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Found 13 results

  1. raiders new stock has arrived at last and were fully stocked for the year a new addition is our carbon fiber two peace 6 meter poles we will always give fishraiders a great deal that is not advertised so if you need anything to do with outriggers check out our web site and then give me a ring anytime on 0438264388 or email cheers gary bricknell
  2. Finally managed to get out on the boat on Sunday to chase some tuna with the old man. Was slow going, particularly compared to the reports from last weekend, with only two YFT ~10kg called in on the radio throughout the day. However, persistence paid off and we managed to land this beast ~20km SE of Browns late in the afternoon on the troll. Weighed in at over 50kg and almost beat me for height - awesome fish and definitely a new PB YFT off Sydney
  3. outriggers direct winter sale is on 10% off everything on our web site for fishraiders only this sale will end on 11/8/2016 view items on our web site then send me a pm on fish raider for the 10% discount with the tuna running hot down south they will be in sydney very soon we have everything you need for outriggers and trailer boat game fishing
  4. raiders were putting a special outrigger package together for xmas just for fishraiders the outrigger package; carbon fibre 4.5 two peace poles 21 spline mirror finish 316 stainless bases full rigging kit 5 inch and 7 inch bird teasers 10 pack off double hook rigged pusher lures [2x10 inch 2x8 inch 6x6 inch] 6 pack off single hook rigged lures [6 x 6 inch pusher lures ] 1 x tracing gloves thats everything you need to start game fishing and we'll also chuck in a shotgun pole thats around $1000.00 worth raider price $750.00 and i'll deliver with in the sydney metro area and help with the setup freight cost on request but be quick raiders as it's looking like for the first time we may well sell out off stock by xmas cheers gary ring anytime on 0438264377 SOLD OUT new stock late feb
  5. raiders were having a clearance sale on our tracing gloves there one off the best gloves for tracing on the market iv'e traced 200kg sharks at Weipa with 100lb wire and snapped the wire with these gloves on a trip with stewy fishing for sharks all night great memory's the next year we were tracing the same sharks with the traces we sell and straightening hooks check out the videos at outriggers direct on Facebook for sales click the outriggers direct logo on fishraider or go to there is also a link on our facebook page on the left hand side off the page
  6. raiders were having a winter sale on shark traces what you get for $15.00 free postage Australia wide 3 x shark traces 1 x 200lb shark trace with single 14/0 circle hook 1 x 200lb shark trace with single 10/0 hook 1 x 200lb shark trace with double 9/0 hooks all traces 49 strand plastic covered wire we gave these shark traces a good workout at weipa last year with great results to see the videos go to outriggersdirect at face book,for purchases go to or ring on 0438264377
  7. raiders were now doing shotgun poles fully rigged and ready to use.we will custom make any base insert you require,the poles are 3 meters long in fibreglass or carbon fibre line guilds and spear in either 316 stainless mirror polished or black nylon.rocket launcher insert 316 stainless pick up price $150.00 delivery in sydney metro free cheers gary
  8. Hi guys, Bit of a longshot but if anyone is heading wide from jervis bay/shoalhaven and has a spare spot onboard feel free to hit me up. Happy to chip in fuel etc, no gear but plenty of experience. have done a fair amount of gamefishing in the past but nothing for the previous 2-3 years as my old man moved to exmouth and took the boat with him. keen to get back into some real fishing and will be available most weekends. cheers kade
  9. raiders we now have gamefishing lure packs in stock ready for xmas 6 pack;;;6x 6inch pushers fully rigged single hook $40.00 free postage the close up pic is my fav.lure 10 pack;;;;2x 10 inch $80.00 free postage 2x 8 inch 4x 6 inch all fully rigged with 2 hook setup any questions just ring on 0438264377 cheers gary
  10. Headed out yesterday in search of bluefin / yellowfin and stumbled on these guys We weren't expecting to get our best dollies of the year in winter but we aren't complaining Smallest went 89cm / 8lbs and the biggest 121cm / 16lbs Got all of them on the troll between 2 and 4pm around 5 - 10km west of Heaton's Hill
