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  1. Gday raiders, Decided to head out for a fish on Thursday morning. after only catching small spikie flatheads on my last outing, thought I’d give it another go in a bit deeper water. I’ve been planning and dreaming (as we do) of getting onto the fish. Was on the water by 6am after launching at Tonkin park ramp. No wind and the water was flat with only a small swell outside. Cruised out past Jibbon bommie and prepared for my first drift. Drift speed was perfect - not too slow like last time, and not too fast. Conditions were just right. Within 5mins brought up the first blue spot - just over size, and as soon as it was up my second rod was hit - a double header with 2 fish at around the 45cm mark. I quickly dropped a pin on navonics to mark the spot, and continued the drift. 2 mins after landing those fish, was onto another. I cruised back and started a second drift, making sure I followed the same tracks. As soon as I was over the same mark another fish over 45cm. Then an occy came up - this time landed. Love bbq occy 😊 Hooked up a meter long shovel nose and a meter+ banjo in the mix on the tail end of the drift. after a few more passes ended up with a full bag. Largest was 48cm - all but 2 smaller ones, were over 40cm +. There was another boat out there, I cruised over and had a chat, he was fishing a little shallower water than me - said he was only catching smaller ones, so I let him know the depth I had found the larger fish at. Left at around 10am. As I was heading in thought I’d give it a go for some squid - a nice fellow was at the spot I usually try, so had a quick chat with him - said he’d just caught one and soon after hooked up a second. After a few casts was onto two myself. Then nothing for about half an hour and then another two. Called it a day. With a full bag ended up giving a few fish to my parents. & My kids love battered flathead nuggets, so will be slicing up a few to freeze off. What is it with kids and nuggets though?
  2. Gday Raiders, Headed out with the kids on Saturday to try and get a feed of flatties. The weather was looking marginal, with a decent northerly predicted, but not much swell. The Bayview boat ramp was pleasantly empty. Met a nice guy heading out for a solo squid session in Pittwater. Headed straight out, slightly SE from Barrenjoey. At around the 40m mark, a couple of NM offshore, the wind really picked up and basically stayed that way all morning. We battled hard with the minn kota to keep our baits on the bottom. Whilst we took out some vacuum sealed yakkas and pillies we were lucky enough to pick up a couple of coutta early on. These were dispatched and made excellent bait, getting hammered when the baits hit the bottom. Picked up some really nice fish, 3 over 50 with the biggest 54cm (ish) and the rest in the 40s. A couple of throwbacks but not many. After about 3 hours we were done with the bouncing and the wind so headed in. Surprisingly the weather was beautiful once we were back close to Palmy. Overall a challenging but rewarding day on the water. Cheers D
  3. 10 Weeks Into A New Hobby 10 weeks ago I started fishing. First, with a hand line and a basic travel rod on the second day. A few small fish were hooked up, but the highlight of the day was meeting @DerekDand @Wes. Derek's enthusiasm for fishing is clear and he has generously shared his wealth of knowledge and abundance of experience with myself over the last 10 weeks. I've learnt what can only be described as an insane amount, and am very fortunate that I've been able to pick all this up during lockdown and have a lot of great fishing spots within 5km from home. I've made a point to explore and found over 30 places to go, and have enjoyed being out in nature. Over these 10 weeks, I've gone from knowing nothing to landing squid, flathead and a kingfish! Hopefully this will serve as inspiration or some useful information to the next person starting out. The Basics I generally have an analytical approach to things, which resonated well with Derek's philosophy - if he couldn't answer any of my questions then he needs to go find the answer. I've made sure to practice managing my tackle and knots, as getting the basics right makes you more efficient and means you can spend more time chasing fish. At the same time, I've made sure to roll my sleeves up and learn by doing - I'm not going to catch anything if the rod is in the car, and every time I go out I can learn something - even if I don't catch fish, I'll still be trying to improve my casting or knots. I've also found it's important to have a specific plan, for example: I want a fish to eat, so I'm going to try and catch a flathead. Flathead are bottom feeders