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Found 17 results

  1. Hey there, Looking at going for a fish for some bass this weekend at Grose River near the Trees Adventure Park. Need some help figuring out which lures to use. First time freshwater fishing. Been recommended the following lures so far, and have bought them. Zman Grubz Zman Slim Swimz Zman TRD Crawz Atomic jerk Minnow 65 mid Mepps Agila Decorees Spinner Lure Tackle Tactics Switchblade Lure Any other suggestions for lures worth buying, or will this sustain me, in hopes of catching a bass there. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  2. Hey guys! Ive recently started fishing for bass in the coffs area. So far ive only fished a small section of the orara river ( landbased ). Ive caught a fair few bass in this particular section, average size between 30-40cm. But i am keen to start fishing some different areas, does anyone know of any spots fairly accessible landbased? Im not bothered if i have to bushwalk lol. The biggest issue im running into is trying to find a spot that isn't on someones property.. thanks!
  3. Gday guys, finally off on my next overnight fishing adventure (pending auntie Gladys giving us the ok). Looking at heading down to Tumut before season closes. Anyone got any good spots worth flicking a line or any rivers to focus on? Would love to find some really beautiful smaller water but with some deeper holes. We will just be walking and wading. Any tips on rivers that are going well recently would be great too. Thanks!!
  4. Wondering if anyone has ever fished this part of the lane cove river as I can’t find many posts referring to this section (upstream of weir) which is supposedly freshwater. After a bit of research I discovered fishing IS legal a wee way up the river. some questions I have - what kind of species live up there ? - what kind of gear/bait/lure is optimal? many thanks from the empty esky
  5. Hey new here, I live around the Fairfield area and was wondering if anyone has fished any of the creeks around the area like “Clear Paddock Creek” or “Orphan School Creek” that run in and around Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Fairfield.etc And if so, what species have you caught? If no one has fished there, what are some good spots around these areas to get into freshwater fishing? I want to target Aussie bass mainly. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I’m thinking of chasing some bass up around the Nimbin/Kyogle area, it’s closed season at the moment and I’m looking for some info to put me onto a few Cheers 🍻
  7. Hey all, haven’t had a chance to have a flick up at home this week at Lake Mac so me and a mate decided to go to our local Lake and chase these mighty mud marlin that I have been seeing plenty of reports on social media. We met up after work at mine got our gear and decided to head down the road. Started out a bit slow with a couple of nibbles and nothing much on the bite, bugger we thought been hearing heaps of reports on this lake so we decided to move locations just to the right of the jetty. It looked like a little bit of a gully in between the reeds. Started berlying them up with one solid piece of bread and several small balls of bread 🍞. We were trying to get the Carp to rise to the surface, and by jingos by crikeys damn it worked well. My first carp had a massive fight and then bam it was off, spewin. Re-berlyed up the water and tried to keep the damn ducks away which works if you throw a rock or two and make a splash just before them, the seem to scatter which is good. My first landed was pretty decent nothing massive but around the 40cm mark, this was in the afternoon around 6pm just on dusk but still plenty of light due to daylight savings, good catch and a decent fight, i was ecstatic with landing this, my first fish on my new setup I got for Xmas. (Sahara X with 2500 sienna) Couple of hours went by we got a couple of nibbles but nothing solid. It got close to 8:30 the sun had just gone down, still light but was time for mozzie repellent and head torches. Bit more of berly and my it was my Brothers turn his reel zoomed off with the drag I thought sweet he is on. Reels it in after giving a semi decent and very weird fight, the fight was interesting very fast then slow then fast,he pulled in a Koi Carp, good looking fish and was good fun for him. Now I was on the prowl to outdo him as us brothers/mates do, and it happened, bit more Berly out literally 15mins after he caught his Koi I struck a beauty, 52cm carp, good solid fight and great fun, it was now solidly dark and we were both thinking of packing up and going to get a feed for dinner (handy with a maccas round the corner) then boom he was on again, this time a carp around the 35-40cm mark so a decent little guy. Ok so now it’s 2-2 we were happy with our avo/night fish and it was great fun, finally started packing up the chairs and our tackle bags and were ready for dinner, both our stomachs were grumbling, had everything packed but our rods still in the water with drag on as you do....just as we packed up our stuff my line went off again, not a big zoom of the reel but I wasn’t going to not bring it in, ended up being small at the 30cm mark. Well that’s all folks, here’s the piccys of our Mighty Mud Marlin... Will definitely be going back here for some arvo Carp fights, the reports aren’t wrong this place has the been going off, some 🍞 and small and light 🎣 plenty of fun
  8. Hello everyone, I've heard allot about fishes being caught most at certain seasons, times of year, however everywhere I look there seems to be some sort of grey area with no source that's black and white so to speak. do fish really have seasons? Apologies for the novice question! Cheers, oz.
  9. Hello everyone, new to the forum, would just like to ask a few of the locals where to fish... Been a while since I've gotten back into fishing since I was a young lad. looking to wet a line over the summer, so would appreciate those in the Illawarra to suggest some spots. Cheers all, have a good one
  10. HI All, Hopeful to find a few trout streams to flick around in the Southern Highlands area. Have been looking at the Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee on google maps and some of their feeder streams. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggested locations before I head out exploring? I know I'll probably end up with carp and redfin but thought it was worth a shot. I'll just be fishing on foot with some smaller hardbodies and maybe some plastics. Cheers
  11. Trying to find areas around the southern highlands or up towards Campbelltown way do do a bit of bass fishing, don’t have a yak yet which makes it hard but was wondering if anyone has any ideas of any land base areas to fish, and lure tips as well thanks
  12. Fishing Report for Saturday, 12th August 2017 I haven't really done much freshwater fishing in Australia before, and I heard that there are quite a few introduced carp that have been ruining the environment in the Parramatta river. I decided to have a go at catching one so I headed down to Little Coogee Park. It was a fairly warm day and I started fishing around 2:00pm using sweetcorn as bait. After about 2 hours of no bites I decided I would try fishing near a weir that I came across earlier. After about 10 minutes of fishing, another guy came by and started flicking out what looked like a black 2 inch grub on a small jig head. Within seconds he was onto a nice fat Australian Bass. I talked to him for a while and he told me that it was his second bass of the day. A few minutes later, the line on my reel tightened for a second before slackening again. I checked my bait and it was still there so I dropped the line back in. A couple seconds later line was screaming off my small 1000 reel. It was a real struggle to stop the fish from going under a bridge but it eventually surfaced and when it did my jaw dropped. The carp was albino and looked around the 80 centimetre mark. For a first carp, this was a pretty good fish in my books. I didn't have a net with me so I walked it down to a rocky area to the side of the weir that was closer to the water level to try and land it. The bass fishermen I met earlier tried to help me land it but as soon as the fish came partly out of the water, it bent out and spat the hook. I watched in disbelief as the albino carp sank into shallow water where it sat for a few seconds before taking off. I had mixed emotions. I was sort of relieved as I didn't know what to do with a carp anyway (I can't release it and I don't want to eat it) but on the other hand I didn't get a picture of it. I will probably be heading back there next week with a landing net this time. Anyway, I hope this helps any anglers who are attempting to catch their first carp. Don't make the same mistake I did. Cheers E.T.
  13. I've been heading out to the local fishing river for the past few weeks trying to land myself a jewfish. I understand that these fish are known to be incredibly elusive, with some fishermen spending up to months and even years without lady luck blessing their lines. I am not discouraged however, i'm more than certain that when the day comes where I feel the drag of a monster at the end of the line it will be worth it. Does anyone have any tips as to what rigs and bait to use whilst fishing for Jewfish? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers and good luck out there!
  14. Hi everyone, Its been a while since my last post, haven't been fishing so much lately. It's been a busy time between getting married, leaving Sydney and moving to a 100 acre farm, also starting up my own business and all with a 1.5 year old boy. Anyway I had the chance to fish for Murray Cod the other week and so I jumped at it. For a long time I'd dreamed of catching one on fly so I only took a fly rod so I wouldn't be tempted to spin. I managed to get in 2 morning sessions and an afternoon session. I saw some activity each time but it was the afternoon session that will stay in my memory for a long time. We arrived just as the sun was behind some trees so we had around an hour of light left. I was fishing with a black gurgler - a foam popper on my 6wt setup. First cast and after a few pops there was a blup! and I was on! I was so excited and my heart was racing. After about 5 seconds I dropped it... damn. Oh well good start. It was great having my mate there with me this time to share the excitement. For the next few cast there were plenty of swirls behind my popper but the fish kept missing the hooks. Again I hooked up but this time only for 1 or 2 seconds before I lost him again. Frustrating but also encouraging. Altogether I must've had 12 - 15 swirls behind my popper which kept the excitement up. Next thing I was on again! This time after a short tussle I managed to land it. What a beautiful fish. I am so happy to have caught one of these amazing creatures and even happier that I managed it on fly. A few quick photos and he was released again. I can't wait to have another crack at them sometime. It's given me some inspiration as well to try flyfishing for some local bass. When the manning river settles again after all this rain I will be giving it a crack. Thanks for reading guys and girls. Cheers, Waz
  15. Hey Raiders, Finally getting some time to myself since our baby girl was born, I met up with my cousin and we drove out to Thompsons Creek Dam for the first time. Due to commitments, we didn't leave Sydney till after lunch and arrived at about 3.30pm. Having only fished freshwater less than half a dozen times and my cousin never fished freshwater previously, we had very little knowledge between us - but thanks to all the fishraiders and their advice, we felt like we knew exactly what to do!! Even though we watched a few huge browns cruise in close to the dam wall, after chatting to a fisherman we weren't very optimistic as he told us how it's been slow lately. We walked about 1km or so down the west side of the dam, having frequent casts along the way with no luck. We kept coming across huge rainbows in pairs, but they weren't interested at anything we threw at them. After no success, nor a follow and with the sun almost gone we decided to turn around and walk back with some pace to safely find our way to the car. Spotting another teasing school of large rainbows, I decided to have one last cast and my Tassie Devil (Colour: Pink Lady) was taken after 2 winds but not by the larger fish. Not caring at the time, and a little while later I land my first NSW rainbow trout at 34cm. The walk back to the car was extremely hard barely seeing a few feet in front of us. Sorry about the lack of photos, but it just wasn't working out with the lack of lighting. Overall it was very exciting, and I hope to return again in the coming weeks and try and land a larger model and maybe the fish are in a more corporative mood. Thanks again to all the advice from everyone, really appreciated.
  16. Yes it’s here! THE ATOMIC VIBE! This 60mm lure will have you wanting to throw it at any Freshwater or Saltwater situation! Coming in rattle or silent options it is available in all the fantastic colours in the Atomic range plus a few ‘New’ colours that will soon be covering every Atomic lure! The unique design of the Atomic Vibe allows it to be worked at high speeds for the offshore anglers and at a super slow speeds for any Freshwater situation keeping you in the Strike zone for a lot longer than other Vibration styled lures on the Market! Check out the release of these bad boys at the AFTA Trade show 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HAzPlscH1w Be sure to check them out at your nearest tackle shop soon!
  17. Hey folks, I have rediscovered fishraider! Turned out I even still have an active account. Thought I'd share a short video of my trout fishing holiday I had with the Mrs. We packed simple light gear, few celtas and rooster tails. And went flicking some mounatins streams on both sides of the mountains. besides the fish it was a great chance to enjoy and explore the high country. One good 44cm rainbow was landed on the thredbo, and we caught another 10 on the streams, an even mix of rainbows and browns which was a lot of fun. Heres a quick youtube vid if you have a moment to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkoJxXvN0L8
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