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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Raiders, Im looking for some advice. So a few months ago ive started to get into the artificial section of fishing, so SP's and HB's, and my main reason is for it is so i can pick up my rod and go whenever i had free time (i do love using bait, but the bait shot is annoying out of the way trip). I usually hit somewhere alot botany from endeavour bridge all the way down towards captain cooks ( i never go beyond that), with my main spots being captain cooks, endeavour bridge and dolls point. When i first started with SP's i went for flathead alot, and more or less most of the time i would come home with 2 or 3 decent sized one. Great fun to catch and when i still get them now, it excites me! However I'm now looking at trying to get some bream, and I invested in some HB's and some creature SP's however for about 2 months now, to no avail, I have pretty much gotten ZILCH! I do aim for structure like your rockwalls, pontoons and channel markers, and mostly i use a 8ft diving HB minnow (different colors) to try and hit this elusive bream. Ive tried different jigging techniques with SP's from slow retrieve, fast retrieve, the combination, hop-hops etc and nothing. I do know what the pull and feeling of a bream is like and its great fun (usually if I go up to Narrabeen, with pretty much prawns or yabbies, you would be pulling them back in, usually avg. 20cm, undersized but good pulls and very fun). My question really is, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Ive watched enough youtube videos and read enough reports, and im still not getting it. Could any raiders please give me tips, especially if you live in the area! Just note, i dont have a boat or a yak, it would make fishing structures easier but im limited to landbased approaches. Gotta walk before you run right! Happy Fishing Raiders, KTAN3235
  2. So had an hour or so off today and decided to do a quick fishing session out on the Northern Rockwall extending from Endeavour Bridge into Botany Bay (Near the runway), high tide was about 1800, and I got there just about 1.5hr before it. A few anglers were out there although had no luck. I rigged up with S.P. (fire tiger minnow i think on 1/8 jighead) and casted out against the tide (and the 15kt of wind which picked up). Could barely hit more than 10m, else my S.P. flew back into my face. After about 20 or so minutes, I hit a good 45-46cm flatty, nice and fat. I decided to move about, and saw another bloke pick up a smaller one on chicken (i think). The bite died down from there, (didnt feel much), and kept getting snagged. If you fish there, i suggest you to be careful, once you get close to the wall, reel in as fast as you can. For a quick hour sesh, 1 fish, I'm happy.
  3. Hello raiders, I haven’t done a report in a while so I figured now’s a good a time as any. I'll try to keep the post succinct as possible all the while by trying to bore the readers too much. So made an ad hoc plan a few hours before while he was at work and asked if he was keen for a fish on my boat after his shift at 7am, after a bit of back and forth with him trying to convince me to go rock fishing at botany heads instead and with my decline in that idea (due to a very opposed girlfriend to that idea) we ended up agreeing to do the original plan and take the boat out instead. he arrived at mine at 9am and with a bit more fart-@rsing around going to the shops to buy some snacks (something he said he'd do before coming to mine so we'd be ready to leave asap...) I made the executive decision of scrapping the plan of initially heading to botany bay to fish and instead launch at my local boat ramp at Rhodes to maximise fishing time and fish the para river and harbour system. finally got on the water and after a 30+ minute boat trip on some pretty calm flat water, finally reached the cockatoo island area to have a fish around there and its surrounds. (Only have a 6hp so it takes a while). Initially tried around the Drummoyne wharf area for no takers, stayed there for about 20 minutes till we re-positioned. We then went to a spot my friend knew but I’d never fished before (apparently it’s a very on and off spot according to him, and fortunately it was on this day). Sent some dead bait out with little pickers taking hits at it, namely pinkies. There was some decent fish activity going on down there though as I could see on my sounder some large bait balls doing constant drive-by’s under the boat. after about 20 minutes we got our first hit , with a nice flatty taking interest in a rod of mine which I just threw out, would of took it on the drop and got it on a prawn. Boarded that and put it in the keeper net after measuring it at just fewer than 48cm. All the while the bait balls kept passing under us. A few minutes later my mate hooked up on his rod with gang hooks and a dead pillie... after a few minutes of fun a nice 55cm assize salmon was boarded, a first for my mate and thus a PB also for him, this thing was nice and fat with very wide shoulders. It went quiet for a bit with nothing touching our baits or my SP rod until my mate decided to change up his hooks to small long shanks to try get one of these things in the bait ball schools below us..... Yakkas! We filled up the bucket to catch some live yakkas for bait, only caught 4 for the day. I rigged up my medium duty outfit readying it for a live bait (static 5000 fj & sahara 4-8kg rod), made a paternoster rig with 1 hook for a live bait and the 2nd hook for a gang hook with a squid strip hoping id have some luck and catch myself a nice fat aussie salmon too. I then proceeded to put a decently big live yakka on, it would have been around the 20-22cm mark as it was at the time the only livie we had. Sent it down slowly as to not foul the setup on the drop. while on the way down the line started tugging more than I thought normal (I mean I knew the yakka I had on was pretty big and could feel it wasn’t having that hard a time tugging the line around), but this felt a bit different. I decided to give it a nice lift to see if it felt heavier than usual.... yep it was. Whatever was on the end, I just woke it up and a nice tussle was under way. Thinking it was another Aussie salmon I was pumped, until I got the surprise of my life and saw colour...a croc! It was action stations a few tense moments shouting at my mate to ready the net, in it went and cheers all around were had. The flatty took the large yakka which was surprisingly also netted again albeit pretty much on the brink of death, he got hit hard and his face and mouth was mangled. This was PB flatty for me with it just touching over 70cm; yep I caught a nice female. Not one for catching much fish I decided to keep it as my family, go and I do love eating flathead fillets when I do manage to catch them (mmm tempura battered flathead fillets). after this my fish finder experienced some technical difficulties with a positive terminal letting go and decided to call it quits an hour or 2 after that, also the fact that my mate had been up for more than 24 hours was also a factor. got home, and found out about what unfolded that day with the 2 boaters losing their lives at botany and thought to myself how it felt like a really good decision to try the harbour instead, couldn’t help but feel I may have dodged a bullet that day, may they rest in peace. Here are photos of that day and an extra photo with a coin and smile for eligibility purposes to enter the cotm for December (sorry for this pic as my dad was in the middle of filleting it up). 1st fish @ 47.xcm flatty 2nd fish @ 55cm aussie salmon 3rd fish @ 70cm flatty cotm dec 2014 eligibility pic (50c piece & a smile) Thanks for reading
  4. Hi been awhile since I posted but I had to tell this story. Headed out solo on the George's River on Wednesday 15/05 for a flick for some Jewies. Started from Revesby Beach boat ramp and flicked my usual holes along the way. Fishing was quiet slow and I wasn't seeing much bait around as I headed my way down river. This all changed when I got to Como and I got a hit and boy was it a hit, the fish at this stage unknown species went for a few short runs and gave a few strong head shakes. Shortly after I got to see some colour although it was the size of Jewie it was brown, I then realised that I was hooked up on a monster of a Flatty. By this stage a few people had stopped to watch as they got close one called sting ray and I called back a monster Flatty. It then had its final few runs from the surface thrashing its massive tail headed back down. I got her back to the surface and carefully tried to net her, only he head was in, and got it into the boat. Wow this was a big fish. She went 92cm on the brag mat and boy was she thick, didn't think of turning on the scales on the lip grips but the batteries were probably dead. I got the boys who stopped to take a few pics and back in she went. I swam her for a while and realised her and watched her swim down into the depths. I would like to submit this fish in catch of the month N.B Moderators - the hat I am wearing is actual a very dark blue, I can send a pic in better light if needed
  5. Hello Raiders! Finally back to sydney after a long 6 weeks up in grafton on prac!....foolishly didn't bring any fishing gear up with me so haven't been able to wet a line! Lucked out with my 2nd placement block so im in sydney and near my fishing haunts! We hit one of our local spots....unfortunately i can't say where or i'd be lynched by the boys who showed me the spot.... just went for a quick sp's flick, both of us using our light spin gear hoping for a few flatties/bream. running 6 lb braid to 10lb fluro, 1/6-1/8 oz jigs to 4-5 inch power baits high tide was at 6pm, getting dark around 5. we hit the stretch that is known to hold a few flatties.....flats dropping off to a few deeper holes arrived at 3pm tides running in and we were quickly into a few fish 1st cast after a few twitches a small bump then im on to a junior flatty, mate calls out that hes on as well pulls up a decent flatty... after an hour ended up with 2 keepers and 4 undersized. the lighter contrast colors doing the damage. 4:15 and school zones ended we decide to get rdy to pack up, last few flicks! on the 3rd lift after casting into one of the big holes my rod goes off for a blistering run, reel screaming ZzzzzzzZ, was fishing 1-2kg of drag and with newly spooled line i knew i had a decent amount of play so just let it run, 1/2 way through the spool and its slowing down starting to feel head shakes, fish turns and starts swimming back towards me and im left furiously taking up line, im screaming out JEWWIEEE to my mate and he quickly comes over to watch the action, fish goes off for another solid run, this time its swimming around the point and im left trying to steer it back to where i want it to go..... almost to the end of the spool now....i start putting on more pressure, feathering the spool then disaster.....line goes slack F#@$!!!!! ......... winding in the line still feeling weight must have spat the hook I get the jig in and the hook has straightened F@#$% dodgy nitro jigs !!!! mean time my mate has renewed his interest and has got his plastic back out again, aiming for the big hole i head back to our gear and am re rigging and i hear him shout IM ON!!! JEWIE bastard.... initial fight goes pretty much the same, jew must have followed the plastic out of the hole and picked it up just before the flats then ripped off to the right, this time it pretty much goes perfectly to plan, swims out to the right where there no snags and lots of room to play the fish and stays out to the right. fish goes for 3-4 big runs, my mate had his drag set abit harder and the fish is playing by the book 15 mins later he beaches a nice 90+ cm jew bastard indeed oh well thats fishing, we must have flicked through a school of jews! tried for another 30min then called it a day as it was getting dark great session for ~2 hrs of fishing and my 1st in 6 weeks! Brilliant bycatch especially on light gear !
  6. Had a chance to fish Parra river after working and taking my daughter to basketball for her first time. Even though a southerly change was predicted I was very keen as. Launched at Wharf rd and had a chat to couple of fisho's, a kayak angler and a guy doing some ground work for his fishing club throwing some hard bodies off the wharf. Conditions looked ideal but by the time I got past the bridges it was blowing 20 knots. This made fishing a hardbody tough but thats what I like to use so I persisted. No joy there so went to a blade. Tried a open area with a few scattered boats that a mate put me onto which was showing a few fish. Normally the fish are scattered and long searching casts and a constant hopping retrieve work well. But today they wanted it on top of the mooring block and got 2 nice bream to start things off. Did a few other things only managed undersized whiting and snapper, before ending up back at the rail bridge. Things went bit pear shaped here, dropped a big flatty from base of the pylons, then got smoked by a bream on the other side of the pylon, picked up the rod with the hard body get another great run from a bream and get it out into open water and it falls off. Leave the bridge as the wind is howling, and fish a mangrove bank, first cast on again but only to pull the hooks again. Getting cold and hungry sprayed a cast into the mangroves. Go in and break off a small branch with the lure on it and get a bit of a tangle and start tearing it apart to free it, but I either chuck the wrong bunch of leafs overboad or its blown out after I have put it down as the lure just disappears. Well thats enough for me and I head for home, beaten but satisfied.
  7. Yes Raiders as the name suggests I was one of the fools who went out on the water yesterday, while the rest of sydney was in bed... I can tell you, yes it rained (hard), yes it was windy and yes, it was chilly, but despite all this we went out to catch some fish! The session started with putting on rain jackets and moving over to our first spot fishing the base if a waterfall and sight casting at bream (however they were small) only to have some hits. It took until 8 and bucketing rain for the first fish to come on board which was a nice VERY fat 29cm taken on a crank bait from the front of a rock in the current The next fish came 30 minutes (and even more rain) later which was my mate toms first EP of 26cm, also caught of the front of a rock in current. After the wind decided it had enough of us heading up stream in the punt we made our way back, where tom caught a 40cm flatty and i dropped 2 EP boat side. Overall we were very happy with the results, especially considering the weather and we couldnt reach prime positions! Nothing makes you feel accomplished when this happens. Hope all the raiders were nice and warm yesterday (unlike us fools) and enjoys todays gorgeous weather! Cheers Stuart (PS Cod fishing next weekend so look for the report of my (hopefully) first one!)