and might be found on sand flats, so I need to work my lure across the bottom in these areas to have a good chance of catching one. Lures are effective for targeting specific fish, but you need the right approach and setup to match it. Rod & Reel We spoke about a few different types of rod and reels, but Derek recommended my first rod is the Atomic Arrowz AAS-270UL 3-14g 2-4kg 7'0" 2 piece with a Shimano Sedona 2500, running 4lb braid and 8lb mono leader. I absolutely love the setup, and get excellent casting distance and accuracy. The rod feels incredibly versatile. The 4lb braid actually has a much higher breaking strength than advertised, but this varies by brand. Knots I use the FG Knot to tie the braid to mono. To get up to speed quickly, I spent hours with the TV on practicing the knot. It's really worth spending time practicing in easy conditions - it suddenly gets a lot harder when you're out in the wind with cold hands. I also used the knots to lift a dumbbell off the floor to test their strength. It's surprising how much weight a small line can take. I've been using the uni knot to tie lures onto the mono without issue. Carefully doing the knot minimises line wastage, so I have to re-tie the FG / leader less frequently. Lures We primarily started out with Soft Plastic Lures - Berkley Power Bait 3 inch minnows and grubs. Alongside this, I got some metal lures: the Halco Twisty and Ecogear ZX40, a range of Yamashita squid jigs, and more recently some hard body lures. Casting Achieving both distance and accuracy is important when you're fishing off land. You've got limited places you can stand unless you know how to walk on water, and a 10% increase in cast distance means you actually cover 20% more ground, because the area is circular (radius squared). I've also learnt to cast from different positions: forehand, backhand and over my left shoulder. This lets me counteract the wind with a different casting trajectory or work around obstacles wherever I'm fishing from. It's also become natural and efficient to cast this way, so I don't physically tire or strain myself. Retrieves Derek has shown me several retrieves to get the best action out of the plastics. Whilst you can just run the plastics back, making the minnows twitch and dart like a scared baitfish grabs the attention of predators and both forces the fish to act and gives them the opportunity to do so. Fishing Spots We've also spent a lot of time talking about fishing spots - how you deal with the wind and make it work in your favour, what makes an area good or bad at different tides, and how to look out for structure, how deep weeds grow, and so on. Blackfish - Week 1 On the first day I met Derek, it was my first day of using a rod, and I was sending bait out without much luck. Derek and Wes had come out to catch Blackfish using weed with a float. Derek was happy to share what they were up to, and he'd just begun teaching Wes recently. He made light work of taking a blackfish out the water. It was clear that having an effective plan was crucial: right place, right time, right bait. Then it was Wes's turn to land a fish. Under Derek's instruction, another fish came out of the water not long after. Wes kindly lent me his rod, and I got to have a go. Despite my inexperience, some basic tips from Derek (keep it away from the structure!) helped me land a fish too. Australian Salmon - Week 2 At the end of the second week of my fishing, Derek hooked up an Australian Salmon on a 3 inch minnow and kindly handed me the rod to see if I could land it. This absolutely hooked me. It was a lot of fun to bring it in, and by the time we got it in the fish was exhausted. It's important to me to treat fish we're not keeping correctly, and we promptly released the fish rather than taking a photo. Catching Squid - Week 3 & 4 I had my mind on some recipes involving squid (more on that in a future post), so decided I'd go hunting for them. Armed with some Yamashita Squid Jigs, I set out to catch some squid. The general premise is to let the jig sink down, then twitch in back up through the water column. The squid come in and grab it, and I understand they have excellent eyesight and so prey in lower light conditions (e.g. dawn/dusk) and are fast swimmers. They also tend to travel in groups, so other squid might follow yours up, and if you're fishing in a group it's worth working together. The Yamashita squid jigs have different sink rates (which is not just their size). Density determines sink rate, and my first jig was size 2.2 with 8-9s per m sink, which takes a while if you want it to drop down 5m. There were several failed attempts going after squid - once in a strong wind where it was impossible to get a good cast in, and