind). Second hit was from a bream and only about 3m from the yak, but I’d left the drag too loose. It hung on a bit, but when I went to set the hook, it just pulled line off the reel and that one got away. Things got a bit quiet over the weed beds and the sand, so I decided to try some water about 30cm deep at the very edge of the river. Flat head engulfed the lure on the second cast into the area and took the lure so deep I needed my long nose pliers to get it back out. After that, I spent the afternoon back in the basin at a few different locations, but no hits. Total of 15k of paddling and the only fish boated was the flathead at Sussex Inlet. I ate a Nutella sandwich before caught the bream on the Monday and another Nutella sandwich just before I almost caught the bream on the Tuesday. I’ll keep trying that technique.
  4. There are a few gutters at the northern end of Wanda beach that are good for fishing at low tide. The only thing is you need to arrive a bit late at somewhere after 10 am so that you won’t be harassed by the hundreds of dogs enjoying the free run. (Leash free time). This weekend, I made a mid day trip each on Saturday and Sunday. About 3 hours fishing each day finishing about 2pm, just before high tide. Generally fishing is good when water is low and gets slower when water is higher. All up for the two trips, I caught 5 good Flathead (ranging 40-50cm), 7 tailor, 1 bream of 32cm, 1 flounder of 38cm (could have been my PB), one Trevally, and one tarwhine just made into the legal size at 24cm. I was fishing with pilchard and again limiting to 10 pilchard each trip. I used a light action 12ft beach rod I bought last weekend. Yesterday I used a $25 reel spooled with 15 lb mono and refuced the line to 12lb today. The light line worked a lot better and it could be still a bit lighter. The goal was to catch bream. With one bream caught and complimented with a flounder, no complaints at all. Attached a photo of today’s catch. cheers Charles
  5. Gday Raiders, Wife works at manly Hospital, so after meeting her for lunch I ducked down to the rocks at Little manly for a flick. Stayed only an hour and produced a nice 51cm flattie. I did work for it however and covered a lot of ground in that time with quite a few SP changes before I had success. How goods this weather huh !!! Cheers Mark
  6. Hope I'm in the right forum here. I recently caught two very nice 48cm Duskies, one a male, the other a female. The male's flesh colour was white/grey as expected, but the female with eggs had very yellow/orange flesh which was not nearly as firm. She was not sick, fought like crazy. Does anyone know anything about this? Appreciate any info (nothing online).
  7. Fished Wanda beach last weekends two days in a row in the late evening to early night session. Saturday saw the beach really packed owing to the good weather. I started about 6pm and persisted till 9:30 wanting to finish off all the 12 pilchards I took for the session. All up I caught 15 fish, with the largest fish a nice flathead, the second last fish I caught. Knowing I need to go to work today, I planned only a short session yesterday, taking 6 baits with me. Got there about 7pm and left when it got dark, fished for about 1.5 hours. The bite was not consistent as on Saturday, only managed two tailor.
