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Found 7 results

  1. Rock&Beach

    Last fish for the year

    Hi Fishraider family hope that you have all had a great Xmas and had a few moments to relax and wet a line. After spending a few days around the house i was going a little stir crazy so decided to get the family and one of my son's mates and head over to Palm Beach for a fish . The tides were looking good at 7pm so arrived around 4.30 to see everyone dissappear for the day. The wind was slightly out of the NW. Had some pillies squid and some yakkas that i bought at the fish shop. The yakkas were pretty fresh considering. Baited up the paternoster with a ganged pillie and a small amount of yakka and placed just at the back of the breakers. Was in no more than two minutes and was getting bites. The kids pulled it in and it was a small flattie. Spent the next hour trying to keep the bait up to the rods that were in the water and get more rods in. Just one bite after the other between flatties dart and small rays. Nothing worth keeping but everyone including the wife caught fish so a good day out. Just as the SSE started up the line that had the whole yakkas on it took a hit. The young fella grabbed the rod and wound it in to see a good sized flounder. At least we caught one keeper. The SSE also made it a little chilly for the kids so stayed until just on 8 and then went home. Would have liked to stick around to cast and troll some unwaited pillies into the breakers as it looked good for tailor. Somedays you just need to know when to go home. ... Have a great 2018 everyone and keep the reports coming. Cheers R&B
  2. michael2203

    New spot wonders

    G'day Raiders, For a while now I have been eyeing of the Parra River and all the spots that look fishable on google maps. So yesterday I obtained some bravado and headed north! After an hour or so at spot#1 and not much action happening, I decided to move. In one of those bizarre twists of fate, I got to the end of the road I'd driven in on and had 2 options: left or right. I was meaning to head right and to another spot I'd researched the night before, but something in the universe was telling me to go left. So with nothing more than an inkling, I turned left. On arrival I got another sign that I'd made the right move - despite a lack of parking, someone was leaving just as I got there. What happened over the next few hours was nothing short of phenomenal. Over the next few hours I landed 20 fish (in addition to the 4 at spot#1). There were some thumping bream, a flounder, toadfish and a total of 13 small snapper! I've seen so many! In addition, I got busted of by something slow moving and quite heavy. I'm thinking perhaps a ray? Towards the end of my session, another few guys turned up and were using bread mixed with something (not sure what) but were floating it on the top of the water. These guys pulled 5 thumping bream in quick succession (one must have gone at least 45cm). So, needled to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Parra river and I am sure I will be heading back there soon. My conundrum as I write this is now finding the time to get back there (i'm itching at the bit). Till next time, tight lines everyone. Cheers Hodgo
  3. GILL'T

    Flounder or Sole

    Little surprised to pull this guy out in Balmain (Illoura Reserve). Can anyone tell me is its flounder or sole?
  4. iamthecowgodmoo

    Middle harbour and Narrabeen

    I started out the weekend thinking it was going to rain all through the break, but was pleased when I found that it was one sunny day after the next. I hit the lake first up, throwing some new soft plastics, and not getting a single hit. Went back to "old faithful" 80mm bloodworm wriggler and only had a couple of smallish bream just pick at the tail. That not working, I decided to drift some prawns around only to pick up a bream at 23cm. My partner managed the same, which my Jack-Russell pup found fascinating. Was trying to chase it from shore, even after it was long gone. Went to Middle Harbour to try some land based around the moorings, yet again getting no hits. Saw plenty of small kings busting up around me and cruising right passed me, my bait and plastics.....grrrrrr. Finally, with some left over prawns I managed to hook up a bream, which fought dirty, running me into the oyster covered rocks which destroyed my leader. Measured in at 27cm, so it had a date with the frying pan. Had a couple of prawns left, so decided to use them up. Thew one under some structure and straight away it got nabbed by a flounder. It put up very little fight, but was around 30cm. So, it was dinner for the mother-in-law. Not a bad effort for a lunchtime flick on the start of the run-out, but I was hoping for more. This coming weekend is looking good so far, so hopefully the esky will be a little fuller! Scott.
  5. Dhutchy

    Bad start turns good

    Hi Raiders, a couple of weeks ago, I dragged the tinny up from Canberra to revisit one of my old haunts, the Great Sydney Harbour, via Roseville Ramp.It was to be a family day with wife and two boys and everyone was pumped for a good day on the harbour. As Canberra is about a 2 hour trek to the coast, the boat had laid dormant for some time. So I had put on the trickle charger over night and thought she will be right. Got the boat into the water, but not off the trailer, and the engine wouldn't turnover. The battery was completely dead. Curses were uttered, kids began to mutiny. Eldest boy, the 12 year old, stomped off to fish from the shore. Shortly after he managed to land a nice whiting, a bream and a fledgling flattie. Evaluated options with get new battery the only realistic choice. So we called a Brookvale battery mob. I would be happy to pass on their details if anyone wants to PM me. Anyway, they came to the Roseville ramp, with a replacement, fitted it, tested it, and we were able to getaway without any bother. We all caught fish, with my youngest boy (9 years old) very pleased to boat a stonking flounder . The rest of the day was flatties, and smallish snapper. Anyway a great day on the harbour was had by all, after what looked to be a non starter. The message is that if you may charge your batter and think its fine, but it has to have enough charge to crank the engine. If like mine, it had sat in a garage for a long time, and was fairly old anyway, charging it may not be enough for it to crank the engine. So to be safe and sure,check and maintain your batteries well, particularly if your boat has been idle for some time. Tight Lines Dhutchy
  6. Spent a few days on the Hawkesbury over the weekend with mild success. The tide and weather conditions were perfect for an early morning fish on Saturday morning, but my 8 yr old son had his last game of soccer for the year. I made the decision to go watch his soccer instead, and was rewarded by seeing him score a goal for the first time J Ended up out on the water about midday, well after the morning low tide. Headed out to Flint and Steel. Plenty of boats were on the reef, but we were just drifting in the bay. Picked up a few undersized flatties and one keeper on whole pilchards on ganged hooks. Kept bringing squid to the surface on the bait. Tried to sneak the net underneath them a few times while my wife kept them interested in the bait, but couldn’t bag one. I ended up getting a squid jig in the water, and after a few failed hook ups, finally managed to land a squid. By the time we’d landed him and bagged him, we must’ve drifted off their area as we didn’t see any more after that. Also manage to lean on one of my rods and snapped the top half of it off @#@$#@%@!!!!! We headed over to Patonga and drifted along the rock wall on the outgoing tide. Again picked up a few undersized flathead, and landed another keeper, this time on the nuclear chicken gulp nemesis. After the first drift though things quietened right down. Then I managed to snap the tip of my wife’s graphite rod – more @#@!$#@%@#%!!! Two rods down in a matter of hours. We’d spotted a couple fishing on the little beach to the west of the rock wall, and on our last drift witnessed the noble lad get down on one knee and pop the question. Well played mate. On Sunday, again was hoping to fish the morning low tide, but it never eventuated and we ended up getting out on the water mid morning, well into the incoming tide. Headed to Juno Point with low expectations but on the first cast pulled in a nice flounder on prawn, drifting in from the point. Persisted there for another hour and half for nothing. Was going to call it a day, but decided to do a few drifts in our bankable spot near Dangar Island before finishing. By now it should’ve been a run in tide, but the water in that area does weird things. Managed to pull in a few flathead though, with a couple of legal ones to provide dinner. Also got another squid, again on the bait but this time managed to get the net under it without spooking it. So over the weekend, we took home 4 flathead, a flounder and 2 squid, saw my son’s first goal, a proposal and snapped 2 rods. Mixed results, but managed a decent feed and was so good to be out on the water again. It had been almost 2 months since we’d been out, and with my wife about to give birth any day now, it could be a while before I get back out again. Never got a pic of Saturdays catch, but this was Sundays results. Am now in the market for a new rod to replace the 1-3kg graphite one that was snapped (after convincing the wife last friday not to get me anything for father's day!). Will repair this one and keep it as a spare boat rod. The wife's one will just need the tip replaced.
  7. seasponge

    Dangar Island

    Last day of the holidays before going back to work and the weather was too good not to be out on the boat fishing! Had planned to be launching the boat at 6:30am. At the boat ramp at Parsley Bay about 6:50, so not doing too bad. Launched the boat then realised we didn’t have a reverse gear, as a result of some home DIY boat motor repairs the day before. Spent almost the next hour stuffing around with it trying to fix it before giving up and deciding to head out without a reverse gear. We fished the flats around Dangar Island on the run in tide. Picked up a nice 50cm flathead and plenty of small (undersized) bream and snapper and soapie jewies. Things quietened down for a while as the tide turned before a bit more action when the tide started running out. Tricky conditions as although the tide was running out, we kept drifting into the flats. Ended up with another 45cm flatty and a good 34cm flounder. I was so stoked to finally catch a good sized flounder. Lost another large flatty at the boat due to a netting mishap, sent back a 28cm bream and had several good runs that didn’t result in hook-ups (probably more soapie jewfish). Topped it off with a nice blue swimmer. There’s nothing like the anticipation when pulling in the crab traps, and then that excitement when you get the first glimpse of a shadowy blue lump in the middle of the net J Had intended to head down to the Vines to go for some bream, but we’d already had enough in the boat for a good feed for the two of us, so headed back in early enough to sort out the problems with reverse gear. (The problem turned out to be that we hadn’t put the motor into reverse gear before disconnecting the shift rod when dropping the lower unit of the motor to flush out the water cooling system – a tip for first time boat owners trying to do their own maintenance on a 25yr old two stroke!). So all up, we fished the Dangar Island flats on both the incoming and outgoing tide. All fish taken using prawns. Crab traps were set just outside the mouth of Porto Bay using tins of catfood as bait. Sat down to a nice meal last night of blue swimmer, grilled whole flathead, and bbq flounder. The flounder was absolutely delicious! Hope to catch more of them that size!