following a storm there was no activity (dirty water?). However, practice makes perfect. After persisting, I landed my first squid (and my first solo catch). The squid was promptly killed and prepared for lunch as calamari with chips and salad. Thankfully Derek advised me on how not to get inked, simply by ensuring the jet isn't coming towards you before softly laying the squid down. I now also have a size 2.5 jig with 4-5s per m sink rate. I strongly prefer this, as it lets me cover a lot more ground. Not only does it cast further, but the faster sink means I can work through the area better. The advantage of the slower sink rate is that it makes it easier to avoid snags if there are weeds present. I've also got a blacklight, but tend to only use it when it's darker. You can expect a future post about my squid ink risotto: Flathead for Dinner - Week 5 After landing and preparing squid, I decided I wanted to chase Flathead - which is a great eating fish and abundant in Sydney harbour. Flathead is a bottom feeder, and I targeted it using the soft plastic grubs. By running it along the bottom with twitching and darting motions then pauses, the grub becomes an easy and attractive meal. During this week, I fished a bit in Middle Harbour. I hooked and dropped a well sized flathead much to my dismay, when I was trying to figure out how to land it, and then landed a smaller flathead a couple of days later, which I returned to the water. And the end of the week, I got a legal sized flathead with returned home and got filleted. This went into a pasta dish which was delicious. Kingfish - Week 6 On the Monday of Week 6, Derek asked if I wanted to join him for an afternoon fish. It was low tide, and we went up to middle harbour and out on some rocks. Derek was aiming for some blackfish with his Fly Rod, and showing the rod to me in more detail, while I was using the Berkley Powerbait 3 inch minnows and working the water column. We noticed a splash about 15-20m offshore, and I cast in that direction and quickly worked the minnow back, making it dart with pauses. This is approach Derek used to hook the Salmon he handed me. On my second cast, the fish went for the minnow and was locked on. The first couple of runs were strong, and Derek made sure I didn't try and rush the fish back in. At this stage, we didn't know what it was, but it was taking off a decent amount of line. Although there was some structure in the area, there was enough room to let it run. I made sure to lock the butt of the rod against my forearm, so I could fight the fish efficiently. If the fish was rushed in, it'd be very hard to control near the rocks, and we knew we'd loose it on the line. After the first 3 strong runs, Derek suspected it was a king. You can feel the fish swimming along, and then almost pausing and "lining up" before it runs. Kings will try and scrape the line off against structure, or wrap the line around structure, which is why I needed to let it run and tire out in the open space. The fight kept going, and after 6 runs my arm was burning and I was putting a good amount of effort in. I kept working the fish back. The 7th run felt tired, and was a lot shorter, but I didn't rush it, and as the fish got closer, it made a last ditch 8th run which was flat out, and significantly more aggressive, and then it was done. Derek got a landing net from the car whilst I kept the fish swimming in small circles, but not letting it recover, and I then swam the king into the net and landed it. I took the king out for a photo, and it's about 55cm long. I then stepped into the water, and swam the fish, before holding it by the tail, when it then gave a kick and was released off. I felt sick to the stomach from the adrenaline, and my boots were soaked through, and I won't forget it any time soon. All in, it took about 15 minutes to land the fish (and all on a light rod and line). Catching the king was the culmination of everything I'd learned - my casting range and accuracy, the retrieve of the minnow, the line and knots holding, fighting the fish patiently like the Salmon, then safely landing the fish, handling it and returning it to the water. The next morning I woke up and my first though was... when's the next one? 2nd Rod and Hardbody Lures - Week 6 & 7 Over the next couple of weeks, we started practicing casting with my 2nd rod. The Shimano Raider 762 15-45g 5-8kg 7'6" 2 piece. Derek has kindly lent me a Shimano Sedona for practice, but I'm planning to get a Shimano Stradic 4000 on the weekend, with braid + mono leader. This rod feels like an absolute weapon, but has given me incredible casting range. We also got started with hardbody lures - the Bassday Sugapen, the MMD Splash Prawn and OSP Bent Minnow. Each