  8. I went out yesterday morning with a friend of mine. We started by gathering some live bait from the bait station by Little Box Head, then came inside by Lobster Beach to drift. We had live baits and a cut bait out the back I was casting ahead of the drift with soft plastics. We were only on our second drift when my rod - which had a live slimy on it - folded over. I grabbed it and lifted the tip to set and I thought I was on. I started bringing it up and there was a lot of weight on it. I got it up to the surface and my mate got sight of it - a huge flattie. Then it opened its mouth and was gone. It was not actually hooked - it had just been holding the bait. I brought in my now dead livie to re-rig, but told Jas to keep his livie down because that same fish might take it. And then it did. We were drifting towards the channel and a ferry was coming so I was a little concerned, but then in a stroke of luck the sea anchor caught the yellow 4 knot buoy and stopped us drifting into the channel. Jason brought the fish in and it was a cracker of a croc. We measured it at 80cm, snapped a quick photo and let the old girl go with big grins on our faces. We carried on like this for a while and had a few hits, but were struggling to connect. I decided to anchor up in front of Half Tide Rocks so I could make some coffees. I had a very frustrating stretch with 4 hits on my plastic in 5 casts without connecting. After each hit I would drop the tip, then give it a few jigs to try and draw a second strike, but it was not happening and every time when I wound in the plastic was pulled down the hook and needed to be straightened. It was going quiet and I had suggested we move up stream a bit a s the boat traffic in the channel was becoming a pain. We had pulled in the lines and I was about to go lift the anchor when I saw a huge bait ball on the sounder. I told Jason to drop a line down again an I put down the plastic for some @flatheadluke style vertical jigging. It was a good call Jas came up tight and it took off on a run. I said straight away - that's not a flattie. I was right. After a couple of runs and a few jumps we boated a nice salmon. It even came with someone elses hook and leader hanging out of its mouth. We removed both hooks, took a photo and let it go. After that we headed up past The Rip Bridge to one of my spots. We tried a drift and towards end of we were getting bites. The wind had come up quite a bit so I preposition and then anchored at the end of the drift. Jason pulled out a nice flattie and a lovely bream. I pulled out two lumps of weed, half a cockle shell and a pair of pliers. At this point I was feeling a bit crap if I am honest. Putting a mate onto fish is the next best thing to catching fish - but it is a distant second. I had even changed tactics as I could see bait was winning the day. And then I came good with a couple more position changes I brought in the next three fish - all good table size flatties - and a new personal best for starfish! LOL. We closed out the day with a drop over by the rip bridge but were just getting baited by little fish. We called it and headed back in. Took a while to get it but we did end up with a great feed. The three on the left were mine.
  9. It has been noticeably busy on the waterways of Brisbane Waters of late - as always this time of year. So @flatheadluke and I hatched a plan to kick off New Years Day with a dawn session - figuring that a fair portion of the boaties would be sleeping off a big night. I met Luke at his place at 4:45 am and we headed straight to Blackwall ramp. We were on the water quickly and it was a truly awesome morning. The plan was to mix up a couple of styles. We went out first to get some live baits with a plan to put one down looking for big flatties while we drifted. It did not take long to put half a dozen yakkas and one slimy in the tank. We then headed over to the flats in front of Ettalong flick plastics and put into practice some of what I learned on the soft plastic charter I did on Boxing Day. I hooked the first fish on a plastic pretty quickly near Half Tide Rocks - a easily legal flattie in the mid-40s range (didn't actually measure it). Despite it being well past high tide and not a lot of wind the drift was still taking us in so we re-positioned a bit further out to drift back in. We were flicking away when the live bait rod folded over. Initially I thought it was snagged but when I lifted the rod I let it run a little then struck and was on. Up came a great flattie - my first on a live bait. It measured 63cm which makes it my second biggest. We shifted around a few times. I managed one more keeper. Then Luke took over and caught the next fish. I also managed the smallest flattie as well - a little throw back that took a lure not much smaller than itself! After a while out in front of half tide rocks we came inside to try the channel between Wagstaffe and Half Tide Rocks. We were spot locking next to the sand bar and casting up onto it and retrieving over the drop. Hard to believe we did not hook up here. We could see bait all around us the same size and colours as the plastics we were using. Luke also had a good flattie following his lure through centimetres of water but just couldn't draw the strike. Exciting stuff. We finished off back where we started the session and Luke managed another nice flattie. All the fish were caught on Z-main 4" paddle tail shads in a white sparkly colour - though I did drop one fish on a darker curly tail as well. All up a fantastic start to the year.
  10. Im struggling to catch any legal flatties in the bay, 50+ landed but not a single keeper Would anyone be keen to share some tips on tide, depth, time of day or anything else that could help me landing some legal ones? Thanks!!
  11. Would a rogue blue point 12ft 2 peice combo be good for beach fishing for species such as bream, flathead, shovelnoses, salmon, trevallies or even kingfish? cheers - pugz
  12. Beautiful morning on Narra Lagoon today. Arrived at 6am with Dean and launched the two green machines. No wind whatsoever. Pefectly still. Fished until 930 or so when the wind started to pick up. Dean was switching between plastics and hard bodies. I was exclusively using hard bodies, slow trolling two at a time, one micro mullet and one $4 jobbie from Decathlon. Had a great session picking up a 60cm, 59cm and 45cm flatties as well as a couple of throwbacks and the usual small super aggresive bream. Hard bodies did all the damage. Massive smiles all around. Flatties for dinner!! Cheers D.
