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Found 13 results

  1. Regan

    Flatties on the Flats

    With the holidays just starting i thought i would have a quick session on the flats at woy woy for some flatties. The wind was blowing hard not to my favour but it was a nice day and a rising tide. Rigged up with a flash-j shad 3inch, with mullet procure scent, 1/12 jig head and 8lb leader. Waded across the flats until i got to the drop off, never tried here before but it looked very fishy. 2nd cast hooked up to something big that took some big runs but the hook pulled. A few cast later got a few hits on the drop, hook was set and felt straight away that it was a flattie with the familiar head shakes and runs, been a while since i have went for them. Brang it up beside me and out came a nice 50cm flattie added some more procure scent and two cast later i am onto another flattie a bit bigger this time and put up an amazing fight for its size with many big runs, this fish came out at 59cm Had some more casts in the same spot with nothing more hitting my plastic i moved along the drop off a bit further, still nothing hitting my plastic so i started to head back and picked up this flattie pretty much right at my feet, it came right to the shore and snatched it, looked pretty cool, it measured 52cm i thought i would keep this one for a feed but safely released the others sorry i could get any underwater shots, my camera was flat so had to use phone for pics
  2. ARC H

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Gday Raiders Got my PB Flathead in the Hawkesbury on kayak yesterday it went 75cm Caught on a Z man minnow 4 inch in pearl white. 1\4 Jighead and lots of procure scent. About an hour before low near a old mooring in parsley bay Got a few smaller ones and also a Bream on a grub I was using a 2000 reel 10lb braid and 6lb flurocarbon leader was pretty interesting trying to land it cheers
  3. I had been advised Shoalhaven Flathead were difficult and it was not productive. First trip out was looking that way till we stubbled upon some fish in shallow water at a very high tide. Landed about 4 fish to 63cm on Black and Gold squidgies. The 63cm fish was returned. We came back later in similar tide position for very little. In fact the next 2 trips were just about blanks. Started to search a little further out and found fish again at high tide. Looked for deeper drop-offs in the same area to locate fish at other parts of the tide. Found more fish working the edges of fast flowing water by tossing lager jig-heads amongst the patches of weed. Eventually started to build up a pattern. I am now using " Charted Waters" ( app that gives water depth ) to locate similar water to the area that has been successful. Some days they are tricky on soft plastics so a change to hard bodies or blades may be required. I am looking forward now to getting some on Fly Hope you get some, Geoff and Evi
  4. KingieRun

    Entrance Fishing Trip

    G'day Fishos, Tomorrow, i'll be heading up to the entrance for a few days with a couple of mates. I've heard many stories of great fish being caught there but i have never ventured out there myself, so tomorrow will be my first time. Looking at it on google earth, i'm assuming that worms or nippers would be the 'go' around there? Also, what type of species should be targeted and whereabouts are a few good areas to chuck a line in, Only if you don't mind disclosing that info. I'm thinking about going for jews off the beach but don't know whether i should use beach worms or some fresh squid. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, KR
  5. Penguin

    Soft plastics session

    Hi everyone, My two sons have been going on a few soft plastic fishing sessions on their own of late with some good results at times. So last Saturday when my oldest was at the movies with his mates, my 14yr old wanted to go fishing. We had about an hour and a half before sundown so we decided to go out and throw a few plastics around. Now I'm a newbie when it comes to sp's so I was taking advise from my young bloke. We ended up with 5 legal Flatties before darkness set it. The best of them went just shy of 80cm and put up a great fight in shallow water. We released the 3 larger fish and kept the 2 others. I think I like this form of fishing and have to do it again.
  6. Some mates and I hired a houseboat for a weekend and parked up Friday and Saturday nights in Little Pinta to try for some hairtail. Spent a lot of hours fishing but it was pretty quite over all and not a single hairtail - though we did get some bites that felt like hairtail. Friday night was the better of the two. Picked up a couple of nice trevs, both taken on some garlicy chicken breast off Shark Rock Point at dusk. We then went back to the houseboat for some dinner and went out to chase that elusive hairtail. Two of my mates had pillies down and I took a fillet off one of the trevs and put a strip of that down on ganged hooks. Somehow my mates managed to get their lines tangled so I put my rod in the holder and I had just managed to free up the two lines when my rod bucked in the holder. I threw my mates rod at him and struck my rod. I was on, but I knew it was not a hairy because I could feel tail beats. I wasn't sure what it was on, but when it came up and I saw the sheen of silver I knew I had my first jew. It was only a tiddler at about 40cm but a first is a first so we snapped a quick photo and returned it to get a bit bigger. Saturday was a bit of a wash. Picked up a few yakkas for bait that we kept for bait and lots of small tailor well short of 30cms that we threw back. Then I got my anchor snagged and we could not free it. After trying for ages we had to cut the rope. This was a problem as we were wanting to fish for hairtail that night so I motored into Pittwater and grabbed an Uber into Mona Vale to get a new anchor, some chain and the associated fixtures. We then motored back to the houseboat and had to splice in the thimble eye. All up several hours of fishing time lost. Mind you some of my mates were in another boat and spent most of that time fishing with precious little to show for it. We went out again that night and fished through dusk and well into dark. The sounder was awash with activity and we had a mix of baits down between the two boats we tried trev strips, yakka fillets, a live yakka, a live squid, salted pilchards, prawns, tailor strips and mullet strips. Not a single bite - except the cold. Once that started to bite we went back to home base for dinner. Due to the lack of activity none of us were too keen to head out again so we had a few quiets instead. Sunday morning I needed to get back fairly early so I helped clean up the house boat, popped into Cottage Point for a bit of extra fuel and then motored back round to Blackwall. A disappointing showing from the fish but we all had a great time and the weather was as spectacular as the fishing wasn't
  7. tojo007

    Cowan flatties

    All Cowan Creek is such a beautiful piece of water I use it more often than not. I've usually got my wife with me and being able to drop into Akuna Bay for lunch keeps her interested! Anyhow it's been slow the last few weeks but on Easter Saturday my son and I took the boat out quite late around 3pm up to the top of Smiths creek. The Loweys were up there in there "Hey Jude" superyacht and there were other boats everywhere!....however we anchored right up the top end on the edge of a shelf. We were pretty much at low tide at about 6pm. After about an hr nothing. Just about to sack it when the flatties started biting on squid. Never had much success with squid anywhere around Sydney to be honest so surprising....anyhow 6 catches later we ended up with three keepers... In the end a good feed for 3, battered with chips. If anyone's got any other tips/areas for Cowan please advise. cheers
  8. Need some suggestions about hooking a kingy! There is several schools or possibly the same school that has been terrorising bait balls in front of my flat for over 2 weeks. Just seeing them high and low tide, has encouraged me to give sp's a go. As I have always been a bait or live bait angler. So far they have been chasing what i have chucked out, Some Jacko & Starlo Squidgees (black and gold) look similar to yellow tail and tailor depending on size, metal slices and even plastic off a cigarette packet and foil around a hook. So far the closest I have got to landing a kingy is hooking a tailor first and in the fight a kingy managed to unhook the tailor or take it completely, leaving me with nothing. I would fish for tailor and use them as live baits but they are fairly rare only the odd school if im lucky per session. Where as the kingys are right there in front of me all day smashing the surface teasing me. HELP!
  9. adamski

    A mixed bag weekend

    Hey Raiders, This weekend was one of the last opportunities I'll get to fish around Sydney til the new year as I'm back to Scotland for the Christmas holidays. I decided to try somewhere new, that was relatively easy to access by public transport and picked Balmain. Arrived just after top of the tide Saturday morning and had a cast around the structure with some powerbait crabbies. I kept getting hookups with leatherjackets and landed a few fish, but there didn't seem to any bream around. Tried both sides of the wharf and noticed my lure kept getting hit by little cuttlefish all along the kelp that grows there. There were tonnes of them! I never really hear people mention them. Would it be worth taking a small squid jig down and trying to catch some to use as bait some time? Anyway, at about 12ish the tide started to go out and the wind picked up a little so I jumped on the ferry into the city (saw loads of bream milling around Darling Harbour, some had a decent size to them) and then caught a bus to Rozelle. Got there and I wasn't feeling too confident- the tide was really low and the sandbanks I'd normally hit for flatties were exposed. I saw a big ray move off the top of one just as I arrived. Eventually I managed an almost-legal bream on crabbies, but it was a lot of work and traveling around for such a meager return. Here are some of the fish: Today I got up early and decided to hit Iron Cove and the canal around there to see if I could improve my flattie PB. The water was really deep and chocolate milk in colour. I had a silver fox with a 1/8th on and was really surprised to get a hook up with a tiny bream after a few casts. Later I also managed a little flattie on the same lure. Walked round in the direction of Rodd Point and managed a better flattie on a wriggler, but it didn't beat the PB. Storm clouds started gathering in the early afternoon, so I made a move. Gonna have a load of packing and last minute Christmas shopping to do next weekend, just wondering if there'll be time for one more quick flick.
  10. adamski

    Canal, 09/11/14

    Hey Raiders, Sorry for two reports in two days, I'll try and do whole weekend reports in future. Anyways, after yesterday's disappointment I thought I'd try and crack the local canal again with soft plastics. Headed down for the run-in and arrived around 9ish. I started off on the same camo crabbies I had on yesterday with a 1/16th jighead, giving the plastic little triple hops that I've seen in a couple of videos. After a few casts I started to get the little takes from small bream. They must have picked the legs off 3 or 4 lures before I finally got a hookup. Nice little fight on the light outfit and looser drag. Got it in close, tightened the drag and grabbed the line to lift it up onto the bank. Fish came in at just legal. First bream on plastics!!! Worked my way down the bank in the shade, putting the new Gen Black through it's paces with careful casts, I love how much accuracy I can get on it, really makes me appreciate the new rod. I was a bit fed up with loosing crabbies, so I switched to a little white ghost shrimp that I bought from an Asian place in Burwood. I figured they wouldn't get annihilated quite so often. Again, a few casts and I started to get little takes. 5th cast and I got another hookup. Same result- barely legal bream! Finished the morning by switching to a wriggler just to see if the bream would go for it. Second cast and I get a ping on the bottom and up comes a little flattie. Next cast and I get another little flattie, cept I'd forgot to loosen the drag from the last lifting onto the bank (really need to get me a net ASAP) and it bust me off. All in all, a great little morning. Big shouts of thanks to Sydfisher, TheFisherman and Witha for their help over the last few weeks, especially for the lure recommendations and taking me out to show me the ropes.
  11. adamski

    Rose Bay, 26/10/14

    Hey Raiders, Girlfriend and I got invited to a barbie at her best friend's new place right on the beach at Rose Bay. Got asked to bring my rod along and try to catch something for dinner. Fished the flats and managed a couple of little flatties in the space of about an hour right at low tide. Didn't have any lemon or herbs, but they turned out quite nice with just salt and pepper (shared between about 6 folk, so I'm not too worried that they'd take us all over the recommended intake!). Best thing was the girlfriend had a wade out with me and tried a couple of casts on the rod. Think I might manage to get her into this fishing malarky!
  12. Went for a quick trip to Port Stephens, managed 2 quick sessions inside the bay as the swell was pumping outside and the wind was blowing. day one, managed a few flatties on the plastics fishing structure. day 2 fished a bit harder, started with squid and cuttles in shoal bay, including a few big inkers, then soaked the cuttles on the salamander wreck for an hour in the hope of a jewie but only managed a wobbygong and a shovel nose. decided to try for a flounder to compliment the squid for dinner. so stopped at an area fellow member scratchie mentioned via PM and we were rewarded with 2 nice keeper reds and another big arrow squid for the keeper bag. My Gf, was keen to get her first keeper snapper on a plastic and it was nice to be surprised with one on the 2kg gear! managed a few other fish to keep us entertained and some fun sessions on a beautiful totally different waterway to fish than sydney. tight lines.
  13. Pat Williams

    Sydney duskies

    Hey anyone started flicking SPs in the estuaries for flatties yet? I normally find they really fire up in the shallows around September and are responsive to lures especially in the arvos when the shallows have warmed a bit.. Much more so than later in the season for some reason. Thinking with the slightly warmer weather we've had lately it could be worth having a crack at em now.