lure can be retrieved in a slightly different way to get the best action, and even though we were limited in the areas I could practice, I did land a tailor with the bent minnow. It can be retrieved to swim just below the surface and then float up like a dead baitfish, making it an easy target. Bigger Flathead - Week 8 Having got better with my casting, retrieves and general confidence, Derek and I were having a casual fishing session with a nice view of the bridge and the opera house, and I pulled a 48cm flatty out of the water. This was caught on the Berkley 3inch minnow, covering ground and running it along the bottom. I returned this to the water, but was able to directly lift it out on the lightweight setup without undue strain on the rod. The One That Got Away - Week 9 I hooked up a Silver Trevally, and got it under control and ready to lift out, then... dropped it and lost it. I was rushing because a storm was rolling in, and I didn't want to wait around, but lesson learned! Alongside this, I've been refining my casting and knots further, and practicing more with hardbodies. Kingfish in the Summer - Week 10 With Summer round the corner, I've been learning techniques for chasing Kings using freshly caught squid bait, and how we can prepare the squid to use strips or the head, how we cast that out and work it back, and the usage of floats etc for setting the bait at a desired height. Hopefully as the water warms up, we'll get some bigger kings moving in. Now that the travel restrictions have eased, I'm also going yabby/nipper pumping this weekend outside of Sydney Harbour, as another source of fresh bait to use. Whilst I enjoy plastics and they're clearly effective, it's useful to have different tools depending on my objective, and how much time I have. Plastics are very low maintenance, and can just be left in the car with my other fishing gear ready to go whenever I feel like it.
  4. With fishing for some of us being difficult at the moment I finally built up the courage to hit chippo after driving past it all my life to fish the upper reaches of the George’s or down the coast. After being in lockdown I couldn’t help but sneak out to some saltwater for a flick and what better time to do it then now, It took me awhile to understand that there is fish there and now my fishing journey has finally lead me there. The tide was starting to come in so I launched the yak from the ramp on Henry Lawson at the mouth of the lake at about 6:45 then headed up river and started the drift just before the millperra bridge back towards the mouth of the lake and then back into the lake to fish the slack water and edges since I thought that was a fair game plan after never fishing these waters. After going for a solid paddle I sounded up some good fish but couldn’t get any to bite I wasn’t sure what to throw either after having stint off the water due to lockdown I was abit rusty tbh haha, so it was back to basics and after fishing for an hour or so I picked up a 30cm flatty on a 2.5” zman grub in motor oil, my first fish from chippo, my goal was a EP, bream, or jew but I was on the board and I was happy. As the tide came in I ended up on the opposite side of the lake at a creek mouth which was out of cover, after a few casts I had some bites and i found some fish and next thing I know I was on out comes the net and I was was stoked to see a bream just shy of legal but healthy and thick in the net after a quick hook removal he was off I fished for another 45 minutes or so and decided to call It quits after I got some knots in my spool that my braid picked up from the rubbish in the lake. All in all the session was a success in exploring new grounds and finding some fish. I’m excited to dive into the secrets of the ocean of the west and hopefully figure out the pattern to local water way that I’ve abandoned for so long! I’ll definitely be back chippo! Tight lines, SWFisho 🤙🏽
  5. Hey guys, im new here... but i need some advice! Ive been fishing a lot recently around forster/tuncurry and i’ve caught some quality flathead on soft plastics (3inch slim swimz) With all the flatties being around 35-50cm, im curious as to why i haven’t caught any Bream aswell? I have seen a few around and caught a good one on cut bait! Any advice on how to improve flathead and bream fishing would be much appreciated. cheers guys!!
  6. Hi all, looking to upgrade my Daiwa Laguna 2500 reel to something better, im only using the reel for bream/flatty fishing, my budget is a maximum of around $300. All suggestions would be appreciated, cheers guys
  7. Any tips on how to use the Zerek shrimp lures, i have concerns im using it incorrectly. Anything will help, cheers Im mainly targeting flathead with them. Thanks.
