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Found 136 results

  1. pugzthugz

    Tinny storage?

    Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville
  2. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  3. sam bros

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Hi Raiders Took the boat out a couple of nights ago and went to target some bread and butter species around middle harbour Caught 3 fatties with one going 60cm. Caught 2 legal Bream as well. Flatties caught down deep on a paternoster rig with squid Bream was caught on lightly weighted pillies and prawns. Threw a live yakka down but the tailor kept biting it to pieces. Ended up hooking one but lost it boat side. Would of been about 45-50cm So not too bad for a couple hours fishing. Caught a lot of those spotted big eyes again. Once we started burleying, they would be everywhere, became a bit annoying. Also got some drone footage around Long reef just before sunset and made a short video. Hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers
  4. DaveTheBoy

    Newcastle Beaches

    Hello raiders - a combined report from a few morning trips this week. Some big tides have washed a lot of weed & garbage up on to the beaches, but it hasn’t deterred the fish at all. The whiting have been the pick, most of them 40cm+ and not very fussy! Most beaches have have been producing, and tide seems to matter more than time of day. Fishing the upcoming tide seems to be producing the goods. Live/fresh bait is key, and contrary to most beach fishing - fish AWAY from the gutters! I’ve been having most success fishing right up on the sand bars, right where the waves are breaking. There’s some nice bream & dart in the mix, and also some stud flathead - although this time of year through March those are mostly really big jenny’s that we’d do well to release. Breaks my heart seeing some of those big flatties being kept, they are our breeding stock & there’s no shortage of “plate sized” fish to keep for a feed. Tight lines all, it’s a lovely time of year to be out fishing!
  5. jmadden

    new rod?

    any one have any reconmendations for a new rod and reel that i can use when using sp for bream and flathead.
  6. this weekend im heading up to the entrance for a fishing trip usung crank baits and soft plastics. ive never fished there and im not taking a boat or kayak. any locals know where the best places to fish for flathead or bream are around the bridge. i might hire a kayak but if possible land spots and spots i can wade out to are preferred. cheers guys i can only really fish in this area
  7. Gday Raiders, Wife works at manly Hospital, so after meeting her for lunch I ducked down to the rocks at Little manly for a flick. Stayed only an hour and produced a nice 51cm flattie. I did work for it however and covered a lot of ground in that time with quite a few SP changes before I had success. How goods this weather huh !!! Cheers Mark
  8. Went out yesterday on the last of the run out for a 3 hour flick with my young fella and my mate who has now been converted to using plastics, no bait on my boat ! We caught 4 flatys at 45 48 56 68, and my son caught a blacky on his lure, which got him excited, he will be 6 in 2weeks and he has now earned a decent new fishing rod/reel for his bday. He can now cast and retrieve so I'm proud he his developed the skills to flick lures and most importantly always keen for a qik flick with daddy! Gave the two smaller models to a family fishing from the shore, they were pleased to take home a feed. Also over the weekend we got 8 muddys, released 3 big Jenny's and kept 5 bucks, biggest at 2.3kg. Once again flatys fillets for the kids and srilankan style crab curry for the adults. Thanks to all the diggers for doing what they did so we can all enjoy what we do????????????????
  9. drc2076

    Lesson Learned

    Last month I told the story of a kayak trip to Narrabeen lake, fishing for flatties on hardbodies and soft plastics. On that occasion I’d forgotten my landing net and this oversight came back to haunt me when I hooked a significant croc and tried to bring him/her up onto the yak. The minute the head breached the surface massive head shakes saw the flathead wear through the 12lb leader and escape to the depths. My stupidity served as a great lesson and a number of raiders offered their suggestions for what I should have done differently, specifically I should have paddled to the shallows and beached the flathead. Fast forward to yesterday, fishing a jetty in Pittwater around sunset on the run in tide. Chasing bream with pillies suspended under an iso float I hooked a large flattie, this time on 8lb leader. Once again no landing net and the jetty was a good metre above the water line. This time I resisted the rush of blood to try and lift the fish out of the water and instead walked slowly back along the length of the jetty to the beach. The flathead meekly came along until we reached the shallows only a few feet from shore. In the shallow water it figured out what was going on and started thrashing its head. A quick final tug on the line brought the fish far enough onto the beach just as the leader finally parted. The fish was now only in a couple of inches of water and with a swipe with my foot (wearing shoes fortunately) I flicked it further up on to the sand so I could subdue it without getting spiked. Not the whopper I lost in Narrabeen but at 54cm a respectable substitute. Lesson learned. Thanks to all the raiders whose advice made landing this fish possible. Tight lines.
  10. Surfacejunky