  11. Finally headed out yesterday after long run of bad weather. Went straight to 12 Mile and immediately upon arriving a big 1m fin broke the surface 20m in front of the boat. Was plenty of bait from 50-100m showing up on the sounder and a number of larger fish underneath and on the sides. After no luck trolling 12 mile for an hour we jigged and caught a few slimmy Mack's (obviously what the fins were feeding on). Changed up the lure colours we were trolling with to those that had the closest colouring with a slimmy mack and continued to the south. Shortly after bang double hook-up - two good sized tuna. Unfortunately the 2 crew by this stage were asleep so by the time they got out on deck the short corner was tangled in the teasers and the shotgun was tangled with the long rigger - ultimately dropped both - soul destroying. Untangled all the gear and continued to the south and within 10mins bang short corner went off - wasn't anywhere as big as the other two but was a nice 5kg striped tuna. Continued to work the area for a couple of hours after that for zeros and then called it quits mid afternoon. Didn't get a chance to drop the slimmys on a reef of the way back - ran out of time - but would have been dynamite for kingies
  12. Our day started with chatter on the radio of Wahoo, Yellowfin and Marlin being caught off Sydney, with no one divulging any info on the whereabouts of little honey hole out on the big blue we continued with plan A which consisted of putting our spread of Scent Blazer High speed lures out at north head and running nor east to the Sydney FAD than to The Hydraulics Buoy and than out towards the bait station, swapping the lures for the chance of a blue marlin. Picking up the Scent Blazer Crew Checking all the gear on the way out through Sydney Harbour As we put in our spread of Scent Blazers and headed nor’ east we were greeted by a slight nor’ Easter and a lazy swell, this continued to easy the further east we traveled. The water started blueish with a tinge of green and 23.0 degrees, after arriving at the FAD the temp rose to 25.6 and blue with a slight current pushing down the coast. Nor' Easter Kicking up down the Harbour!! As we approached the FAD I eased off the throttle bringing the speed down to 7.5 knots, the first pass resulted in a zero, it had no signs off life on the buoy and was looking very ordinary so I picked up the speed and took it up to 15 knots and we continued nor east pulling our high speed spread of heavily weighted bullet head Scent Blazers. I must add they didn’t break the surface once and always held nicely in the water even at speeds of 18 knots. Getting the spread loaded with bait and ready to deploy. a great idea is to match the bait with the lure colour, so you have a green mackerel lure, load it with mackerel. it makes the lure taste and look like the actual bait fish! With the Manly Hydraulics buoy in sight we slowed the boat down to 8 knots and commenced a pass of the buoy, with both the buoys being void of any life we continued east nor east to the bait station. With ears peeled to the radio we listened as we headed east at 15knots dragging our high speed spread. Not long after we came across a distinct current, temp and colour change from green to blue and from 24.5 to 25.6 degrees. Another nice Yellowfin to the Scent Blazer Crew, seems as though the fish were feeding on pilchards because all fish fell to the Scent Blazer Nano Sardine bullet head loaded with pilchards. Not long after passing the change we had a bite on the long corner at 15 knots but the hooks failed to stick. Peter saw a longish fish come out of the water while striking, possible Wahoo? On later investigation we found the skirt missing a big piece from the head down, with the amount Wahoo caught that day it wouldn’t surprise me if it were a Wahoo. In the distance boats appeared and as we got closer we could see they were working the area talked about on the radio, as we approached we could see a big school of Yellowfin, Dolphin fish and Wahoo on what looked like a kill slick. A nice Yellowfin tuna caught on a Scent Blazer Nano in Sardine/Pilchard pattern loaded with pilchard. Our first pass resulted in a hook up on a Nano in sardine colour loaded with pilchard on the shot gun, first fish was a nice little Yellowfin Tuna which was quickly bled, gutted and chilled. This continued till the wind increased and the fish went deep, at one point we let the trollPro sink and when we looked at the footage we were surprised to find how many Wahoo where actually