  8. Gday raiders, hit the upper end of woronora river for the first time on Sunday morning, I initially went out chasing bream and Eps and hopefully a sneaky bass but the tide had started to turn and as a result most of the snags were starting to be exposed so with the tide running out the flattys were turning on. I got a few tips off the hunt for bronze about the area and lucky enough I was onto to some fish in no time, a munroes 2.75” paddle tail in motor oil and zman 2” grub in watermelon red on 1/16th jig head done the damage for the day. I was lucky enough to only lose one fish for the day on 6lb the fish were definitely testing me having to retie my lure on every couple of casts lol. The biggest fish went 52cm with a few in the mid 40s and a handful of smaller tackers, all in all it was a successful morning on the water. All fish were released to fight another day. PS. If anyone fishes the woronora regularly my Dm will be open to any tips or spots 🤫 lol Follow my Instagram to follow my fishing journey footage coming soon, Tight Lines🤙🏽 - @SWFisho
  9. Gday fellow raiders, I’m going to hit chippo lakes or surrounding areas in the coming weeks to chase my first saltwater bass and fingers crossed EP, I’m located in campbelltown and fish the upper George’s regularly and I drive straight past chippo it’s only 25 minutes from home and I’ve heard and seen some good fish pulled out of there, I plan on figuring out the system to hopefully fish it regularly as I don’t get much time on the water. I know the fish are currently spawning up so I’m guessing they’ll be all schooling up towards the end of the system if anyone has any tips or headers I am all ears, I’ll be fishing out of a kayak also so if anyone has any spots to launch from as well that’ll be a pointer in the right direction. SWFisho, Tight lines 🤙🏽
  10. Hey raiders, im after the elusive estuary perch I searched for them in the George’s river last winter as I fish it on the regular but can’t seem to find the any EPs if anyone’s got any pointers on the George’s or anywhere else so I can tick this Aussie battler off my list 🤙🏽 Tight Lines ..
  11. Gday fellow raiders, been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been busy fishing. Hit the George’s to a stretch of river I like to call spot X 🤣 being open to learning new things and trying new lures I decided to throw on a Atomic semi hard VIB40 on that’s been in my tackle box for about 12 months and 2nd cast I caught my PB flathead on a lure, Was a good day on the vibe till I lost it to a snag all fish were released to fight another day 🤙🏽
  12. Headed out to port hacking targeting flathead today. Was out for 4 hours - in the water 9.30 and back out by 1.30. picked up 3 flatties - 2 on live poddies and one on a paddle tail lure. A good size blue swimmer grabbed one of the poddies and decided to come home with me. Headed over to the weed beds around midday - quite a few squids around. Weren’t taking the brown/green colours - but the pink jig did the trick. 4 green eye & 1 small arrow in about 30mins. The green eyes were of decent size. beautiful clear water in the hacking atm.
  13. This was my first attempt at drone fishing and it was rewarded beyond my expectations. I used my Hubsan Zino to fly a Paternoster rig out to about 100m and got a double hookup. I was using defrosted Squid on the top hook and Pilchard on the bottom hook. This area is recommended for beach/drone fishing. See the full video report below with location information:
  14. Hey Raiders, Headed out from Broken Bay on Sunday afternoon with the forecast indicating that the southerly was going to be blowing hard. Whilst not ideal it was the only window I had so @reel'em, my youngest launched at Bayview around 330pm. The forecast was accurate and it was pretty ugly. It was relatively slow going but we made it out to around the 48m and dropped various baits. The fishing wasn't easy as we had a northerly current, southerly wind and SE swell. We found turning the spot lock on the Minn Kota on and off was the best way to manage the drift, noting you still need to watch your lines carefully (only one horrendous braid tangle to report). Managed 7 fish between 40 and 52 cm and a few throwbacks. Headed in around 7pm with a following sea and plenty of slop. Not great conditions but overall a fun afternoon on the water and plenty of fillets for fish and chips. Cheers D
  15. Hey All, We headed offshore for another day of bottom bashing for Flathead. Simple Paternoster rig with Salted Slimey Mackerel done the trick and outfished all other baits on the day. We were very active in finding the Flathead constantly moving. If your not catching legal flatties within 5 minutes of dropping it's best to up and move until you do. After 3 hours of fishing, we decided to head back with 14 fish biggest going 50cm. Its good to be able to stock the freezer again and have flatties cant wait to get onto the crabs!!