    surface flatty

    I spent the afternoon on the George's river last week, managed a few nice bream exploring some new grounds on hb's and sp's and then this nice flatty off the top in 10 cm of water! The surface action has been insane lately. Interestingly I have only caught Blue spot Flathead in the George's and hacking, any thoughts?
  11. Tayhalls

    How to catch worms

    Hey raiders just wondering on how to catch bloodworms or sandworms I’ve watched a few clips on YouTube but was wondering if anyone had a debrief on how to do it or had some tips for me on where to get started cheers
  12. FishStickSteve

    A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    On the 23rd of Feb my misses surprised me with a brand new rod and reel for my birthday. Nothing mind blowing but its the first decent little rod I've ever owned and I love it. Little 2-4kg lightweight outfit with 10 pound braided line and carbon fluoro leader. So the plan was to wake up nice and early on Saturday the 24th of Feb to head down to barrenjoey to hire a boat. But unfortunately I really should have called a few days before to book a boat, But now I know for next time. No worries I though, I know about the rocks down by the light house has had a lot of praise from members on this forum, we can spend the day fishing there. My Misses, Best mate, Sister, her partner and I all grabbed our rods, our bait and walked along the beach to the rocks. We became mountain goats and hopped along the rocks and found an amazing semi sheltered spot, huge amounts of small fry swimming along the rocks which looked very promising. We soaked our lines for an hour with not as much as a nibble. Feeling guilty for potentially wasting everyone's time I figured that we could go to Narrabeen Lake and try our luck there. At the very least it would be a pleasant spot to relax and chill if the lines remained quiet. We unpacked our rods, popped on our chosen baits and lures and we began to fish, within 10 minutes my misses says that she has a bite, but she didn't think its very big at all, so I continued flicking my lure out with my brand new shiny rod and next minute I hear what I thought was a kid jumping into the water. I hear a very excited squeal and look over and see her carrying over a +/-50cm Flathead. We carry the fish over between the esky and the tackle box so I wouldn't scar any near by kids. As I am grabbing the knife an older gentleman comes paddling over and from the safety of his kayak he tells me that its quiet a nice little lizard. To which i replied, "yeah, it's a pretty good size". He then told me that it also looked like a female with eggs and that I should throw it back in. I held it up and said that it didn't look like it had eggs at all. He muttered something under his breath as he paddled away and that was that. We continued fishing and the bites kept coming in thick and fast. Not for me and my shiny new rod unfortunately. But my misses was pulling in pretty much every fish in the lake. but we were only after Flathead for that day. A little later she shouts "Fish On Fish On!!!" and she reels in another good size Flathead, slightly smaller than the first one, but still around 40ish cm. It was getting close to 7pm and the sun started going down, and not wanting to gut fish at home I decided I was not going to catch anything that would find itself on my plate and that my time would be best spent preparing the fish for the frying pan that night. I finished gutting both fish (Neither of which had any eggs to speak of), I cleaned my knife and gloves and not a minute later my sister's partner pulls out a beautiful Flathead around the 45cm mark. He was grinning like a man holding a winning lotto ticket. I begrudgingly pulled out my knife and freshly washed out gloves to gut his fish. We got back to my place and i seared the fillets in garlic butter and fried up some chips, the 3 Flatheads was a great feed for 5 of us and I had a left over fillet for lunch the next day. We used frozen hawksbury prawns from my local fish shop and servo pillies which my mate brought along. All in all it was a really good day of fishing, Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to use my new shiny reel and rod to bring home a Flathead for the pan. Peace and tight lines. FSS
  13. Beautiful afternoon yesterday so decided to take the kayak out to Narrabeen lake and see what might be around. Halfway there I realised I’d left my landing net at home. Debated whether to turn around and decided against it. Didn’t expect to meet anything I couldn’t skull drag into the yak. Big mistake. Launched at the back of the lake and headed off to some sand flats where I’d had success in the past. As it can be a weedy environment I started out with a gulp nemesis on a 1/8 oz jig head. On the third cast the plastic was near the surface on the retrieve. About to lift it out of the water to recast. A croc followed it up and grabbed it at the surface and took off. The damn thing actually started to pull the freaking kayak! Took about 5 minutes to subdue. Got him/her to the surface. Well hooked. Wasn’t going to shake it. Without a net I waited for it to tire out a bit. Finally I went to lift it out by grabbing the leader. The leader must have rubbed against its mouth and the line gave way just above the jig head. What followed was language unfit for women and children. My stupid mistake with the landing net had almost certainly cost me a PB flathead. A few minutes later a second big one did me as well. I’d switched to a sugar deep 70F. Never got to see this one. Massive head shakes and pulled a fair bit of drag. But it must have swallowed the lure and the leader parted again. $25 gone. A while later a third one followed the lure up again. Took a swipe and missed. Massive bow wave. After all that (and a second lost sugar deep) I hooked a baby flattie, so at least no donut. A frustrating day but I’m itching to get back to that spot with my landing net and get after them again! Tight lines.
  14. 4wsboy