under the tuna!! Unbelievable!! who would have thought the Wahoo were just under the tuna, everyone thought they moved on, clearly not. We worked the area for another hour before we pointed the boat to Sydney. As the wind had created chop the fish went deep so we added a trolling sinker to our shotgun and within minutes we were hooked up again on another nice little yellowfin tuna. I guess being able to change your technique on the fly is one of the advantages of using Scent Blazer Lures, this was proved by simply adding a little bit of weight which got the bite! Perfect hook up in the top of the mouth, the Hook lock system really gives you a better hookup because you can position the hook in an upward position. A beautiful fish made for speed! check out those colours... As we crossed the many current lines and colours changes towards Sydney the bite continued into the darkness with the last yellowfin being caught just off north head!! I’ve never caught them that close and was great to see that these fish will come in close; I guess they will follow the current with depth not being much of an issue. Sydney Sunset, simply priceless!! See more pics and videos at Until the next bite... Tight Lines Andrew SBC
  13. After running up to Port last week and being greeted by green water and strong northerlies and receiving very poor marlin reports, we put the boat in its pen and made the decision to come back to Sydney. The weekend blew out but the Scent Blazer Crew got out and caught a few dollies. So yesterday with the weather predicted to ease we got the boat and crew together to head wide in search of Mr. Marlin, after refueling and rounding north head we were greeted with green dirty water that was 21.4 degrees and a southerly that kicked up the current running down the hill. After looking at the Sea Surface Charts I could see a little head of current just north of Sydney on the shelf so our plan was to fish the break in hope of a beakie. Listening to the radio, the chatter was to a minimal with boats out near Heaton’s and Browns finding good temps, green water and no bait so I pointed the bow northeast to the water we found on the charts. As we got closer to the predicted marks the water warmed and cleared to a nicer shade of blue. The temp rose from 21.4 to 24.0 with lots of little breaks of 0.5-degree changes. But our first stop was the Manly Hydraulics Buoy we were greeted by heaps of small dollies and many striped tuna. With the weather very gloomy and overcast we decided to add little LED lights to the head of the lures and bait in the chambers of our Nano’s, which was the key to our success!! All the lures that had bait and lights in them were catching all the fish; the lures were visible to the fish and us as they stood out looking down from the bridge. It’s just another great feature of Scent Blazer’s. After catching half a dozen dollies on Scent Blazer Nano’s they turned off but we could still see them on the trollcam following the lures. A few more passes for zeros we switched the lures to a large spread of lures from Smalls to Large in search of a billfish. We loaded the lures and teasers with some striped tuna we had caught earlier; this was the key to our afternoon’s success!! Watching the trollingcam like a hawk, we drove over a school of small stripies, only to see a marlin come up on the Large Slant Head in skipjack pattern and crash it!! What a sight!! It was a big fish; he crashed the short corner and took off only to spit the hooks. Ah well so we kept working the area in hope of raising the fish again and 10mins later we had a striped Marlin on the long rigger, a Small Purple frigate in a smoker head and caught on troll cam, absolutely insane to see the fish on the screen eat your lure!! It was only a small fish but he put up a great show and was good to find fish considering no other boats raised a fish, maybe Scent Blazer is the secret!! After playing with him around the boat the hooks just fell out of his tiny mouth. Was a great arvo, this saw us catching dolphin fish and striped tuna into the dark because the lures were lit up with LED’s. Here is a tip: when you catch a lot of stripies and there are a lot of strpies in the area, cut one up and fill your lures and teasers with the stripy. There’s a good chance that the marlin will be eating the stripies so simply match the hatch!! Video - TrollCam Footage Video - HowTo rig for marlin Photos - TrollCam Images Photos - Surface Images Fully Story Untill the next bite, Tight Lines Andrew SBC