  16. Hey Raiders, Headed out on Friday arvo with my best mate and @reel'em to target flatties offshore. There looked to be a nice weather window and thankfully the predictions were pretty much spot on. We launched at Bayview around 215pm and headed straight out to around the 50 m mark. We were using a triple threat rig initially. Octo-jig as a sinker, bait (pillies to begin with) on the bottom hook and a plastic on the top hook. Unfortunately this didn't last long as the jigs couldn't keep us on the bottom for long enough with the breeze blowing. We changed these out for traditional sinkers and immediately started to hook up. What followed was a crazy good flattie session where we all boated some great fish. We essentially did the same drift 4 or 5 times and ended up keeping 13 fish between 40cm and 62cm (with 3 over 55cm). The amazing thing was that the two smallest fish we caught all day were around 38 cm. One went back and the other was stripped for fresh bait. We did not catch a single spiky or any other throwbacks. The quality of fish was pretty much perfect for the dinner table. Interestingly on the first couple of drops we caught some monster yakkas that were managing to foul hook themselves on the plastics and also a nice arrow - all on the bottom at 50m. A nice little bonus that will make great bait/dinner. Rig note - prior to this trip I had been using paternosters with quite short lengths to each hook. I was sure this was resulting in dropped fish and less hook ups. I switched to Paul Worstelling's paternoster and used quite a long length on the bottom hook (i.e. longer than the length to the sinker). I feel this resulted in a much better hook up rate overall. Or maybe the fish were hungrier! We did catch one nice fish on the plastic but everything else on the bottom hook using bait. I was hoping to also try bouncing a kabura along the bottom but didn't have anything with enough weight to do this effectively and to be honest 3 lines in the water was probably enough...... Headed in just on dark to an empty Pittwater and a deserted ramp. Happy days and a great start to the weekend (particularly given the return to the rubbish weather!). Cheers D
  17. Hey fishraiders, Looking at having a quick fish tommorow. I am going to be targeting flatties, but not really sure of any good places. I am fishing landbased and use both lures and bait. Looking to go somewhere around Sydney. Any suggestions for lures to use and locations. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  18. I hit my nearest sandy beach before dawn this morning. Swell was up a bit, just coming up to the top of the tide. There was a bit of a shore dump and I was not sure where the gutters were, if any. I had a few casts with two Berkely sandworms (50mm) on a paternoster, but got no bites. This is the first time I have tried this approach after reading that some people consider these plastics a fair substitute for live worms. Once there was enough light, I moved down the beach a bit and switched to a Halco Twisty 30g in gold. 3rd cast got a nice tailor. After a few more casts I lost the lure, its leader and a bit of braid right out behind the break, when a knot formed and hung up on a line guide as I cast. That was pretty annoying. I don't like losing gear and particularly hate leaving line in the water. I re-tied my leader and switched to another metal and kept spinning, until the dog walkers and swimmers brought the session to a close. This afternoon, the wind was still quite calm so I went and had a go off the rocks in Ulladulla harbour. I cast a couple of different metal lures for a while, before switching to another gold Twisty. I hooked a small tailor and released it. I also flicked a soft plastic grub around the rocks with no result. I had to leave my spot before I was cut off by the rising tide. Flicking the grub in from the sandy beach in the harbour resulted in a tiny flathead - my first ever fish on a soft plastic. All in all, a pretty good outcome for a work day. I'm keen to keep after the tailor, I'm very new to spinning for them but have come home with a feed more often than not over the last few sessions. The Halco lure seems to work, but I am finding the treble is a bit destructive for releasing fish. Does anyone have any advice on this? Should I just de-barb or would it be better to change to single or assist hooks? Any other lures I should consider?
  19. Hey Raiders, Spent the weekend down at the lovely seaside town of Cuddmirrah just south of Jervis Bay. Plan was to target some big flatties with the family on St George's Basin. Prior to the trip we did the research including reading every report available and catching up on some good podcasts from Greg Reid and David Johnstone (local legends). We stocked up on the recommended plastics, hard bodies and soft vibes (at the local tackle store) and headed out for 3 long sessions over 4 days. Unfortunately after dragging and casting lures for many many hours we only ended up with a handful of decent fish with the biggest going 54cm. Interestingly not a lot of by-catch either which I found surprising given everything I had read (a few tiny tailor and minuscule snapper). We fished the edges and the depths, the dropoffs and the weed beds, morning and night per expert advice. Just wasn't to be on. On the plus side it is clearly a wonderful place to visit and fish. A beautiful part of the country. We will be back, but might try and coincide with the breeding seasons to try and create a little more action. This trip will go into the learning box for now...... Cheers D
  20. Hi i was wondering can you catch blue swimmer crabs, yakkas, jewfish, flathead, bream and squid in winter regards burtos fishing
  21. Who can explain it? Go out on the lake for a couple of hours in my yak, maybe 3 or 4 times. I catch the odd flathead and occasionally a couple of legal pinkies. I live virtually on the shoreline of Burrill Lake, south coast. Then this morning I glide out 30 metres, same spot and the duskies are going crazy! Every cast with an SP brings up another big fish. After 15 mins I stop with five nice fish, the largest just over 55cm. All caught on the one SP! Filleted up I'm supplying neighbours (from a distance). Tight lines everyone.
  22. With all my regular Eastern Beaches Rock fishing spots closed due to the crackdown on beach goers, I decided to socially isolate myself in a dinghy on Sydney Harbour on Sunday. I launched off one of the small harbour bays just before midday, as the last of a the tide was coming up. Drifted into about 6ft of water and started casting the Ecogear vibe over sand flats - BINGO! First two casts netted me two nice flathead. Figured I’d get a feed before chasing some bonito, but no more bites after that. Rowed a bit further out into the deeper water, about 15-20 meters and started dropping lures. The blokes who had left just before I arrived had berleyed heavily before leaving, so was planning to cast into their trail. Ended up getting some big bites but no hookups, so packed it in after an hour and fed the kids flathead. By the time I got back to shore, the harbour beaches were full of people and I’m a bit worried about Corona, so just went home. Not much action, but great time on the water just rowing around though.
  23. Headed out about 6:30am yesterday after collecting some poddies on the smaller side. I was looking for a feed of flatties for a family BBQ.As the tide had already turned I headed upstream for half a km and started drifting towards the bridge. No joy on the sounder and I picked up a nice flatty in the mid 50s that I dispatched into my new insulated fish chill bag. Hung around the bridge for a while and baits were being mauled around the neck by squid so I kept drifting. Picked up a smaller flatty in 2m of water then a squid came up on a poddy so I netted it, removed the head and threw it onto my heavy line. Drifting in 8m a couple more arrow squid joined the bag and the squid head was trimmed by pickers. Picked up another few flatties around the 40cm mark to add to my shopping list. I waited until the bottom of the tide to try a spot I had picked small kings up in before and sure enough my lighter outfit screamed. Foolishly I grabbed the other two rods to get the kines in as one was tangled in the screaming line. By the time I grabbed the rod there was no more screaming, just the leader shredded about 20cm up the line. Must always set the hook first before removing other lines! No trophy fish today but a decent feed:) Caught a Grinner on the way back too:)
  24. Hey guys, heading down to manly and just asking about fishing spots around there? Do the rocks at manly cove produce good stuff.Squid? Flathead? Or is it worth flicking SP’s at the manly cove beach? Open to all info because I’m a bit new to this area. Ps , (I will have 2 outfits with me, a light Pelagic rod (8kg rod, 15lb braid 30lb leader and I will also have a lighter rod (2-4kg 8lb braid 12lb leader) I’m mainly looking for squid and flathead, but also wouldn’t mind having a crack at those kings or really anything that bites and fights 😀 Thanks Will
  25. Fished Wanda beach last weekends two days in a row in the late evening to early night session. Saturday saw the beach really packed owing to the good weather. I started about 6pm and persisted till 9:30 wanting to finish off all the 12 pilchards I took for the session. All up I caught 15 fish, with the largest fish a nice flathead, the second last fish I caught. Knowing I need to go to work today, I planned only a short session yesterday, taking 6 baits with me. Got there about 7pm and left when it got dark, fished for about 1.5 hours. The bite was not consistent as on Saturday, only managed two tailor.
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