    Narrabeen 'estuary'

    Thank goodness its been opened, all those troical fish and usual suspects can get out and do their thing, instead of going stir crazy at the entrance. Pic from 10.00 am today. Some success fishing too. Sorry about lack of rotation of pic.
  15. Camevans21

    Batemans Bay

    Hi guys, Going down to the bay tomorrow, staying at batemans Bay beach resort. We are taking our tiny out for a fish, pretty sure it’s 14ft. Was wondering what the fishing is like around the islands, snapper island etc. what fish are around there what areas are good for snapper where are some good locations to fish what gear to use. I have seen some similar posts already but they are quite older so just wanting some new info, any info providing would be great! Cheers
  16. G'day Fellow Raiders, Just a quick report on this mornings voyage to the rip bridge (St Huberts side) My friend Fiona (Fi) was keen for a putt in the boat before she had to go to work, which gave us about 2 hours on the water. We took the Humdinghy (my boat) to orange grove boat ramp and away we went trying to waste no time. On our travels we saw a police boat getting information from another boat as we putted along with my little 6 horse power, and then ZOOM! off the police boat went straight out under the bridge and towards box head, passed us like we were standing still..Hopefully everyone is okay.? After another 10 minutes of cruising we hit our spot, dropped anchor, cracked a cheeky beer, baited up and away we went. Fi thought she'd try her luck with a squid jig, sadly nothing was taking it. My first few casts brought in a few tiddlers (bream, snapper, trumpeter) you know the usual annoying fish, and then I hooked into a pretty decent snapper which was great fun on 10lb mono zzzzzzz went the drag haha. After a few minutes I brought him in and he was just on legal, I thought maybe in another year you'll be ready, so I let him swim free. Fi finally got her rig ready (paternoster Rig) through a bit of tailor on and out it went. At this point I was boasting about the snapper and a few other fish I had caught, then Fi cut me short......ZZ, ZZZZZZ, ZZZZ, She was into something big. The fight was weird, almost like a big flathead with a shoe attached to it. Fi fought the mystery fish for about 10 mins trying to exhaust the fish before bringing it up to the boat. Finally the head came up, it was a huge flatty. As she brought it up to the boat I put the net around it and brought it in. On closer inspection she had hooked the flathead in the bum!!! I almost fell over backwards!!! hahaha!! absolute wrongtown! haha This was a big big flathead, not in length, but just overall FAT! The flathead only went about 65cm, but it was 11cm wide! This thing had been chowin' down the last few months! Usually we let the bigger ones go however, being the only flathead we have caught in a few weeks, we decided to keep it for dinner. We got 4 big beautiful steak fillets off it and the flesh is a beautiful white colour! Very keen for tonights dinner! Anyway, Thanks for reading Raiders I hope you got a little bit of enjoyment out of my report. Tight Lines! Regards, itscaca.