  13. So finishing up some work training Thursday and the weekend off I thought I would take the wife on an adventure north to Lake St Clair for an exploratory mission and a quick fish. With very limited freshwater experience I was stoked the wife hooked and netted a cracker bass off the top all on her own. With only a few smaller rats I was stoked with the result being the first time up there. Today I hit the local chucking vibes and plastic and managed to land a cracker lizard in 8 meters of water on a zman paddlerz, 3/8tt jig head. All up landed 9 Lizards with my mate which were all released.
  14. Gday raiders Went down to brissie waters today to have a flick for a few flatties which resulted in me getting a few but only taking home three. When i got home, i looked at them again and i noticed some red marks underneath them. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this is.
  15. Hi guys, this is a two day report from the weekend. Part 1: Saturday Sydney Harbour - boat Great conditions forecasted though the morning wind at home suggested otherwise! Glad dad and i went out, as conditions became truer to forecast as the morning woke up. We worked the stretch between Grotto Point all the way to Cremorne Point - no bustups, a few sitting birds and a nice encounter of some big swirls - resulting in soft plastics missing their rear end and lots of frustration. Time to move on! Based on previous reports of Goat Island kingies, we headed towards the Harbour Bridge. What a sight when we arrived! Of course there was just under a hundred seagulls picking the remains of what was being torn up beneath the surface RIGHT under the Harbour Bridge. Moving past the bridge , towards Goat Island, we worked the area all for nought, fish getting busted all around us and not a bite on a full assortment of soft plastics, metals, hard bodied and even flies! Having given up hope in the increasingly hot weather, told dad to pack it up, who was working a 6" white slapstix off the bottom, when I heard the sound of reel screammmmmm! A few precarious moments later, dad boarded a fat 69cm kingie! What was a jovial moment quickly turned as a police boat told us off for being in a channel zone - a new lesson learned which i've taken onboard, though I wonder how many of the other 5-6 boats who were closeby and some UNDER the bridge took on the same lesson. Its been a while since the last king, am absolutely invigorated to chase them again! Gear used for the kingie: 6-8kg 7' Shimano sonic , sienna 4000, 20LB kastking mega8, 30lb leader, 5/8oz 3/0 jighead, 6" white slapstix. Part 2: Sunday Botany Bay - kayak Near perfect conditions in the early morning - ready to go with live nippers and two bream rods, was going out with whiting in mind, targetting 2-5m deep water, flats. Lots of tiny snapper later, wind starting to pickup, decided to work the launch area one last time - just off the beach, falling tide, along the dropoff ridge. Cast out and sat back - then reel starts peeling - a nice trevally. Cast out a few times, changed anchor positions (getting tough with winds increasing), nothing. Start reeling in one rod and hits a snag - the snag proceeds to shake and pull drag like no snag before! A few moments later, a fat 50cm flattie in the net! That's dinner! After that, the wind was really going - I think it was blowing against current which made the kayak turn one way, then another, then back again - no amount of adjusting the anchor trolley and rudder could stabilise the yak. Bring the lines in and pack it up! Oh man, I was not prepared - the same rod that picked up the nice flattie earlier had a real bad snag on it - then it absolutely screammmed! The third physical force on the kayak, after the wind and current, was whatever was on the end of the line! Now, I'm using 6lb braid, 8lb fluoro so of course I had take it easy but being anchored and with turbulent conditions, had to put as much drag as I could. Lots of spinning the rod around the yak like a lasoo and splashing - a 70-80cm flattie appeared! Warning: heartbreaking section coming now. I had netted the flattie, though only less than half its front fitted the net - its tail sticking out. Then it started to thrash. Slapping the net, slapping the yak ( I copped one as well) and SNAP! the leader broke and it fell into the water and got away! I'm sure everyone in a 500m radius, on land and on water, could hear my profanities. After that I rage quit and headed beached the yak to begin the packup and cleaning. With a few nippers left over, I fished the drop off, land based, landed a 35cm flattie first cast and not much else after - trying for a hail Mary to get that monster flattie but I'm sure it was playing it safe after almost being caught ! Gear used: Rod 1 - a cheap cheap 2-4kg 6'6 Okuma rod (caught all the fish though), 2000 kastking Sharky ii, 6lb kastking superpower braid and 8lb fluoro. Rod 2 - 2-4kg 7' Shimano catana, 1000 Sedona FD, 4lb gallant braid, 8lb fluoro leader. Rig used: running sinker rig, to a 1/0 circle hook. Overall a great weekend - fish caught, lessons learned, venting in nature and endless biat and yak cleaning. Can't wait to do it all again next weekend!
  16. Went out very early this morning to try and get a session in before work and before the wind came up. I launched about 5am and the wind was already about 10 knots at the Blackwall boat ramp. I hightailed it out past Box Head - the forecast swell was very low so I wanted to see if I could drift for flatties or if the wind was going to be too much. Swell was indeed negligible. The wind was not, however. Because it was an offshore wind and West Reef is on my way to the mark I was heading for I cut the motor just short of West Reef with a view to letting the wind drift me over it. I put a couple of baits rods down. I landed a Sgt Baker and had a squid follow the bait up on the other rod. Normally I would have had a squid jig rigged up already on another rod, but not today. In a pre-work session I always try to avoid re-rigging as it just eats into fishing time. I hooked into something else as well. It did not feel big but it was crafty and it managed to cut me off on the reef. Not bad for one drift over the reef, but I wanted to stick to my plan so I headed further out to a bit past the 40m mark to a spot that has produced good flatties recently. I changed up the sinker and dropped baits down. Even with the drogue out I was drifting quite quickly so I decided to just fish one rod, keep it in hand and open the bail arm if it was coming off the bottom. This paid off as I quickly hooked up and could tell it was a decent fish. I worked it up and and netted a flattie around the low 50s mark. Unfortuantely the wind was just picking up though and I sensed this was going to be a hiding to nothing so I decided to change tactics. I headed in a bit to around the 30m mark and dropped on a spot I had marked in the sounder. I managed to land and release a small squire and undersized flattie, but the drift was still too quick to keep the baits down. I wound up and headed even closer in. Because the wind was offshore I decided to nose in just outside Box Head and let it drift be back out over the drop off. This proved a good tactic as it was a bit sheltered so the drift was slower. I not only could keep baits down, but I could even downsize the sinker. Then the rod loaded up and I struck and had a solid hookup. And it ran - peeling line off my fairly light gear I use for flatties. I could feel definite head shakes and was wondering - could this be the big snapper that had been eluding me? It was not a bad fight, but of line lost, regained and lost again. But then I saw colour and knew it was not a snapper, but a gummy shark! Not what I was after, but I'll take that any day of the week! By now it was time to head in so I dispatched the gummy, wound up and headed for home. Glad I did, too because by the time I got back to the ramp the wind had picked up even further. Only a couple of hours on the water and came home with a nice flattie and a gummy for the table. The Gummy was a first for me and measured in just under 97cm. Great way to start the day.
  17. Hi Raiders, I hadn't been Kayak fishing in a long time, so decided to dust off the kayaks and head to the central coast. With uni starting again, it is hard to find the time to fish, so any chance i have to get out is cherished and enjoyed. Left the house after the morning traffic had subsided a bit and made the journey to central coast. Got there and started setting up and rigging up. I was using a mix of baits and plastics to target some flatties. I used either squid or pillies on a paternoster rig and also worked some squidgy bloodworm wrigglers and some berkley gulps. I drifted over an area that I have caught flathead from before, fished for about 2.5 hours and mainly caught undersized ones. By the end of the session managed 2 legal Flathead both going 40cm. One was caught on a half pillie and the other on the bloodworm wriggler. Not as productive as some of the other trips but still managed a feed. And it was just nice being out on the water, I love boat fishing and land based fishing but sometimes kayak fishing can be the most enjoyable. Its just a different feeling being so close to the water. I did record the trip and edited a little video, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Haven't edited in a while so I am a bit rusty. Cheers
  18. With a 6 week old baby at home, I need to make the most of any opportunity to get out for a fish. I'm normally out the door for work by 6am, but take my 3yr old to daycare each Wednesday. So that leaves me with a solid hour between sunrise and when I need to get the boy out of bed to get ready for school - plenty of time to pop down the street for a quick fish! Last Wednesday, I was treated to a beauty of a morning, bottom of the tide, and a couple of nice flatties 40cm and 50cm, both falling victim to a Gulp Prawn soft plastic. This Wednesday, I repeated the effort, and was able to upgrade ? this time landing a 43cm and 53cm flattie. The smaller one on the same SP. The larger one caught on my maiden fish using a Berkley Shimma Shad soft vibe. The larger one was enjoyable. A good long cast of the soft vibe, worked in all the way in, got to the end of retrieve, lure in sight at my feet, about to lift it out of the water and I see this flattie come out of the depths, rise to the surface and attack the lure right at my feet. pretty awesome sight to see. Not a bad way to start the working day.
  19. Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  20. Hey, so I've been thinking of going fishing down at the spot in the picture but I've got no idea where to cast. I don't know whether to cast from A, B, C, or D or whether to cast out far or in close. I'll either be fishing some not to great salted pilchards or fishing some freshly collected poddys that I've noticed around B and C. So pretty much, do I fish A, B, C or D and do I fish in close or far away. BTW I've seen someone fishing at D who reckons you get some bream there.
  21. Hi Guys, Recently new to Fish Raider but loving all the on hand information and help given by everyone! I recently decided to go for a evening fish where Balmoral Boat shed is, the wharf there has a lot of foot traffic but l just set up and had a small little section right at the top of the circular wharf there and ended up being a great little evening. I decided to set my rigs down near some boats and set up 2x Rods using lights Gear, I used pilchard on one rod and prawns on the other (6-10pm) HT of (1.62m) - 13 Degrees Surprising the pilchard was the one being smashed up by the fish and the prawns looked like it hadn't even had a nibble. I didn't use any burley I just smashed up some pillie and chucked it in the water as the night went on. I was lucky enough to catch the following. Flathead (34cm) Bream (27cm) Trevally (Small) "Didn't measure" I found it quit nice to fish from that location without having a large number of people crowding the area like Clifton gardens so to speak. Great if you have kids and want them to have a safe fishing adventure - I have attached a little map with parking location and where l fished from that evening. I hope you enjoyed my first report (Any tips on how to make the reports better please let me know) HAVE FUN AND AS ALWAYS GOOD LUCK CATCHING !! Regards, Micheal!
  22. I headed out early this morning with @antonywardle to chase some flatties off shore. When we had the central coast Fish Raider lunch the other day ant was telling me that he had gotten pretty good at the flatties offshore. He was not kidding! We launched just after 6am from Woy Woy and made our way out of the heads and into Broken Bay. We started drifting in about 50-55m of water. First 10 mins or so were fairly quiet. Then mayhem! After I pulled in the first couple on pilles we hit a patch of flatties. We were both using two rods and went through a period where we could barely rebait one rod without the other going off. By nine we had 12 keepers between us and had both several undersize or just legal fish go. Ant also pulled up a few whiting as well - I think about 5 all told through the morning. By this time we were running out of "the good pillies" and were into some prawns and some very manky pillies that had been refrozen and were pretty awful. But we were still catching fish but it took a bit longer to get the remaining ones. We repositioned and worked through the remaining bait and I even tried out my worst ever lures just for a laugh. I was picking they would catch nothing. Ant thought I might get a jacket. Surprisingly we were both wrong with my two biggest flatties (both over 40cm) falling to my $5 squid lures! Having said that Ant landed the two biggest fish of the day. Mine ranged from about 35 to 45 cm. But we both bagged out - with me pulling up my 10th just as the bait ran out. This was my first time I've ever bagged out so was pretty happy. We headed in about noon and on the way back in I spotted a whale breaching and Ant killed the motor. As we slowed it arched gracefully, flicked its tail up and disappeared. What a great finish to a top session. Everyone one at home was dying for fish tacos - so we had a good feed and could give some fillets to the elderly couple across the street. And there was still enough left to vac pac some for later. A great day.
  23. Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville