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Found 11 results

  1. Hey there, Looking at going for a fish for some bass this weekend at Grose River near the Trees Adventure Park. Need some help figuring out which lures to use. First time freshwater fishing. Been recommended the following lures so far, and have bought them. Zman Grubz Zman Slim Swimz Zman TRD Crawz Atomic jerk Minnow 65 mid Mepps Agila Decorees Spinner Lure Tackle Tactics Switchblade Lure Any other suggestions for lures worth buying, or will this sustain me, in hopes of catching a bass there. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  2. Hey guys! Ive recently started fishing for bass in the coffs area. So far ive only fished a small section of the orara river ( landbased ). Ive caught a fair few bass in this particular section, average size between 30-40cm. But i am keen to start fishing some different areas, does anyone know of any spots fairly accessible landbased? Im not bothered if i have to bushwalk lol. The biggest issue im running into is trying to find a spot that isn't on someones property.. thanks!
  3. Gday guys, finally off on my next overnight fishing adventure (pending auntie Gladys giving us the ok). Looking at heading down to Tumut before season closes. Anyone got any good spots worth flicking a line or any rivers to focus on? Would love to find some really beautiful smaller water but with some deeper holes. We will just be walking and wading. Any tips on rivers that are going well recently would be great too. Thanks!!
  4. Wondering if anyone has ever fished this part of the lane cove river as I can’t find many posts referring to this section (upstream of weir) which is supposedly freshwater. After a bit of research I discovered fishing IS legal a wee way up the river. some questions I have - what kind of species live up there ? - what kind of gear/bait/lure is optimal? many thanks from the empty esky
  5. Hey new here, I live around the Fairfield area and was wondering if anyone has fished any of the creeks around the area like “Clear Paddock Creek” or “Orphan School Creek” that run in and around Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Fairfield.etc And if so, what species have you caught? If no one has fished there, what are some good spots around these areas to get into freshwater fishing? I want to target Aussie bass mainly. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I’m thinking of chasing some bass up around the Nimbin/Kyogle area, it’s closed season at the moment and I’m looking for some info to put me onto a few Cheers 🍻
  7. Hey all, haven’t had a chance to have a flick up at home this week at Lake Mac so me and a mate decided to go to our local Lake and chase these mighty mud marlin that I have been seeing plenty of reports on social media. We met up after work at mine got our gear and decided to head down the road. Started out a bit slow with a couple of nibbles and nothing much on the bite, bugger we thought been hearing heaps of reports on this lake so we decided to move locations just to the right of the jetty. It looked like a little bit of a gully in between the reeds. Started berlying them up wit
  8. Hello everyone, I've heard allot about fishes being caught most at certain seasons, times of year, however everywhere I look there seems to be some sort of grey area with no source that's black and white so to speak. do fish really have seasons? Apologies for the novice question! Cheers, oz.
  9. Hello everyone, new to the forum, would just like to ask a few of the locals where to fish... Been a while since I've gotten back into fishing since I was a young lad. looking to wet a line over the summer, so would appreciate those in the Illawarra to suggest some spots. Cheers all, have a good one
  10. HI All, Hopeful to find a few trout streams to flick around in the Southern Highlands area. Have been looking at the Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee on google maps and some of their feeder streams. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggested locations before I head out exploring? I know I'll probably end up with carp and redfin but thought it was worth a shot. I'll just be fishing on foot with some smaller hardbodies and maybe some plastics. Cheers
  11. Trying to find areas around the southern highlands or up towards Campbelltown way do do a bit of bass fishing, don’t have a yak yet which makes it hard but was wondering if anyone has any ideas of any land base areas to fish, and lure tips as well thanks
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