  17. Good day fellow Raiders! It seemed to be the perfect day, I had the day off work, the girl had the day off work, the sun was shining and the boat was ready to go. We started our day at about 11am, launching off orange grove boat ramp and heading towards the rip bridge. We decided to anchor St Hubert's side of the bridge where the current was slow and the water was somewhat clear (for Brisbane waters anyway). After about an hour of flicking plastic and getting zilch we decided to continue to Paddy's channel. On the travel we found a nice sand bar just at the start of Paddy's and decided to flick for a few flathead. After a few really good hits on the plastics we got jack of not hooking up and switched to bait (bonito). We casted out at the same time and both got hit in almost perfect sync, we couldn't believe it, after a bit of a fight up came two beautiful whiting, my girl's went about 34cm and mine was 30cm.....I tried stretching him but just couldn't get the extra 4cm's hahaha. We continued for about another hour and brought up another 4 whiting between us, all keepers! So in the Eski they went. On the last cast I hooked into something with a little more fight than the humble whiting, and had me running around the boat trying not to get tangled, after about 5 mins of fighting I brought up a nice sized tailor going about 36cm's, good fun bringing him up on such light gear. He put up a good fight so I threw him back to fight another day. After this we picked a friend up from the local wharf and back to paddy's channel we went, where not much fishing got done, but we had a few drinks and a good old chin wag. All in all we were out for 7 hours and we got something to take home with us which was a bonus. No Flathead this time, but thats the fun of fishing. Sorry about the lack of photo's, I'll make sure I get some next time. Thanks for reading Raider's, Good Luck!
  18. G'day everyone!, My first post on here just wanted to ask for some advice. In a couple of weeks some mates and I are hiring the 'skinny' from Hawkesbury Afloat from 8 am to 12 noon it only has a little 9 hp motor (see details below) so we can't venture too far from Brooklyn. Any help is greatly appreciated as it has been a long time since wetting a line. I bought 3-5kg 6'6 Shimano Catana and a 2500 size reel with 8lb braid. Main questions are where to fish I grew up in Newcastle and have never fished the area so not sure of any spots. Also I'm thinking of targeting Bream, Flathead and Tailor or anything that will give me some fun. I'm not sure what to use softplastics/bait/lures. If you could suggest a proven bait or soft plastics setup I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance PS: I'm happy to receive a PM if you don't want to publicise any advice. "Skinny" - 19ft (5.9m) twin aluminium hull "Skinny" recently had a total refurbishment and is now ready to hire. 1 x 9.9hp (4 stroke) Yamaha outboard with forward steering Full sun cover and cushioned seating Flat carpeted floor and good size esky Fishing licence for 4 people included There is NO BBQ on this boat. Bring along salad and a roasted chicken - a lot easier than a BBQ. Maximum persons permitted on Skinny is 6.
  19. FishermanSteve

    SP's DO WORK!!

    It's been a while from old FishermanSteve here.. But for good reason. I have been endlessly practicing my soft plastic skills. Today popped the cherry. A 57cm Flathead caught from Rose Bay off the small jetty by the boat ramp. It was on my final cast of a short 45minute session and what a catch!!
  20. Fufu

    Unforgettable Day

    Hi all Thought I’d share my day fishing Me and two of my friends had a fews hours free in the morning and thought what better way to kill a few hours than go fishing. We were land based and just going after standard bread and butter species armed with nippers, beach worms and prawns at one of our usually spots. We started fishing 8.30am with high tide scheduled for 10.30am. It started with business as usual with us catching a few undersized bream, whiting and snapper. Around 9.30am one of my mates yelled out to me “there’s a big fish cruising by”. We usually see a lot of bull mullet around so I didn’t pay much attention. That was until it swam past me and I saw it was a kingfish. What happened next will be something I’ll never forget. About 20-30 kingfish started to bust up a school of bait fish literally at our feet! It was incredible, as up to this time I had only seen this online. One of my mates actually managed to hook up to them. Twice! While me and my other mate couldn’t hook up. So much hate! Lol After about 5mins the commotion was over and the kingys were gone. I was gutted I missed the opportunity to hook up to my first kingfish. Or so I thought. 5mins later I latched on something that was smoking me. And when you’re fishing with bream gear the fight is even more intense! Took about 15-20mins but managed to land it.Stoked! They came back for a second run about 11.30am. The boys managed another one while I lost one. All in all we landed 4 kingfish and 2 flatheads Absolutely stoked I landed my first kingy. A little small but still legal at 68cm. What a great day Fufu
  21. Headed out with Reelcrazy for a shallow water yak sesh on NYE. Got to the lake around 630 for a very civilised start. There was a little rain about but overcast conditions were going to be great for fishing. The plan was to troll some diving hard bodies in the skinny water for bream and flatties. Started from mid lake near the bridge and trolled south along the weed and sand banks. Got a nice little bream early which is always nice, on a red and black lively lure. Headed around the point towards the south and Ev started picking up regular bream to around 35cm. Fished the south for an hour or so but the weed was brutal and 95% of the time was spent deweeding lures (if anyone has a good solution for this please let me know). Time to move. Headed back to the north trying to get as close to the beds as possible. Around 930 Ev picks up a very nice 49cm lizard. I picked up a 52cm model around 30 mins later. Called it a day around 1030, chuffed we had delic tails for dinner. To top it off Ev picked up a little whiting on the troll home. All fish apart from the lizards released. The majority of Evs fish caught on a shiny gold halcro. Great morning on the lake. Can't wait to get back out there. Cheers
  22. ARC H

    Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
  23. Time28

    Half tide rocks flathead

    Went down to Ettalong/Ocean beach this morning for a fish. Arrived at 6am and back to the car at 9am. Result 4 flathead around the 40cm's and 1@53cm. Not a bad start to the day Tim
  24. seasponge

    Morning flatties before work

    I took the opportunity to take a quick morning fish before work at a little bay near work. I got there at 6am and the tide was a perfect low to allow me to wade out to cast SPs to the drop off from the flats. First cast, and very first flick of the SP, and I got a good hit. Second cast, another solid hit. Good signs. A few casts later, I pulled in a legal flattie. Shortly after followed by another slightly bigger one. Plenty of smaller flatties followed after that. I was constantly moving around the bay but at one point it was pretty much a flattie every cast. I've fished this spot before and it's normally a fun spot to fish flatties on SP. Plenty of action, and can normally end up with a feed of a few smaller flatties. Just as I was thinking that this spot only ever holds flatties up to 40cm, I get a damn good solid hit. Plenty of pull and lots of head shakes. I had waded out almost 100m to fish in thigh deep water. I knew I wanted to bring this one in, so it was a fun wade back to shore, fighting this one in all the way - good fun on light gear! Got it in - a good sized 50cm. I kept fishing and the fish kept coming, all undersized. By 7am, I'm thinking it's time to pack it in and get to work. Slowly make my way across the bay, casting and flicking as I return to my gear, when I get hit again. There wasn't much of a hit this time, and not much pull so I was thinking it was another smaller one. I get it in next to me, and it was another cracker flattie. Waded back in to shore again, and this one measured 53cm. Surprisingly virtually no fight compared to the 50cm version. Begrudgingly I called it a day (albeit a successful one) then. I wanted to keep fishing, but I also had to get to work on time. In the end, I went to work with a feed of 53cm, 50cm and 40cm flattie (the smaller one in the pic was let go). A very good start to a working friday! All fish were caught on 2.5in Zman Grubz in amber, 1/12th jighead.
  25. SickWolf

    The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks